Thursday, March 05, 2009

Old School 3

Now it gets interesting (though not as interesting as Old School 4 will be). Remember the girl in the polka dot dress, the one seen by witnesses at the RFK assassination? She was tentatively identified as Kathy Ainsworth, the KKK terrorist who was killed - the KKK says murdered - in a police shoot out. I recently returned to the site which made the connection, and found a lot of good stuff, including:
  1. The site alleges that Ainsworth's boyfriend, Tom Tarrants, was with her at the Ambassador Hotel, and was in fact a shooter. Except for hair color, Tarrants bore a remarkable physical resemblance to the mystery shooter, was an expert marksman, and, as the author of the site concludes:
    "But what clinches my identification of Ainsworth and Tarrants as the key members of the conspiracy to kill RFK lies not in the description of either individual alone, but the conjunction of two descriptions. One thing I have learned in life is that women rarely become involved with younger men. They tend to go for men the same age or older. I consider it striking that Ainsworth and Tarrants were in age terms an 'odd couple' - a 26yo female with a 21yo male. When you add in the height factor (and not many people are 6'3" tall), as well as the violent racial politics they shared, you have a pairing that seems beyond statistical probability. The chances, in short, of a mid-twenties female answering the physical description of the polka dot girl being involved in a relationship with a 21yo male answering the physical description of the tall young man in the gold shirt being anyone OTHER than Ainsworth and Tarrants seem astronomical."
  2. Tarrants had gone on a terrorist crime spree against Jewish targets in Mississippi, setting off a series of bombs which, miraculously, killed nobody. The racialists feel that the ambush which killed Ainsworth, and left 19 bullets in Tarants without killing him, was a set up planned by the ADL and the FBI. It happened three weeks after the RFK assassination, and may have been intended to eliminate people who could describe who they were working for.
  3. Tarrants was sentenced to 30 years for his crimes; his partner who was supposed to be involved in the last synagogue bombing, but who backed out at the last minute to be replaced by Ainsworth, was not even tried for his involvement, and appears to have set them up.
  4. Interesting analysis of the trap:
    "In early June 1968, Meridian FBI agent Frank Watts conceived the idea of a bribing two Klansmen suspected by Meridian police of having bombed the Meridian synagogue on May 29, 1968, to incite two other Klansmen, Danny Joe Hawkins and Tom Tarrants, to bomb the house of Meridian ADL leader Meyer Davidson. The FBI instigated this effort as a means of summarily executing Tom Tarrants. It is not clear whether the operation was also intended to lead to the death of Tarrants' partner, 26yo Jackson schoolteacher Kathy Ainsworth, but it seems likely that it was. Until only a day or so before the operation, Tarrants' partner was to have been Danny Joe Hawkins. Hawkins' mysterious decision to drop out of the operation at the last minute left Tarrants no alternative but to involve Ainsworth, who had been his regular partner on a number of terrorist operations over the preceding eight months. Since Hawkins appears to have had no compelling reason to absent himself, the probability is that he was manouevred out of the operation in order to manoeuvre Ainsworth in. The operation was designed to end with the deaths of both individuals, and the switch was necessary because the plot might have been aborted if the Meridian police officers involved had been aware than it was a female, rather than Hawkins, who was targeted for execution with Tarrants."
  5. The author suggests that there are reasons to believe that Tarrants may have been a shooter of MLK!:
    "1968: March: Makes a trip to California, where he buys a rifle from Dr Wesley Swift of Lancaster. Swift has been described as 'the single most significant figure in the early years of the Christian Identity movement in the United States.' Tarrants told journalist Jack Nelson that he bought the 30.06 rifle for the purpose of assassinating Martin Luther King - quite an admission to make, when you recall that the bullet that killed King was a 30.06. But is procuring a rifle for the MLK hit the only reason Tarrants went to California? Or was the California trip also related to the events that took place in Los Angeles on the night of June 4-5?"

    "1968: April 4: According to Jack Nelson, he 'danced with joy' when he heard at his North Carolina hideaway that Dr King had been assassinated. However, according to information passed on by FBI informant Willie Somersett, his car was involved in the assassination. William Pepper, authority on the MLK assassination, has not yet identified the person who he believes was the shooter. (NOTE 1) Given Somersett's reliability as a source on the American right wing - he was the FBI agent who taperecorded Joseph Milteer speaking in early November 1963 about the forthcoming assassination of President Kennedy - he should probably investigate Tarrants before he says anything further about this subject."

    Tarrants was in hiding and his whereabouts unknown for the time of the MLK assassination.
  6. It almost seems to be standard procedure for conspirators to hire some disaffected loser extreme racialist right-wingers to be involved in assassinations, either as patsies or participants. We've recently seen some odd cases of supposed assassins of Obama who also meet the description.
  7. Tarrants, perhaps needless to say, is now a southern preacher.

Although the author paints a rather grim role for the ADL, perhaps even arranging to have people blow up Jewish targets for larger political aims - and where have heard that before? - and draws quite a few conclusions on the slim evidence, he is very clever at working out conspiracies, and is obviously neither a classic anti-Semite nor a friend in any way of white racialists. Perhaps Obama might want his new attorney general, Eric Holder, to take another crack at the assassinations of Dr. King and RFK. As we've already seen, there is a very odd connection between the assassination of RFK and the attempted assassination of George Wallace.
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