Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Charles Freeman

Charles Freeman - about as clear an example of the Old American Establishment, the people who run everything, according to Noam, as there is - was dangerous to Anti-Assimilation-Land as the Jews feared him as a truth-teller, and their wicked scheming requires lies. In particular, they were terrified that his tough insistence on reality would block their concerted and continuing efforts to tell lies about Iran, lies which will be required to explain to the American people why they are paying five times more a gallon for gas after the Israeli attack on Iran. Since for the first time there was a tiny amount of mainstream American Establishment intellectual support for Freeman, his proposed appointment also became a test of whether the American politicians up to and including Obama still wear the full Jew S & M bondage gear (they do, now with bells on!).

Meanwhile, the legions of decent and moral people are still finding ways to work around the incredibly Jew-corrupted media and politicians. The existing Jew-corruption levels are so high that decent and moral people can no longer expect that the system can be fixed; it has to be surmounted. It is impossible not to see the specific issue of Jew-corruption as the essential problem. An issue is arising: it it now time for the legion of decent and moral people to fully boycott Jewish-owned (as opposed to Zionist-supporting) businesses? What do we have to do to stop these people before they destroy everything?
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