Thursday, March 05, 2009

Unlikely story

The story (or here) has it that Obama made the Russians a written offer to stop fooling around with 'Star Wars' emplacements in Eastern Europe if the Russians would come on board the ridiculous Zionist attacks on the non-existent Iranian nuclear bomb program. The Russians just laughed. Does this story make any sense? Is Obama such a fool that he would send such a letter? Are there no back-channels that could have been used to see if there was any chance of this offer flying before Obama embarrassed himself?

I don't believe any of it. The story is simply too implausible. The Russians aren't afraid of 'Star Wars' in Eastern Europe as they know that the recent second Ukrainian-European energy scare has put the Fear of God into any two-bit Eastern European country that doesn't want to freeze in the dark for the next fifty years. They also know that they have the high ground in their position on Iran, and the Zionists are going to lose this one.

No, this is a feint, part of the semi-secret world wide War Against The Jews. The real leaders of the world have finally realized the huge danger to the world of Zionism, and are starting to arrange for sea-bathing. Due to the stranglehold of the Jews over the mass media and almost all mainstream politicians - definitively proven by the lick-spittle unanimity of Western politicians to the Gaza slaughter - the real leaders of the world have to operate carefully, obliquely. These seem like dark days for the legion of decent and moral people, but the War Against The Jews is reason for hope. Note that this war is going to take place despite the actions of the 'lites', who are now scrambling to create a phony opposition to Zionism in order to create a phony Palestinian statelet as part of a phony 'two-state' solution. Hillary, completely Jew-owned, is showing herself to be firmly 'lite'.
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