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Before I fill out the details of the amazing start of WWIV, the War Against The Jews (we've quietly but suddenly moved from the era of the Wars For The Jews to the era of the War Against The Jews), I should comment on the giddiness provoked by the results of the upcoming Israeli elections. As predicted , Bibi's going to take over to deal with the threat to the JIZ caused by Obama. Even better, outright eliminationist Avigdor Lieberman will probably hold the balance of power. A few weeks ago, I would have regarded this development with horror, but now I see the JIZ have fallen into a trap of their own devising. While the old Israeli leadership could always at least pass for human beings, neither Bibi nor Avigdor have even a chance at doing so. They both look and act and talk like the subject of cartoons out of Nazi newspaper Der Stürmer (whose motto was "Die Juden sind unser Unglück!"). The slaughter of Gaza proved that there is not a hair's breadth's difference between the JIZ, and we might as well see Israeli leaders who can't even begin to hide their racist extremist psychopathic eliminationist supremacism. Bibi's just going to make WWIV easier.

I'm even beginning to see an Israeli - no, there is not going to be an American attack! - on Iran in a new light. If it is going to happen, better sooner rather than later. The Iranian and Hezbollah defensive rocket counterattack should start the process of what all truly decent and moral people now want to see, the Jews - in their own words - pushed into the sea. Since the JIZ psychos are going to slaughter a lot more people - it is undeniably inevitable - better to get the big one out of the way right away so the world can be free of the Jewish State as quickly as possible.


Anonymous said...

Go ahead Xymph, tell us what you really think, don't hold back now.

From Ta Hio The Great Learning - E.P. Chapter 10.

12. We find in the Chronicle of the ‘Thsou’: “Our nation Thsou counts not its wealth in treasure but in the quality of its men.”*

Maybe that is why the Jews keep shoving money to Izzy, the poor little bastards are bankrupt.


Anonymous said...

Laurie, this is a nice piece by Catherine Austin Fitts, a source I descovered through you.

She speaks about the international cabal that orchestrated the plunder of Russia and Latin America under the banner of 'privatization', and of the US under the name of 'deragulation'.

She's too polite to name Larry Summers, Robert Rubin, Hank Paulson, Sanford Weil, Timmy Geithner, Greenspan, Bernanke, Jeffrey Sachs, and hundreds of other fiendish conspirators.

Financial Coup d’Etat
February 2, 2009

It is interesting how a stare in the economic abyss is focusing the minds of mainstreamish Americans on real power-politics, and not the dog-and-pony show of Congress. A good by-product of this crisis is that the limits of free-speech are being tested and pushed in all provinces of the empire.

Anonymous said...

Die Juden sind DOCH die Unglück der welt!

Man From Atlan said...

Julius Streicher was hanged at Nuremberg, the Zionist Media magnates who signed the full page ad in yesterday's Toronto Star defending 'Israel's right to defend itself' and excoriating Hamas for 'firing rockets from mosques' get to keep their media monopolies

Anonymous said...

Bnei B'Rith Canada fighting for love, human rights and the erradication of the muslim vermin from the face of the earth.

Le ridicule vous tuera.

Anonymous said...

If you look around at various web sites such as Col Lang's you get the impression that Israel would have to be quite insane (lol) to attack Iran without USA support. The rationale is usually that the IAF doesn't have refueling tankers and therefore the attack would be pretty much a one way thing with little to no possibility of their F-16s being able to make it back, they would simply just run out of fuel. This is a big concern, to the sane only though. I think they just might do it. Some percentage of their air force would hit their targets and then head off to Georgia hoping for landing rights and another percentage would ditch their planes in the waters off of southern Iran to be picked up by JIZ ships. Some might say, geez - won't happen, F-16s cost a bundle and I say they didn't cost JIZ a dime and that they would, quite naturally for them, expect me and my fellow taxpayers just to buy them a bunch more. And, they won't target any sort of nuke facilities but would rather target Tehranian hospitals, schools, and such. I can only hope that the USAF shoots down all JIZ planes before they reach their targets.

Anonymous said...

You damn people are getting way too "uppity," having the nerve to question the Chosen Ones.

It's apparent that you are in dire need of another lesson in terror and believe me, when it comes to striking terror into people's hearts, we have no second.

Looks like you're forcing us to pull off another 9/11 false-flag against an American city, but this time, we won't be using jets, nooo. You got too damned smart to fall for that one again.

This time, we'll use some of that uranium we stole from Iran to construct and detonate a suitcase size nuke in some Midwestern city.

After that holocaust, you'll be begging us to wipe off the map Iran, Syria and Palestine.

Signed, Israel's once and future PM

"Bennie" Netanyhahu

Anonymous said...

Lawrence Summers is part of this cabal?

And he got tossed out of Harvard for being a misogynistic asshole. Perhaps the faculty in that ultimate ivory tower has good sense, after all.

Greg Bacon said...

All of that money that got scooted out of Wall Street banks and exchanged for worthless crap, like that MBS shit, didn't evaporate.

It did disappear, but it disappeared to somewhere on this planet.

Where's the hearings with those stern looking Congress people, shaking their finger at some designated fall person, but this time, asking questions about the money's disappearing act?

Find the money and you'll find the original perps behind this massive con job.

Any bets as to where most of that money went?

Anonymous said...

Israel have fighter jets stationed in Turkey. The US has nuclear weapons stationed in Turkey.

Anonymous said...

I think Xymph is correct that Bibi, soon to be renamed Boo-boo, will put Israel's collective insanity on display for the whole world to see.

Jonco, 90%+ Moslem Turkey's loyalties are up for grabs since Perez' Davos self-justifiation. Erdogan will be spending a few days in Moscow circa 13th Feb. Don't start counting Turkish pro-Israel chickens before they hatch. Israel's attitude to Islam in general, and Islamic states in particular, is a matter of record and Erdogan is neither a fool nor a coward.

While he's in Moscow he's almost certain to discover he has a lot more in common with Putin et al than Israel's lunatics and liars.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Xeno, isn't it just it. $trillion dollars goes missing shows up in Asia and George Soros funds the Asia Society on Park Avenue. Jeeeze what a frick'n coincidence? Paulsen leads the Goldman Sachs team in Asia and where is he today...another coincidence? AIG's parent company, Star, starts in Shanghai and AIG gets a massive bailout.

More on Soros . I'd be very surprise if Soros wasn't connected with the Rothschilds given his stay in London and his admiration for Popper.

This is interesting on Burma. Note at the very bottom the Soros connection.

And now Xeno from the site you brought us...Electric Politics. Just in case you missed it, here is a great interview with J. Galbraith on the U.S. and how it's been bleed dry by the 'Predator State'. He tells how the Bush Justice dept. interfered with FBI investigations of fraud in the mortgage institutions in 2004. He says we are in a banking crisis that will last a very long time. That the U.S. middle class has been gutted. Here we are on the right hand side: Goodbye "Old Normal," Hello "New Normal"


Anonymous said...

The header of this post (cheerleading for bibi) yet again betrays a more sinister reality: that you and your muppets here are, in fact, zionist agents.

Rowan Berkeley said...

you mean, Xymph is trying to ensure that those of us who are Israeli voters will despair of getting Meretz in? gosh, that's so evil of him.

Anonymous said...

the BEST way to end this Jewish crime and terrorist network is to send in fully armed vigilante men (preferably with machine guns) into various Jew controlled media and TV stations throughout the Western world and play movies like "911 missing links" or "7-7 Ripple Effect" -


Anonymous said...

Rowan Berkeley and Moonkoon both attempted to sexually assault me when I was living in my 1984 Ford Astro van in Atlantic City.. additionally, they have attempted to perform far eastern black magic rituals against me and leave the remnants in a near by park behind the rib shack where my van was parked. They have been surveying me with covert surveillance equipment and sent old men (Greek cafe patrons) to have long sessions of backgammon in near by tables to distract me from serving US SC Justice John Roberts with an INTERPOL warrant and restraining order. They same warrant in my hand with their name on it. HANDS OFF RAPISTS!

Anonymous said...

Baby, you and I were sleeping in my 83 Jag. For Sale, give you a GOOD deal with free R(i)Bs and condoms.


moonkoon said...

It's not just Israelis who have psychos on the payroll.
Another example of you taxes at work providing sorely needed protection from the "terrorists"

"UK suppressed torture evidence to protect MI6
... spy chiefs put pressure on Foreign Secretary David Miliband to do nothing that would leave serving MI6 officers open to prosecution.
Nor do they want him to jeopardise relations with the CIA, which is passing on "top-notch" information about British terrorist suspects.
The 25 lines edited out of the court papers contained details of how Mr Mohamed's genitals were sliced with a scalpel."

I wonder what sort of creep we got to notch Mr Mohamed's genitals.
I hope they followed correct financial procedure and called tenders for the job.
Wouldn't like to think that the work was handed to a mate on a cost-plus basis.

P.S. Nanette, get your facts straight, everyone knows that you are exaggerating, and that it was in fact a 1982 Ford Astro.
Saying that it was a 1984 model is just putting on airs. :-)

Rowan Berkeley said...

I've never even been to the USA, let alone to Atlantic City! It just makes me think of that honky, Bruce Springsteen.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you JIZ in my asshole.

Rowan Berkeley said...

Nanette Asimov said... Why don't you JIZ in my asshole.

goodness, a Jewish sex bot.
Whatever did we do to deserve this?

Anonymous said...

60 Minutes was on our tube last night and I was sorta watching it and saw a story about Captain "Sully" Sullenberg, he and his family were sitting in their living room discussing the hundreds (maybe it was thousands) of letters they had received from well-wishers from around the world. They read a few out loud and finished up reading a letter from a guy in NYC, he wrote "my father is a holocaust survivor and lives on the 30th floor of a Manhattan high-rise, were it not for Captain Sullenberg's skill and bravery my father could have easily been killed, as my father says "saving a life is like saving the world"". "Sully's" wife piped up, "I think that's my favorite letter of them all" and "Sully" said, "yes, it's mine too".

Given the deep and ever so subtle propaganda we have to endure in the USA media makes it difficult to convince others here of the truth.

Anonymous said...

the full page ad in yesterday's Toronto Star defending 'Israel's right to defend itself' and excoriating Hamas for 'firing rockets from mosques'

They must have been firing them from schools and clinics too. And no doubt rockets were being kept in the sewer system and the olive and orange groves. But I don't understand the defensive tone of this ad. True Zionists responded to the butchery in Gaza with jubilation:

Anonymous said...

Nan was just thanking you (...i think...) for the excellent hitlerian zionist tank graphic found at the bottom of your beautiful blog.

Anonymous said...

Bad news for big Don and A/C (I'm not him)

Trump Entertainment Resorts Holdings. (TRMP; about 9,500 employees; stock down 94%). The casino company made famous by The Donald has received several extensions on interest payments, while it tries to sell at least one of its Atlantic City properties and pay down a stack of debt. But with casino buyers scarce, competition circling, and gamblers nursing their losses from the recession, Trump Entertainment may face long odds of skirting bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

"Nach Auschwitz werde ich nicht fahren"
14 Fragen an den Bischof der Piusbruderschaft Richard Williamson,1518,606164,00.html

Anonymous said...

Pithy remark by Paul Gottfried at Taki's about the rotten hypocrisy of Germany's "antifascist" establishment:

"In Germany an otherwise honest scholar or journalist might well be afraid to compare Stalin’s crimes to Hitler’s because someone who does this may well face criminal proceedings for “trivializing the Holocaust.”"


Anonymous said...

Gottfried is a xenophobe.


Anonymous said...

If the Jews were as clever as Bacon believes, and Islamic resistance as weak, the Jews would deserve to win. Not a matter of luck, but they're not, despite the cranks' awe.

Anonymous said...

Gideon Levy seems to agree with Xymph


Anonymous said...

“(...) trivializing the Holocaust.”

you can only trivialize something that is non-trivial, which puts the ball in their court.

Anonymous said...

"Gottfried is a xenophobe." - What exactly does that mean or are you just mouthing P.C. crap?


Anonymous said...

omg, peasants carrying torches in eastern block

The report noted that life expectancy had declined by five to seven years in some newly capitalist Eastern European countries, and that “In the early to mid-1990s in countries undergoing post-Soviet transformation, there were more than 3 million premature deaths and the region lost at least 10 million adult males.”

they are hot and bothered by some kind of holocaust ... are jeffrey sachs tribe members ready to pay?

Anonymous said...

This idea that nations/people have to welcome all others with open arms is bullshit. People have a right to self determination therefore nations have also. If you don't like the rules of a game, don't start to play. Just because a neighbor invites you into their house doesn't give you a right to start changing the furniture around. You don't feel comfortable in the culture of a country, don't become a citizen.


Anonymous said...

Nothing pisses me off more than disagreeing with someone and not even have the guts to say why, just call them insensitive, xenophobe, homophobic, antisemitic, racist, canadian etc. etc. that's all that's needed, for the average U.S. taxpayer.


Anonymous said...

That homeless crack whore is almost gone (goddess willing).


Anonymous said...

Given the deep and ever so subtle propaganda we have to endure in the USA media makes it difficult to convince others here of the truth.

One of our favorites is still in Valerie Zenatti's propaganda for adolescents, "When I Was A Soldier," about a Tzahal signals intel interpreter who rides to The Big Mission on a public bus. It's the same bus which in another episode receives bottles and stones from hateful hating hatemongers in some sort of camp it happens to drive through, leading her to whimper that as a lite Zionist they have no reason to throw stones at her in particular. This bus ride is not like other bus rides though because on her way to the Big Mission she runs into an elderly person with a certain childhood experience, we'll let you guess that part, and of course there is unprompted relating (we must never forget) and copious tears.

Anonymous said...

So, why do people believe in the holocaust?

Most people have been shown the film footage taken by American/British propaganda teams who accompanied troops as they liberated the Bergen, Belsen, Buchenwald, and Dachau concentration camps.

The footage, especially from the Belsen camp, features large numbers of emaciated prisoners and corpses.

At this point, nearly everyone is deliberately (mis)led to the (false) conclusion that Jews were exterminated by gas chambers.

That this conclusion is false, is clear, if you are aware of the universally agreed fact, that there were no extermination camps in Germany. Even the extremist, Simon Wiesenthal, admitted this (in a letter to the respected British periodical Books and Bookmen, April 1975, p5, where he says "there were no extermination camps on German soil..."). No historian, Jew or otherwise, any longer claims that there were extermination camps in Germany (the Jew historians still claim that there were extermination camps, but now they claim that they were all located in Poland).

In particular, this means that there was no genocide, and no gas-chambers, at the camps Bergen, Belsen, Buchenwald or Dachau (as these camps were in Germany).

So, the above mentioned film footage from these German camps cannot be evidence for genocide, because, according to ALL the historians, there were no extermination camps in Germany

Clearly then, this US film footage (contrary to what you are told) DOES NOT, and NEVER DID, prove genocide of Jews.

So, the emaciated prisoners and corpses shown in the US film footage, had to have some other cause, or causes.

In fact, the other causes have long been known, but hidden by the Jews. Generally, the Germans managed to adequately feed the prisoners of the concentration camps, even with the transport system under sustained attack. Many photos are available which show thousands of reasonably well-fed prisoners. For example, this photo from Dachau (taken on liberation):

Or, this photo from Buchenwald (taken on liberation).

Or, this photo from Birkenau (Auschwitz) taken on liberation.

What actually happened, was that procedures aimed at holding various diseases in check, broke down under the pressures of war. The main killer, was disease, in particular, typhus.

Typhus is spread by lice. Zyklon-B was an insecticide used to kill the lice that spread Typhus. The Typhus epidemics that raged through the camps (in both the first and second world wars) killed many thousands. If you suffer from Typhus, your body wastes away and you look as if you are starving to death. Typhus, is the reason for most of the severely emaciated prisoners and corpses.

Typhus, explains the mixture of severely emaciated prisoners and healthy prisoners. Those who caught the disease, became severely emaciated, and often died, those who didn't, remained reasonably healthy prisoners.

A political prisoner at Belsen, stated:

"Towards the end of February 1945 my own situation changed completely.

By that time typhus had become a serious danger for the whole camp. It was the species of typhus which is transmitted by lice. At one time all the transports which arrived at Belsen had had to pass through a "human laundry" and this disinfection seems to have been effective enough to keep the camp free from lice until the autumn of 1944.

At the end of October a big transport had, for the first time, been admitted to the camp without being disinfected, because there had been some damage to the machinery of the shower-baths. Unfortunately the people of this transport were louse carriers, and from that day the lice gradually spread over the whole camp. [...] Typhus broke out in Camp I about the end of January. At first there were only a few cases, but a month later a dozen had appeared, and it became impossible to check the disease [...]."

From "Belsen Uncovered," Duckworth, London, 1946, by Derrick Sington, pages 117-118.

Of course, this unchecked Typhus epidemic, meant that the death rate at Belsen, was very high, and that there were plenty of emaciated prisoners and corpses to film, in order to feed the lie, that Jews had been systematically exterminated.

A few more reasonably well-fed Dachau inmates (photo taken on liberation).

And, some emaciated corpses at Dachau (photo taken on liberation).

Some emaciated corpses at Buchenwald (photo taken on liberation). This should be compared to the reasonably well-fed Buchenwald prisoners, pictured above.

Here are a few of articles that may help explain what happened:

A Quick Proof that the Holocaust Story is a Lie.

The Jews Declare War on Germany (in 1933).

Death Certificates issued at Auschwitz.

Anonymous said...

Interesting older article on Larry Summers and Jeffrey Sachs (April 5, 1998) Asia Crisis Has Escalated a Rivalry Between Two Policy Stars. It gives you an idea where their heads were at in Eastern Europe.

Larry's Russian scam. And now lucky Larry is on Obama's team.

Andrei Shleifer – a young economist protégé of Summers' – ran a US-government-funded project to help Russia map its economic future. Under the auspices of the Harvard Institute for International Development, Shleifer and his American team advised Chubais and his Russian team on how to sell off the natural resource fields, how to set up capital and financial markets, etc.

Five years after its launch, Shleifer's project collapsed amid corruption allegations. It quickly became public -- thanks to whistleblowers in Russia -- that even as they were providing "disinterested advice" to Russia, Shleifer, his lieutenant Jonathan Hay, and both men's wives had been making direct investments to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars in these same projects. Perhaps most damningly, to quote a US government press release on the matter, "Shleifer and Hay participated in the launching and/or financing of Russia's first licensed mutual fund, which was started by Elizabeth Hebert, Hay's then girlfriend, now wife, and (b) Russia's first licensed mutual fund depository, the First Russian Specialized Depository ('FRSD'), which was started by Hebert's business partner and provided support services to the mutual fund."

In 2004, Shleifer & Co. lost a case brought by the US Justice Department against them and against their employer, Harvard University: the Justice Department accused them of violating conflict-of-interest provisions in their contracts. The original 98-page complaint asserted that Shleifer and his lieutenant arranged for the US government to pay hefty salaries to people who worked on their personal side business projects, and who rarely showed up for their ostensible government jobs "other than to collect their pay or for the free lunches."

It was an ironic coincidence that Summers technically joined old pal Shleifer in the docket: In the interim he had become President of Harvard and so was listed among the accused. (For an excellent account of the beating Harvard took in this trial at the hands of baffled and indignant ordinary American jurors, click here.)
You can bet lucky Larry had his fingers in that pie.


Anonymous said...

Brave girl victor C., brave girl.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update on the mishpuka boss Summers and his partner in crime Shleifer.

In 1998 I bought a book by Shleifer and Robert W. Vishny titled "The Grabbing Hand: Government Pathologies and their Cures", after reading a raving review in "The Economist".

The pathologies listed had one and only cure: privatization. This was part of the ideological artillery pounding that prepared the mishpuka's plunder in Russia and in the telecoms sector in Brazil.

In 1998 I still believed "The Economist" was a serious newspaper, not the Rothschild rag it actually is (51% ownership, 49% FT-Pearson).

It takes pain to learn that slavery is the price for ignorance and credulity.

Anonymous said...

Difference between the Nazis and Zionists

Anonymous said...

First the arrests, and if history is any guide, executions will soon follow...

High-ranking Foreign Office diplomat arrested over anti-Semitic gym tirade

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested, the first of six Money Pamphlets by Ezra Pound are up here


Anonymous said...

I like Ezra Pound. I don't understand why people find him hard to read his works.

Anonymous said...


Let me tell you a secret about the socalled "Talaban"/such groups as "Muslim Brother Hood" ect. They are all 'bribable'. A clear example is what happened to the Islamic Courts Union - from fighting against the Ethiopian troops to biggest cheerleader for Addis Ababa. The same pattern you will find in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Americans could win the war for long time ago if they paid money to these groups and if it was not for the War industry. What you hear "Islamic" resistance is simply a bluff, nothing else. The issue has nothing to do with "Islamic", but more about tribe alliance, ethnicity, power influence, border dispute, ambition, but above all; loyalty to once tribe.
But someone in media is interested to portray it "West vs. East".
Don't be distracted when they use "Islamic" terminology. Just use the same technique when you de-code articles from MSM.
I will give an example from your country: and read the latest articles from Yasir Qadhi

I don't claim that he was bribed, but he seems eager to become a politican (participated the Doha Debate and Muzzle Watch had an article on him) or most likely he wants a position in Yale unversity (East Asians LOVE TITLES!)

We are all humans, Evie/Laurie. The flesh is weak. If it can happen to Adam, why not rest of humanity?

And last, just relax. No one is forcing you to war Burqa.

Anonymous said...

>>> wear :)

Anonymous said...

freudian slip eh mr anonymous geddit

Anonymous said...

I found his queries of Blair pointed--not at all a Fouad Ajami type.