Monday, March 16, 2009

Madoff 'Ponzi scheme' scam: Jews avoiding American taxes?

Is the Madoff 'Ponzi scheme' itself just another misdirection to cover up a massive plan by rich American Jews to avoid paying American taxes? The Jews don't mind having American taxpayers pay for the Wars For The Jews, but perhaps they'd prefer to pay their taxes to another country, say, Israel. Consider:
  1. It was scammer Madoff himself who immediately fessed up and labeled his operation a 'Ponzi scheme'. 'Ponzi scheme' has become the way Madoff's operation is always described by the Jew-controlled media. People understand that a Ponzi scheme is a method whereby victim investors are cheated by an unscrupulous financier.
  2. At the time of his guilty plea, Madoff was at great pains to distinguish his rogue 'hedge fund' operation from the 'legitimate' operations of the rest of his family. In fact, the quick plea seems to have been his way of inoculating the rest of the business against prosecution or investigation.
  3. At the time of the plea, the government stated that it was aware of $250 million in transferred funds from the American operation to a London office, with the money being returned to give the impression that Bernie was actually investing in Europe. This explanation, which presumably came from Bernie, makes no sense. Bernie's investors would have no way of knowing about the transfer, so how would it help to sell the legitimacy of his business?
  4. Massive amounts of money have gone missing. The estimated losses started at $50 billion, are now over sixty, and some are saying may be $100 billion. Bernie has less than $1 billion in assets. Even if we are conservative, and consider the estimates to be overblown and based on the rates of return Bernie claims he was making, there are still tens of billions of dollars which have simply vanished into thin air. Don't believe Jewish attempts to try to minimize the scam: at least $170 billion in real money moved through the Madoff operation.
  5. The original suspicions of Harry Markopolos were based on the fact that Bernie's hedge fund didn't resemble any other hedge fund in the world. Most odd is the fact that Bernie didn't charge anywhere near market rates for his services.
  6. You had to be invited, and for the most part be Jewish, to 'invest' with Bernie. Odd.
  7. Wayne Madsen has listed many of the suspicious business and neighbor connections of Madoff, with some very interesting characters including many who are described as belonging to the 'Russian' mob. Of course, 'Russian mob' is the code word used by the Jew-controlled media to describe the international Jewish mafia, a group which seems to be heavily involved in building Anti-Assimilation-Land.
  8. It is odd that all the Jewish charities that were supposedly 'wiped out' by Bernie don't seem to have curtailed their operations.

Consider the alternative explanation, which seems to fit the facts: Bernie takes the 'invested' money, moves it to London and on to Israeli banks. The 'investors' can then pick up the money there, and have the option of paying no tax or paying Israeli taxes on it. Why all the convoluted operations just to move money off-shore? The 'losses' suffered by the poor victim Jews will now be tax-deductible in the United States, meaning that they will neatly turn their American tax obligations into Israeli tax obligations, with the possible option of avoiding paying taxes at all. No American tax authority will dare challenge the tax deduction claims of these poor Jewish victims (it is the 'new Holocaust'; of course, some of the smaller 'middle class' investors we keep hearing about in the Jew-controlled media may really have been scammed). There will also be a bonus from a compensation fund for investment losses (and don't be shocked if the Jew-controlled Congress doesn't create a special Madoff compensation fund). The Madoff 'Ponzi scheme' may be no Ponzi scheme at all, but a massive tax avoidance operation, again intended to help finance Anti-Assimilation-Land.
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