Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why is Jewish rule a problem?

The Old American Establishment, which has just been officially retired as rulers of America, weren't much good. Extremely right-wing, as selfish as it is possible to be, violent, and not very smart. They were responsible for all that terror in South and Central America, and, of course, the Vietnam war. Why, then, is it such a tragedy for them to be replaced by Jewish rule?

The Jewish rulers of today aren't your great-grandfather's Jews, the people largely responsible for progressive thought in the United States. Psychopathic supremacism has turned today's Jews viciously to the right. Their collective insanity means that they are single-issue guys, the single issue being the halting of assimilation through the building of Greater Israel, Anti-Assimilation-Land. They don't care about anything else. Millions of dead people, destruction of economies, the end of freedom of speech and international law - none of this is of any importance to them as long as they move to their goal.

Say what you like about the Old American Establishment, but their self-interest coincides with the interests of many Americans, and with the interests of others around the world. They want a strong American and world economy so they can make more money. In particular, the Old American Establishment is aware that fighting Wars For The Jews has damaged their economic position, and diminished the ability of their businesses to sell products around the world. Having more than one goal, particularly when those goals aren't pure evil, is better than having only one - extraordinarily evil - goal.
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