Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mixed messages

Mondoweiss reports on the latest silliness from American politicians, an amendment by Republican Senator Jon Kyl - probably the most Jew-controlled of American politicians, which is really saying something; he wears the full AIPAC S&M bondage gear 24/7/365 - to prevent U. S. government money from being used to resettle Palestinians from Gaza into the United States. That's weird, isn't it. Wouldn't depopulation of Gaza through mass government-sponsored emigration be one of the primary goals of Zionism? It is, after all, easier, cheaper and less controversial than Plan A, mass slaughter, and much more likely than Plan B, having Egypt take over the problem. Despite the fact that the alleged plan supposedly countered by the amendment was itself a Zionist psycho-op, it sounds like the kind of idea that the Lobby would embrace. Or are they afraid of the voting strength of all these new Americans?
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