Saturday, March 21, 2009

Same old lying

The New York Times manages to choke out an article on Obama's conciliatory message to Iran, based, as usual, on anonymous "administration officials and European diplomats". The story is an attempt to limit the significance of Obama's effort by making it solely an attempt to manipulate the upcoming Iranian elections, after which the "punitive sanctions" will reappear.

Note how the JIZ, no doubt tipped off by their traitor-agent Dennis Ross or any one of a number of other 'dual loyalists', attempted to scupper Obama's effort (my emphasis in red; 'last evening' notice wouldn't have been enough for Israel so the JIZ traitor-agents in the American government must have sent prior warning back 'home'):
"The Israeli government also sent a New Year's message to the Iranian people on Friday, although administration officials and Israeli officials insisted that the gestures were not part of a coordinated plan. 'I know we notified allies about our message last evening,' the White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs, said, but he added that he did not know if Israel had also notified the United States ahead of time.

Some experts said the fact that the American message was sent on the same day as Israel's had the potential to dilute the effect of Mr. Obama's message, by linking it to Israel, whose government has been much more hostile toward Iran."

Also note the comment of JIZ-agent Martin Indyk, who, furious, can't stop the snide (my emphasis in red):
"The message is dripping with sincerity and directly addresses one of the things they are most concerned about."

Finally, note the absolute classic New York Times lying last paragraph, in full Judy Miller style (my emphasis in red):
"For the Obama administration, time for diplomacy may be short. Iran appears to have solved many of the technological problems that hampered its enrichment of uranium. Today its centrifuges appear to be running at high efficiency, according to reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency. It has already produced roughly the amount of uranium to make, with further enrichment, enough fuel for a single nuclear bomb."

Note that the Times itself explained what bullshit this is in its own article:
"Several experts said that was enough for a bomb, but they cautioned that the milestone was mostly symbolic, because Iran would have to take additional steps. Not only would it have to breach its international agreements and kick out the inspectors, but it would also have to further purify the fuel and put it into a warhead design - a technical advance that Western experts are unsure Iran has yet achieved.

'They clearly have enough material for a bomb,' said Richard L. Garwin, a top nuclear physicist who helped invent the hydrogen bomb and has advised Washington for decades. 'They know how to do the enrichment. Whether they know how to design a bomb, well, that's another matter.'"

On the NYT analysis, almost every country in the world has the bomb. The kind of barefaced misleading is why people no longer read the NYT, except to see what lies the JIZ want us to believe.
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