Monday, March 02, 2009

Son of Noam

Sadly, Noam's malevolent influence continues to ruin (or here) discussion of the problems of the Middle East. You know the drill: the American Establishment, particularly Big Oil, is actually behind the actions of Israel and the Lobby. Thus, the only way to fix the problems of the Middle East is to overturn the American Establishment. Since that's not going to happen, we have to leave all the peoples of the Middle East, and for that matter the world, to the mercies of the psychopathic JIZ.

As James Petras has pointed out, this is utter nonsense, and obviously so. You have only to look at the deal American Oil got from Libya without a war, and compare it to Iraq, where American Oil now must watch China and Iran develop the Iraqi oil fields. The JIZ control the complete terms of the debate, and anybody even suggesting some sanity is slurred and thus silenced. Noam's tautology that since the elites control everything, everything that happens must be the work of the elites, only applies to an empire on the rise. In a crumbling empire, like the American Empire, the elites lose complete control of the agenda, often to a parasitic group like the Jews. That's exactly what happened here. The American Establishment, useless trust fund kiddies or big swinging dicks single-mindedly trying to make every cent out of the phony American economic boom, wasn't paying attention until it was too late.


Rowan Berkeley said...

But at the same time, Xymph, you must bear in mind that modern corporations, inclusing oil corporations, are to a great extent controlled by the nominees appointed to their boards of directors by their bankers. This the policy of the oil company as such becomes an expression of someone else's priorities.

Rowan Berkeley said...

including, thus... sorry

Man From Atlan said...

Well, there are elites, and there are elites. In every satire (in the classical sense of the word) you need to look for the hook, the little twist of direction be it Swift, Joly, Baum, or even, Chomsky.
Who's the man behind the green curtain?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone here heard that Madoff and his European feeder funds were laundering money for, among others, Russian Jews and Mossad?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone here heard that Madoff and his European feeder funds were laundering money for, among others, Russian Jews and Mossad?

Anonymous said...

"You know the drill: the American Establishment, particularly Big Oil, is actually behind the actions of Israel and the Lobby."

Actually, strangely enough, Jews are behind the actions of Israel and the Lobby.

To understand what happens in the world, you need to know that

Bush, Blair, Obama, Putin, Merkel, Sarkozy, Harper, Howard, Rudd and most other leaders are (covert) Jews.

See for yourself (PHOTOS):

And while you are looking,... try this 2.2 MB mega-photo of Rabbis and politicians:

Although not included in the photos,... Obama is also a Jew.

Here is a picture of Obama's Jew Momma:

Here is a picture of Obama's wife's cousin. The rabbi Capers C. Funnye:

And here is a photo of Obama himself wearing a skullcap.

Even Germany and Austria have Jew presidents/Prime Ministers:

It is hardly necessary to hide away ones Jew roots at all.

For example, the Austrian President didn't even bother to change his Jewish name, Heinz-Fischer:

At least the German Prime Minister changed her Jewish name Angela Kasner, to Angela Merkel.

It is usual for Jews to own every horse in the electoral race, i.e., every candidate is a (covert) Jew.

Examples, are the 2000, 2004, 2008 American elections.

Man From Atlan said...

Anyone notice how Xanadu has been awfully quiet, lately?

Anonymous said...

Often the Jews will offer lies two at a time and self-contradict in basecovering. It is an extremely common archetype in literature and movies to have the hard-working, technically brilliant Jew carrying all the water for some braindead Anglo-Saxon snob in some enterprise, yet at the same time they say they're not responsible for anything.

Anonymous said...


Xanadu was never real you idiot.

Anonymous said...

Baroness Tonge, "Israel stands accused"

And in Madrid the boicot

Anonymous said...

but they:

European rabbis to discuss assimilation, ‘greatest threat to the Jews’ Ejpress

PARIS- Around 300 rabbis from across Europe and Israel will attend a 3-day conference in Paris to discuss assimilation, anti-Semitism and various other issues.
The conference, organized by the Rabbinical Centre of Europe (RCE) will open on Monday in the French capital in the presence of the two chief rabbis of Israel, Rabbi Shlomo Amar and Rabbi Yona Metzger.
The RCE is an organization dedicated to assisting more than 600 rabbis as well as Jewish communities across Europe.
Many rabbis told the RCE that there is large scale of assimilation amongst parts of European Jewry and that many communities are "disappearing" as a result.
"The RCE leadership believes that assimilation is the greatest threat to the Jews of Europe, even greater than anti-Semitism and terrorism.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, the JEW goon squad has arrived.

Anonymous said...

the American Establishment is one thing,(shilo ranch, Dallas), talmudist justice at work in the colony another thing not generally brought to attention.:

MUNICH (AFP)---A former extreme left-wing guerrilla turned neo-Nazi was sentenced to six years in prison Wednesday for calling the Holocaust "the biggest lie in history", a court said.
Horst Mahler, who in the 1970s co-founded the militant far-left Red Army Faction (RAF) and later swung violently far-right, was convicted of inciting racial hatred by the higher regional court in the southern city of Munich.

The now 73-year-old on several occasions vehemently disputed the Nazis had systematically exterminated six million European Jews during World War II.

Denying the Holocaust is a crime in Germany.

Mahler was also found to have sent offensive CD-ROMs and a book by convicted Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf through the mail.

"I expect to be and am counting on being brought before a court for my efforts and that I will be sentenced," Mahler wrote in a note sent with the packages, adding that the recipients would likely be called to testify.

The court said the only mitigating factor in Mahler's case was his advanced age.

"Adding to the severity of his sentence were the defendant's unreasonable and intransigent stance as well as the public attention he intentionally drew to his behaviour," the court said in a statement.

Mahler, who was immediately taken into custody, has a string of convictions for similar offences as well as for crimes dating back to his time with the RAF, which carried out a bloody campaign against the West German government.

Last April, he was convicted for giving a Hitler salute to a Jewish journalist in an interview and denying the Holocaust.

He has also praised the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States and has accused Jews of seeking "world domination".

Anonymous said...



Wahnsinnig mag wohl der Mahler sein, verhaftet aber ist wohl zufiel

Also, ich gehe mit, was auch immer er sagt daß stimm ich hier freiwillig zu. Ich bestande darauf daß die Staatsbeampte auch mich mit dem Horst Mahler mitnehme. Muß ich denn nach Frankfurt fliegen um verhaftet zu werden?

Fritzchen, please send this on with any necessary corrections to the "authorities". Let's see the bastards imprison ten thousands of us who know the truth.

I deny the so-called holocaust as a disgracesful slander of German order, I assert that Nürnberg was an obvious pack of lies and I shall say the same thing in or out of gaol.

I will willingly provide my name and road address to any representatives of Israel/Deutsche Abteilung.

Friedrich we must do this. Not another Horst Mahler, not another Germer Rudolf, aus mit den Lügen.

Ob der Hitler recht hatte oder nicht daß werden wir bald sehen.

Hier steht Grettir, wer steht mit?

Anonymous said...

Terrorist attack in Lahore, Pakistan, killing five police officers and injures several members of the Sri Lankan cricket team.

"I want to say it's the same pattern, the same terrorists who attacked Mumbai," Punjab Governor Salman Taseer told reporters.

"They are trained criminals. They were not common people. The kind of weaponry they had, the kind of arms they had, the way they attacked ... they were not common citizens, they were obviously trained," he continued.

Anonymous said...

Kills five, sorry.

Anonymous said...

"They are trained criminals. They were not common people. The kind of weaponry they had, the kind of arms they had, the way they attacked ... they were not common citizens, they were obviously trained," he continued, "by MOSSAD."

"I will willingly provide my name and address to any representative of Israel, or one of their German puppets."

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,....

Anonymous said...

Fascinating post indicating that the "American Establishment" as loathed by Chomsky may be weary of the Zio-Cabal.

The Limits of a "3 Minute Rahm" in Obama's Kitchen Cabinet

Steve Clemons
Sunday, Mar 01 2009, 6:03PM

I can't get into names, but if a crafty business journalist got on the phone to the biggest billionaires and financial wizards who support the Democratic Party and Barack Obama, he or she would find a large passel of very frustrated economic elites who think that Obama's stimulus package and spending priorities are not going to either restore confidence and economic growth or reinvest in the backbone of the US economy in a way that can help generate recurring returns for future generations of citizens.

The folks I am talking to are definitely not part of the market fundamentalist Robert Rubin fan club. They see the world differently, but I'm beginning to wonder if we really all should be very worried that some in Obama's economic kitchen cabinet (or who we think is in it) are so dissatisfied with the substance of the policy outcomes we are seeing thus far.

I asked one of them who I assume can get through to the President or at least to Rahm Emanuel any time he wants why he doesn't make his case more clearly to the occupants of the White House. The response was, "Yes, I can get through to Rahm Emanuel any time, but I get three minutes with him, and then someone else gets their three minutes, and so on. Rahm is the three minute guy -- and he's great during those three minutes."

Wealthy donors on the outside of the political process probably should not be able to just call up the President and get their way -- but the frustration I'm hearing from a great number of these types of donors -- types who are not only wealthy and helped finance much of the Democratic Party's victory in November but who are also smart and connected -- is that they are not getting through where it counts. The policy options they are proposing aren't getting into the basket of proposals that Obama is considering.

In other words, some feel that Obama is not getting a full range of choices on the economy and is being provided a narrow band of views that fit the preconceived biases of Larry Summers and Tim Geithner.

One of the fatal mistakes of the Bush administration in the build up to the Iraq War was the tight constriction of choices and views that Bush's advisors allowed him to see.

Let's hope that the Obama team isn't making the same mistake on the economy.

Ad Grettir,

I regret I have no specific or in-depth knowledge of Prussian history. The only practical bibliographical indication I can give is to approach anything written after 1918 with utmost skepticism; after all, the Age of Lies started with the Creel Commission and the Russian Revolution.


Anonymous said...

Seguing the post above, Steve Clemons, this had this article up yesterday.

Israel is Crossing the Line
Steve Clemons

Anonymous said...


Ich danke sehr. In your modesty you also teach.

Anonymous said...

I deny the so-called holocaust as a disgracesful slander of German order, I assert that Nürnberg was an obvious pack of lies and I shall say the same thing in or out of gaol.

the only word i disagree here, grettir, is "disgracesful":)

Anonymous said...

... with ... (what i get for criticizing others' writing)

Anonymous said...

via israel shamir:

I believe in one Holocaust®, conceived in Hollywood, born of the New York media: and in Six Million Judaics, who suffered under Adolf Hitler and were gassed, made into lampshades and cremated. In the 21st century they arose again, to haunt the living and the dead. I believe in Elie Wiesel and the geysers of blood, and Arnold Friedman and the color-coded crematory smoke, the holy Shoah biz Church, the communist saints, no forgiveness of German sins, the resurrection of lies, and the shelf-life everlasting of the Auschwitz gas chamber stories. Amen.

THE CREED OF THE CHURCH OF THE SHOAH http://revisionistr eview.blogspot. com/2009/ 02/creed- of-church- of-shoah. html
-Michael Hoffman

Anonymous said...

yes Grettir, also as myself understand that modesty is required to maintain an overview. As in eastern martial arts, the aggressor will run over the edge or wall, like e.g. Israel at the moment. Though the Palestinians don't have the military means to counterattack anyhow.
Probably Clausewitz would recommend strategic consideration too.
Mahler is a bit fanatic, as much as I find his writings respectable, maybe heroic and even enlightening sometimes. He as a lawyer considers the courtroom as his battlefield. But political justice is like a "you can't win"- situation, only that it shows who has the power at the moment still. and their brutality - the purpose of "Abschreckung" =deterrent.
We can compare the case with the political justice around 1848, when many mounted the barricades, like Bakunin, Richard Wagner, and- 1777 the poet Christian F,D. Schubart was in jail for attacking the Jesuits. but more for his "Deutsche Chronik" "Vaterlands-Chronik" (patriotic- chronic) He was set free in 1787, by Frederick the Great, king of Prussia, and expressed his gratitude in Hymnus auf Friedrich den Grossen. Schubart was now appointed musical director and manager of the theatre at Stuttgart (Wikipedia)
He was with "Sturm und Drang" and wrote the beautiful freedom-poem: "Die Forelle" later set to melody by Franz Schubert as a song and string quintett.
here poems:

Anonymous said...

Christian Schubart

The Trout
Language: English

Across a clear brook gentle,
There shot in eager haste
The trout, so tempramental;
Quite arrow-like it raced.
I on the shore was gazing
And watched the brook disclose
The merry fish's bathing
To me in sweet repose.

An angler's reel unrolled
From where he stood below.
He watched with blood most cold
The fish swim to and fro.
So long no stone or sod
Stirred up the water pure
The trout from line and rod
Would stay, I thought, secure.

At length the thief lost patience
And made the brook obscure
With crafty agitations,
And ere I could be sure
The rod had started curving;
The squirming fish was hooked.
With pounding blood observing,
At the betrayed, I looked.

You, at the fountain golden,
Of youth, so free from doubt,
Be to the trout beholden;
At danger's sign, clear out!
'Tis oft for want of reason
That maids will shun the straight.
Beware the anglers' treason
Else you may bleed too late!

copyright © 1995 by Walter Meyer

Anonymous said...

i think is available domain name, i tried it and got Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)

on the other hand, try and off you go to simon wiesenthal center for global ripoff, where high caliber entertainers, wearing lampshades on their heads await you:
Los Angeles Premiere of SWC's Newest Film, "Against the Tide"
The Story of America During the Holocaust - Narrated by Dustin Hoffman
L-R: Richard Trank, Writer/Director, Dustin Hoffman, and Rabbi Marvin Hier, SWC Dean & Founder

What do you mean, The Story of America During the Holocaust?
As if it ever ended (listen, Dustbin bro, if you try to limit it, you limit its economic potential) ... holocaust is timeless, diaphanous, existing in six million dimensions according to string theory ... And In Beginning Was Holocaust.

Anonymous said...

"Report: German car firm used human hair from Auschwitz

Polish historian working in Auschwitz museum tells Der Spiegel television channel that fabric found at former factory of car part supplier Schaeffler was made of hair shorn from 40,000 inmates

Ynet Published: 03.03.09, 08:08 / Israel News

Car part supplier Schaeffler, one of the pillars of the German industry, used hair shaven from prisoners at the Auschwitz Nazi extermination camp to make textiles during World War II, historians working at the Auschwitz museum in Poland said Monday.",7340,L-3680205,00.html

In a related development, a recently discovered communique from General Irwin Rommel to German High Command Logistics stated his thanks for a recently received shipment of 40 tons of Jewish ear wax which will enable his tanks to be held together much better. But, he went on to say, "please do not send anymore of that fabric for our tank seats, it's making the guys kinda itchy and scratchy".

Anonymous said...

My apologies for slow responses, in particular to Steve B, this old bod craves rest.

Lobro, you know my respect so I shan't push it here. I'm trying to find a female friend, jeez broads can be tough.

Your words are as always a delight. It is the Hegel der mich verekelt, otherwise I would be one with Mahler. His position on the Jewish question is a little too discreet, but he is as you say a lawyer.

Jetzt muß ich weg, Arbeit macht das Leben süß, und Wer kann, voran.

And for those who only stamp and curse,
Patience! Soon you will suffer Grettir's verse,
A sting that yet will bite you worse.

Rowan Berkeley said...

Bill, I saw the headline for that on the Ynet front page, and I was almost tempted to grab it for niqnaq, but then I thought, this is silly, the use of human hair in mattresses etc is perfectly normal, it has been done all over the world for centuries, there's no story there, except the attempt to make it sound sinister.

Anonymous said...

RB, laughing here, after living in the Philippines on and off for 6 years, I do know that they use human hair for pillows and mattresses, they will also water down any sort of decent tasting dish to save a few pesos making the food there just about inedible.

When rainy season hits and it's unbearably humid, those pillows stink to high heaven.

Anonymous said...


Quite a while ago you posted info about an obscure conspiracy theorist, I believe a woman, whose work was centered around Saudi Arabia and/or allegations related to Saudi/American machinations. If you are aware to whom I refer,has she/he any ongoing work of interest?

Anonymous said...

Has it been noted here that Beverly Giesbrecht's picture was released along with a fund appeal
to rescure her from kidnappers?

Katz of Site says its a US govt conspiracy but don't some say as much about Site?

Anonymous said...

"Report: German car firm used human hair from Auschwitz ..
what's behind this story, spread from Poland to NewZealand? Remember Norman Finkelstein's "The H-locaust-industry" - in the postscript 2000 AD to the german edition, he describes the accusations against the Swiss banks, most without proof, gold from jewish teeth in the vaults, and the Swiss paid reparations.

Now this again in a long line of similar,

But first the language: already the words suggest horror:

German car firm 'used hair from Auschwitz'
Rolls of textiles made by Schaeffler 'contain hair from 40,000 death camp inmates'

One of the pillars of German industry, the giant but debt-crippled Schaeffler car parts supplier, was accused yesterday of using hair shorn from at least 40,000 Auschwitz death camp prisoners to make textiles at its factories in Nazi-occupied Poland during the Second World War.

The highly disturbing allegations were contained in new evidence unearthed by Polish historians at the Auschwitz museum, who said they had found rolls of fabric made from camp inmates' hair at a former Schaeffler factory in Poland's southern region of Silesia.....

The company's own historian dismissed the allegations yesterday and said there was no evidence to support the theory that Schaeffler processed death camp inmates' hair industrially during the Second World War.

But Dr Jacek Lachendro, a historian at the Auschwitz museum, told Germany's Der Spiegel television channel that 1.95 tonnes of cloth made from inmates' hair had been discovered at a former Schaeffler textile and army tank parts factory in the town of Kiertz (formerly Katscher)...

Lachendro said that subsequent analysis of the hair showed that some of it contained traces of the Zyklon B gas used by the Nazis to murder millions in the death camps....

but further
Hair was routinely shorn from prisoners, usually on arrival, at the death camps. The Nazi war machine used it to...
and the first comment says: cyclon B was used for delousing hair and cloth to prevent typhus.

Anonymous said...

what's behind it?

HANOVER, Germany, March 2 (Reuters) - Indebted German car parts group Schaeffler dismissed speculation its takeover of larger rival Continental AG (car tires) could unravel under pressure from creditor banks.
"The rumours that Schaeffler has agreed to give up its Conti shares to the banks are untrue," a Schaeffler spokesman said on Monday after the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper reported that such a move was under consideration.
Schaeffler has a direct stake of nearly 50 percent in Continental and transferred another 40 percent stake to banks....
M.M. Warburg analyst Marc-Rene Tonn said if the deal came apart it would be hard to find buyers for Continental...
Schaeffler has said it needs about 5-6 billion euros....
The Schaeffler family is now being pressured to surrender control of its company to banks that financed the ill-fated deal,...
Family-owned Schaeffler borrowed 16 billion euros to buy control of Continetal, but the credit crunch left it struggling to service its debt...

so bankers, as often, disown a middleclass factory, (here major business) by shutting down the credit line? the factory sold and dissemled?
Additional at the moment car sales crash down worldwide.
You can say about middle class capitalist factories, what you want, but better a job than jobless begging wellfare. and the country??

Anonymous said...

"dissembled" it should read

Rowan Berkeley said...

That is a very well spotted connection, anon, you could be right.

Anonymous said...

from the same Independent article as above:
Last month, Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler, the concern's flamboyant and usually fur-coated millionaire owner, appeared at a trade union rally and wept openly as she appealed to the government of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, for a state-funded bailout.....
The discovery was the latest in a series of damaging blows for the ailing Schaeffler concern, which employs 200,000 people worldwide. The company is currently saddled with debts totalling €14bn (£12.6bn) and faces the prospect of bankruptcy.

The Schaefflers seem at least greedy or bankrupt already before that, to try to take over the bigger tyre giant Conti with

...borrowed 16 billion euros to buy control of Continetal, but the credit crunch left it struggling to service its debt.
in that situation of the world market?
or is it all about state/taxpayers money? It can't be a coincidence that "hair discovery" at Auschwitz museum in that situation. And it supports the bankers strategy, but unfortunately shows which interest group is behind it.
The Schaeffler family is now being pressured to surrender control of its company to banks that financed the ill-fated deal, sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters.
(from the

Anonymous said...

such problems ... they are losing their hair

Anonymous said...

there are more and more potholes ahead for the car industries and the banks try to fill them with hair. not professional, but in a time as this.. the devil wears a wig.

Anonymous said...

iraq-war has been unreachable for over 2 days now

Anonymous said...

jew redefines the notion of truth, so that lie becomes a somewhat unorthodox variant of truth:

Rosenblat goes "SPLAT"

"I wanted to bring happiness to people," Rosenblat said in a statement issued Saturday through his agent, Andrea Hurst. "I brought hope to a lot of people. My motivation was to make good in this world."

A couple of days earlier, Berkley had offered a qualified defense of the book, saying it was a work of memory, a story whose truth was known only to the author.
(what is truth to one jew is lie to 6 billion goys, but guess who wins?)

he giveth happiness and he taketh happiness away
Berkley will demand that the author and the agent return all money that they have received for this work.

(another Berkeley altogether, I checked :-), although this money should go in support of Niqnaq as a plausible survivor of gulag of lies)

Anonymous said...

but that wet smooch from oprah still glows on their (butt) cheeks, truth or not, it is the greatest love story ever told, according to soaprah, and yes, the happiness persists, love conquers all, even Berkeley Books demanding their money back (just check out the picture of marital idyll, the long lost lovebirds posing with a survivor apple that still smells like zyrkon b).

Hurst, interviewed Saturday by The Associated Press, declined to offer details of Rosenblat's book deal, but said the amount of money was not a great deal. She said that rights to the book also had been sold to publishers in Poland, France and other countries.
see what i mean, the shoah goes on and brings happiness

Rosenblat, 79, a resident of the Miami area, was virtually unknown to the general public until the 1990s when he began speaking of how he came to know his wife, Roma Radzicky. According to Rosenblat and his wife, he was a prisoner at a sub-camp of Buchenwald in Nazi Germany and she a young Jewish girl whose family was pretending to be Christian and lived nearby.

For months, they would meet on opposite sides of a barbed-wire fence, where she would sneak him apples and bread. Rosenblat was then transferred to another camp and the two lost touch, until the 1950s, when they were reunited by accident - on a blind date - in New York. They soon married and earlier this year celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

The Rosenblats were interviewed twice over the years by Winfrey, who has called their romance the single greatest love story ... we've ever told on the air. They have inspired a children's book and a feature film adaptation is scheduled to begin next year. ...

good way to bring up children, no?
"twinkle, twinkle little stern, how i wonder who the fuck you really are ..."

but the good thing is that media splashed this all over, it was on fox, bbc, cnn, nyt, wapo, wsj, huffpo, an orgy of antisemitic, revisionist truth telling for which someone is bound to go to jail.

Anonymous said...

The next stage of virtual victim, in their media circus they can be false lovers, survivors, sufferers without risking to get water on their fingers, as gentiles do, without ever washing their hands; even get shekels therefore and are enraged by some incautious doubters, virtually enraged like infamous writer Ralph Giordano ("The Second Guilt" - exactly like that Rosenblat), him maybe not internationally famous though.

Anonymous said...

iraq-war back again...
Smarter Than a Rothschild or a British Prime Minister?
By: Douglas Herman
What is best in times of economic crash going on - gold? not always safe. Relations with people, friends, a place to grow food.. often worth something.

Anonymous said...

Xymphora is a big phony!

Xymphora the sophisticated gatekeeper deleted this comment from his site:

Arthur Topham, who is facing a CHR Tribunal over the content of his website, which ciriticizes Zionism, is asking people to write a letter in support of freedom of speech:

Does anyone else find it strange that Xymphora links to gatekeepers like, but there is no link to

No mention of the case either! This is very important, as the HRC's are trying to criminalize criticism of Isr-el:
“The premise of this complaint is a contention that Arthur Topham and contrive to promote ongoing hatred affecting persons identifiable as Jews and/or as citizens of Israel.”

Free speech Zionist crusader Ezra Levant also strangely chose to not mention him on his website.

Xymphora, the most sophisticated gatekeeper on the 'net?

The one who introduced me to the term 'zio-lite', seems to be a 'zio-lite'-lite, himself!

Man From Atlan said...

Nothing deleted on purpose I can see, looks like the changeover of formats is the culprit.