Sunday, March 01, 2009

Problem, and solution

Another great column (or here) by Rick Salutin (also see Salutin on Obama's 'edginess', caused by the vast gap in life experience between him and the people he now has to deal with; my emphasis in red):
"Economic inequality has yawned ever wider in recent times, especially in the United States, source of the current crisis. Since 1968, when U.S. society was at its relatively most equal, the gaps have increased sharply, at the expense of the middle groupings. Average worker earnings there are now worth less than in 1973, while CEOs, who made 45 times as much as workers then, now get 300 times as much. This has long been a blatant sign of moral rot. It is now at a point where the economic implications are severe, too. How so?

Some of it is the amounts involved. Citizens for Tax Justice says 'the Bush tax cuts saved the top 1 per cent nearly half a trillion dollars' from 2001 to 2008. Their 2008 tax cuts were larger than the combined U.S. federal budgets for education and environmental protection. The relatively few, really, really rich are now a serious source of diverted public spending.

Comparable places, including Canada, have so far avoided this extreme polarization through progressive taxation and mild redistribution via social programs. The U.S. now profiles more like an underdeveloped country where the gap feeds on itself. The absurdly rich use their wealth to buy politicians who will further cut taxes on them, and cut social programs, too, since they can afford their own health care, education etc. The poor at the far other end lack resources to fight back. What's the alternative? Narrowing that gap, by rebuilding a healthy middle or working class that can't afford its own health care or education and sees the benefits of taxes, well spent. But how?"

and (the unionization thing is big, since a lot of the problems faced by the United States derive from its anti-union politics, starting with Reagan's 'breaking' of the air traffic controllers union):
"There is an easy, non-violent solution: Move some of their excess wealth to the people in the middle, since it all, according to the stats, came from there anyway. It can be done democratically - via taxation and redistribution through social programs. And otherwise, like making unionization easier, since unionized workers tend to earn 30 per cent more than non-union ones. That means they wouldn't need to plunge into heavy debt to fulfill their duty to consume, which would, in turn, undercut the 'financialization' of the economy that led to the banking-credit fiasco. And, of course, the maximum wage."

The current American financial problem is income distribution (along with the costs of fighting Wars For The Jews, a problem that can be easily fixed by stopping fighting Wars For The Jews!). The current American solutions seem to consist in giving incomprehensibly vast sums of money to the same people who caused the problem, with much of that money being immediately siphoned off to off-shore bank accounts. The United States won't be righted until the very rich are hung by their ankles and shaken until all that stolen money comes loose.


MikeyNeptune said...

Let me be among the first to congratulate you on a great article.

Now if you would just pull your head outta your arse re 9/11, you'ld be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Is Chancellor Angela Merkel A Former Communist Spy?
by Trowbridge H. Ford
via cryptome:

[...] This analysis seems germane while trying to put together the life of Angela Kasner, eldest daughter of Lutheran priest Horst Kasner, and current Chancellor of the German Federal Republic, especially since she is most reluctant to talk about it. Born in Hamburg in 1954, and moved to East Germany shortly thereafter as her father obtained a pastorship in Quitzow, near Perleberg, in nearby Brandenburg, she had the Cold War almost embedded in her very bones. He was born in the Pankow district of Berlin, then part of the Soviet sector.

Her mother's parents still lived in Elblag - formerly East Prussia's Elbing - in Poland when Angela was born. At the nearby Teutonic Knights' fortress of Malbork - what Nazi Germany received under the terms of the September 1939 Non-Aggression Pact and its Secret Protocols - 1,900 German Communists, who were returned to Germany under its terms, were apparently executed there, helping explain why Angela was so eager to adopt hard-line Marxism. Her similarly-minded maternal grandparents, it seems, must have not only known what happened to the like-minded returnees before the Soviet conquered the fortress in 1944 but also why they stayed on in Poland, unlike so many other Germans.

The Kasners' move to the German Democratic Republic (GDR) was apparently an effort to better position themselves for whatever happened to their divided country, particularly since they lived further in the GDR, setting up a household in Templin, 80 kilometers north of Berlin. While Horst was trying to improve relations between the West's and the East's Lutheran churches, Angela was attending state schools, becoming a member of its Free German Youth (FDJ) program, though she did not take part in its Jugendweihe, the secular coming of age rite, preferring to be confirmed in the Lutheran church. Apparently, there was growing tension between the stern father, and the ambitious, talented daughter. Angela became so proficient in Russian that she even won a prize.

After Angela graduated from secondary school in 1973, though, details about who she was becoming, and what she was doing become few and far between. She attended the University of Leipzig. She also married in 1976 fellow undergraudate student Ulrich Merkel, explaining that it was considered the thing to do, though they never had any children, and the marriage started breaking down as soon as she got appointed to Berlin's Academy Sciences where she became FDJ's secretary for recruiting aka 'agitprop' children of its members into its program, showing that she was covertly supporting the GDR's future. In fact, she was so busy doing other things that it wasn't until 1986 that she finally completed her Ph.D degree.

Quantum chemistry aka quantum physics is a highly theoretical field which combines quantum mechanics with general field theory, and has all kinds of practical applications regarding plasmas, nuclear rehabilitation, and electromagnetism. The Soviet Union had built all kinds of nuclear devices on a crash basis - weapons, power plants, nuclear-powered submarines, radioisotope thermo-electric generators (RTGs), etc. - and were becoming concerned about what to do with them when they were no longer useful. There were nuclear power generating plants all around the country whose safety was becoming questionable, nuclear-powered submarines around the ports of Murmansk and Archangel which were dangerously rotting away, and spent RTGs littering the Kola Peninsula.

While the Soviets did not have the resources to deal with these problems, they looked to the East Germans - whose Berlin Academy of Sciences still had a great reputation in the field - to find the know-how, given its contacts in the West. The Berlin establishment traced its origins back to 1700 when the Prussian Academy of Sciences was started, and included among its membership such distinguished scientists as Gottfried Leibniz, Max Planck, and Albert Einstein. Even though it had been revived by the GDR after WWII, it still had over 200 members, including some two dozen from the West. It had grown now to include research in quantum chemistry - where Angela was working at its Central Institute for Physical Chemistry.

To take advantage of Merkel's potential, Markus Wolf's foreign section of the Stasi, the Hauptverwaltung Aufkluring (HVA), recruited her, it seems, to handle illegal agents the GDR was sending across The Wall to gather secrets from research facilities in the Federal Republic (FRG), France, Norway, and other Western countries - what she had learned about from her meetings and contacts at the Institute.

The future seemed to be turning in the GDR's favor since détente had been established between Washington and Moscow, and the two German states had recognized one another's existence in 1972. Most important, the Stasi had nursed along Willy Brandt's bridge-building government towards the GDR until 1974 when its spies in the Chancellor's Office, the Guillaumes, were exposed, Gunter declaring proudly: "I am an officer of the (East German) National People's Army!" (Quoted from Andrew, p. 445.) Despite Wolf's claims after the GDR's collapse that this was a grave mistake - what Andrew believes - it was deliberate, thinking that it would just enhance Eric Honecker's potential in German reunification.

Thanks to the KGB Archives that its librarian Vasili Mittrokhin supplied Andrew, we now know about the extensive use of Stasi 'Romeo' spies who provided the KGB with all kinds of information. The glaring exception was the performance of Wilhelm Kahle (codenamed WERNER), a laboratory technician who assumed the identity of a West German resident in the GDR, and worked in the West in various capacities, and capitals, particularly in labs at Cologne and Bonn universities. By the late 1970s, though, his intelligence take had become too thin, though quite extensive, resulting in a ten-volume file in the Archives, that the KGB became suspicious of his bona fides, especially when it learned through his communications with his mother in East Germany that he was fearful of being recalled to Moscow because of the wealth he had amassed in Paris.

In 1978, Kahle was summoned back to Moscow, and given a lie dedector test on a contrived basis just to determine how unreliable he had become. It proved that it was extensive, resulting in its putting its most accomplished agent, codenamed ANITA - who spoke both German and Russian fluently - on the case. It was one of putting a 'Juliet' on a runaway 'Romeo', apparently a first in intellgence history. After intensive questioning during their liaisons, Andrew wrote, "ANITA's report confirmed the Centre's suspicions." (p. 450) She wrote that he had become an ideologically unreliable, completely self-serving agent who had no qualms about using others, even targets, for his own purposes. "As a result of ANITA's report," Andrew concluded, "Kahle appears to have been sidelined. He was formally removed from illegal work in 1982."

The trouble with Andrew's treatment of ANITA is that he never explained how she had become such an important counterintelligence specialist, who she might be, and why he never explained in the notes the disposition of her case since the Berlin Wall had come down, and the Cold War was over. Then Andrew went out of his way in the notes to make it appear that all 'Romeos', except Wolf's spy FELIX, had been identified - even going out of his way to account for the identity of "Franz Becker" aka Hans-Jurgen Henze (note 57, p. 649) - when there is no idenfication of either Kahle and his superior 'Romeo' ANITA.

Also, there are questions about what she might have done for the KGB after Mitrokhin's records ran out. She could well have been the KGB agent who infiltrated Egon Bahr's entourage - what Andrew mentioned when he discussed SDP Chancellor Helmut Schmidt's dealing with the newly elected President Reagan over a month's delay of his visit to Washington - what KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov explained, thanks to the KGB agent's report "of special importance", to the Soviet chief Leonid Brezhnev, was "designed to enable Washington to gain time to build up its armaments with the aim of overtaking the USSR in the military field." (Quoted from ibid, p. 455.)

The KGB source also stated that there were all kinds of Western agents flooding Bonn to stop the growing commercial contacts between the FRG and the USSR, especially the proposed construction of a pipeline to bring natural gas from Siberia to the West - what Schmidt, to Moscow's delight, was vigorously pressing ahead with.

With the KGB's agent - stationed in the GDR, and apparently Angela Merkel - tipping off Moscow about Washington's new arms race, it was hardly surprising that she finally received her Ph.D. in quantum chemistry. Thanks to her contacts, and the input from various illegals in the West, she had obviously learned alot about what was going on in the field. Just compiling her agent reports into a coherent document would have been enough for the Institute to give her the degree. More important, the whole field was becoming much more important with the Soviets having to face nuclear rehabilitation with its aging nuclear arms, and everyone having to worry about nuclear meltdowns of atomic plants - what happened at Chernobyl just when she received her doctorate.

Unfortunately for Merkel, her hopes for Honecker's all-German socialist republic did not work out, at least as far as we know now. Thanks to the Reagan arms buildup, and Gorbachev's refusal to engage in an arms competition after the near fatal non-nuclear showdown with the Anglo-Americans - what was to be triggered by the assassination of Sweden's statsminister Olof Palme - the communist Soviet bloc, and its individual states underwent deadly collapse, triggered by the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Merkel, to cut her losses from potential blowback, suddenly got involved in politics, joining East Germany's new party, Democratic Awakening. Following the first democratic election in the GDR, she became deputy spokesperson for the pre-unification Prime Minister Lothar de Maiziere, a long-time Christian Democratic politician, and suspected agent of Erich Mielke's Stasi - an allegation which led to his disappearance from politics after Helmut Kohl's CDU/CSU gained control of a united Germany.

Kohl's promotion thereafter of Merkel, aka his " Madchen", cost him dearly though. He had to engage in all kinds of bribes to get the Stasi to destroy embarrassing files, especially those relating to ANITA. and when he refused to identify who supplied the money, he was finished politically after 16 years in office.Then the intelligence coordinator of the Chancellor's Office, Ernst Uhrlau - who went on to become the director of Germany's foreign intelligence service (BND) - went to the greatest lengths to retrieve a Stasi index file of its agents (Operation Rosewood) that the CIA had, and was refusing to turn over. "It is unacceptable in the long run," Uhrlau explained to the Associate Press on December 10,1998 regarding the possibilities of blackmail, "for the German government that relevant files are sitting in the United States, and a possible or likely double in Russia." After a two-year effort, the files were returned to Berlin.

It was not prepared for the fact that Moscow long had held the most dangerous ones, those regarding ANITA, and they had been released to the world by the tome that Christopher Andrew wrote, thanks to the Archive Mitrokhin he had access to. This book was doubly troublesome because by that time Merkel had married, it seems, her old flame, WERNER aka Wilhelm Kahle and now divorced Joachim Sauer. They had had at the same time similiar totally unexplained careers at the Central Institute of Physical Chemistry.Sauer is even more tight-lipped about his life than she is, even declining to mention that he was born in East Germany in Senftenberg, 50 kilometers north of Dresden - where he called his mother when he got into the KGB's soup.

Of course, this would explain why Sauer has adopted such a low-profile existence to Merkel's growing importance and popularity. He seems afraid that someone, especially one of his 'honey trap' victims might still recognize him. It would also explain why his wife has the best relation with Russia's Vladimir Putin, and why she is apparently being blackmailed by the Mossad when it comes to Israel's treatment of the Palestinians, EU policy towards Iran, and missteps by the Pope when it comes to The Holocaust.

In fact, she has followed a policy so favored by the Social Democrats in the current economic meltdown that her CSU Economics Minister Michael Glos suddenly resigned two weeks ago - what the press explained in terms of an alleged lack of input when it came to economic policy-making, but he explained ominously: "She always believed I didn't have a clue about a lot of things."

It seems that as other people learn more about who Angela Merkel really is, she will have increasing political difficulties. She seems to have taken just too many risks in our ever-changing world.

Anonymous said...

Now if you would just pull your head outta your arse re 9/11, you'ld be perfect

here is a good discussion on the general meaning of "conspiracy theory".

as an added benefit, it lets noam chomsky clearly expose himself for a gatekeeper that he always was.

i would hope that xymph steers clear of that path.
i don't care if he has a somewhat defensible theory himself, but to smear others with "conspiracy theorist" skunk spray is unconscionable.

Rowan Berkeley said...

This is a really typical piece of lower-middle-class chattering moonshine, isn't it?

There is an easy, non-violent solution: Move some of their excess wealth to the people in the middle...

The reasoning behind it is both puerile and insultingly obvious: because, unlike the working classes, we are civilised, we can expropriate the capitalist ruling class non-violently!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the Merkel story. It sounds a bit to fantastic to me. Merkel must not be jumping though the hoops as hoped. Someone is trying to stir up trouble in Germany by associating the government in a underhanded way with Russia. The ordinary German woman I know see Russia as the bad guy, so this would give them pause concerning Merkel.

Anonymous said...

Laurie, her CV is extremely obsucure.

There is very strong evidence that she worked as an "informal operative" for the STASI in at least one occasion.

A photo of hers has been found in the Stasi dossier of a German communist dissident named Robert Havermann. He had been subjected to house arrest and constant vigilance, a job normally given to young ambitions party-members ancious to climb the steps of the Nomenklatura. Don't forget she was AGITPROP secretary of the East German communist party.

More infos in German about her and the Havermann case:,1518,377389,00.html

Anonymous said...

sorry for the insufferable spelling, phew!

Anonymous said...

Well, the middle class is everything, really the goal of functioning socialisms is to get you a nice fat middle class. Our problem is not that, our problem is it's asking a lot to do what needs to be done, stopping the Wars for the Jews, stopping the Wealth Siphoning for the Jews, and stopping the Political Isolation for the Jews. We might as well ask for ponies. What we do think is very possible is exactly how such tightly controlled slaves resist this kind of taskmaster: you become a bad slave. Instead of revealing that you're smart enough to see problems with the plan, suddenly carrying it out takes much longer than the master thought.

Man From Atlan said...

Lobro, It isn't only Chomsky that acts this way about 9/11,
Raimondo, Cockburn, Ron Paul and so many others ALL march in lockstep when it comes to blaming Osama Bin Laden and 19 boxcutter wielding superhuman Arabs.
I love conspiracy theory because of the intellectual exercise, but my real concern might be the prospect of war, the economy and the assault on our health through man made agents.

Anonymous said...

"The current American solutions seem to consist in giving incomprehensibly vast sums of money to the same people who caused the problem..."

You said a mouthful there, Xymph; keeping in mind that the people who dreamt up the bailout are ALSO the 'same people' referred to above as the prime beneficiaries.

Anonymous said...

Is Chancellor Angela Merkel A Jew?

Answer = YES.

Is she a communist?

Answer = Probably.

Anonymous said...

an unbiased, though not terribly accurate tool is skype's "search for skype users".
if you type in "kasner", they'll be all over the place but not a single one in israel.

now type another german surname that is a favorite target of jewish name-theft, like "rosenthal" and apart from 22 in germany, there will also be 13 in israel.

i was curious about one of my grandmothers' maiden name, "kober", which she said hails from austria and it breaks down as follows: 18 in austria, 15 in czech and 30 in germany (but none in izzy, which i was mostly curious about).

a fun tool.

anyway, angela merkel was born "kasner" and her father was a lutheran priest, as of this moment there are no skype users by name of kasner in israel, so there, the evidence does not support the probability of her jewishness.

they got her by the short and curly for something else, besides, she may well be cunning enough to play their game until she can shaft them from behind.

Anonymous said...

that said, "search for skype users" is a snapshot of the ones currently online, i think.

Rowan Berkeley said...

Kei and Yuri, the tactic you recommend was first called for by Valerie Solanas in the SCUM Manifesto. She called it "unwork."

Anonymous said...

Kastner = Kasner, is a well-known Jew name.

For example, Rudolf Kastner, who was assassinated in Israel as a Nazi collaborator.

He was yet another victim of the HolyCo$t lie.

Rowan Berkeley said...

These spammers render every blog they are allowed to post on an indistinguishable part of a giant anti-Semitic internet slum. They are obviously doing this as a lead-up to the proposed legislation to regulate the internet for 'hate speech.' It is depressing that no-one except me seems to see this.

Personally, I have to say, occasionally, that I wish I ‘was a Jew,’ and have always wished this. It would make my life-project, the origin of which I do not know, a lot easier. This does not mean I wish to ‘convert’ to any form of ‘the Jewish religion,’ and I have examined all of them closely, precisely from this point of view, i.e., the practicality of ‘conversion.’ None of them are remotely practical, acceptable, or even tolerable to me.

However, there is no concrete indication in my family tree, which I have collected almost all the certificates of birth, death, and marriage for, going back three generations, to indicate that I ‘have any Jewish blood’ at all. My mother’s mother’s father was a European adventurer of some undetermined sort, but that’s about it.

Anonymous said...

I just spent two minutes on Google:

This is the first two Kasners:

The (Jew) academic, Edward_Kasner.

The (Jew) Mark A. Kasner of

Anonymous said...

Xeno, you have a better grasp of Merkel than I do, so you are probably right. My question is why is Der Spiegel (a very establishment paper really) printing this now? What is going on that Merkel needs to be seen as potentially selling Germany out to Russia? Could it be that the internationalist still think there is too much life left in the Germans?

Anonymous said...

Also Xeno, the missing pages 20 & 21 of E.P. Money Pamphlets 4/6 are up now if you want them.

Man From Atlan said...

Kasztner, Kasner, Costner are generally, Jewish.
I checked out Kober for you, lobro, the jury's out on this one :)

Anonymous said...


2009 is a election year in Germany, so take everything what you read from the news with a grain of salt.

Anonymous said...

well, whatever the case, mfa, they are not getting off my hook (actually, my mom's grandmother, born in graz, austria).

but i'll be keeping an anti-semitic eye on skype search engine (right now, 3 kobers in graz)

Man From Atlan said...

Lots of Jews I know have rejoined the human race, lobro, but you should keep your (german) eagle eye on those who haven't. I'm sure your great grandma was a fine person.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Laurie, I will get the missing pages.

The rise of a figure like Merkel is a symptom of the system's rottenness. No one really knows what she did in her DDR years, and how, despite being a fundamentalist neoconservative, she still has the backing of her conservative party. She is ideologically amorphous, except in what touches the interests of her zionist backers, i.e., Israel, banking industry, immigration, and atlanticism (NATO kow-towing), etc.

She's known among concervatives as "Voice of America" and "Honecker's Revenge".

Anonymous said...


You are an industrious imbecile and should keep a low profile.

These spammers render every blog they are allowed to post on an indistinguishable part of a giant anti-Semitic internet slum. They are obviously doing this as a lead-up to the proposed legislation to regulate the internet for 'hate speech.' It is depressing that no-one except me seems to see this.

Personally, I have to say, occasionally, that I wish I ‘was a Jew,’ and have always wished this. It would make my life-project, the origin of which I do not know, a lot easier. This does not mean I wish to ‘convert’ to any form of ‘the Jewish religion,’ and I have examined all of them closely, precisely from this point of view, i.e., the practicality of ‘conversion.’ None of them are remotely practical, acceptable, or even tolerable to me.

There is nothing wrong with anti-semitism, in the sense of detesting Jewish manipulation. I Grettir was more than once tempted to convert for the sake of clever conversation and lascivious females.
I am old enough that these temptations no longer signify.
I watch and watch. Rowan, I speak plainly, You cannot join the tribe, for once because you are not stupid enough. Be the good scholar that you are. Vaughan-Williams might help.


Your Eng is so fluent that it took me a long time to recognize you as Ger. I have my little collection of Prussian history. I should be grateful for a book list, post 1712 :-) .
Grüße aus Kanada

Anonymous said...

well, mfa, i did a bit of further research, this topic caught my attention.
my great-grandmother's "christian" name was klementina and i don't know how popular that is among the tribe (clemency not being their long suit).
that said, i could care less, even if i were 100% ashkenazy, my views would not change one iota, since they are condemned by their inability to escape psychotic upbringing, not dna.

so here is a lesson in logic and statistical inference (as opposed to all too common indifference).

i claim that the site you linked,
is highly biased and probably run by jews for the purpose of manipulating mass perception.

i will argue by contradiction, i.e., let's assume that it is in fact an unbiased service.

among the five "origins and meanings", the first two (i.e., the most likely) are of ashkenazic origin, which would imply that roughly 1/2 of kobers are jewish (not to mention the tiny fact that skype saves shekels).

since about quarter of all jews live in israel, one would expect that at any time 1/8 (=0.25*0.5) of skype users having "kober" in their handle would be in israel, in fact more, since jews are dispersed throughout the planet and like to stay in touch, and are in higher income and educational bracket then the non-jews.

i just did another count and there were a total of 146 kobers online, of which one, count him, one was in israel (29 germany, 16 czech, 12 austria, ..., 8 in poland).
the expectation would be that 18 were in israel (146/8).

this can be checked in excel (use binomdist function) to be highly improbable result if the assumptions were correct, p=0.0000000746
i.e., the hypothesis of genealogy site presenting the true picture (1/2 kobers are of jewish origin) can be rejected with 99.99999254% certainty, unless an argument was made that at some point in the past they voted with their feet en masse.

(btw, why so many in poland, i thought they got cleaned out of there courtesy of h-c)

Anonymous said...

Kober, Franz (1911-11-22 1942-08-08)
Birthplace: Berlin, Residence: Amsterdam
Religion: Jew

Died at Auschwitz.

Man From Atlan said...

It doesn't matter to me nor should it to anyone else if your great grandma was Jewish, lobro.
I'm only interested in their survival mechanisms and psychology.
I also know from personal experience that many European families have Jewish DNA, and again, so what?
Having broken bread with you I very much doubt you're struck by the occasional desire to dip your matzoh into goy blood, nor do you look Jewish :)
But look at our Michael Ignatieff! I traced his family history back through to Ancient Georgia, and they've been staunchly Christian since the 12 century. But he looks and acts Khazar, so there.

Anonymous said...

interesting statistc,, and probably neither the Kobers in Poland are Jewish. (there were never that many Jews in Germany, relative) You would agree that ashkenazi genealogy is dubious, they must be proselytized local people, maybe some Kazars but next to no Semites, following Prof Schlomo Sand. No long jewish genetic trace, we can say now.
Silesia, now Polish occupied, was Austrian before the war with Friedrich der Gro0e.. and Lemberg was an Austrian town even later. The extreme Polish chauvinism drove out many, 1 million Germans after 1918, Versailles, and 100 000s of Jews the same, who emigrated via Germany to the US probably.
But is there an original slavic, Polish race, or rather a Germanic - mongolic mixture? I'm still reading in this direction, -not finished.
Graz must be a beautiful place, and home of a great son, Jörg Haider, loved by the people of Kärnten.

Anonymous said...

that's entirely beside the point, let's see if there is a single name that is not recorded as some "auschwitz victim".

who are you gonna trust, "auschwitz historians", the ones jerking off at the simon wiesenthal center?

like i said before, if there is one of them in israel versus 16 in czech republic, 8 in poland, 29 in germany and 12 in austria, what is your conclusion?

Anonymous said...

and there must be still thousands of Germans living in modern Poland, many in Silesia, and many married with Poles and some Polonized now.
With the Yews it's probably not race tyeing them to the local caste of Pharisees, scribes and usurers, as in the Pale of settlement (former East Poland), but their unintelligentible belief system, sometimes described as talmudic as Martin Luther said, in "The Jews and their Lies, 1542". as everyone knows reading anthropological literature.

Anonymous said...

Xymphora: "The current American solutions seem to consist in giving incomprehensibly vast sums of money to the same people who caused the problem,..."
another idea is from:

Elie Wiesel says 'psycho' Madoff 'should suffer'

Anonymous said...

NEW YORK (AFP)---Accused swindler Bernard Madoff should be locked up and forced to look at pictures of his victims, Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel was quoted as saying.
"Psychopath is too nice a word for him," Wiesel said in New York, the New York Post reported.
"He should be put in a solitary cell with a screen and on the screen, for at least five years of his life, (there would be) pictures of his victims."
Wiesel, whose Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity lost 15 million dollars with Madoff, said ordinary punishment was insufficient, the Post reported.
"Whatever (there) is to hurt him should be invented.... He should go before a group of judges who would imagine a punishment for him."

Man From Atlan said...

List of Jewish surnames

Anonymous said...

Interesting quote at the end of that list of surnames.
"If we go back far enough we're all related"

2 parents
4 grandparents
8 great grandparents
16 great great grandparents and so on.

If you go back 30 generations (roughly 1000 years assuming about 30 years for each generation, a very generous assumption) you get about 1,073,741,824 (2 raised to its 30th power) grandparents.
After that it quickly becomes a multi-billion ancestor legacy.
The only way to explain this preposterous situation is to assume that we have been marrying our first cousins (or closer) until just recently.
I have no idea how this gets us back to Adam and Eve. :-)

lobro, that is a very good statistical analysis.
Trolls notwithstanding, this is stiil one of the best blogs around, both Xymphora and the comments are entertaining, informative and thought provoking.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Your page is very incomplete,....

For example, Rivkin, Dobkin, and all the other xxxxkin Jew names are missing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like this: Führer is a Jew name.

Anonymous said...

mfa, as i said, even if i was 100% jewish, which on the face of evidence i doubt very much (in fact, likely to less than 5% chance of jewish blood), i honestly don't care, primarily for the reason that no one chooses their provenance but everyone has clear choice of who they become.

thus an eager noahide sellout like cheney is even more culpable in his avarice than the worst of rothschild siblings in adding to the misery of this world (a cheney makes a clear choice to follow the devil, whereas a rothschild must fight his way out of the infernal legacy).

so, if brother kapner or chossudovsky or shamir are able to extricate themselves from the swamp of iniquity that they were raised in, i say, power to them, double what is due to us who were never exposed to that filth.

Anonymous said...

i am but a poor jew
victim is my name
lying is my game
hate is my business
business is booming
into my parlor
welcome one and all other
leave your money
submit your life
we are people of a book
a book of tales
tales retold and sold
and sold
other are our victim
we are our victim
minds so diseased

doogie said...

test comment re-editing of comments

Anonymous said...

I would venture that any Jew who marries out, has children which are untrained in Jewish tradition, and/or raised as even nominal Christians,assuming of course the spouse is at least nominal Christian (& again w/o training in Jewish tradition)is a Jew who is well on the way to extrication and perpetuating a line thereof.