Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Glen Davis murder arrests

Completely non-conspiratorial arrests in the murder of Glen Davis: his nephew (worried that the inheritance was being given away to charities?), and what sounds like two Russian hit men.


Anonymous said...

Xymph, you'r getting a bit self-obsessed. Please a little background here, or why should anyone be interested?

Anonymous said...

I'm putting this out early so you geniuses can clear this ? up for me: now in this era of heightened empathy is telling JAP jokes (eg. her favorite whine) going to get us into prison? I wanna know how in hell "inciting" can be proven, and also is any of this nonsense really "racial" after all? This leans back to Polish jokes, dunnit then? (eg. 5 to screw in a lightbulb) But is being Polish something racial? Comes around to a Japanese lady I know who converted to Judaism. Can you folks travel down that road?? Is she a Jap now, and can a joke about her somehow end in a jail sentence? What say you fellas?

Anonymous said...

I meant, is she a Jap JAP now?

Anonymous said...

I mean, assuming she's either a Japanese-American woman who converted to Judaism, or she moved to America, got a green card, became a citizen, all after her conversion to Judaism. Or she coulda just been a Japanese-American woman BORN into a Jewish family, right? (Are there any Born Again Jews, by the way?)

Anonymous said...

Even Michael Hoffman appears to be more Jew false opposition. Which would be a shame.

He refused to publish this on his website (@ http://revisionistreview.blogspot.com/2009/02/creed-of-church-of-shoah.html):


A little investigation makes this clear.

For a start you should consider this:

In 1990, the Jew HolyCo$t Lie Changed:

From 1948, till 1990, the Auschwitz subsection of the HolyCo$t fable was:

Number of Jews supposedly killed at Auschwitz = 3,000,000
Total Number of people killed at Auschwitz = 4,000,000


From 1990, till the present, the Auschwitz subsection of the HolyCo$t fable has been:

Number of Jews supposedly killed at Auschwitz = 1,000,000
Total Number of people killed at Auschwitz = 1,500,000


And,... Check out this Jew Math.

From 1948, till 1990, the overall number of Jews supposedly killed by the Nazis was 6,000,000

In 1990, the number of Jews killed at Auschwitz was reduced from 3,000,000 to 1,000,000

So, you would think that the overall number of Jews killed would also have been reduced to

6,000,000 - 2,000,000 = 4,000,000

But not at all,...

From 1990, till the present, the Jews have continued to claim that the overall number of Jews killed by the Nazis is 6,000,000

You see, for the Jews, any LIE that is believed, is a good LIE.

Even if the LIE is as stupid as the one I have just pointed out.

Here are a few of articles that may help explain what happened:

So, why do people believe in the holocaust, anyway?

A Quick Proof that the Holocaust Story is a Lie.

The Jews Declare War on Germany (in 1933).

Death Certificates issued at Auschwitz.

Rowan Berkeley said...

With this endless mindless holocaust spam, why even keep the blog going, xymph? It has turned into something worse than prostituting yourself.

Anonymous said...

Remember Rosemary's Baby? Was Polanski making a joke about Evelyn Adrian de Rothschild, supposedly the King of the Jews?

"Satan is his father, and his name is Adrian, he shall overthrow the mighty and lay waste their temples. He shall redeem the despised, and revenge them in the name of the burned and tortured! Hail Satan! Hail Adrian!"

Rosemary's Baby (1968)

Anonymous said...


You really are an ass. The first thing that should be removed from this blog is your idiotic self-important obiter dicta.

For the anonymous holocaust maniac,

You've got RB pissing and snorting, but nothing else. You are selling old news and boring our arses off. Be a good boy and sit down until you can contribute a novelty.
Really I think you must be a B'nai Brith faggot to keep repeating yourself so. We are not, with a few exceptions, racialists; although many, myself included see race as an obviously important feature of the individual. For the most part the only thing we have against the Yids is the twisted mentality that so many have grown up with; that, and theft, cruelty, dishonesty, murder, and other trivialities.
So grow up or shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

There are many revisionists who are not racialists or racists.

Anonymous said...

Rowan, I actually agree totally, dude. This guy Xymphora, for years, wrote about a lot of interesting topics in an intelligent way. He's only really become obsessed with things-Jewish in the last year and a half or so, and gosh (yawn) is it ever a frickin BORING broken old record. Regress, Xymphora! Quick!

Anonymous said...

I gave Michael Hoffman (or whoever is running his site) another couple of chances to post the comment from above. But is seems he is not interested in revisionist stuff.

Michael Hoffman who runs http://revisionistreview.blogspot.com is not interested in revisionist stuff?!?!?!?

Why do you think that Michael Hoffman refuses to allow my comment from above, to be included among the comments of his article creed-of-church-of-shoah.html?

Yes, Michael Hoffman appears to be more Jew false opposition.

Someone pretending to be that, which he isn't. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I gave Michael Hoffman .. another couple of chances..

a little bit presuming of your ego?

Anonymous said...

well, xymph has done it, blocked us all from posting, xymph being the honorable exception, maybe greasemonkey fell off the tree head first.

i guess he invented a new category of self-blogging.

i am going one better and my blog is so exclusive that not only you cannot post under it but you can't even access it.

the word verify feature says "laers", how appropriate.
is it possible to insert nicely antisemitic phonetics into the feature, like "gimmeshkls"?

Anonymous said...

For the most part the only thing we have against the Yids is the twisted mentality that so many have grown up with; that, and theft, cruelty, dishonesty, murder, and other trivialities.

only being 1/2 facetious grets, but if you replaced "Yids" by "hyenas", would the above claim be any less true?
they (guess who) certainly make cute noises when they socialize at night ...

Anonymous said...

Damn it, you really have my number Lobro.

I'm searching for your "Chomsky tear-apart ref, "which I read with great interest". Like the ass I am, I forgot to save. If you have it on hand please send.
One thing the critics don't touch is Edward Said. Is he also down the plug hole? "A muvver was barfing 'er baiby one night ... ". I didn't like Chomsky's Cartesian Linguistics when it came out -- one of the few books I paid for instead of stole. But to give up on Said is hard.

Please write or ring again, I am switching ISPs and eperimenting with different Linux distributions, and screw up the archive directory a lot.

A stable Grettir is too much to hope for, but I should like to make myself agreeable to those I respect.

For anon,

The sarcasm was noted, but not appreciated. What happens to Horst Mahler affects us all. If I am being stupid, please tell me how.
How badly you contrast with the ever polite, ever industrious Xenophile or Fritzchen, or even the eternally strutting cockscomb RB

Anonymous said...

to guess, Xymph hit a streak of creativity in writing, doesn't want to be disturbed.
With Chomsky, myself had the luck, not to have read one of his books- was interested in politics (again) only since the first gulf war, and then more by watching tv and spotting falsifications of h-channel. But even more than falsifying history, now I think, tv and media, entertainment are stealing life. So superficial and the media "personalities " become more important than real persons for the poor addicts.
Chomsky, to guess, meanwhile offers tired explanations, while the real things move on like a crash of the anti-culture of Mammon, one had become used to live with.

Anonymous said...

Xymphora said: "I'm turning off comments for a while. It is not the people who I'm told I should censor who bother me; it's the ones who waste everybody's time telling me what I should do..."

What a lying son of a bits.

Does any but the crazy group that calls itself Xymphora believe that crap. I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

quite a logjam here at the beaver (as in "cunt") dam that xymph created ...

i will look for the chomsky ref grets, i likewise never save these coordinates, only the aroma (as in "shit") lingers in my brain.

speaking of which, i'd like to have a hard link to this vague memory of chomsky saying something like "i will stand by israel when everyone else has deserted it".

in my book, chomsky is one of the learned elders of zion, along with kissinger, peres and soros, the rest are still wearing shorts (and netanyahu always will, he is too naturally born stupid to ever make the A team).

Anonymous said...

"to guess, Xymph hit a streak of creativity in writing, doesn't want to be disturbed."


This is just the Jew False Opposition Flush.

Beats all hands (even a straight flush).

Anonymous said...

thanks lobro, for the poetic pictures, beaver dam would be something like a home place in a world were most consumers are content with virtual, false waters. and can't see how it's muddied and littered with trash of the media-joos; those poor Tv consumers often become water shy, afraid of the elements.

Anonymous said...

FEODOR DOSTOEVSKY LEFT US A “PROPHECY” of the threat to Christian civilization by emancipated Jewry.

In his book, Diary Of A Writer, published in 1877, Dostoevsky penned a journal entry, entitled, The Jewish Question. With alarming and frightening foresight, (by which he penetrated into today’s events), Dostoevsky predicted a growing domination over social and political affairs by the Jews with their newly acquired rights:

“The Jews look forward to world domination. This requires them to maintain their own close-knit identity. If the Jews are given equal legal rights in Russia, but are allowed to keep their ‘State within a State,’ they would be more privileged than the Russians. The consequences of this situation are already clear in Europe.” View Entire Article Here (there on Brother Kapner's site if anybody is interested in his opinions- always an alternative to explanations the mass media give)

Anonymous said...

also quoted by jstor:
but requires cookie and/or login

Anonymous said...

dostoevsky was one of the most creative and original thinkers ever, he spotted the disease clearly.

Anonymous said...

Yes the holocaust spam is terrible, exposing xymph as a big phony!

Xymphora is a big phony!

Xymphora the sophisticated gatekeeper deleted this comment from his site:

Arthur Topham, who is facing a CHR Tribunal over the content of his website, which ciriticizes Zionism, is asking people to write a letter in support of freedom of speech:


Does anyone else find it strange that Xymphora links to gatekeepers like rabble.ca, but there is no link to radicalpress.com?

No mention of the case either! This is very important, as the HRC's are trying to criminalize criticism of Isr-el:

“The premise of this complaint is a contention that Arthur Topham and Radicalpress.com contrive to promote ongoing hatred affecting persons identifiable as Jews and/or as citizens of Israel.”

Free speech Zionist crusader Ezra Levant also strangely chose to not mention him on his website.

Xymphora, the most sophisticated gatekeeper on the 'net?

The one who introduced me to the term 'zio-lite', seems to be a 'zio-lite'-lite, himself!


Man From Atlan said...

Your 'deleted' comments seem to be back, anarchore, including link to your own site.
I just stayed away a while through all the tinkering, and look forward to seeing the next iteration of Xymphora.

Anonymous said...

no clue what xymph means by "retarded revisionists", that's an interesting one to parse.

is it:
1. all revisionists are retarded, or
2. some revisionists are retarded (in which case, how do you determine them).

1.b. is revisionism as a discipline sign of mental retardation, i.e., anyone disagreeing with any official historical narrative/dogma is a retard, or
only those disagreeing with dogmas apparently cheered on by xymphora, such as holocaust and 9/11 are retarded.

because there is a slight problem, ahem, with all of those and that is that any criticism of israel and its actions, whatever they may be, may have been or may be in future is heresy and criminalized in a number of countries, to the extent that even expressing sympathy with disemboweled palestinian children is proof of antisemitismracialhatred and therefore subject to per- and prosecution.

moreover, any criticism of holocaust 911 (sort of like fahrenheit 911) is by official definition proof of antisemitismracialhatred, subject to kangaroo courts, indefinite detention and harsh interrogation techniques, commonly known as torture.
so, xymphora, are you on board with that as well, namely, "you are with us or you are against us".

Anonymous said...

Xymph, if he is a thinking person, should make his/her/it's mind up: that the discipline of writing history requires doubting established opinions and always investigating the topic in it's relations in time and places and documented facts.
Otherwise it becomes virtual with no relation to the real or a dogma, that revisionists don't accept in our "enlightened" age of science.
Now obviously the poster meant by "retarded" did repeat the same arguments for some time, probably assuming a deficit in Xymphora's acceptance of freedom of science and freedom of world view, that is part of all Western constitutions. Also it could be suspected that Xymph is speaking to himself with "retarded" since he turned to comments off, but he mostly doesn't sound like a revisionist himself, in the meaning of investigating historical relations in more than in a superficial way.
Of course, to call all leaders Jews wasn't realistic, probably based on some like Orwell's arguments, that a dictatorial system has undermined any opposition and resistance and placed it's own agents into them.

Anonymous said...

Grets, the ref you've been asking for.
Imo, Chomsky is the living proof that it is indeed possible to turn Jews into soap.

Anonymous said...

for those strill struggling with the concept of HASBARA, an object lesson.

you will all recall how the big to-do was made about all the poor jewish dahlins (spielberg, slimon wiesenthal center, elie wiesel) who got ripped off by bernie madoff, but magnanimously waved it off, "that old rascal, bernie"
and how i said, bullshit, the bread went to israel to be broken among kind, suffering race?

in fact, simon wiesenthal/elie wiesel (forgive me for thinking all jews think, i mean, look alike)

well, here comes this:
“Madoff is suspected of transferring much of his ill-gotten gain to Israeli banks, including one, Bank Leumi, that Madoff associate J. Ezra Merkin bought from the Israeli government when Ariel Sharon was prime minister and current PM Ehud Olmert was finance minister.”

Madoff was a past treasurer of the American Jewish Congress.

So, if i was a "ripped off jew", why wouldn't i, by nature of auto-citizenship, sue bank leume-screw me-jew me for ill gotten gains?
the answer, my friend, is inside that kosher pudding.

why would i want to sue the past president of "AMERICAN" Jewish Congress who kindly opened an account in my name with the untouchable Bank Leumi ... loyal Americans don't do such things to one another.

still confused about the meaning of 'hasbara'?

and i wouldn't doubt that the declared "losses due to fraud" are tax deductible ...

Anonymous said...

"Of course, to call all leaders Jews wasn't realistic, probably based on some like Orwell's arguments,..."

Based on observation, silly person...

Remeber, to understand what happens in the world, you need to know that

Bush, Blair, Obama, Putin, Merkel, Sarkozy, Harper, Howard, Rudd and most other leaders are (covert) Jews.

See for yourself (PHOTOS):


And while you are looking,... try this 2.2 MB mega-photo of Rabbis and politicians:


Although not included in the photos,... Obama is also a Jew.

Here is a picture of Obama's Jew Momma:


Here is a picture of Obama's wife's cousin. The rabbi Capers C. Funnye:


And here is a photo of Obama himself wearing a skullcap.


Even Germany and Austria have Jew presidents/Prime Ministers:

It is hardly necessary to hide away ones Jew roots at all.

For example, the Austrian President didn't even bother to change his Jewish name, Heinz-Fischer:


At least the German Prime Minister changed her Jewish name Angela Kasner, to Angela Merkel.

It is usual for Jews to own every horse in the electoral race, i.e., every candidate is a (covert) Jew.

Examples, are the 2000, 2004, 2008 American elections.

Anonymous said...

good find, that about Markopolos investigation of Madoff & syndicate

Anonymous said...

"probably assuming a deficit in Xymphora's acceptance of freedom of science and freedom of world view..."

It couldn't be any more obvious that Xymphora is a Jew (group of Jews) who pretend to be non-Jew.

Jews attempt to infiltrate all organizations.

Jews start (false) opposition organizations so that they are "infiltrated" from the beginning.

The two basic concerns of the Jews at this point are:

(1) Maintain the HolyCo$t LIE.

(2) Hide the fact that 9/11 was a Jew/Hollywood false flag operation.

Geez, Xymphora is dutifully doing his part to maintain these Jew LIES,... wonder why?