Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Comments, once again

In order to avoid problems with 'yahoos' I've reduced the requirements for comment posting to the Disqus minimum. It is appropriately ironic that the comments weren't destroyed by censorship but by the opposite, constant carping about the content of other people's postings based on bogus fears of censorship (this may in fact have been a conspiracy to destroy the comments). The bad guys don't have to lift a finger since we are always ready to do the work ourselves. I can block postings based on ISPs, so I can deal with that problem now. I don't mind criticism of the content of other postings (or, of course, of the content of the blog), but I will no longer put up with visitors attempting to completely censor others. I'm not giving warnings: try it once, and you are permanently out. This is a free speech zone. Fortunately, complete non-censorship appears to be the safest legal strategy for a blogger to distance him- or herself from the content of the comments, and thus is the best way to avoid outside censorship.
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