Monday, March 09, 2009

The usual

I thought this analysis from YayaCanada was thoughtful and interesting. There's a paragraph in it, though, which doesn't make any sense (my emphasis in red):
"For Israel, Hamas and the Qassams are merely a smokescreen. Anyone following the Friedman theory of economics knows that it quite naturally creates poverty for a large segment of society and great wealth for certain others, and that uprisings will occur but must be contained at all cost to humanitarian values. This is the sole reason that North American leaders turn a blind eye to Israel's treatment of the Palestinians. It's not because they love Israel, nor that Israel controls North America; it's because they expect they will sooner or later have to act similarly in the event of a popular revolt (which they brand as "terrorism"), and they are watching and learning from Israel."

So all this shit - the Gaza slaughter, the never-ending brutality against the Palestinians, the attacks on Lebanon, the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war, the proposed war on Iran, the end of free speech, the destruction of international law, the billions and billions of dollars thrown away giving money to Israel, the destruction of the American economy, all the school trips to Holocaust museums - all of this is permitted so Western leaders can learn a few crowd-control skills? I don't think so.

The standard 'progressive' analysis - Klein, Noam, etc - falls apart because it admits only one motivating factor, money/class. Obviously important, but as I think about this more and more it is becoming clearer that money/class is not only not the only factor, it is usually not even the most important. I'm a conspiracist, so I go so far as to think that this confusion is intentional. Of course, I'll be told - slowly, so my tiny brain can grasp it - by the reductionists that my false consciousness is confused in failing to see that everything is really just class.
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