Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday, February 20, 2009

I'm not finished with Old School - believe me, it will become very interesting - but here are a few links to tide you over:
  1. From Robot Wisdom, a completely gratuitous drive-by slurring of Jorn Barger from "The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging". You should know that you are in for a treat when the first quote in the book is by Erica Jong.
  2. A pdf of "The Ezra Pound Encyclopedia" is available here (you'll have to unpack it with a program like 7-Zip). You might also like "The Poetics of Fascism: Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, Paul de Man". It is funny how Eliot went from being 'The Greatest Poet of the Twentieth Century' to some schlub all because the usual suspects found some vaguely anti-Semitic line in a letter.
  3. A pdf of Political Ponerology is here. Definitely worth the read.
  4. A posting explaining my single favorite line from Family Guy:
    "You're doing the same thing that Mia Farrow did to that Oriental guy that Woody Allen brought home from the circus."


Anonymous said...

Xymphora: Don't go all old school on me,....

You claimed that 6,000,000 were Jews "killed" by the Nazis, BUT you never commented on the discrepancy mentioned below. Please, give it some thought.


A little investigation makes this clear.

For a start you should consider this:

In 1990, the Jew HolyCo$t Lie Changed:

From 1948, till 1990, the Auschwitz subsection of the HolyCo$t fable was:

Number of Jews supposedly killed at Auschwitz = 3,000,000
Total Number of people killed at Auschwitz = 4,000,000

From 1990, till the present, the Auschwitz subsection of the HolyCo$t fable has been:

Number of Jews supposedly killed at Auschwitz = 1,000,000
Total Number of people killed at Auschwitz = 1,500,000

And,... Check out this Jew Math.

From 1948, till 1990, the overall number of Jews supposedly killed by the Nazis was 6,000,000

In 1990, the number of Jews killed at Auschwitz was reduced from 3,000,000 to 1,000,000

So, you would think that the overall number of Jews killed would also have been reduced to

6,000,000 - 2,000,000 = 4,000,000

But not at all,...

From 1990, till the present, the Jews have continued to claim that the overall number of Jews killed by the Nazis is 6,000,000

You see, for the Jews, any LIE that is believed, is a good LIE.

Even if the LIE is as stupid as the one I have just pointed out.

Here are a few of articles that may help explain what happened:

So, why do people believe in the holocaust, anyway?

A Quick Proof that the Holocaust Story is a Lie.

The Jews Declare War on Germany (in 1933).

Death Certificates issued at Auschwitz.

Anonymous said...

You having trouble reading stevieb?

Let me repeat: "Nope. Tried StormFront a few times, but kept getting banned."

What I posted was nothing worse than what has been posted here. StormFront decided that the message was too anti-Jew, too damaging, and banned me.

Tell me why would ban someone for posting (supposedly) anti-Jew stuff, (yes, believe it or not, that is one of the reasons they gave)? Why, because StormFront is Jew run.

And, by the way is another Jew run site.

At least at they tried to pretend they were not disturbed by what was posted. They just did little things to try and blunt the message, however, after a few weeks they decided that the message was to anti-Jew, to damaging, and banned me. They banned me numerous times.

Once again, nothing posted there was worse than what has been posted here.

Tell me why would ban someone for posting (supposedly) anti-Jew stuff,... that's right, because CODOH is Jew run.

Anonymous said...

This comments section gas turned into a neo-nazi (or provocateurist)slum. It is weeks since anyone has managed to start an original, creative or thoughtful discussion in it. If you are too cowardly to moderate your comments section, Xymphora, then I shall complain to your service provider about it, as I have already done with regard to the similar (though politically opposite) garbage that floods the MondoWeiss comments threads. It makes no difference to me what politics the blogger claims to be promoting: if they permit such rubbish to continually appear, they should not be permitted to have comments columns at all.

Anonymous said...

Rowan. No one is stopping you from commenting,.. except YOU.

Why do you Jews feel that you must censor everything?

Oh,... that's right,... because you have so many LIES to protect.

Rowan Berkeley said...

definitely provocateurs. Notice the corny rhetorical style: "why do you? ... oh that's right"

xymph, you have to moderate these comments or they will be closed down, like WUFYS. got it?

Rowan Berkeley said...

Incidentally, xymph, I disagree with your assertion that 'political ponerology' is worth reading. It just boils down to the assertion that a conventiently small proportion of humanity - who can only be identified by political ponerologists - are incurably and hereditarily psychopathic and hence need to be exterminated. Nothing much new there. I am having a bit of log-in confusion here, so I apologise if this comment appears twice, in slightly different words.

Anonymous said...

Rowan: Seems like you Jews just HATE the truth.

Point out one incorrect statement in the piece "THE NAZIS NEVER GASSED A SINGLE JEW."

Can't can you?

You wish to censor such comment simply because it points out certain Jew lies.

Not because it is incorrect or hurts anyone or anything (other than Jews lies).

How is it you do not view xymph's articles as anti-Jew,.... oh,.... of course. Thanks for pointing this out Rowan.

Rowan Berkeley said...

Thanks for the Ezra Pound Encyclopedia, which is well worth installing 7-zip or something similar to uncompress.

It does not contain any texts by Pound, only essays about them. Its 'moderate' tone is captured (deliberately, I expect) in the first entry, on "The ABC of Economics", which says among other things:

"The most evident contemporary
influence in ABC of Economics is Dexter Kimball’s Industrial Economics (1929). The technocratic
strain is noticeable when Pound suggests that “the brains of the nation ... to be used in discerning WHAT work is most needful, what work is necessary and what is desirable”. Pound
does not get more specific than that. He says he does not care what sort of government a state has, so long as it is honest. The secret government of bankers is manifestly not honest, Pound
thought, and the depression proved it; but the paranoia that affects Pound’s later economic work is little in evidence here ... "

Anonymous said...


as far as I know, Political Ponerology is not being distributed for free, so that PDF copy which you link to might be illegal.

The book costs a measly 20 Euros at, so you could as well tell the readers to go buy it, instead of linking to a possibly illegal copy.

Anonymous said...


while the concept that psychos rule is pretty much established in popular culture, to my knowledge this book is the first one ever which explores the issue from a scientific standpoint, gives due honors where they are due, and establishes irrefutable links between mental illness and societal disease.

It is IMO very well worth reading, at least to anybody who intends to understand "politics" and what goes on in corporate world, among other settings.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous, just because people ban you doesn't mean they are J-ws, they might not want to make it seem they are bigoted, because you do seem to throw the J-word around a bit too often. The gas chambers are a bunch of lies and so are the six million, and more J-ws are being caught lying about their holocausts every week. The holocaust is a bulwark in the zioists, they use it to produce a victim mentality in the J-ws, something their leaders always engendered but multiplied a thousand fold by lies, doctored photos, 'confessions' by torture.

And what the French call 'inversion accusatoire'.

The J-ws like to accuse their victims of what they themselves perpetrate.

We should however try to tell the truth without sounding like we are condemning all Jews, even though it may look as though they are collectively evil.

Rowan: Political Ponerology is worth reading, and most psychopaths are created not born... you need to read it more deeply.

I see Xymphora is still linking to the gatekeepers of and him having introduced me to the concept of Zio-lite...sigh.

I have a new domain up, was deleted for 'terms of service', but I am back better than ever:

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the useful links.

The argument that online copies damage the author is ludite and overlooks the viral nature of digital marketing.

The ludites said that radio would kill the gramophone, that tape recorders would kill radio and LPs, that VCRs would kill cinema, that DVDs would kill cinema, and now, that the internet will kill literary production.

Well, some things never change.

Anonymous said...

Well, well,... suddenly they all come out of the woodwork.

Something written above, that you boys don't like, and want flushed down the memory hole?

I guess so.

Anonymous said...

Rowan, did WUFYS get closed because of comments? They had their own domain, so what the hell? Why don't they go to a different host or something?

Anonymous said...

It's not what you wrote, it's how you present it that makes you look like a J-w troll.

Anonymous said...

Riots going on at NYU yesterday due to what started as anti-israel protesters occupying their school cafeteria. Pepper spray, batons, horses, etc.

The temperature is rising.

Anonymous said...

"did WUFYS get closed because of comments? They had their own domain, so what the hell? Why don't they go to a different host or something?"

Yes, indeed. Why don't they go to a different host or even a free site?

They won't though, because as I explained before (with reasons), WUFYS is/was Jew false opposition.

WUFYS has been closed down because WUFYS wants to be closed down.

Not because anyone forced them off the internet.

Anonymous said...

"establishes irrefutable links between mental illness and societal disease." ..... yeah? Like what? Occupation?

Do you know Christopher Brown's work? Note, no mention of native americans in this first layer ... instead, it leads to his legalistic battles (including child custody apparantly):

6/20/00, TIMELINE, Case 01035100 of the Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Santa Barbara. Suit for Child Endangerment naming 2 Santa Barbara County Supervisors, the District Attorney and others.

8/9/00 Order to Show Cause, case 209931 of the Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Santa Barbara. Divorce case opened for O.S.C for modification to visitation and legal custody for purposes of father designating hypnotherapy for warts and possible long term threats from involentary hypnotic induction.

and pages such as this:

even this:

...found here:

.... doesn't do anything it is claiming as far as i can see:

An effort by Native Medicine people to bring the whole truth into legal pleadings

Opening Statement of Defendant, 220298, 9/8/98

short comment he left elsewhere
advertizing his video which he hasn't (yet) placed a link on his homeplace to for some reason (embarrasment about the sound quality possibly):
This is a PERFECT case for “jury nullification”. Where a jury gets to decide IF the law applied is Constitutional in the specific case.

The fact that judges do not have to tell the jurors anymore shows HOW far federal control has gone to violate Constitutional intent. It is however, still the law.

From what I’ve heard judges will try and hold attorney in contempt who try to inform the jury that they can veto the law as unconstitutional. We will never have a Constitutional nation again until “jury nullification” is fully restored.

To see how far government has gone astray, see my video about the hidden history of Santa Barbara California.

Circa, Stolen Spirit, frauds of Colonization

transcript snippet from just after halfway through this docu (please don't pind smelling mistakes):

the shawn (shaman) had lost their last tool of reason, that might interface the validity and function of their sacred knowledge with the mind of the new colonizig people. They felt a deep need to ultimately help them regain something lost in europe before but preservation of the knowledge of the unconscious mind was most imp That was where history was carried, their history.

.....protect the capacity preserving the knowledge, keeping the past to the croyan

the croyan could remove the tribal conscious awareness of their sacred knowledge and create secrecy given a period of time, doing so would make the antap and their families safer ... particularly with what was planned. The croyan had seen the capacity the colonizing environment had to create the knowledge of the unconscious, so decided to create an event, completely unconscious for the most part, that would have to be understood by the colonizers in the colonizers courts, they planned to create a mass insanity amongst the c pop, with abuses of their hypn, utilizing and exploiting instincts.

The window in the stone, on the ridge above the shrine ...

piet: i will continue this transcript in digest form ...

.. was loaded with a mirror maybe or was, that is, it's rectangular shape for instance perhaps, was used to zap (pineal glands of) victims who were (on an individual basis i presume) hypnotically scripted to look up anapamu street. That triggered a leap into moral chaos and the unleashing of vices.

The perps planned the event 10 years ahead, to coincide with the first centennial independence day celebration, since then 300 persons per year were going insane up to a grand total of fully three fourths of the population (1883).

kevin annet mentioned in the 47th minute, he has loads of vids up about canada's genocide

a fresh youtube account that refs him and may or may not be him self presents the docu as a 6 part series, part 1:
the forbidden knowlegde director reading an intro

'burn into the brain'???? Hell what's the most important signifier .. even to this day. The Branding iron!

unfortunately, the audio isn't any better here, a young account (2 weeks) and none of the 6 parts have been viewed over 30 times yet.

At the end of part two is a poor explanation of alcoholism: hypnotism works in purely positive environments whereas the binary or to put a much less fine word on it, schizoid disposishies and command structures of westerners, as in 'do (switch/flip) not', that is, 'don't'drink for instance cause difficulties. The unconscious mind from childhood finds no to be painful, so stops short at do.

end of part 2:

also an 18 vid series by Ian Xel Lungold

http://www.fourwinds10 .com/journals/pdf/J001.pdf - Read Online- rnals/html/J001.html

A 13 part series about Voodoo and amazing abilities

an eve n larger one called 'hidden bible knowledge' (animalXgod=man type waffle - also in weird yellowed teints), here is part 1:
Al Fry's Incredible Inquiry Series -
The solution to our world's problems will
come about when people are ready to kick the
AVARICE (Greed) habit, but currently, this
appears to be completely beyond the scope
of what people can comprehend. Humanity
has been enslaved by avarice to the point
in which the people are completely CONTROLLED
by the assumption that GREED MUST exist,
and that it cannot, and should not be
prevented and curtailed.

Humanity is enslaved. Just ask anyone if
they think greed can be ended and they will
RESIST the idea to the maximum.

The moral of the story is for every one of us to stand up as responsible people. We can't
hide behind self-righteousness and merely blame the leaders.
J001-Sipapu Odyssey- als/pdf/J001.pdf - Read Online-

hundreds of these writs by an introvert hippy in the seventies.

all huge inflexible so wasteful bloat pdf scans

most of a page giving some indication of CB's activities:


In the 1930's it was discovered that nitrous oxide could cause a mental state similar to states induced with hypnosis. If this is the case it is the physiological aspect of a treatment that has a potential for correcting the compulsive behaviors that plague our society.

A psychologist/hypnotist confirmed this treatment resulting in my request to the California State Department of mental health to give permission to Santa Barbara County Mental Health Department to administer "experimental treatment to the unconscious mind.

Here is a letter stating that my request would be carried to the state by Santa Barbara County Mental Health and that I would be informed of the states response.

805 967 4055

Official Summary: Requires state to fund investigation of court files of insanity actions in Santa Barbara County. Funds to be available to voter approved investigator. Investigator is provided a superior court judge and courtroom equipped with video and sound recording equipment to take testimony on early court case files of insanity actions. Requires state to broadcast, on county government television, video documentation of investigation at minimum once each week for six months and, thereafter, once each month for ten years. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: The fiscal effect on the state and local governments of this measure is unknown.

more proof we are dealing with a same mild form of the type marginality which divine sparkliness must bestow as in 'bobby the deaf messenger' ('member him ((from the indymainwire heydeyz)) Rowan?) and which quickly pitches or tilts them paste useful and practical application of their vast and distributed sensibility, adam apollo, dolf boek, andreas Szabo, i keep (my eyes on) a whole slew of them. By way of a not to be trusted commenter (given his location):

AZCat12th June 2007, 10:26 PM
I just noticed Christopher Brown (a.k.a. Christophera) has joined AE9/11Truth.

They have no idea what they're in for.

oh, by the way, did i mention there are 55 vids up at the account i mentioned. Unfortunately most are from an again 'old school' (yellowed footage to prove it) naive belief in Biblical miracles imbued with an eagerness to explain them.

nother brief mention:
Gravy18th June 2007, 07:10 AM
Question to those who've been around here a while. Is Doug Plumb the crankiest "truther" who's ever shown up here? :tinfoilHe's right up there, but folks like Lyte Trip, Christophera, and TruthSeeker1234 are hard to top. And we've got Rick Siegel of 9/11 Eyewitness posting in another thread today. He and Doug may have been separated at birth. I don't know why Doug doesn't just link to Alex Jones MP3s. He could save himself a lot of typing.

Is Alex Jones paid to make the truth sound theatrically phoney or what is it about him that can't seem to turn mud to colour. Oh by the way, speaking about that. I saw a shovel dig into the beatiful smooth soil of Singapore. You know, where they are building the type steal cages that are so inescapably far off the ground that one trip to the top is enough to damage you with a dose of isolationism big enough to start little eichmanning as a daytrader or ghostly soulless corridor sweeper right away. No familytreegrowing allowed here, let alone -housing. No sir.

from that honesty site i learn that native american documentation features prominently:

Anonymous said...


The more it goes, the more it seems that your initial appraisal of 'holocaust obsessed anonymous' was on the mark. However, your suggestion that the man be filtered out is at once ridiculous and nasty.
Shall we return to the facts? What anonymous has to say is true, but, unless he has something to add, trite. His greatest sin, so far, is in being a little bit slow, in his inability to see that off-topic ranting is stultifying unless relieved by entertainment, and in his ridiculous presumption that he is enlightening anyone here.
Your asinine assumption of the role of censor marks you as, once again, a Hegelian idiot. So it is that it is always the feeble who shrill loudest against the weak.

Holocaust Anononymous,
If there is a real person behind the so-called comments, I ask you to take my note to Rowan seriously. You are coming across as close to imbecile. I argued for your freedom of speech, but you seem to have very little to say. How significant are genetics in your estimation: were I a full-blooded Jew, would that instantly rubbish anything I have to say? It is a great and wonderful question, what the world will do when the Jews' (aka monied gypsies) lies are exposed. I challenge you to present your position clearly.

I remain hopeful. By the end of next month I shall know whether Grettir will remain at liberty to scatter obscene verse.

Fritzchen, Lobro,
I read your comments carefully (Fritz especially because I cannot rid myself of memories of die fromme Helene (Busch natuerlich)). If you will accept the accommodations of my hovel, Mtl in the Spring might be worth aiming at.


I laud your honesty (as I perceive it) but you skate awfully close to the edge. Arabs did 9/11? The Jewish holocaust is a fact? Where do you get this tripe? And you have the gall to pontificate about the unfounded beliefs of others? Stop being an ass and take one thing at a time.
As matters stand you only raise the fear that here is one more trap for the innocent. You drove Smekh away, ustp appears to have lost all interest, what others I do not know.
How? But you set the pace and choose the topics. Call me what names you please, but if this is hasbara, then it is a self-defeating ploy.
Organized Jewry boasts loud of gas-chambers that never were and persecution that never was. Friends, recognize this: your boasted fantasy will become through your own actions a bitter reality.

Anonymous said...

by the way, 'poetics of fascism' is 11.520K, flattened comes to 512k which in my margin mini- and (gapless other than ---- sections to denote different speakers/Topics/headings)print maxim(al)izing format in 10 tempus sans font means 50 pages, not 188 as the doc specifies and i took a quick look but could not find print prefs and tweaks to at least cram 2 or 4 book pages onto an a4... ... i really dislike that. All that fry flyby i mentioned has that rigidity also. Useless. some pdf gives you a nice blue background when clicking the page but that's the most i could say in favor of them.

Anonymous said...

Oh fuck,

Now the idiot is spamming. Ok Rowan, your radar was right on this one.

Anonymous said...

"...and in his ridiculous presumption that he is enlightening anyone here."

What a pompous ass. Assuming that only himself (Grettir) and his bunch of merry conspirators (who all just happened to come online at the same time after some absence) are the only ones who read xymphora.

Well, I guess you might be correct and that the readership xymphora is only 4 or 5 people.

By the way, the long article about nothing, is more indicative of Jew sabotage (by one of you, I guess) than anything I have posted.

Anonymous said...

"...but you seem to have very little to say."

I will try harder,.... How about this for a start:

Of course, the really big secret of World War Two, is that the Jews put their man at the head of the National Socialist Party.... a certain young lad named Adolf Hitler.

Rule number four: Infiltrate ALL leadership positions, especially the leadership positions of your enemy.

Try reading "Adolf Hitler, Founder Of Israel," by Hennecke Kardel

He claims many of the important Nazis were full or part Jews.

This stuff is quietly pushed by Jews (albeit, to a select audience), so there is a hook in it somewhere.

I believe the main hook in this book, is the claim that Hitler's grandfather was Jewish. This may or may not be true, but is claimed to distract from the fact that Hitler's mother was a Jew.

That Goebbels was a full Jew is very easy to believe. Apparently, he was called "Rabbi" at school.

Another full Jew was Adolf Eichmann, who visited Palestine in 1937. Palestine became Israel after the Jews drove the original inhabitants (the Palestinians) from the land.

Before the war, Eichmann was responsible for the resettlement of about half a million Jews in Palestine.

In 1936, Hitler's biographer Konrad Heiden stated that Hitler's grandmother's maiden name was Salomon and that many Jewish families with the name Hitler lived around where Adolf was born. His work has been called "remarkably accurate," but he is apparently another Jew, so look for the hook.

The newspaper Osterreichisches Abendblatt published (July 14, 1933) photographs of graves of various Hitlers from Jewish cemeteries. They also mentioned a cookbook written in Hebrew by one Rosalie Hitler.

It is of interest that Hitler had all the villages and cemeteries of his childhood torn down for a military training ground. A very unusual thing to do.

Rowan Berkeley said...

I can at least take comfort in the fact that the more intelligent commenters here also comment on Niqnaq, where there is an extremely rigorous moderation policy.

Anonymous said...

"Organized Jewry boasts loud of gas-chambers that never were and persecution that never was."

A solution that never was you mean.

Penned this a week ago (more or less... mmm, weeks already):

the obligatory original:
execute the orifice, etcetera ...... faithfully,
judge Roberts shuffles a few of the key letter conglomerates thus:
faithfully execute .... which makes on yearn for more creative reorders:
fully execute feint, ... execute feint fully .... yeah, kill all duplicity dead, chain all evil ones to the compost pile and don't give them anything, don't even leave testing and separating ingredients up to them. Just set them to do ... be responsible for the turnover, the compost pile turnover, that ought to eventually effectuate (a share is an effect in dutch by the way) that vaunted explosion (in/of consciousness) MT is on about (see below).

Rowan chose to not publish this comment (too many ingredients for his bland warmonger broths aymshore, like Michael Hudson on music etcetera).

as i am penning this and 'backlistening' to a nightprogram from 19/2, the maker, often on about the BeachBzs (though never about old ((kooling the all too hot and bothereds)) shuls), does it again:

19/2 9.30PM - 'andere tijden' about 'Holland' the 'dutch' BB album.

Any way, anybody bored with the lulls around here lately can easily make a plethoral choice of excursions via here:

Anonymous said...
pride of man .... if you find a version by tony rice lemme know

Anonymous said...

don't you be breaking into that dust pantry again now do you hear? That cricketycrackety burgly garbly barbly gurgly voice of goodguide's uncreasage crunch is just to much for micromobilizophobics

this is prolly 3rd in a row by me. I used to do up to seven way after traffic trampled through a thread .. ha haah!

Anonymous said...

from dust to druids
Druid camp someplace in the UK

to cernunnos ... run wealth into the ground, the only safe (that is open .. with staying keeping and going power) bank, see him allow his 'coins' (currency, 'lube') to run onto and into the earth on many still extant sculptures from around Celtic europe.

think of all the money that could go to designing and constructing musical rockgrinders once fair fighting is introduced. All that weapon money will finally find its destination and be employed to create a little (the gig gets big for sure but starts from littlest on up) wiggle room, lebensraueme, beloved and beleafed lands. a rest from patrist aridity and severity. Tcetera, blabla ... getting tired of having to repeat my self.

Anonymous said...

Your asinine assumption of the role of censor

Well said, grettir. Rowan, it's not up to you to play gatekeeper.

Rowan Berkeley said...

if Xymphora does not moderate this comments section, it will be closed down, but not before it has become the exclusive haunt of losers, dead-enders, and people with concealed agendas of their own, like yourself, traducteur.

Anonymous said...

Rowan, you are a complete and pathetic ass. Leave now please and don't ever come back. You are a fool.

Rowan Berkeley said...

Clearly this comments section is worse than useless as is, precisely because it has no 'gatekeeper' at all. I really think that there is likely to be a general tightening up on 'hate speech' in comments on internet blogs in general, so this would be the last opportunity for owners to exercise some moderation, or lose their comments facilities permanently.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Rowan,

You wouldn't be a conspiritor with trad would you?

There are two issues here.

The first and most important is your insinuation that we be good or shut our cake-holes. Let each speak out say I, and I shall devise ways to filter out the synapse challenged. This is plainly spiteful and wicked. "I can at least take comfort in the fact that the more intelligent commentators here also comment on Niqnaq, where there is an extremely rigorous moderation policy." What self-puffery! Pick it apart, "more intelligent" = those who write to my blog; "extremely rigorous moderation policy" = Mine is the kingdom and the glory, what a load of pretentious bollocks. Sometimes you give some sign of hope, but again and again you come back to lay down the law based on nothing. Daddy had it right, you are not quite right in your mind; rather like the obsessed anonymous.
Did it ever occur to you that it would be no bad thing if Xymphora (and by this I mean the commentators) were shut down, to provide a working example of how the public mind is manipulated. Never fear, it will arise elsewhere in spite of your Kabbalistic incantations.

The real issue is Xymph's position. Hats off to him that he promotes open discussion. All the same, the "holocaust" reverence coupled with ignorance of the Jewish destruction of the WTC leads to the large suspicion that here is only another honey pot.

"Warte nur, ich komme dir."

Rowan Berkeley said...

Anyone who posts on here now must be either an idiot, a provocateur, or an old friend of the site who is reluctant to see it self destruct.

I really don't care in the slightest which of those you think I am, unless you are one of the second group, which is indeed pretty small.

Anonymous said...

a grab bag of thoughts here:

with so many anonymouses, greasemonkey becomes useless, because some of them actually make sense.
i blame xymph for fiddling with previous blog structure that worked just fine.

calling everyone a jew is jewish squid ink, you don't have to watch groucho marx movies to understand that.

censorship is the sphincter of an echo chamber.

many of the holocaust links posted by one of anons are quite useful to me, not because i need convincing but because i'd like to one day stand up in court and call on just two or three prime bits of evidence provided courtesy of snake oil salesmen themselves, like weisenthal's quote that there were no gas chambers on german soil.
contrast that with some poor guy hanged in nuremberg for operating gas chambers in germany and it's check mate, you got a case that holocaust PROMOTION is crime against humanity, which is one of the major planks in my platform here.

one day, promoting the lie of holocaust will be rightfully termed a hate speech and a prosecutable offense.

on that happy day, talmud will weep into the river of babylon, great gnashing of teeth will be heard and all that old testament barf.

Rowan Berkeley said...

Presumably, "censorship is the sphincter of an echo chamber" is a way of saying that you don't mind if the blog is closed down because it is full of racist filth and hate speech. well, good luck with your freedom, mate, you may not find it too useful without a blog.

Anonymous said...

Niqnaq, eh? I'll have to check it out.

Haven't read this comments section for a while but it's now reaching near satirical extremes. After reading Xymph for 8 years now even I hate the Israeli's, but boilerplate holocaust denial in bold lettering (no jews were gassed etc) is grimly amusing in the worst way. There's a longtime Melbourne media figure and shit-stirrer - runs an underground film fest, has attempted to bring David irving out here, has a 'thing' for Nazi iconography - who is wickedly amusing on the subject and I suspect is in very general sympathy with some of those sentiments, but even he doesn't go that far. I think there's a difference between healthy distrust of Israeli duplicity and double-standards, and trying to consequently (and I guess carefully) view the holocaust in a new light, and turning the lights off entirely.

If rabid comment excesses like anonymous's above cause the site to be pulled - just the comment section or the site itself Rowan? - I'll have to try and grab all the old Xymph posts before they go, but maybe it's a side result of the ever anonymous Xymph's hands-off involvement allowing the comments to go toxic.

I'd view Mike Ruppert's old 'give up on 9/11' comment as an offshoot of his grannyish, sometimes goofily self-important personality - I've bumped my nose in public too much to be taken as a leader on the subject so you guys should just drop the whole subject too. I recall he had some medical issues around the same time, and shortly before, or afterwards, self-destructed in a burp of paranoid showboating.

For the years of fine reading provided by Xymph, I'll second Rowan's comment. Xymph, if there's a danger that the blog comment section could have your blog pulled, for fuck sake use your discretion and tidy the thing up, or - an alternative - delete the comment thread here and start a general link to a free message board or seperate Xymph comment blog (you could have a link at th bottom of each page) one step removed from this one so if 100% psycho comments pull things into a black hole, your thoughtful blog here is one step removed from the fallout. Just a thought. I'll check out Niqnaq, Rowan.

Anonymous said...

A fig for hate speech, "the elimination of hate speech" is nothing more nor less than code for "censorship exercised by those with political power against those with none". No point in censoring ourselves out of fear of being censored by someone else. Nil desperandum, we've seen trolls off before and we'll see them off again.

Anonymous said...

it comes down to what you consider worse, censorship or self-censorship.

i argue that self censorship is worse of the two evils, because you are starting to play by the rules of their game and who knows where that leads ... for example, terms like 'filthy racism' and 'hate speech' are grease for an already slippery slope.

what is freedom of speech to you may well be hate speech to another and once you booked your passage on that bus, it is hard to get off.

bishop williamson's statements are now 'hate speech', criticizing gaza slaughter constitutes 'hate speech', boycotting israeli goods is another, do you want a visit from your probation zio-officer someday to ask why is your weekly grocery bill short of nice israeli oranges?

self-censorship is like a woman carrying her own rape kit, hoping for better treatment.

they shut down xympf in canada, up pops a more radical 800 pound xympf born and bred in russia, so let them declare an open war rather than a sneaky, hork-in-your-sandwich one.

Anonymous said...

GM must be cheering

American occupation army announced it will present tomorrow 10.000 wrecked military vehicles which were brought to Iraq to use in attack against Iraqi population.

Anonymous said...

I say the most egregious disturbing speech I've seen on this site emanated from Rowan's tongue.
Sorry Grettir..
And I say don't ban Rowan.
Myself? I laugh.
But I'm not too intelligent.

Anonymous said...

Folk complain that I call everyone a Jew. There is a reason I call people Jews (and they are usually Masons as well) and it is that they are Jews.

Bush is not only a Jew but also a Mason. A Jew Mason, or Masonic Jew.

And look; the Neo-Cohens (sometimes called Neo-Cons) are all Jews and extremely evil Jews at that:

George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Richard Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Collin Powell, Michael Chertoff, Hilary Clinton, Ziad Abdelnour, Elliott Abrams, Carol Adelman, Kenneth Adelman, Harold Agnew, Edward "Pete" Aldridge, Richard V. Allen, Morris J. Amitay, Martin Anderson, John Ashcroft, Norman Augustine, Kathleen Bailey, William P. Barr, Gary L. Bauer, Gary S. Becker, Jeffrey Bell, Eleana Benador, William J. Bennett, Jeffrey Bergner, Conrad Black, John Bolton, Max Boot, Ellen Bork, Robert Bork, L. Paul Bremer, Linton Brooks, Mark Broxmeyer, Shoshana Bryen, Stephen Bryen, Jeb Bush, Stephen Cambone, Frank Carlucci, Ahmed Chalabi, Elaine Chao, Linda Chavez, Lynne Cheney, Eliot Cohen, Henry Cooper, Christopher Cox, Seth Cropsey, Devon Gaffney Cross, J.D. Crouch, Midge Decter, James T. DeGraffenreid, Christopher DeMuth, Thomas Dine, Paula Dobriansky, Thomas Donahue, Thomas Donnelly, Nicholas Eberstadt, Stanley Ebner, Eric S. Edelman, Gordon England, Howell M. Estes, Mark Falcoff, Douglas Feith, Edwin J. Feulner, Julie Finley, Ronald R. Fogleman, Steve Forbes, Theodore J. Forstmann, John S. Foster, Hillel Fradkin, Aaron Friedberg, David Frum, Frank Gaffney, Jay Garner, Jeffrey Gedmin, Reuel Marc Gerecht, Carl Gershman, Mark Gerson, Newt Gingrich, David C. Gompert, Daniel Gouré, William R. Graham, Stephen J. Hadley, Norman Hascoe, Charles Hill, Gertrude Himmelfarb, Amoretta Hoeber, Charles Horner, Rachelle Horowitz, Fred C. Iklé, James M. Inhofe, Bruce P. Jackson, David E. Jeremiah, Robert Joseph, Michael S. Joyce, Lawrence Kadish, Donald Kagan, Frederick Kagan, Robert Kagan, Phyllis Kaminsky, Max M. Kampelman, Emmanuel Kampouris, Walter Kansteiner, Leon Kass, Penn Kemble, Jack Kemp, George Keyworth, Zalmay Khalilzad, Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, Henry Kissinger, Charles Krauthammer, Irving Kristol, William Kristol, Charles Kupperman, Jon Kyl, Mark Lagon, Michael Ledeen, John F. Lehman, Lewis E. Lehrman, I. Lewis Libby, Joe Liberman, Robert Livingston, William J. Luti, Will Marshall, Clifford May, Daniel McKivergan, Jules McNeff, Edwin Meese, Philip Merrill, Thomas S. Moorman, Joshua Muravchik, Laurent Murawiec, Rupert Murdoch, Marilyn Musgrave, John D. Negroponte, Richard Neuhaus, Roger Noriega, Gale Norton, Michael Novak, Theodore Olson, Keith Payne, Stevan E. "Steve" Pearce, Richard Perle, Daniel Pipes, Richard Pipes, Danielle Pletka, John Podhoretz, Norman Podhoretz, Dan Quayle, Otto Reich, James Roche, Peter W. Rodman, Stephen P. Rosen, Karl Rove, Henry S. Rowen, Michael Rubin, Richard Mellon Scaife, Randy Scheunemann, James R. Schlesinger, Gary Schmitt, William Schneider, William Schneider, Jr., Natan Sharansky, Nina Shea, Jack Sheehan, Abram Shulsky, George P. Shultz, Bob Smith, Henry Sokolski, David Steinmann, John Tanton, Peter B. Teets, Loren B. Thompson, Tommy Thompson, John Tkacik, Henry D. Train, William R. Van Cleave, Arthur Waldron, Malcolm Wallop, John P. Walters, Ben Wattenberg, Vin Weber, Ruth Wedgwood, George Weigel, Paul Weyrich, Thomas E. White, Leon Wieseltier, Chris Williams, Heather Wilson, Pete Wilson, Paul Wolfowitz, James Woolsey, David Wurmser, Meyrav Wurmser, Dov S. Zakheim, Robert Zoellick

The Neo-Cohens (sometimes called Neo-Cons) are all Jews:

Contrary to common belief, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Richard Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and Collin Powell are all Jews.

Anonymous said...

i am relieved that lyndon johnson is not on the list, that true blue american.

Anonymous said...

This crank is tolerable because he admits his definition of Jew is his own. But at least when Goering said "I decide who is a Jew" he had a coherent strategy in doing so.

I miss Smeck because Russian trends are critical but I couldn't say Xymph "ran him off" the site.

Rowan Berkeley said...

Lobro, obviously I do not mean the same thing by 'hate speech' that the jewish propaganda means. For them, all criticism of jewish behaviour is 'hate speech' if it in any way claims that the jewishness of the people doing the behaving is a causal factor. I certainly claim that, but I do not regard it as 'hate speech' to say so. To me, 'hate speech' is direct racial or sexual insults, implying an innately contemptible racial or sexual nature, more or less.

Anonymous said...

I was scanning through that long list of influential Bush folk looking for Colin Powell, thinking, well there's no way he'll be on there, but there he was down the bottom. Colin has one 'L', by the way, anonymous.

Anonymous said...

The Wayne Madsen site, comments section, (a pay site) is systematically being ruined by two posters. Mr Madsen doesn't do anything about it and one can tell that most of the decent posters have left. They may read the articles but they just don't post anything anymore, myself included.

Anonymous said...

"I was scanning through that long list of influential Bush folk looking for Colin Powell,... but there he was down the bottom."

He is number 6 on the list.

As to Colin Powell being a Jew.

The news media has only ever admitted that his farther was a Jew.

And,... that he accidently learnt to speak Yiddish, while delivering goods to some Jew shop-keeper (or some similar crap).

Anonymous said...

point taken rowan, but even so, we should not gum up every known vent or risk quietly festering disease.

besides, when i hear groups smugly referring to themselves in racially or sexually demeaning terms while everyone else must tiptoe (nigger/faggot/wop/dago/dike/kike, all cool within community but mortally offensive outside) i can't help thinking that there is a concerted effort to elevate hypocrisy to the level of dogma, while similarly busting the concepts of truth and integrity down to level of criminality.

call me paranoid but i suspect that even the notion of "quietly festering disease" is within the Plan.

Anonymous said...

Enforcing Political Correct words works as a planned disease in that it excludes from acceptance, speaking honestly, on the level of words already, so to say at the moment.
This comment site, for me more to read, is a work of art and freedom. "The Jew" as term used, being a cultural or anti-cultural form, into some feel offended if they fit into it, but do so.. e.g. a lot of Hollywood or Wallstreet, two institutions imposing their rules on others. But also by seduction, so that it is people's own choice to resist their call, but only to some extent, much of the mechanism is enforced.
Anyway freedom brings with it responsibility certainly towards others, in that one's got to be true to the own heritage and lineage and the positive aspects of this. This was called the voice of the blood, Politically Incorrect ?, but someday we'll find out about freedom. hopeful but very sad.

Man From Atlan said...

To absent friends..(in no particular order) Cal Dalton kassandra Tom Salman Hossain Lord Piers smekhovo Xanadu and Lalara Pandora hp Myra MJ Tiger Eye Gods End :)nobody the many anonymouses and those unmentioned but not forgotten who made this blog's comments section so memorable..Thank you. And the same to those who stuck around to keep it going, again, thank you.
I know people move on, but am not sure that some actually were 'driven out', but then, I did warn many times this wasn't a place for fragile flowers.
You look at Huffington Post, which has devolved into a left wing Drudge Report, except with teen agers running, writing and 'moderating' the fake comments written by Megaphone toting Hasbaraites and you shudder and thank Ultimate Consciousness there is a place where intelligent debate stiill takes place, and I'm sorry, but I don't think a few rogue writers will result in this blog being shut down. I vote for no moderation, because even I'm used to dodging the word filters on other sites, I'm glad that Xymphora's still around.
Sure he shot himself in the foot with 9/11, the other one when he tried to justify it, and does the lefty two-step by actually disliking most living breathing jews ;) but then saying of course the Holocaust happened; it's his site and he can do what he likes.
I even suspect the one note Holycost anonymous has been around here for a while under many names, but that's ok, he's welcome, it adds to the Darwinian soup.

Man From Atlan said...

5ds, sorry I hadn't replied earlier. Of course Holocaust Revisionism is an important subject. I thought it would be nice to throw in Mark Weber's speech because it does raise an interesting question, and I tie that to another.
Would it make a very big difference if most people knew the Holocaust was fabricated?
Would it make a very big difference if people knew that 9/11was an inside job?
While I believe that most people already sense that untruths have been fed to them, the answer still is that most people feel powerless to actually do something.
Most people know that the Kennedy Brothers and Martin Luther King were assassinated, but then?
Mark Weber referred to Mahathir Muhammad's 2003 speech, in which he said that Jews were expert in getting proxies to fight for them.
Well, if we can't become smarter than fighting the old battles of the past, of becoming the 'reality based' community, then we'll continue to be manipulated.
So my intention was to get people to debate, and hopefully, that'll happen.

Anonymous said...

despite one anonymous, telling outdated crap dis-info about persons and codoh, there is an interesting discussion going on there, to repeat here, about the relevant subjects and a new aspect (thanks for relating to it on previous thread)

Debating the Holocaust: A New Look At Both Sides by Thomas Dalton , Ph.D
I am not a revisionist, and I do not endorse their claims. I am a bystander in this debate, observing and commenting on a collision of ideas. This book is not a book of revisionism. It is a book about revisionism, and about two competing views of the truth. It addresses the ability of each side to marshal evidence, and to create a clear and consistent picture of the past.
I sense a turning point in the debate. It seems to be moving out of the shadows and into the realm of serious and legitimate discourse. Revisionists have strong arguments in their favor, and, despite book burnings and jail terms, they are not going away. Traditionalists seem of late to have lost their momentum. Perhaps they have no more counterarguments. Perhaps they have tired of defending the conflicting stories of survivors and witnesses. Perhaps they have reached the limit of their ability to fashion a comprehensible picture of those tragic events of sixty years ago. The debate will reach a new resolution, and I suspect that the result will be something different than we presume today.
---quote by Michael Santomauro

Anonymous said...

we are overlooking the important aspect of telepathic denial
“We know they’re doing it,” says Stephan Kramer, General Secretary of the ZJD. “They are evading punishment by spreading anti-Semitic propaganda and denying the holocaust without writing a word or moving their lips.”

Which opens up the very real possibility of telepathic gassing of Jews.
If this claim is established (as usually, no need for evidence, one Jew's word is enough), then we are back to square one.
Holocaust did indeed happen and all forensic evidence was cleaned up telepathically.

I am trying to throw in the towel, staring at it with all my might, but the damn thing refuses to budge.

Anonymous said...

Xymphora has said before that comments are as is, so that's how it is, it's his site.
Wreckers have had their way with Xymphora's comments before and it has survived, hopefully it will pull through this latest bout of trolling.
Trolling seems to be getting more sophisticated (that doesn't mean more eloquent or coherent) and better resourced, which, in itself, tells us something.
That said, I can also live with Rowan's Niqnaq policy and enjoy posting there.
I think Rowan's protests about these comments arise from his real concern for the survival of the blog rather than any wish to restrain debate.
Let's face it, most of the trolling is pretty trashy and doesn't add anything to whatever debate that might be taking place.
So I touch wood and hope we make our way through this storm, if you get my drift. :-)
On a related matter, am I dreaming or are the Mondoweiss trolls running out of steam?
Do you think they rotate "fresh blood" into a name when the first scribbler collapses from exhaustion?

p.s. lobro, I posted some comments about Stanford on the Old School 2 thread.

Anonymous said...

yup, and i responded.

it could be that the trolls are manchurian candidates, erstwhile freedom fighters tortured to insanity by shin beth (such a sexy name, no? i have visions of silk stockings on scrawny chicken legs, topped off by raging hairdos, loads of lipstick and mascara, eyelashes that tickle humiliated muslim genitals from 4 foot distance,
the roxy horror show!
the roxy horror show!
groans col. menachem kurtz)

Anonymous said...

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