Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Guilt by Association

From 5 dancing shlomos in the comments, a review of a new 'anti-Semitic' book, Jeff Gates' Guilt by Association. This is exciting stuff, particularly the connection between the Jewish stranglehold over power in America and American organized crime. The American 'entertainment' industry, both Jewish and mobbed-up, set the psychological table for Bibi's 'war on terror' and the American response to September 11. The Jewish economist/Jewish gangster crowd that stole the entire Russian economy is now in charge of 'fixing' the American economy! I intend to consider the Crown family connections in Old School III.

WFTJ funding

How the rest of the world - and not only American taxpayers - is forced to fund the costs of the Wars For The Jews. Only when this mechanism stops will political pressure in the United States suddenly appear to question the wisdom of fighting WFTJ.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday, March 28, 2009:
  1. Is Pat Oliphant's cartoon 'anti-Semitic'? Of course it is! We should revel in its anti-Semitism. It represents the revulsion of moral and decent people everywhere at a group of people whose violent psychopathic extremist eliminationist supremacism - connected directly to, and deriving from, membership in the group - must be stopped. Our slogan: it's the Jews, stupid. ITJS. By the way, the attack on Gaza made this, and similar eruptions of the truth, possible.
  2. We keep running into the same problem: traditional liberalism has no answer for a group that uses the tools of liberal outrage to provide shelter to perform its own outrages. If a group does this - and World Jewry is clearly guilty - we should hate the group.
  3. Rick Salutin on the crimes against art committed by Garth Drabinsky and Myron Gottlieb. Drabinsky and Gottlieb were just convicted of fraud (note the provincialism of Toronto with the judge all gaga over the great artiste Garth). The unfolding of the prosecution's case was very entertaining as the frauds were so outrageous and numerous. Same old story: Drabinsky and Gottlieb were protected by the Toronto Old Boy's Club while they did their thing in Canada, but like Alan Eagleson and Conrad Black, only met justice when they tried the same tricks in the United States. When Drabinsky screwed Michael Ovitz, the jig was up.
  4. Antonia Zerbisias used to write about things like this. I wonder if her return to freedom is connected to the mucking out of the Toronto Star head office. Zerbisias:
    "(On a side note: never in my life had I been ashamed of my country until the Stephen Harper government began to transform it into NeoConada. Last week's banning of British MP George Galloway for unspecified security reasons was just the last straw.)"
  5. The Israelis claim that their 'Iron Dome' - their PR trick to convince Israelis to stay because all those Iranian and Hezbollah rockets won't get through! - works. If you are stupid enough to believe that, you probably deserve to die in a rocket explosion. Increasing evidence of reverse-aliyah indicates that Israelis aren't that stupid.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The last refuge of scoundrels

Abe Foxman is down to playing his last card (from Mondoweiss):
"Can you be anti-Zionist and not be an anti-Semite? Almost never. Unless you can prove to me you're against nationalism. If you're one of those unique individuals in this world that's opposed to American nationalism, French nationalism, Palestinian nationalism, then you can be opposed to Jewish nationalism. Is it racist? You bet it is. Every nationalism is racist. It sets its laws of citizenship, it sets its own capital... It sets its songs, it sets its values. It is, if you will, exclusive, and you can even call it racist. But if the only nationalism in the world that is racist is Jewish nationalism, then you're an anti-Semite. I don't want to make any apologies for it."

After the Second World War, the extreme right needed to redefine itself. In particular, it needed to distance itself from the effects of the fascism in Europe. The plan was to focus on the shared values of a community and to turn the liberal attack on the extreme right back on itself by claiming that liberals were denying 'nationalists' their 'human right' to associate with those they felt close to, their 'own kind'. The common refrain now, whether it be from the new Euro-racists (sometimes championed by commentators to this site) or white American racists from the South and Midwest, is that they don't hate anybody, they just prefer the company of people of their own race. It is discriminatory to deny them that right.

This perversion of liberal values highlights a failure in liberal thinking, its inability to distinguish between appropriate and wildly inappropriate uses of its own concepts. In fact, telling someone that they are misusing the concepts results in a charge of racism for denying a particular group the right to define its own identity or political philosophy. Taken to its illogical conclusion, it is racist to deny a group the right to be racist as long as it claims that group exclusionary policies are integral to the identity of that particular group (an easy argument if you are preoccupied with assimilation, aka, 'race-mixing').

Similar problems have led to some amusing situations, e. g., a liberal program against discrimination may call for affirmative action to increase the number of 'lesbians of color' employed in a certain field, but liberal values prohibit defining who is a lesbian (that would be colonialist or patriarchal, or something), leaving individuals the right to define themselves as lesbians of color, meaning that straight white males can obtain preferential hiring as long as they are willing to redefine themselves for the purposes of the liberal definitions!

This kind of fuzzy thinking had given a particular group, the Jews, Israelis and Zionists, the JIZ, the ability to misuse anti-racist terminology to further its ultra-racist supremacist eliminationism, and wreck havoc on the Palestinians and others. American 'progressives' aid and abet the extremism by slurring anybody who complains about either what the JIZ are doing, or their collective misuse of liberal/'progressive' terminology to advance their extremely anti-liberal program.

Foxman has finally been reduced to parroting the arguments of the extremist right, claiming that it is discriminatory to deny Israelis the right to be to be racists. It is not just Foxman: you can see a similar slide in the writings of Judea Pearl, asking whether the Jews are a 'nation', in order to be able to fit into the established canon of 'rights'. The JIZ have no other arguments left, and are reduced to justifying the unjustifiable with the arguments borrowed from the Euro-trash and the white trash.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Serial killing Q-tip

The extraordinary career of a serial killing East European woman - the Phantom of Heilbronn - whose crime spree ranged over much of Europe and 17 crime scenes turns out to be an artifact of terrible forensic science: the series of Q-tips used to gather evidence at the various scenes was contaminated by the DNA of the same woman working in the plant that made them.

Another great European DNA story: German police know that at least one of two identical twins committed a crime, but can't charge either because they have identical DNA. Since only one of them may have done the crime, the DNA is simultaneously inculpatory and exculpatory. I'll bet a Law & Order script is being written right now.

Radicalization of mainstream Jewish opinion

Via AR online, a report on new information confirming the fact that Jewish Defense League Chairman Irv Rubin had confessed to his terrorist plans before he died. The response of the family doesn't really deny the report but quibbles about how new it is. The Canadian branch of the JDL is taking credit for Kenney's ban on Galloway (extraordinarily ironic, given that the ostensible reason for the ban on Galloway is that he hangs out with 'terrorists'), and is now being treated as a credible mainstream source by the Canadian Jew-controlled media. Fair enough: terrorist groups now represent mainstream Jewish opinion.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The biggest Ponzi scheme of all

I keep reading well-informed Americans complaining that the real scandal isn't bonuses to corrupt/overpaid/incompetent executives, but the funnelling of American taxpayer money to counterparties, many of them foreign banks. I don't think Americans are ever going to understand it. First of all, it isn't taxpayer money. No American taxpayer is going to pay more taxes over this, at least not directly. The treasury is just going to run the printing presses a bit longer.

The United States is the world's largest Ponzi scheme. Americans buy stuff they don't have the money to pay for (because the generators of wealth, the factories, have been shifted overseas by the American oligarchs), and pay for it with IOUs. The rest of the world plays along, because it likes the short-term profits to be made from the insatiable greed of American consumers, and because it has no clue of how to make the merry-go-round stop. Neither the American government nor the United States itself can ever possibly pay what it owes. Never. Yet the prosperity of the rest of the world depends on financiers accepting the American accounts receivable and the American debt paper as being worth close to its face value.

If there is a massive default on payments to the counterparties, the whole scheme collapses. The scheme depends on the illusion of the American ability to pay. The illusory American ability to pay keeps the money flowing. Just as Madoff paid redemptions out of money from new investors, American debt over the years, to the extent it hasn't just been rolled over, has been paid out of the funds obtained from new borrowings. The debt paper is revolved, and more debt rung up, all on the basis that the United States is solvent and can actually pay all its obligations. Of course, the United States has been able to achieve its massive income inequality be satiating poor people with cheaper and cheaper consumer goods from China and elsewhere (bought, of course, on credit), with the savings on consumer goods hiding both inflation and the massive reduction in purchasing power of the poor and middle classes (the American intelligentsia is terrified of what will happen when the American dollar loses all its value and consumer prices fly up, which is why FEMA built all the secret internment camps).

If there is a huge default - like not paying the AIG counterparties - the United States will no longer be regarded as solvent, and all the lending will have to stop. Most financial institutions would actually be prohibited from lending by their own national regulators. This would cause American paper to become suddenly worthless, and the entire world economy would collapse. Amongst many other happy scenes, the heads of all the politicians of the world would end up on the ends of pikes around their respective legislative buildings.

The Chinese - who are, of course, complicit in this, having built their economy on worthless American debt which they knew was worthless - want a new world order with a new world currency. I imagine that will be the plan for everybody. Just as Nixon rejigged the world economy in order to let the world pay for the Vietnem War, some big realignment of world currencies will be used to pay the American debt by placing it on the shoulders of poor people around the world. That's the way it always works. We'll be told, perhaps correctly, that the alternative would be much worse. Until then, Obama has to keep rearranging the deck chairs to make it appear that the United States is solvent.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009:
  1. An article from 2005 by Kenney's chump. Hasn't changed a bit.
  2. How credit card companies charge consumers who don't even use the cards through the charges they place on retail merchants.
  3. Rough week for (note how the headline 'IDF troops used 11-year-old boy as human shield in Gaza' minimizes the contents of the article) psychopathic extremist racist violent supremacists. The new crime against humanity invented by the JIZ should be named to commemorate the people of Gaza, victims of the JIZ and their army of monsters.
  4. Addendum: sorry, I missed one I wanted to include (it is hard to keep up!).
  5. Oh, and this too.
  6. Let's fact facts: no one human being can possibly keep up with the Evils of the JIZ. But look how compassionate they can be, after their sugar daddy complains a bit. The origins of anti-Semitism?

Comments, once again

In order to avoid problems with 'yahoos' I've reduced the requirements for comment posting to the Disqus minimum. It is appropriately ironic that the comments weren't destroyed by censorship but by the opposite, constant carping about the content of other people's postings based on bogus fears of censorship (this may in fact have been a conspiracy to destroy the comments). The bad guys don't have to lift a finger since we are always ready to do the work ourselves. I can block postings based on ISPs, so I can deal with that problem now. I don't mind criticism of the content of other postings (or, of course, of the content of the blog), but I will no longer put up with visitors attempting to completely censor others. I'm not giving warnings: try it once, and you are permanently out. This is a free speech zone. Fortunately, complete non-censorship appears to be the safest legal strategy for a blogger to distance him- or herself from the content of the comments, and thus is the best way to avoid outside censorship.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fed-Leica conspiracy theory

Leica is the most celebrated brand name in the history of photography, known for both the quality (and incredible expensiveness) of its products, and its long and distinguished history of technical development. The Fed cameras are a series of cameras manufactured in the Soviet Union from 1934 until the mid-1990s, named for a commune commemorating Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky (one of the most evil people who ever lived). It is commonplace to describe the lowly Fed cameras as 'copies' of Leicas (even 'Leica rip off' is used).

As part of my ongoing efforts to document the world's conspiracy theories, the theory that the early '30s Leica designs were actually based on Soviet designs (which themselves were developed perhaps with German input from the Leica factory), all for reasons connected with Germany's need to engage in industrial development prohibited by the Treaty of Versailles, the covert close relationship between the Germans and the Soviets, and some good old-fashioned industrial espionage going both ways (I have removed the links in the original; my emphasis in red):
"The Fed 1 camera may not have been a Leica copy at all but a Soviet home grown design based on the earlier Pioneer and FAG cameras. Oskar Barnack Leica may have been a product of industrial espionage and that the design was in fact pioneered at the VOOMP secret experimental factory in Leningrad in the early part of the 20th century. It is known that this VOOMP secret research establishment produced a Pioneer I camera very similar to the Leica I in 1932 and went on to produce the Pioneer II camera in 1933 which was very similar to the the Leica II. There is also evidence to suggest that Germany in the 1920's and 30's developed and used Soviet industry and expertise to get around the restrictions imposed on them by the outcome of World War 1. Against this sort of confusing industrial history and if you throw in the fact that Fed 2 with its improved shutter and ergonomic layout appeared in prototype form in 1939 long before Leica came up with anything similar. Then it all begins to make sense, the early Leica I, II are in fact just clones of Soviet produced cameras.

We can trace the origins of this German-Soviet co-operation back to April 16th, 1922 with the signing of the Treaty of Rapallo, an agreement made in the Italian town of Rapallo between Germany's Weimar Republic and Bolshevist Russia, under which each renounced all territorial and financial claims against the other following the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk and World War I. The two governments also agreed to normalize their diplomatic relations and to co-operate in a spirit of mutual goodwill in meeting the economic needs of both countries.

If you look at the German governments situation in the 1920's in more detail you can see that out of desperation they tried to circumnavigate some of the hundreds of articles of the 1919 Peace Treaty of Versailles. This was to some degree achieved by co-operating secretly with other military powers. These include China German Co-operation and Relations, Japanese-German Co-operation and German-Soviet co-operation. One of the major goals of the Versailles Treaty was to suppress or hinder development of technical equipment that could be used for military purposes. Obviously a small compact cameras like the FED 1 would have significant military applications as in aerial photography or on the battlefield in the form of the Fotosniper. The peace treaty had stripped Germany of an Air Force, Navy and most of its Army. This soon led to the birth of widely used glider clubs training a nucleus of clandestine air force pilots. These pilots had to be trained at some point on real powered aircraft which took place at secret locations in the Soviet Union. Also in World War 1, every air force already had aerial surveillance units, however the equipment most likely would have been much too bulky for use in the new single seater's and delicate to fly gliding planes. It is interesting to note that the Germans were also the first to use Gliders in Warfare, most famously during the assault of the Eben Emael fortress on the 10th May 1940 in DFS 230 Gliders - More German Gliding history at Wikipedia Link.

A camera like the FED 1 which could be operated single handed most of the time and with interchangeable high-res lenses would have been an ideal photo reconnaissance tool. If produced in Germany in the early 1920's, a sophisticated camera like the Leica would have been singled out under the treaty and banned by the authorities. Another interesting point about the origins of the Leica name is that Military leaders like code names. There were code names in USSR-Germany military co-operation. Germans were referred to as "friends". Other names were "Tomka" or "Tomko" for the project in chemical weapons, "Kama" for tank school and many more... So "Leica" could be a code name of the project in aerial optics. Later on in the 1930's some of the treaty articles were lifted and others ignored by the German government. This all fits in nicely with the Leica and Fed being mass produced in the early 1930's. As a result of the "Treaty of Rapallo" the Soviet Union allowed Germany to use there facilities and territory to develop military hardware and train pilots and given the overall situation of these times it casts some doubt on the official Leica story. There was a final twist to all this with the Molotov Ribbentrop Pact between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union signed in Moscow in 1939."

"The Secret VOOMP experimental research establishment had been working on the Pioneer camera design for years finally coming public on its existence when they realized that through industrial espionage that the very similar Leica was about to go into production in Germany. Also the industrial espionage of the period did not just go in one direction. It looks as if the Soviets obtained technical information from Zeiss on lens designs. The lens used in the FED 1 is apparently based on the Zeiss Tessar and not the Leitz Elmar design - see below for more on this. If you look at the claimed inventor of the Leica Oscar Barnack in detail you will find that the Leica design was not so revolutionary as we are led to believe. The Barnack UR camera existed in 1912-13 can be seen as insignificant by the fact it was just a glorified exposure meter with an odd set of shutter speeds (20th-40th second) aimed at testing strips of cine film for his movie camera. The FED 1 slow shutter speeds of 20th, 30th 40th, 60th 100th 200th and 500th had more to do with slow film speeds of the period than from those used on this exposure meter. Even the lens originally fitted to the UR camera was a 50mm Zeiss Kino Tessar and not a Leitz product, this was to be identical to that used on the movie camera. The camera size was not the same as the later Leica or Fed 1 and most significantly is that other cameras very similar in concept existed during this early period. One in particular was the Vest Pocket Kodak as it was the same shape and even smaller. It was used to take many a photograph in the First World War trenches. The first full scale 35mm production camera was not a Leica but the Homeos of 1913. This being a very sophisticated stereo camera of smallish size with two Tessar lenses produced by Jules Richard.

Barnack considered his camera redundant when it first went on sale in the mid 1920's . We can only speculate why he felt this way but it was probably because he knew it was a copy of a Soviet camera design and maybe he could not come to terms with that fact so put the project down. There was nothing new in the variable slit cloth rubberized focal plane shutter, only in the fact it was self capping as you advanced the film. Also miniature 35mm camera had existed since around 1900 but not as part of a sophisticated system camera with military uses. If you look at the Leica III of 1935 and its slow speeds and the IIIa with its 1000th second shutter speed of 1938 and it is often overlooked that FED may have refused to be beaten to the post again by German industrial espionage and revealed the FED S and V in 1938-39. Also the FED 2 with its improved shutter appeared the very same year as the Leica IIIa. This new shutter was revolutionary as it could be set regardless of the shutter state being cocked or uncocked. From 1939 the Soviet camera industry held a significant lead in technological terms on rangefinder design right up to the introduction of the far more advanced Leica M series camera range in 1954."

The Leica-philes - one of the world's great cults - would have conniptions over this kind of revisionism. Nevertheless, it is odd that the Soviets consistently appeared to be ahead of Leica in technological development until the revolutionary Leica M of 1954. Obviously, this kind of thinking has much wider ramifications than the history of two old cameras.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

From morning to afternoon

Even the CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress is being blown around by the crazies. Morning: free speech; afternoon; ban the bastard. Thomas Walkom also notes the sudden shift. I draw the conclusion that Official Canadian World Jewry wasn't directly behind this decision of Kenney's - the official line is that this is a mere bureaucratic decision that Kenney had nothing to do with, and if you believe that I have a bridge I'd like to sell you - but that Kenney is really being led around by ultra-insane Jews (Jewish Defence League, or worse). The pattern in World Jewry now is that the real crazies set the agenda, and the Old Guard then is forced to keep up with the craziness.

It is ironic that Kenney started to rail against the Canadian Arab Federation at the Conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Commission for Combating Anti-Semitism - I just threw up in my mouth - held in . . . London. If the the British were to reciprocate and treat Canadian Parliamentarians in the way that Kenney treats British Parliamentarians, Kenney wouldn't ever be able to return to London.

Same old lying

The New York Times manages to choke out an article on Obama's conciliatory message to Iran, based, as usual, on anonymous "administration officials and European diplomats". The story is an attempt to limit the significance of Obama's effort by making it solely an attempt to manipulate the upcoming Iranian elections, after which the "punitive sanctions" will reappear.

Note how the JIZ, no doubt tipped off by their traitor-agent Dennis Ross or any one of a number of other 'dual loyalists', attempted to scupper Obama's effort (my emphasis in red; 'last evening' notice wouldn't have been enough for Israel so the JIZ traitor-agents in the American government must have sent prior warning back 'home'):
"The Israeli government also sent a New Year's message to the Iranian people on Friday, although administration officials and Israeli officials insisted that the gestures were not part of a coordinated plan. 'I know we notified allies about our message last evening,' the White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs, said, but he added that he did not know if Israel had also notified the United States ahead of time.

Some experts said the fact that the American message was sent on the same day as Israel's had the potential to dilute the effect of Mr. Obama's message, by linking it to Israel, whose government has been much more hostile toward Iran."

Also note the comment of JIZ-agent Martin Indyk, who, furious, can't stop the snide (my emphasis in red):
"The message is dripping with sincerity and directly addresses one of the things they are most concerned about."

Finally, note the absolute classic New York Times lying last paragraph, in full Judy Miller style (my emphasis in red):
"For the Obama administration, time for diplomacy may be short. Iran appears to have solved many of the technological problems that hampered its enrichment of uranium. Today its centrifuges appear to be running at high efficiency, according to reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency. It has already produced roughly the amount of uranium to make, with further enrichment, enough fuel for a single nuclear bomb."

Note that the Times itself explained what bullshit this is in its own article:
"Several experts said that was enough for a bomb, but they cautioned that the milestone was mostly symbolic, because Iran would have to take additional steps. Not only would it have to breach its international agreements and kick out the inspectors, but it would also have to further purify the fuel and put it into a warhead design - a technical advance that Western experts are unsure Iran has yet achieved.

'They clearly have enough material for a bomb,' said Richard L. Garwin, a top nuclear physicist who helped invent the hydrogen bomb and has advised Washington for decades. 'They know how to do the enrichment. Whether they know how to design a bomb, well, that's another matter.'"

On the NYT analysis, almost every country in the world has the bomb. The kind of barefaced misleading is why people no longer read the NYT, except to see what lies the JIZ want us to believe.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Jason Kenney, out of control

Jason Kenney, the mini-minister in charge of citizenship and immigration in Canada, has been on a roll of petty vindictiveness for his Jewish masters recently, and has now banned a sitting British MP from visiting Canada as he was deemed to be 'inadmissible on security grounds' (which must be a first!). The MP is George Galloway, and Kenney's spokesman, a chump named Alykhan Velshi, said (and this is truly unbelievable):
"We're going to uphold the law, not give special treatment to this infamous street-corner Cromwell who actually brags about giving 'financial support' to Hamas, a terrorist organisation banned in Canada. I'm sure Galloway has a large Rolodex of friends in regimes elsewhere in the world willing to roll out the red carpet for him. Canada, however, won't be one of them."

The British should withdraw their High Commissioner. Unless Kenney fires Velshi and reverses the decision, Kenney should be forced to resign. The Conservatives delayed putting Kenney in cabinet for as long as they could - difficult as he was such a prominent 'social conservative' - and must wish they had delayed even longer.

Real international war criminal George Bush just finished visiting Calgary to give a speech, with no action from the Canadian government, a government which has international obligations to arrest war criminals on its territory.

Here's a Facebook page on the Galloway issue.

He giveth to the Jews with one hand . . .

. . . and taketh away with the other (or here). I'd like to see the JIZ slake their psychopathic bloodlust and bomb Iran after Obama going far out of his way to reach out to Iran. Is this a bit of Freeman backlash? Are the slaves dissing their new masters? Is this a message to the JIZ that there is still a bit of life in the Old American Establishment?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The end of U. S. support of Israel?

From Gizmodo (my emphasis in red; the reference is indeed at page 37 of this pdf):
"After years of ignoring the Israeli nuclear program - which was denounced in 1986 by former nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu - the United States' Department of Defense has acknowledged Israel nuclear power status for the first time.

Israel has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of its own nuclear arsenal, but page 37 of the US Joint Forces Command report recognizes the fact, putting it in the same group as Pakistan, India, China, North Korea, Russia, along with an "emerging Iran," Taiwan, and Japan having "the capability to develop nuclear weapons quickly."

According to "The Samson Option" report - an investigative article written by reporter Seymour Hersh - Israel may have 200 to 400 atomic warheads, ready to use as the last resort in case of a massive attack that may put in danger the existence of the country.

This is a big deal for two reasons: First, because the subject has been dodged forever by the US government, including President Barack Obama, who recently ignored the question when asked by White House correspondent Helen Thomas. And second, because to the Symington Amendment - which bans support to countries developing nuclear weapons - this may mean the end of US help to Israel.

Or maybe this just means that someone at the DOD will get fired and the report corrected with a big black marker."

Israel having nukes isn't interesting. The U.S. DoD slipping a sly reference to it in a report is interesting. Is this part of the American institutional reaction to the complete Jewcorruption - I think we need a word for it - of the American media and politicians?

Six Jewish Companies Own 96% of American Media

"Six Jewish Companies Own 96% of the World's Media" - title a bit off, should be 'American Media' - appears to be an updating and reworking of "Who Rules America?", from a source that some would question. Nevertheless, the conclusions are essentially correct. Not to mention amazing. As a mind experiment, say that 96% of the American media was owned by Poles, who spent all their time misleading Americans and misreporting the news in order to trick Americans into fighting wars and assisting Poland to fight wars and commit massive crimes against humanity in order to build up a Polish empire, based on a crazed idea that some Poles have based entirely on mythology and wishful thinking that Poland should control most of Europe. Do you think that kind of media control might become a political issue in the United States? The Jews so dominate the American media that they are even able to suppress talk about their dominance!

The corrupt CanWest dance continues

The Aspers, owners of the evil and failing CanWest, always supported the Liberals, both editorially and financially. When the Liberals were stingy with government money to fund the Jewish holocaust museum in Winnipeg - an Asper family project, misleadingly labeled a human rights museum in order to bilk taxpayers for more money - they switched allegiance to the Conservatives, who poured on lots of government money, and received lots of Asper support. The corrupt dance continues:
"The Harper government is considering help for Canada's troubled private TV broadcasters, including the possibility of looser regulations and tax changes.

Heritage Minister James Moore said yesterday the cabinet is aware of the threat to local news content should more local stations close.

He confirmed that the government is looking specifically at how to assist Canwest Global Communications, which is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. "We're mindful of that and we're thinking about whether or not there's anything the government can do, but I can't be any more specific than that right now," Moore said.

He hinted the help could come in the form of looser regulations and tax system changes, which would also help other private networks.

"The role of the government is to make sure the regulatory regime, the tax regime is more flexible, more forgiving and more open in the future," Moore said.

Several high-placed industry and government sources say discussions at the highest levels of government have intensified as Canwest's April 7 deadline to satisfy creditor demands draws nearer.

Moore said there is no question of additional assistance for the CBC, which is facing a budget shortfall this year of more than $100 million because of declining ad revenues."

The CBC produces news and programs of value. CanWest publishes terrible newspapers, including the world's single worst paper, the National Post, and a chain of television stations which buy and show the worst American sitcoms. A diminished CBC will hurt Canada; the complete loss of all CanWest products would be a massive improvement to the country.

Quack science minister

The Canadian science minister, Gary Goodyear, clarified his position on evolution - with a pun! More than our necks are being manipulated. I would think that Ontario health authorities, and the College of Chiropractors of Ontario, should be examining his fitness to practice, as not believing in the main tenet of biology and medicine might arguably put his patients at risk. Ontario chiropractors have enough problems with reputation to be able to afford a clown like Goodyear. Avoid quack doctors and quack ministers!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why is Jewish rule a problem?

The Old American Establishment, which has just been officially retired as rulers of America, weren't much good. Extremely right-wing, as selfish as it is possible to be, violent, and not very smart. They were responsible for all that terror in South and Central America, and, of course, the Vietnam war. Why, then, is it such a tragedy for them to be replaced by Jewish rule?

The Jewish rulers of today aren't your great-grandfather's Jews, the people largely responsible for progressive thought in the United States. Psychopathic supremacism has turned today's Jews viciously to the right. Their collective insanity means that they are single-issue guys, the single issue being the halting of assimilation through the building of Greater Israel, Anti-Assimilation-Land. They don't care about anything else. Millions of dead people, destruction of economies, the end of freedom of speech and international law - none of this is of any importance to them as long as they move to their goal.

Say what you like about the Old American Establishment, but their self-interest coincides with the interests of many Americans, and with the interests of others around the world. They want a strong American and world economy so they can make more money. In particular, the Old American Establishment is aware that fighting Wars For The Jews has damaged their economic position, and diminished the ability of their businesses to sell products around the world. Having more than one goal, particularly when those goals aren't pure evil, is better than having only one - extraordinarily evil - goal.

You think your government is dumb?

You think your government is dumb? The Canadian science minister, Gary Goodyear, a chiropractor/creationist (a great combination), refuses to answer the question of whether he believes in evolution. One of the good things Chrétien did as Prime Minister was to greatly increase funding for scientific research. Needless to say, the Conservatives, threatened by science and facts, have cut all that funding back.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Does knowing solve the problem?

There is an idea circulating that the Freeman affair was actually a good thing because it finally outed the Lobby and its power, and cost the Jews too many Obama favors. I don't get it. If someone had asked in 1978 who controlled the United States, the answer wouldn't have changed the power structure. American Jewry is positively giddy in the feeling of might, finally out in the open, and the fact that we know - and perhaps a tiny few more know - won't change a thing. It is time to come to the stark realization that the Jews rule the United States (rep by pop - 1.2% and falling rapidly!), and to the extent the United States still has any power - ironically much diminished by the actions of the Jews - that power is being used by and for the benefit of Zionism.

The game isn't over. The fact that Steve Rosen was used to attack Freeman demonstrates one thing - the Jewish Achilles heel is hubris. While no direct attack on the Jews is yet possible in the United States, a secret and oblique War Against The Jews has started. Israelis are already starting to leave, and you can be sure it is the knowledge workers who are at the head of that line. Once a critical mass come to their senses and flee, the economy will collapse and the floodgates will, mercifully, finally open. The writing is on the wall (note how often the lites, trying to convince themselves, assert that Israel is not going anywhere). Sea bathing within twenty years (and depending how stupid the Israeli leaders are - and they are very, very stupid - maybe much sooner, once the rockets start hitting Tel Aviv). The advantage to the legion of good and decent people of the Freeman debacle may be that the overconfidence it creates in the Jews will cause them to start to make mistakes which can be exploited by those who are fighting the War Against The Jews. The Jews now rule America - absolutely - but Anti-Assimilation-Land is still doomed (well, at least in the Middle East).

Monday, March 16, 2009

Madoff 'Ponzi scheme' scam: Jews avoiding American taxes?

Is the Madoff 'Ponzi scheme' itself just another misdirection to cover up a massive plan by rich American Jews to avoid paying American taxes? The Jews don't mind having American taxpayers pay for the Wars For The Jews, but perhaps they'd prefer to pay their taxes to another country, say, Israel. Consider:
  1. It was scammer Madoff himself who immediately fessed up and labeled his operation a 'Ponzi scheme'. 'Ponzi scheme' has become the way Madoff's operation is always described by the Jew-controlled media. People understand that a Ponzi scheme is a method whereby victim investors are cheated by an unscrupulous financier.
  2. At the time of his guilty plea, Madoff was at great pains to distinguish his rogue 'hedge fund' operation from the 'legitimate' operations of the rest of his family. In fact, the quick plea seems to have been his way of inoculating the rest of the business against prosecution or investigation.
  3. At the time of the plea, the government stated that it was aware of $250 million in transferred funds from the American operation to a London office, with the money being returned to give the impression that Bernie was actually investing in Europe. This explanation, which presumably came from Bernie, makes no sense. Bernie's investors would have no way of knowing about the transfer, so how would it help to sell the legitimacy of his business?
  4. Massive amounts of money have gone missing. The estimated losses started at $50 billion, are now over sixty, and some are saying may be $100 billion. Bernie has less than $1 billion in assets. Even if we are conservative, and consider the estimates to be overblown and based on the rates of return Bernie claims he was making, there are still tens of billions of dollars which have simply vanished into thin air. Don't believe Jewish attempts to try to minimize the scam: at least $170 billion in real money moved through the Madoff operation.
  5. The original suspicions of Harry Markopolos were based on the fact that Bernie's hedge fund didn't resemble any other hedge fund in the world. Most odd is the fact that Bernie didn't charge anywhere near market rates for his services.
  6. You had to be invited, and for the most part be Jewish, to 'invest' with Bernie. Odd.
  7. Wayne Madsen has listed many of the suspicious business and neighbor connections of Madoff, with some very interesting characters including many who are described as belonging to the 'Russian' mob. Of course, 'Russian mob' is the code word used by the Jew-controlled media to describe the international Jewish mafia, a group which seems to be heavily involved in building Anti-Assimilation-Land.
  8. It is odd that all the Jewish charities that were supposedly 'wiped out' by Bernie don't seem to have curtailed their operations.

Consider the alternative explanation, which seems to fit the facts: Bernie takes the 'invested' money, moves it to London and on to Israeli banks. The 'investors' can then pick up the money there, and have the option of paying no tax or paying Israeli taxes on it. Why all the convoluted operations just to move money off-shore? The 'losses' suffered by the poor victim Jews will now be tax-deductible in the United States, meaning that they will neatly turn their American tax obligations into Israeli tax obligations, with the possible option of avoiding paying taxes at all. No American tax authority will dare challenge the tax deduction claims of these poor Jewish victims (it is the 'new Holocaust'; of course, some of the smaller 'middle class' investors we keep hearing about in the Jew-controlled media may really have been scammed). There will also be a bonus from a compensation fund for investment losses (and don't be shocked if the Jew-controlled Congress doesn't create a special Madoff compensation fund). The Madoff 'Ponzi scheme' may be no Ponzi scheme at all, but a massive tax avoidance operation, again intended to help finance Anti-Assimilation-Land.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Never to be seen again

After one night in the slammer, Bernie figures he's paid his debt to society, and wants bail until he is sentenced, presumably to flee to Israel, never to be seen again. Although it makes absolutely no sense, I wouldn't be in the least surprised if the order refusing bail is overturned. The judge who refused his bail doesn't look the least bit Jewish - and is therefore obviously an anti-Semite - and I imagine he'll fare better in the appeal court.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009:
  1. Walt on Freeman's withdrawal. He's mad. As far as I'm concerned this was the big test between the two establishments. The Old American Establishment had plenty of time to wage a battle, and were decimated. The Jews won. They have been winning for a long time now. The only difference is that there is no longer any hope that the Old American Establishment can stage a comeback. Americans have now been formally introduced to their new lords and masters. If it wasn't for their psychopathic violent supremacism and the desperate need to build Anti-Assimilation-Land, the JIZ would probably be an improvement over the WASPS.
  2. Can you fathom the hubris of the Jews in picking Steve Rosen, a guy on trial for spying for Israel against the U. S., to challenge whether Freeman would have the best interests of the U. S. in mind given his connections to other countries? Wow!
  3. Picture of the year.
  4. The shame of Canada. As the park illegally built on occupied territory was paid for by the money of Canadian Jews who received tax deductions for the 'charitable' donations, Canadian taxpayers actually financed this illegal park. Those deductions should not survive a challenge in Canadian tax courts. Of course, a rigorous program of Jewish sea bathing is the only thing which will get rid of the park.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How it works

Charles Freeman is such an American patriot that he actually stuck his neck out even further and named the identity of those who blocked him, knowing as he knew that the usual suspects would deflect criticism by claiming he was out for some ridiculous and spurious reason.

I'm going to type slowly so that even the Noamites can follow. There are two American establishments, the WASP Old American Establishment, and the Jewish New American Establishment. You might think there would be a battle for control, but the Old American Establishment just gave up. The Jewish New American Establishment, fronted by people like Rosen and the usual crowd of suspects, but operating in this case through Chuck Schumer and Rahm Emanuel - I imagine it was Emanuel who told Freeman the facts of life, that as an appointee not requiring confirmation he could squeeze through, but complete lack of support from the White House, i. e., Rahm, would make his life a living hell with no defence from the never-ending slurring - wanted Freeman out, so Freeman is out. They wanted him out for one reason: they feared that his combination of truthfulness and bravery - as witness his 'intemperate' email - would prevent them from another 'weapons of mass destruction ' lie, the famous lie spread by Jews for Jew-centric purposes which left over a million dead and wrecked the United States. There are still a lot of lies they want to tell, particularly about Iran, so Freeman had to go.

Noam has made a living on the tautology that since the American Establishment controls everything and is all-powerful, everything that happens in the world must have happened because they wanted it to happen. So be it. But the Jews are the New American Establishment. Obama couldn't stand up for Freeman because Obama works for the Jews. It couldn't be plainer: Freeman was an Old American Establishment appointment, and when the attack dogs started attacking a very faint chirp came out of the Old American Establishment. It wasn't enough. The Jews are in complete control of the levers of power in America, and the country has not yet been bled completely dry in fighting Wars For The Jews.

The slight proviso is that there is a secret War On The Jews being fought, rather cleverly, but of necessity completely outside the normal power circles, which are under complete Jew-domination (more on the secret war later).

The attacks on Freeman were coded versions of the slur (the Audubon guide to Jews and American 'progressives' lists the slur as their distinctive call). Since we're told that the American Establishment controls everything, and Freeman is out, and Freeman blames the Lobby for his troubles, and the Lobby either doesn't exist, or by Noamian definition, can't have any power, Freeman's blaming of the Jews must just be 'anti-Semitism', which proves exactly what the Jews were saying precluded him! Q. E. D. That's how it works!

Rosen's revenge

Via MuzzleWatch (sorta; the link in MuzzleWatch doesn't exactly work, but the link within the excerpted piece does), Steve Rosen gets his revenge on those who he thinks wrongfully harmed him:
"Rosen is also interested in dealing with another problem he claims surfaced during this case: the strong anti-Israel sentiment among individuals in Americas intelligence community, which he believes is what led to the investigation against him in the first place."

So sinking Freeman was Rosen's pay-back to the American intelligence community. He should probably hire someone to start his car from now on.

In case you were wondering how whipped they are

In case you were wondering how whipped they are, James Fallows called Freeman's email 'intemperate', and reliably worse-than-useless Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenbal called it 'rambling and angry'. This for the first truth in Washington in years. Americans are going to look back on yet another tragic stage on the road to ruin and be very sorry for what they lost, a brave truth-teller. It is striking how the Lobby's point man on this was Steve Rosen, the former AIPAC executive currently on trial for spying for Israel (what, was Jonathan Pollard busy?). Although there was a faint effort to blame Freeman's fall on China, the gleeful bragging of the Lobby-ists made it absolutely clear who doesn't want the American government to have good factual information. The Jews pulled it off again, upsetting the clear Establishment choice: it is just another miracle!

Watch for the lites to tell us that this is actually a good thing, as the Zionists lost so much credibility, and for the first time ever some weak bleatings were made in favor of the doomed candidate. It is too bad that the United States will be finished before the Zionists use up the last of their credibility.

Snorkel time

The bloggers for Exxon who live along the coast had best get their snorkels ready. It is a good thing there are no low-lying cities in coastal areas of any importance.

Route around

Remember the quote from John Perry Barlow: “The Internet treats censorship as a malfunction and routes around it.” The fact that governments have been so corrupted is going to require a similar routing around by the legion of decent and moral people. Twelfth Bough (found on Kenny's Sideshow) has some preliminary suggestions. The bad guys need us to play along with their insanity. If we opt out, we take away the ground from beneath them.

Miracles do happen

From Jews sans frontieres (writing about the allegations of Jew-control in Washington; to add to the pathos, he goes on for paragraphs arguing for a 'solid Marxism'):
"To believe that a large number of people who do not represent ruling class interests can be appointed to top government jobs, to key policy making positions in the Pentagon, to the management of institutions such as the World Bank, and more, keep these job for years, make extremely risky policy decisions including launch wars, and get almost blanket support from both political and corporate institutions, is to believe in miracles."

People continue to have difficulty in understanding what an empire looks like in those difficult fin-de-siècle years. What seems miraculous in the glory years is exactly what you'd expect in the years of decline, and I assume nobody would deny that these are America's years of decline. In fact, it is this kind of foreign influence, leading to polices against the interests of empire, which are the key signs of collapse. What is so remarkable about the American Empire is its short lifespan, and the speed of its decline, all largely caused by the traitors in government, traitors who are all Jews working solely for Anti-Assimilation-Land. Note how well 'Big Oil' is doing in those Iraqi oil fields!

Who is in charge of American foreign policy?

I think what's important about the Freeman win for the Jews was that the entire matter was set up as a test for Obama. Freeman was clearly too honest to be acceptable to the Jews. It was as if the Old American Establishment threw down the gauntlet and asked Obama the question: who is in charge of American foreign policy, the President of the United States, or the Prime Minister of Israel? Having Admiral Blair re-endorse Freeman just before Freeman pulled out made the answer to the question unambiguous. Obama answered it loud and clear: Bibi Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman are completely in charge of American foreign policy. Freeman's response gives a hint at the anger and frustration of people living in a land run by Jews, a country whose only purpose is to serve the needs of Anti-Assimilation-Land until it is a burnt-out shell.

The United States has become a land that might have been described by Jonathan Swift in Gulliver's Travels. People who used to live middle-class comfortable lives are going to be eating weeds out of the ditches, and why? The slur. The United States is going to be a land wrecked by a slur. The attacks on Freeman made it clear that he was as good as an anti-Semite, and the pitiful attempts at defending him made the central issue even clearer. Nobody can even talk about this without being laid low by the slur. It is truly remarkable to see the most powerful country in the world completely destroyed out of the fear of the possibility of a certain peculiar type of embarrassment.

Charles Freeman

Charles Freeman - about as clear an example of the Old American Establishment, the people who run everything, according to Noam, as there is - was dangerous to Anti-Assimilation-Land as the Jews feared him as a truth-teller, and their wicked scheming requires lies. In particular, they were terrified that his tough insistence on reality would block their concerted and continuing efforts to tell lies about Iran, lies which will be required to explain to the American people why they are paying five times more a gallon for gas after the Israeli attack on Iran. Since for the first time there was a tiny amount of mainstream American Establishment intellectual support for Freeman, his proposed appointment also became a test of whether the American politicians up to and including Obama still wear the full Jew S & M bondage gear (they do, now with bells on!).

Meanwhile, the legions of decent and moral people are still finding ways to work around the incredibly Jew-corrupted media and politicians. The existing Jew-corruption levels are so high that decent and moral people can no longer expect that the system can be fixed; it has to be surmounted. It is impossible not to see the specific issue of Jew-corruption as the essential problem. An issue is arising: it it now time for the legion of decent and moral people to fully boycott Jewish-owned (as opposed to Zionist-supporting) businesses? What do we have to do to stop these people before they destroy everything?

Monday, March 09, 2009

The usual

I thought this analysis from YayaCanada was thoughtful and interesting. There's a paragraph in it, though, which doesn't make any sense (my emphasis in red):
"For Israel, Hamas and the Qassams are merely a smokescreen. Anyone following the Friedman theory of economics knows that it quite naturally creates poverty for a large segment of society and great wealth for certain others, and that uprisings will occur but must be contained at all cost to humanitarian values. This is the sole reason that North American leaders turn a blind eye to Israel's treatment of the Palestinians. It's not because they love Israel, nor that Israel controls North America; it's because they expect they will sooner or later have to act similarly in the event of a popular revolt (which they brand as "terrorism"), and they are watching and learning from Israel."

So all this shit - the Gaza slaughter, the never-ending brutality against the Palestinians, the attacks on Lebanon, the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war, the proposed war on Iran, the end of free speech, the destruction of international law, the billions and billions of dollars thrown away giving money to Israel, the destruction of the American economy, all the school trips to Holocaust museums - all of this is permitted so Western leaders can learn a few crowd-control skills? I don't think so.

The standard 'progressive' analysis - Klein, Noam, etc - falls apart because it admits only one motivating factor, money/class. Obviously important, but as I think about this more and more it is becoming clearer that money/class is not only not the only factor, it is usually not even the most important. I'm a conspiracist, so I go so far as to think that this confusion is intentional. Of course, I'll be told - slowly, so my tiny brain can grasp it - by the reductionists that my false consciousness is confused in failing to see that everything is really just class.

Dangerous 'lite' mythology

This comment by Antony Lerman, cautioning against the tendency of the Jewish people to see everything in terms of Jewish victimhood, seems liberal and helpful, but is actually dangerously 'lite'. It fosters the myth that Israel is all about creating an ark of safety. It is actually mainly about creating Anti-Assimilation-Land. We might feel a little sorry for a group which killed children out of fear; we wouldn't feel anything but contempt for a group, like the JIZ, who slaughter out of extremist racist eliminationist supremacist psychopathy.

The 'lite' panic plan is to push quickly for a two-state solution. This requires the myth that the Jews could learn to live peacefully side-by-side with the Palestinians if only the Jews learned to lose their feelings of eternal victimhood. Needless to say, supremacist psychopaths who feel they need the land on which Palestinian children are living cannot possibly live side-by-side with the Palestinians. As soon as the world realizes this, and promotes the righteous cause of Jewish sea bathing, the Middle East will have peace.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mixed messages

Mondoweiss reports on the latest silliness from American politicians, an amendment by Republican Senator Jon Kyl - probably the most Jew-controlled of American politicians, which is really saying something; he wears the full AIPAC S&M bondage gear 24/7/365 - to prevent U. S. government money from being used to resettle Palestinians from Gaza into the United States. That's weird, isn't it. Wouldn't depopulation of Gaza through mass government-sponsored emigration be one of the primary goals of Zionism? It is, after all, easier, cheaper and less controversial than Plan A, mass slaughter, and much more likely than Plan B, having Egypt take over the problem. Despite the fact that the alleged plan supposedly countered by the amendment was itself a Zionist psycho-op, it sounds like the kind of idea that the Lobby would embrace. Or are they afraid of the voting strength of all these new Americans?

Friday, March 06, 2009

A note on the comments

The state of the blog comment industry is quite amazing. It is as if the designers of the various systems had never seen a computer before. Despite the supposed competitiveness of the providers, none of them comes close to being even remotely acceptable from the standpoint of a user, weird given the fact that almost all the problems are design issues, easily fixable. I picked Disqus as the best of a very bad lot, hoping that their appearance of caring about what users think might eventually lead to a usable system.

In many ways JS-Kit would have been the best solution. Their system is an overlay over the Blogger comments, so if you remove JS-Kit, you are still supposedly left with the comments on the Blogger comment system (considering the almost unique stability of Blogger, it is a shame that Blogger doesn't fix up its comments engine, which would put all these competitors instantly out of business). The problem with JS-Kit is that they lied to me. They told me I had to leave Haloscan, and, fool that I was, I believed them. Now, months and months later, Haloscan is still functioning, with JS-Kit revisionism telling us that they are now having trouble integrating the Haloscan system with all the functionality Halsocan users have come to love (!), and, needless to say, hinting that the fault lies with Haloscan. Their 'pointy-haired boss' actually posted a blog comment here offering to help me, and when I foolishly responded, 'Wally' just sent me an email asking me to repeat myself. Hopeless! Since I can't trust them I am going on the assumption that JS-Kit is just going to be a series of problems.

Disqus and IntenseDebate are almost identical products, with Disqus being a little more polished at this point. Neither is great. In fact, I'd be embarrassed if I was involved with any of them. I'm hoping that Disqus will improve enough to be usable.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Old School 3

Now it gets interesting (though not as interesting as Old School 4 will be). Remember the girl in the polka dot dress, the one seen by witnesses at the RFK assassination? She was tentatively identified as Kathy Ainsworth, the KKK terrorist who was killed - the KKK says murdered - in a police shoot out. I recently returned to the site which made the connection, and found a lot of good stuff, including:
  1. The site alleges that Ainsworth's boyfriend, Tom Tarrants, was with her at the Ambassador Hotel, and was in fact a shooter. Except for hair color, Tarrants bore a remarkable physical resemblance to the mystery shooter, was an expert marksman, and, as the author of the site concludes:
    "But what clinches my identification of Ainsworth and Tarrants as the key members of the conspiracy to kill RFK lies not in the description of either individual alone, but the conjunction of two descriptions. One thing I have learned in life is that women rarely become involved with younger men. They tend to go for men the same age or older. I consider it striking that Ainsworth and Tarrants were in age terms an 'odd couple' - a 26yo female with a 21yo male. When you add in the height factor (and not many people are 6'3" tall), as well as the violent racial politics they shared, you have a pairing that seems beyond statistical probability. The chances, in short, of a mid-twenties female answering the physical description of the polka dot girl being involved in a relationship with a 21yo male answering the physical description of the tall young man in the gold shirt being anyone OTHER than Ainsworth and Tarrants seem astronomical."
  2. Tarrants had gone on a terrorist crime spree against Jewish targets in Mississippi, setting off a series of bombs which, miraculously, killed nobody. The racialists feel that the ambush which killed Ainsworth, and left 19 bullets in Tarants without killing him, was a set up planned by the ADL and the FBI. It happened three weeks after the RFK assassination, and may have been intended to eliminate people who could describe who they were working for.
  3. Tarrants was sentenced to 30 years for his crimes; his partner who was supposed to be involved in the last synagogue bombing, but who backed out at the last minute to be replaced by Ainsworth, was not even tried for his involvement, and appears to have set them up.
  4. Interesting analysis of the trap:
    "In early June 1968, Meridian FBI agent Frank Watts conceived the idea of a bribing two Klansmen suspected by Meridian police of having bombed the Meridian synagogue on May 29, 1968, to incite two other Klansmen, Danny Joe Hawkins and Tom Tarrants, to bomb the house of Meridian ADL leader Meyer Davidson. The FBI instigated this effort as a means of summarily executing Tom Tarrants. It is not clear whether the operation was also intended to lead to the death of Tarrants' partner, 26yo Jackson schoolteacher Kathy Ainsworth, but it seems likely that it was. Until only a day or so before the operation, Tarrants' partner was to have been Danny Joe Hawkins. Hawkins' mysterious decision to drop out of the operation at the last minute left Tarrants no alternative but to involve Ainsworth, who had been his regular partner on a number of terrorist operations over the preceding eight months. Since Hawkins appears to have had no compelling reason to absent himself, the probability is that he was manouevred out of the operation in order to manoeuvre Ainsworth in. The operation was designed to end with the deaths of both individuals, and the switch was necessary because the plot might have been aborted if the Meridian police officers involved had been aware than it was a female, rather than Hawkins, who was targeted for execution with Tarrants."
  5. The author suggests that there are reasons to believe that Tarrants may have been a shooter of MLK!:
    "1968: March: Makes a trip to California, where he buys a rifle from Dr Wesley Swift of Lancaster. Swift has been described as 'the single most significant figure in the early years of the Christian Identity movement in the United States.' Tarrants told journalist Jack Nelson that he bought the 30.06 rifle for the purpose of assassinating Martin Luther King - quite an admission to make, when you recall that the bullet that killed King was a 30.06. But is procuring a rifle for the MLK hit the only reason Tarrants went to California? Or was the California trip also related to the events that took place in Los Angeles on the night of June 4-5?"

    "1968: April 4: According to Jack Nelson, he 'danced with joy' when he heard at his North Carolina hideaway that Dr King had been assassinated. However, according to information passed on by FBI informant Willie Somersett, his car was involved in the assassination. William Pepper, authority on the MLK assassination, has not yet identified the person who he believes was the shooter. (NOTE 1) Given Somersett's reliability as a source on the American right wing - he was the FBI agent who taperecorded Joseph Milteer speaking in early November 1963 about the forthcoming assassination of President Kennedy - he should probably investigate Tarrants before he says anything further about this subject."

    Tarrants was in hiding and his whereabouts unknown for the time of the MLK assassination.
  6. It almost seems to be standard procedure for conspirators to hire some disaffected loser extreme racialist right-wingers to be involved in assassinations, either as patsies or participants. We've recently seen some odd cases of supposed assassins of Obama who also meet the description.
  7. Tarrants, perhaps needless to say, is now a southern preacher.

Although the author paints a rather grim role for the ADL, perhaps even arranging to have people blow up Jewish targets for larger political aims - and where have heard that before? - and draws quite a few conclusions on the slim evidence, he is very clever at working out conspiracies, and is obviously neither a classic anti-Semite nor a friend in any way of white racialists. Perhaps Obama might want his new attorney general, Eric Holder, to take another crack at the assassinations of Dr. King and RFK. As we've already seen, there is a very odd connection between the assassination of RFK and the attempted assassination of George Wallace.

Come at me with that raspberry

The inquiry into the taser death of Robert Dziekanski is growing comical, with the RCMP testimony not even attempting to conform with what everybody can clearly see from the video of the incident. From an excellent demolishing of RCMP testimony by Gary Mason of the Globe and Mail (my emphasis in red; it is so damning, I've had to quote almost all of it):
"Testifying at the inquiry that former B.C. Supreme Court justice Thomas Braidwood is holding into Mr. Dziekanski's death, Constable Millington said the 40-year-old Polish immigrant was obviously agitated when the officers caught up with him. Yet the video of the encounter showed Mr. Dziekanski was anything but agitated and was standing there quite calmly but obviously confused. Why wouldn't he be, given he couldn't understand a word the officers were saying?

At one point, Mr. Dziekanski put his hands in the air and started walking away. He grabbed a stapler from a counter. According to Constable Millington's statement given at the local detachment a few hours later, and another statement given the following day, Mr. Dziekanski 'raised (the stapler) in the air' and assumed a 'combative stance' before stepping toward the officers in a 'threatening manner.'

But that wasn't true at all. First, it's clear from the video that Mr. Dziekanski never raised the stapler above the level of his belt, or just slightly above, and if he stepped in the direction of the officers, it was a barely perceptible baby step. But this was enough to compel Constable Millington to take out his taser and pump Mr. Dziekanski with 50,000 volts."

"I have seen the video of the tasering maybe a hundred times now and it never ceases to shock me. It did again yesterday. The worst part is right after Mr. Dziekanski is tasered for the first time, sending him reeling backward, holding his stomach, like someone who has just been shot. As he staggered backward, he fell on his backside and his legs shot up in the air.

The sight of him on the ground, screaming and writhing in pain, his arms holding his chest, is a terrible thing to watch. It is at this point, unbelievably, that Constable Millington gave the man a second blast from his taser.

So why, with Mr. Dziekanski on the ground, clearly in pain, did the officer taser him again? Just one second after the first hit?

In his original statement, Constable Millington said it was because Mr. Dziekanski hadn't gone down after the first discharge. But he clearly had.

'I was wrong about that,' Constable Millington testified.

He also said in his statement that his fellow officers had to wrestle Mr. Dziekanski to the ground because he wouldn't fall.

'I was wrong,' the officer had to admit again."

"It got worse.

After Mr. Dziekanski was on the ground, with three officers on top of him, one with a knee in his back, Constable Millington fired the taser a third time. This time, because the 'male was still resisting the officers.' That's right, three RCMP officers, all close to six feet and collectively weighing nearly 600 pounds, couldn't subdue someone the Mounties estimated to be 5-foot-9 and weighing 180.

But Constable Millington wasn't finished. He said he thought his taser wasn't working properly because it was making a 'clacking sound' so he took out the cartridge and put the weapon in push-stun mode, which is when the taser is applied directly to a person's body, causing severe pain.

This, Constable Millington did two times even though he told the RCMP officer who took his statement that he had applied the taser in push-stun mode only once. Another fact refuted by the video evidence. By lunch break, I counted at least six statements that Constable Millington made immediately after the incident that ended up being contradicted by the video."

From another article by Mason:
"In at least seven or eight instances, Constable Millington gave statements to investigators or wrote reports that included things about the incident that cast him and his actions in a more favourable light, but were simply not true."

The inquiry should recommend that the prosecutors consider laying manslaughter charges. It should also recommend that the use of tasers by the RCMP be discontinued, as the collective IQ of the force isn't up to using them appropriately. Watch for Canadian right-wingers to slowly and carefully explain the dangers of staplers ( my title is from Monty Python).

My preoccupation with the conspiracies of World Jewry

Those of you who criticize my preoccupation with the conspiracies of World Jewry ought really to ask yourselves one question: why did the International Criminal Court decide to issue its first arrest warrant for a sitting leader against the President of Sudan? Was it American government pressure (Noam's answer for everything). No. Quite the contrary. The American government is uneasy about it. Is it a coincidence that the guy who happens to be one of the two main individual targets of World Jewry, along with the President of Iran, is subject to this arrest warrant? Is it a coincidence that the three main opponents of Anti-Assimilation-Land - the Arab states all being hopelessly corrupted in various ways by Israel - are Iran, Pakistan, and Sudan, and all are under Zionist attack? How many coincidences are you prepared to swallow before you accept that the psychopathic Zionists will not hesitate to wreck the entire world in their quest to build Anti-Assimilation-Land?

A mockery of international law

In case you needed any more proof that World Jewry must be stopped, using any and all means necessary, you only have to consider the long-term destructive implications to international law - not to mention the short-term effects - of the bogus arrest warrant issued against Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir. World Jewry craved more dead Muslims in Sudan, but couldn't find any fools stupid or vile enough to fight another War For The Jews. Using their controlled international 'human rights' apparatus is Plan B. World Jewry doesn't care about anything except its psychopathic plan to build Greater Israel as Anti-Assimilation Land, and will destroy anything, including international law, in order to achieve it. There are good reasons why sitting leaders aren't subject to such arrest warrants (for one, the people of Darfur are going to be worse off because of it, something that won't bother World Jewry one bit), and it is simply obscene to issue an arrest warrant against al-Bashir when known war criminals - war criminals who became such fighting Wars For The Jews - like George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Tony Blair walk free, Tony with his pockets bulging with Israeli award money. The arrest warrant makes a mockery of international law.

Proportional expense

The 'progressives' who want to remove true democracy from the only countries that still have it - sadly, just Britain, Canada, and the United States - by introducing voting 'reform' won't mention one of the 'features' of proportional representation: it is very expensive.

Paul Harvey

Amid all the numerous obituaries, uniform in their praise, I've noticed that the Angry Arab is the only one with a just take on Paul Harvey, a real ass of a conservative for decades, with his folksy delivery and weird cracking voice covering some of the most vile conservative propaganda, propaganda that has helped put the United States in the mess it is in.

Unlikely story

The story (or here) has it that Obama made the Russians a written offer to stop fooling around with 'Star Wars' emplacements in Eastern Europe if the Russians would come on board the ridiculous Zionist attacks on the non-existent Iranian nuclear bomb program. The Russians just laughed. Does this story make any sense? Is Obama such a fool that he would send such a letter? Are there no back-channels that could have been used to see if there was any chance of this offer flying before Obama embarrassed himself?

I don't believe any of it. The story is simply too implausible. The Russians aren't afraid of 'Star Wars' in Eastern Europe as they know that the recent second Ukrainian-European energy scare has put the Fear of God into any two-bit Eastern European country that doesn't want to freeze in the dark for the next fifty years. They also know that they have the high ground in their position on Iran, and the Zionists are going to lose this one.

No, this is a feint, part of the semi-secret world wide War Against The Jews. The real leaders of the world have finally realized the huge danger to the world of Zionism, and are starting to arrange for sea-bathing. Due to the stranglehold of the Jews over the mass media and almost all mainstream politicians - definitively proven by the lick-spittle unanimity of Western politicians to the Gaza slaughter - the real leaders of the world have to operate carefully, obliquely. These seem like dark days for the legion of decent and moral people, but the War Against The Jews is reason for hope. Note that this war is going to take place despite the actions of the 'lites', who are now scrambling to create a phony opposition to Zionism in order to create a phony Palestinian statelet as part of a phony 'two-state' solution. Hillary, completely Jew-owned, is showing herself to be firmly 'lite'.


I'm going to try Disqus (it was between Disqus and IntenseDebate, and I flipped a coin). They need to put spell check in the comments box, and introduce comment portability (which they have been promising for months; IntenseDebate already has it). Disqus has a lot of features which Blogger comments doesn't have (I wonder why the blog platforms have all decided to leave this area to third parties?). Note the green 'widget' to the right.


I'm turning off comments for a while. It is not the people who I'm told I should censor who bother me; it's the ones who waste everybody's time telling me what I should do, including micromanaging the content of comments as if it was their own blog (!). If I was a fan of censorship those are the people I would permanently ban.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Glen Davis murder arrests

Completely non-conspiratorial arrests in the murder of Glen Davis: his nephew (worried that the inheritance was being given away to charities?), and what sounds like two Russian hit men.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Son of Noam

Sadly, Noam's malevolent influence continues to ruin (or here) discussion of the problems of the Middle East. You know the drill: the American Establishment, particularly Big Oil, is actually behind the actions of Israel and the Lobby. Thus, the only way to fix the problems of the Middle East is to overturn the American Establishment. Since that's not going to happen, we have to leave all the peoples of the Middle East, and for that matter the world, to the mercies of the psychopathic JIZ.

As James Petras has pointed out, this is utter nonsense, and obviously so. You have only to look at the deal American Oil got from Libya without a war, and compare it to Iraq, where American Oil now must watch China and Iran develop the Iraqi oil fields. The JIZ control the complete terms of the debate, and anybody even suggesting some sanity is slurred and thus silenced. Noam's tautology that since the elites control everything, everything that happens must be the work of the elites, only applies to an empire on the rise. In a crumbling empire, like the American Empire, the elites lose complete control of the agenda, often to a parasitic group like the Jews. That's exactly what happened here. The American Establishment, useless trust fund kiddies or big swinging dicks single-mindedly trying to make every cent out of the phony American economic boom, wasn't paying attention until it was too late.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Problem, and solution

Another great column (or here) by Rick Salutin (also see Salutin on Obama's 'edginess', caused by the vast gap in life experience between him and the people he now has to deal with; my emphasis in red):
"Economic inequality has yawned ever wider in recent times, especially in the United States, source of the current crisis. Since 1968, when U.S. society was at its relatively most equal, the gaps have increased sharply, at the expense of the middle groupings. Average worker earnings there are now worth less than in 1973, while CEOs, who made 45 times as much as workers then, now get 300 times as much. This has long been a blatant sign of moral rot. It is now at a point where the economic implications are severe, too. How so?

Some of it is the amounts involved. Citizens for Tax Justice says 'the Bush tax cuts saved the top 1 per cent nearly half a trillion dollars' from 2001 to 2008. Their 2008 tax cuts were larger than the combined U.S. federal budgets for education and environmental protection. The relatively few, really, really rich are now a serious source of diverted public spending.

Comparable places, including Canada, have so far avoided this extreme polarization through progressive taxation and mild redistribution via social programs. The U.S. now profiles more like an underdeveloped country where the gap feeds on itself. The absurdly rich use their wealth to buy politicians who will further cut taxes on them, and cut social programs, too, since they can afford their own health care, education etc. The poor at the far other end lack resources to fight back. What's the alternative? Narrowing that gap, by rebuilding a healthy middle or working class that can't afford its own health care or education and sees the benefits of taxes, well spent. But how?"

and (the unionization thing is big, since a lot of the problems faced by the United States derive from its anti-union politics, starting with Reagan's 'breaking' of the air traffic controllers union):
"There is an easy, non-violent solution: Move some of their excess wealth to the people in the middle, since it all, according to the stats, came from there anyway. It can be done democratically - via taxation and redistribution through social programs. And otherwise, like making unionization easier, since unionized workers tend to earn 30 per cent more than non-union ones. That means they wouldn't need to plunge into heavy debt to fulfill their duty to consume, which would, in turn, undercut the 'financialization' of the economy that led to the banking-credit fiasco. And, of course, the maximum wage."

The current American financial problem is income distribution (along with the costs of fighting Wars For The Jews, a problem that can be easily fixed by stopping fighting Wars For The Jews!). The current American solutions seem to consist in giving incomprehensibly vast sums of money to the same people who caused the problem, with much of that money being immediately siphoned off to off-shore bank accounts. The United States won't be righted until the very rich are hung by their ankles and shaken until all that stolen money comes loose.