Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How it works

Charles Freeman is such an American patriot that he actually stuck his neck out even further and named the identity of those who blocked him, knowing as he knew that the usual suspects would deflect criticism by claiming he was out for some ridiculous and spurious reason.

I'm going to type slowly so that even the Noamites can follow. There are two American establishments, the WASP Old American Establishment, and the Jewish New American Establishment. You might think there would be a battle for control, but the Old American Establishment just gave up. The Jewish New American Establishment, fronted by people like Rosen and the usual crowd of suspects, but operating in this case through Chuck Schumer and Rahm Emanuel - I imagine it was Emanuel who told Freeman the facts of life, that as an appointee not requiring confirmation he could squeeze through, but complete lack of support from the White House, i. e., Rahm, would make his life a living hell with no defence from the never-ending slurring - wanted Freeman out, so Freeman is out. They wanted him out for one reason: they feared that his combination of truthfulness and bravery - as witness his 'intemperate' email - would prevent them from another 'weapons of mass destruction ' lie, the famous lie spread by Jews for Jew-centric purposes which left over a million dead and wrecked the United States. There are still a lot of lies they want to tell, particularly about Iran, so Freeman had to go.

Noam has made a living on the tautology that since the American Establishment controls everything and is all-powerful, everything that happens in the world must have happened because they wanted it to happen. So be it. But the Jews are the New American Establishment. Obama couldn't stand up for Freeman because Obama works for the Jews. It couldn't be plainer: Freeman was an Old American Establishment appointment, and when the attack dogs started attacking a very faint chirp came out of the Old American Establishment. It wasn't enough. The Jews are in complete control of the levers of power in America, and the country has not yet been bled completely dry in fighting Wars For The Jews.

The slight proviso is that there is a secret War On The Jews being fought, rather cleverly, but of necessity completely outside the normal power circles, which are under complete Jew-domination (more on the secret war later).

The attacks on Freeman were coded versions of the slur (the Audubon guide to Jews and American 'progressives' lists the slur as their distinctive call). Since we're told that the American Establishment controls everything, and Freeman is out, and Freeman blames the Lobby for his troubles, and the Lobby either doesn't exist, or by Noamian definition, can't have any power, Freeman's blaming of the Jews must just be 'anti-Semitism', which proves exactly what the Jews were saying precluded him! Q. E. D. That's how it works!
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