Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009:
  1. Another sad saga of Canadian university censorship in aid of mass murderers, this time at Carleton University (known in Canada as Cartoon U for its high academic standards and admissions policies; if you want a laugh, read about a disease dissed by the Carleton University Students’ Association for not being 'inclusive' enough, a decision subsequently partly overturned due to mass guffawing). I'm wondering . . . do the Jewish Billionaire puppet strings temporarily detach in case these university presidents need to change clothes or take a bath, or are they permanently attached? Of course, the Latuff cartoon couldn't possibly evoke any 'hurtful' ideas unless it accurately depicted at least some of the horror caused by Israel (note the threat of expulsion from the university if you are a decent and moral person).
  2. CUPE Ontario signs up with the legion of decent and moral people, despite enormous pressure from the you-know-whos.
  3. This is well done.
  4. Weirdest conspiracy theory of the week,


Anonymous said...

I cover Carleton here:

Scroll down to see Carleton U President Roseanne Runte(J-w? Crypto?)chumming it up in Isr-el on one of those paid exchange-propaganda junkets.

What a joke education is when the J-ws decide academic freedom is ALSO under their purview, along with freedom of speech, 'security legistlation' and foreign policy.

Man From Atlan said...

On the other hand Chief David Ahenakew has just been acquitted of the charge of spreading hatred.
There can be justice.

Anonymous said...

Yeah after they stripped his Order of Canada, and wasted his and the courts time... and the ruling was that he was not guilty -not because he had the right to say it, but that he didn't have intent to cause contempt towards the precious J-ws.

Meanwhile Arthur Topham is going up against a J-w tribunal for daring to suggest El-LIE Weasel was lying about 'geysers of blood'...

Anonymous said...

Gotta wonder why Xymphora leaves up a link to the Zio-lite J-w fronts, vivelecanada and others, but won't give a link to a genuine free speech warrior, genuine hippy-style peacenik and great guy like Arthur Topham?

In fact Xymph has yet to even mention Topham's upcoming case with the HRCs!

Anonymous said...

disease of disease ... some other diseases that are "not inclusive enough" (thank goodness):
Tay-Sachs, Niemann-Pick, Gaucher, Mucolipidosis, Fanconi anemia, Bloom syndrome, ... and let's not forget Holocaustosis, a debilitating mental condition, occasionally transmitted to other populations.

Anonymous said...

"Gotta wonder why Xymphora,...."

Gotta wonder why Xymphora is deliberately avoiding the HolyCo$t question,....

After claiming 6,000,000 dead Jews.

Yes, Xymphora claimed that 6,000,000 Jews were "killed" by the Nazis,

BUT Xymphora never commented on the discrepancy mentioned in previous comments.

You (or some group called Xymphora) refuse to comment on the Jew LIAR and HATE monger, Elie Wiesel.

You (or some group called Xymphora) refuse to comment on the Jew infiltration of leadership positions.

Why is this, Xymphora?

A Quick Proof that the Holocaust Story is a Lie.

The Jews Declare War on Germany (in 1933).

Death Certificates issued at Auschwitz.

Anonymous said...

let's not forget Holocaustosis

Surgeons at ADL hospital have discovered a cure for this dreaded disease.

It involves keeping the patient sedated while the attending physican, Dr. Foxman, performs a walletectomy.

Severe cases require a lobotomy, which can either be accomplished by surgery or forcing the patient to watch FOX News non-stop for a month.

Anonymous said...

7) Wiesel is brought to the camp HOSPITAL of the so-called "Death Camp" where his injured foot is operated on. Wiesel then has a choice to stay in the hospital with his father and wait an hour or two for the Soviets to free them, or flee with the Nazis.

He (The Wiesel) decides to go with the Nazis.

The LYING, HATE monger, Elie Wiesel, should do time in PRISON.

Greg Bacon said...

The LYING, HATE monger, Elie Wiesel, should do time in PRISON.

Anon, is the Judenhetze you practice done out of a sense of duty or pay?

What is your ultimate goal?

To get Xymph booted from the Net?

How much longer before you start advocating some kind of violence against Das Juden if your taunts don't get any response?

Anonymous said...

Greg, Xymphora is naming the J-ws. They need no other excuse.
I think the holocaust is mostly lies myself.

If Xymphora is censoring himself, or is repeating lies because of a perception that the holocaust is off-limits, then it would be a good thing for him to take a break and come back with a domain that will be much more difficult to 'boot off the net'.

My wordpress blog got deleted, but it was for the best. Now I am in total control and have everything backed up.

Anonymous said...

The NAZI faith persecuted by Jews.

Elie Wiesel found to discriminate against those of the NAZI faith.

Jews trample on Nazi's civil rights.

Dear Mr. Liarstein

The Canadian Human Rights Commission has received a complaint from Mr. Arthur Topham and the League For Human Rights of Canada alleging that one, Elie Wiesel, is discriminating against persons or groups of persons on the grounds of race, national and/or ethnic origin and religion in his book, "Legends of Our Time," and this would likely expose individuals who are of the Nazi faith, to hatred and/or contempt contrary to section 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

In particular, we would like to point out the passage:

"Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate -- healthy, virile hate--for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German. To do otherwise would be a betrayal of the dead."

Under Part III of the Canadian Human Rights Act, the Commission is required to address any complaint that alleges a violation of the Act. An Investigator will be designated to gather the evidence in relation to the complainant's allegations and, once the investigation is complete, to report on the findings to the Members of the Commission. If you have any questions, please contact the Investigation manager, Mr. John Chamberlin at 613-943-9010 or toll-free at 1-888-214-1090.

We also point out that during World War Two, Jews committed genocide of millions of those of the NAZI faith.

Our claim for reparations is pending.

Anonymous said...

OK Anon,

Original and reasonably funny.

Keep it so.

Please choose a pen-name so that you are an identifiable entity. And please shut up about the holocaust. We all know that it's a load of nonsense (what the fuck Xymph is on about I do not know), so unless you want to continue presenting yourself as a witless child: "Oh Daddy, look, this grass is green as well.", you had best tone it down a little.

Anonymous said...

Schindlers List: Romantic Comedy Trailer

Isn't Hufschmid the narrator?

Greg Bacon said...

IAEA: Iran Did Not Underreport Enrichment
Discrepancy Was "Inherent in the Early Commissioning Process"
February 22, 2009

Much hay was made late last week over the allegation that the Iranian government had underreported the amount of urnaium it had enriched through November. The White House accused Iran of reneging on its international obligations, and called the nation an “urgent problem that has to be addressed.”

Not so, says the International Atomic Enegy Agency (IAEA), which said the discrepancy between the reported and actual figures were “inherent in the early commissioning phases of such a facility when it is not known in advance how it will perform in practice.”

They added that nothing indicates that Iran made any deliberate attempts to conceal the amount of uranium it had enriched, that Iran had been cooperating on the matter to improve future estimates, and that no nuclear material could have been removed from the facility.

How much of this is just another example of the USA being run by Israel and how much is just the constant background noise of wars and threats of war to keep people scared stupid and pliable?

Anonymous said...

Yes, they have the money to do that. Here's Silversteins payout victory in 2004 (only the amount is in question at that point).

I think GWB went shopping after his bribe, delayed gratification was never his strong suit. Note how the owner of record changes once the federales scrub the story (update). After all, where would a humble civil servant and total business failure scrounge up enough dough to buy a 200,000 acre ranch? Renting the Lincoln bedroom?

After boiling the story sterile for eighteen months, Daily Kos decides to run with it:

Anonymous said...

Bone in throat:

"I wonder why the Bushes are quietly purchasing land in Paraguay...where Simon Weisenthal famously hunted down Nazi fugitives?"

Anonymous said...

Very strong stuff indeed:

Anonymous said...

This is informative too:

Anonymous said...

Anchors aweigh!

A Hollywood based task force led by USS Spielberg sets sail for Persian Gulf, where USS Zack Snyder is already at station.

Hollywood to make 30 anti-Iranian movies

Surely sumpin' kabbalistic mushroomin over there ... "30", "300", "2,000x3,000".

Pilpul magazine reports that Anne Frank is taking lessons in Persian script.

Anonymous said...

the anti semite on the semite hill
enjoying the white phosphorus going down
the disease in his head
prays for DIME
DIME on the way
the anti semite enjoying his day
burn and die the anti semite say

Anonymous said...

Legendary Hollywood director Steven Spielberg will direct a movie regarding the Dec. 21, 1988, bombing of Pan Am 103 over the town of Lockerbie in Scotland.

The movie is an adaptation of the book Flight 103, written by former Israeli officer and MOSSAD agent Juval Aviv.

”I believe the book will have an impact around the world because what happened over Lockerbie that day affected so many people in so many countries, and continues to do so,” Aviv said a few weeks before the release of the book.

Although the book is presented as a fiction, it echoes the allegations made by Aviv in his famous INTERFOR report prepared to help the defense of Pan Am.

Aviv believes that Libyan national Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, the only person convicted of the atrocity, is actually innocent.

The former MOSSAD agent instead claims that Tehran officials ordered the destruction of the Boeing 747 as revenge for the accidental shooting of an Iranian airliner by the United States on July 3, 1988.

The novel alleges that Tehran contracted a Palestinian terror group to carry the bombing and suggests that the CIA turned a blind eye on the plot because on the plane were US intelligence agents returning to the US from Lebanon to denounce a secret drugs-for-hostages deal between Washington and Tehran.

Woolfman, and his glamorous young Irish assistant Orla Sheehy, received his first clue of the conspiracy when he discovered that US diplomats around the world had been told to cancel their reservations on Pan Am 103.

Next up, a Hollywood movie showing that it was actually Iranian forces and not Israeli's behind the USS Liberty attacks.

A book and script written by and with the MOSSAD?

What's next, a movie showing Jeffery "Mohammed" Dahlmer's favorite ways to prepare pizza?

Anonymous said...

the newest archeological reserach in judea and samaria shows that islamofascists of iranian persuasion crucified jesus

Anonymous said...

You kid yourself that the core of Orthodox Judaism shies away from this.

Anonymous said...

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