Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Miracles do happen

From Jews sans frontieres (writing about the allegations of Jew-control in Washington; to add to the pathos, he goes on for paragraphs arguing for a 'solid Marxism'):
"To believe that a large number of people who do not represent ruling class interests can be appointed to top government jobs, to key policy making positions in the Pentagon, to the management of institutions such as the World Bank, and more, keep these job for years, make extremely risky policy decisions including launch wars, and get almost blanket support from both political and corporate institutions, is to believe in miracles."

People continue to have difficulty in understanding what an empire looks like in those difficult fin-de-siècle years. What seems miraculous in the glory years is exactly what you'd expect in the years of decline, and I assume nobody would deny that these are America's years of decline. In fact, it is this kind of foreign influence, leading to polices against the interests of empire, which are the key signs of collapse. What is so remarkable about the American Empire is its short lifespan, and the speed of its decline, all largely caused by the traitors in government, traitors who are all Jews working solely for Anti-Assimilation-Land. Note how well 'Big Oil' is doing in those Iraqi oil fields!
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