Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Does knowing solve the problem?

There is an idea circulating that the Freeman affair was actually a good thing because it finally outed the Lobby and its power, and cost the Jews too many Obama favors. I don't get it. If someone had asked in 1978 who controlled the United States, the answer wouldn't have changed the power structure. American Jewry is positively giddy in the feeling of might, finally out in the open, and the fact that we know - and perhaps a tiny few more know - won't change a thing. It is time to come to the stark realization that the Jews rule the United States (rep by pop - 1.2% and falling rapidly!), and to the extent the United States still has any power - ironically much diminished by the actions of the Jews - that power is being used by and for the benefit of Zionism.

The game isn't over. The fact that Steve Rosen was used to attack Freeman demonstrates one thing - the Jewish Achilles heel is hubris. While no direct attack on the Jews is yet possible in the United States, a secret and oblique War Against The Jews has started. Israelis are already starting to leave, and you can be sure it is the knowledge workers who are at the head of that line. Once a critical mass come to their senses and flee, the economy will collapse and the floodgates will, mercifully, finally open. The writing is on the wall (note how often the lites, trying to convince themselves, assert that Israel is not going anywhere). Sea bathing within twenty years (and depending how stupid the Israeli leaders are - and they are very, very stupid - maybe much sooner, once the rockets start hitting Tel Aviv). The advantage to the legion of good and decent people of the Freeman debacle may be that the overconfidence it creates in the Jews will cause them to start to make mistakes which can be exploited by those who are fighting the War Against The Jews. The Jews now rule America - absolutely - but Anti-Assimilation-Land is still doomed (well, at least in the Middle East).
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