Monday, March 09, 2009

Dangerous 'lite' mythology

This comment by Antony Lerman, cautioning against the tendency of the Jewish people to see everything in terms of Jewish victimhood, seems liberal and helpful, but is actually dangerously 'lite'. It fosters the myth that Israel is all about creating an ark of safety. It is actually mainly about creating Anti-Assimilation-Land. We might feel a little sorry for a group which killed children out of fear; we wouldn't feel anything but contempt for a group, like the JIZ, who slaughter out of extremist racist eliminationist supremacist psychopathy.

The 'lite' panic plan is to push quickly for a two-state solution. This requires the myth that the Jews could learn to live peacefully side-by-side with the Palestinians if only the Jews learned to lose their feelings of eternal victimhood. Needless to say, supremacist psychopaths who feel they need the land on which Palestinian children are living cannot possibly live side-by-side with the Palestinians. As soon as the world realizes this, and promotes the righteous cause of Jewish sea bathing, the Middle East will have peace.
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