Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009:
  1. Tony Blair, who is supposed to be some sort of 'honest broker' in sorting out that little Israeli-Palestinian difference of opinion over how much land the Israelis can steal from the Palestinians, has just received a $1 million bribe from the Israeli side. Of course, he will continue to be just as fair and balanced as before.
  2. Let's say you are President of the University of Toronto Knitting Club and you want to book a room on campus to hold a meeting. Who do you call? Why, the President of the University, David Naylor, who has so little to do that he is personally involved in the booking of meeting rooms at the University. I assume if you ask nicely he'll wander over and help to set up the chairs and tables.
  3. The NYT informs us that Bibi is 'pragmatic' (he's starting to look a little like Chance the Gardener from 'Being There'). Of course he is. He doesn't care whether it is tank shells, aerial bombardment, slow poisoning from putting toxins on agricultural land, starvation by blocking food shipments, denial of medical care, or simply shooting unarmed civilians waving white flags. As long as it results in dead Palestinians, Bibi is a pragmatist.
  4. The Israeli elections could not have turned out better. We got to see the 'left' prove that there is not a hair's breadth difference between it and eliminationist Avigdor Lieberman (note how Lieberman's name somehow never appears in the NYT piece!), as it tried to suck up to Lieberman to obtain his support. Then we got to see the inevitable Likud-Yisrael Beytenu coalition, with Lieberman crowned King of the Jews. No more will Israel be able to make any kind of argument that it really would like to negotiate if only it had a negotiating partner, Hamas wasn't around, there weren't suicide bombers, there weren't rockets, Arafat wasn't around, the dog ate my homework, etc., etc., etc. The traditional 'lite' presentation of the Israelis as basically good people in a bad neighborhood will no longer fly. Nobody will accept Bibi and his new boss as wanting to negotiate anything. It has now become so much clearer that the only solution is to push the Jews into the sea (where that swimsuit that Bar sports so fetchingly will come in handy). I'm sure the Palestinians will be gracious and hospitable, as always, to that tiny minority of real anti-Zionist Jews who want to stay. The Americans will get the well-deserved booby prize of hosting the rest of them.
  5. In case you are wondering how fucked the United States is, this was the top story on CNN Mobile yesterday: "Socks, former Clinton cat, put to sleep"

Stop worrying about the comments. If I see an obvious denier posting - presumably from the Israeli blog warrior crowd - I just skip to the next one. Easy.


Anonymous said...

Some interesting articles on Israel from:

The Psychopathic Israelis Strategy for Conquest of the Middle East.
Some Facts About Palestine (Israel).
Listing and Map of Land Ownership in Palestine in 1947.

Towns and Villages Ethnically Cleansed/Destroyed by the Jews.
More on the Towns and Villages Ethnically Cleansed/Destroyed by the Jews.
Time-line of the Jewish aggression in the 1948 war.

The Day Israel Deliberately Killed 34 American Sailors.
Jews create the World's Largest Concentration Camps.
Jewish/Israeli massacres of Palestinians and Jewish Terrorism in general.

Anonymous said...

Xymphora: Are you deliberately avoiding the HolyCo$t question,....?

Are you refusing to support your claim of 6,000,000 dead Jews?

You claimed that 6,000,000 Jews were "killed" by the Nazis, BUT you never commented on the discrepancy mentioned in the previous comments. Please, give it some thought.

Also, perhaps you could explain Elie Wiesel's lies?


Elie Wiesel states in his book "Night" that when the Germans evacuated Auschwitz, he was given the option of staying at the Auschwitz hospital, with his father registered as a patient, to await the arrival of the Soviets, or to join the evacuation with the "mass-murdering" Nazis to Germany.

Guess what? Elie Wiesel chose to go to Germany with the "mass-murdering" Nazis.

Amazing,... eh? Elie Wiesel chose to accompany the "mass-murdering" Nazis on a long journey in the middle of a freezing winter, taking his father with him, rather than wait (with about 7,650 other sick or disabled Jews) for the Soviets to arrive.

Wiesel's father died because of his choice. The actual quote is:

"The choice was in our hands. For once we could decide our fate for ourselves. We could both stay in the hospital, where I could, thanks to my doctor, get him (his father) entered as a patient or nurse. Or else we could follow the others. 'Well, what shall we do, father?' He was silent. 'Let's be evacuated with the others,' I told him."

Isn't it hilarious,... that the Jew Elie Wiesel (whose books repeatedly describe horrendous Nazi "mass-killings" of Jews at Auschwitz) should choose to go with the very same Nazis that had been "mass-killing" his fellow Jews, rather than wait for the Soviets.

Anonymous said...

It is fair to ask why the Nazis didn't bother to kill off these last 7,650 witnesses to "genocide" (those left behind when Auschwitz was evacuated).

7,650 witnesses to "genocide" just let go by the "mass-murdering" Nazis.

It is also fair to ask why the Nazis didn't bother to kill off the other 60,000 witnesses to "genocide" that they transfered to camps in Germany.

Another 60,000 witnesses to "genocide" left alive by the "mass-murdering" Nazis.

It is also fair to ask why the Nazis needed the hospitals at Auschwitz and Monowitz, since they could just kill the Jews who got sick and were unable to work. Of course, killing all Jews who were sick and unable to work, is part of the Jew Auschwitz myth.

Imagine that, the "mass-murdering" Nazis tried to heal sick Jews. Surely they should have just killed them.

It is also fair to ask why Elie Wiesel never mentioned any gas-chambers in his memoir, "Night." In his version of the fiction, the Jews were burnt alive in huge pits, with the fat from the bodies scooped up to make soap.

Then there is the little problem that human bodies don't burn.

And even then, there is the little problem regarding fires in pits. they tend to go out due to a lack of oxygen.

And even then, there is the little problem regarding the level of the water-table at Auschwitz. Any pit more than 45 centimeters deep, would fill with water,... but why let a few facts get in the way of a good story.

Anonymous said...

jew fat was scooped to make soap?

so they were roasting them on huge grills with drip pans underneath ... still, it takes tons of fuel, especially if done inefficiently in open ... estimates for one such cremation (time and fuel) can be obtained from India, where it is done routinely, but I would imagine they'd have to have well designed and organized op, hundreds of acres of grills, maintenance systems, hydraulics, scraping bodies off grilles, pieces falling into precious "soap-fat".
Bet you those SS guards were fighting for that job detail ...

And how did the weasel find out that fat was to be used for soap, was he conducting interviews?

And jews were roasted alive, no shit?
Who was holding them down, or did they just meekly lie on hot grilles, contemplating the mercy of talmud?

And why soap in particular, it makes more sense to make industrial glue like they used to do with old horses, or while in realm of grotesquely ludicrous, why not feed them to slave jews to make them nice and strong and able to work double shift in ammo factories.

I know why, jews are made of such wonderfully pure, otherworldly material (according to Schneerson and other rabbis), quite unlike us filthy goys, that it makes sense to turn them into soap, so that we can try and be clean for change.

Rowan Berkeley said...

Lobro, do your research. There is only one detailed soap claim, and it specifies a pilot industrial project that never got beyond the pilot stage.

Rowan Berkeley said...

As for this stupid statement, and it is completely asinine, I am not exaggerating:

Stop worrying about the comments. If I see an obvious denier posting - presumably from the Israeli blog warrior crowd - I just skip to the next one. Easy.

Since the comments no longer even pretend to relate to the posts, the whole thing is valueless, and from now on, I shall 'skip' it in its entirety. After all, you all know where to find me.

Anonymous said...

The soap bit was just sarcasm (to emphasize how damn stupid and unbelievable Jew lies often are).

However, the Weasel, really did claim that Jews were burnt alive in huge pits (even though nobody at all believes this now).

ELIE WIESEL: Jew Liar and Con-man. Lied mainly about the HolyCo$t.

REWARD: The 1986 Nobel Peace Prize.

YITZHAK RABIN: Jew War Criminal. Operations commander of the Jew terrorist Stern Gang. Ethnically cleansed some 70,000 Palestinians from Lydda and Ramleh.

REWARD: The 1994 Nobel Peace Prize.

SHIMON PERES: Jew War Criminal. Among other crimes, ordered the shelling and bombing of civilians (mainly in Lebanon).

REWARD: The 1994 Nobel Peace Prize.

MENACHEM BEGIN: Jew Killer. Terrorist. War Criminal. Leader of the Jew terrorist gang Irgun.

REWARD: The 1978 Nobel Peace Prize.

HENRY A. KISSINGER: Jew War Criminal. Jointly responsible for the deaths of more than 4,000,000 people in South East Asia.

REWARD: The 1973 Nobel Peace Prize.

THEODORE ROOSEVELT: Jew War Criminal. Responsible for the deaths of some 250,000 Philippinos.

REWARD: The 1906 Nobel Peace Prize.

Anonymous said...

"Every German, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate -- healthy, virile hate -- for what the Jew personifies and for what persists in the Jew. To do otherwise would be a betrayal of the dead." Elie Wiesel in "Legends of Our Time."

Anonymous said...

It is time to reject the word Holocaust, since it was born in sin (Hollywood zionist propaganda, 1979).

Let us speak of the persecution and imprisonement of the Jews on German-occupied Europe between 1942 and 1945, which led to thousands of deaths. This is better than the deliberate pseudo-religious vacuity of "Holocaust".

To wish to know what happened is perfectly legitimate, and if it leads us to discover that less Jews perished than alleged, we will be in fact honoring the dead with the truth, and not defiling their memories with propaganda lies.

In addition, "denial" presuppose that what is being denied has been clearly and consensually defined. This is not the case. Estimates of the dead in the persecution vary between 14,000 to 12,000,000 which give, rather ironically, an average figure of 6.000.000.

Xymphora, you seem to value rigor in expression, so if you defined exactly what is the "holocaust", we might understand why do you castigate its supposed "deniers."

Now, on the financial holocaust now turning the US empire into a funeral pyre, here's a visual explanation of the credit crisis:


Anonymous said...

i love it, just about halfway it really gets a head of steam up, or clouds .. of .. rockdust i imagine. specially since i note the banker wizards are 'sicked' on the trickle stream collecting in one spot from homeowner (cough) and proceed to filter it after beating the dust with enough moisture it becomes fluid (how magic Wheezerds). Then, as if just showing you that physical world lube is inversely related to the social kind we see not the bottom tray be most valuable ..... finest fines, tightest mesh, most delicate filter, greatest size reduction, approaching factor gazillbillyon in surface contact availabilty, seeing the light as it were, ready for that backyard enhancement .... hey can i have that job the idf, spray the pali's protesting in their former now contested and sawed off orchards with fresh mud so those grounds are made exactly as much more enviable as (more) worth defending (by those who are all the others pretend to be)? ........ but the top one (safe, 2=okay, 3=risky as dictatored by the very bribable CRAs overseen by the once, and for all i know still zogged exsoviets, presumably on the line of reasoning that early adoption, getting out before markets tank and all that is important in the fast rather than the worse than useless copout in the slowgearealitree i expanded on just there.

I really don't need to sign this one do i? Rowan. am i who i preterend to be?

Anonymous said...

Wins a prize .. .as far as it goes, .. a word

about the haunted houses of demographically

incontinent (googlewack by the way ((again, 'they'

(((who, hooo spooky hooters))) must have erased my

previous thoughtbombs)) - and so is demographic

incontinence) peoples/behaviours would have been

nice. No need to take nuttin personlly, or not more

than nayshonealley anyway (reversible at will). We

all carry terror of non-surmountable inclemencies

with us. My god is not man but mighty enough to

hide in fatal colds.

Pumping dust through piplelines won't do nothing

till it is let out and given a rest.

whoops, i lied:

DC Indymedia: zionists are genetically modified and modify... threats and ignorance of consequences; parties that reach the state of conflict should be made to feel the shame of demographic incontinence and not be ...

there are a few more hits but they are pharmaffiaspamachine generated

Anonymous said...

Phew, it looks like piet-poet is skimping his medications again.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood propaganda in reverse:

Rambo 3 in Afghanistan

Ahh, the irony of it is just overpowering....

Anonymous said...

rowan, although i do research when in desperate need, soap research is not high on the list.

if i was rich, i'd hire some liberian banana boat, fill it with six million bars of cheap soap and sail toward gaza in hope of being intercepted by jew navy.
i'd explain that it's a humanitarian mission after i'd been hearing voices of odin and wotan telling me to do it.

Anonymous said...

It is time to reject the word Holocaust ...

on the other hand, it has provided hours of cheap fun, all the more appreciated since they got rid of ren and stimpy.

they share the same outlandish imagery.

Anonymous said...

if I skipped every denier on this blog, I'd be looking at blank screen ...

Anonymous said...

99 and 44/100% pure.
Soap so pure it floats!

Anonymous said...

that's right, s*** floats.
and floats.
and floats into the sunset as the credits starts rolling:
executive producer - elie wiesel,
co-producer - simon wiesenthal,
director - steven spielberg,
starring - abraham foxman, ariel sharon, and 6 million other s*** bars.

Anonymous said...

ok, i know i've been harping on this but these are my pit bull genes that won't let go.

first, look up the trusted source, wikipedia about this anti-fascist hero, one Vasili Grossman, a Soviet journalist and valued Nuremberg witness.

Does wikipedia have one single negative thing to say about our esteemed Vasili Semenovitch?
Nope, not a chance (wonder why).

Next post, a few choice quotes from this journalist, mostly about what a terrible place Treblinka (which he, along with Red Army liberated) is.

Anonymous said...

Part 1 (broken down due to word count restriction)

Note the reporting style:
We were told, There are stories, We heard about, …, No one knows and no one will ever know the names , Never on this earth now will the names … be known, She too, is nameless.


The Treblinka Hell: Photographic Album of Martyrs, Heroes and Executioners by Vasili Semenovich Grossman Translated from the Russian Edited by Gershon Aharoni Tel-Aviv, 1984 Judaica Collection
I was shaken to the very depth of my being by the stories of how the living corpses of Treblinka up to the last minute preserved their human souls although they had lost everything else, how women tried to save their sons and for their sake accomplished feats of hopeless bravery, how young mothers tried to shield their infants with their bodies. No one knows and no one will ever know the names of these mothers. There are stories of little girls of ten who with divine wisdom comforted their sobbing mothers, of a little boy who on entering the gas chamber shouted: "The Russians will avenge us, mama, don't cry!"
No one knows and no one will ever know the names of these children. We were told about dozens of doomed people who fought one against a legion of SS men armed with automatic weapons and grenades, and died standing up, their breasts riddled with bullets.

Anonymous said...

Part 2

We were told about the young man who stabbed an SS officer, about the lad who had taken part in the mutiny in the Warsaw ghetto' and who by some miracle had managed to hide a grenade from the Germans [remember, they were naked] and flung it into a group of executioners at the last moment. We heard about the battle that lasted all of one night between a group of the condemned and detachments of guards and SS men. The shooting and grenade explosions went on all through the night and when the sun rose the next morning the whole square was covered with the bodies of the fighters. Beside them lay their weapons - palings wrenched out of the fence, a knife, a razor. Never on this earth now will the names of these fallen fighters be known. We heard about the tall girl who tore a rifle out of the hands of a guard on the "road from which there is no return," and fought against dozens of SS men. Two beasts were killed in that fight, and a third lost his arm. Terrible were the tortures to which this brave girl was subjected before she was finally put to death. She too, is nameless.

She is referred to later on the same page as "the naked girl who, like some ancient Greek goddess, fought alone against dozens"

And to think that
1) this guy was a star witness at Nuremberg, and
2) this sludge lives in printed form somewhere in a Tel Aviv library and people read it in all seriousness ...

Anonymous said...

btw, thanks xeno for the youtube rambo thing ... priceless

Anonymous said...

Stop worrying about the comments. If I see an obvious denier posting I just read it. Easy.

Anonymous said...

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