Thursday, March 05, 2009

A mockery of international law

In case you needed any more proof that World Jewry must be stopped, using any and all means necessary, you only have to consider the long-term destructive implications to international law - not to mention the short-term effects - of the bogus arrest warrant issued against Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir. World Jewry craved more dead Muslims in Sudan, but couldn't find any fools stupid or vile enough to fight another War For The Jews. Using their controlled international 'human rights' apparatus is Plan B. World Jewry doesn't care about anything except its psychopathic plan to build Greater Israel as Anti-Assimilation Land, and will destroy anything, including international law, in order to achieve it. There are good reasons why sitting leaders aren't subject to such arrest warrants (for one, the people of Darfur are going to be worse off because of it, something that won't bother World Jewry one bit), and it is simply obscene to issue an arrest warrant against al-Bashir when known war criminals - war criminals who became such fighting Wars For The Jews - like George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Tony Blair walk free, Tony with his pockets bulging with Israeli award money. The arrest warrant makes a mockery of international law.
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