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Ahmadinejad effect

Via YayaCanada, from Bible Study for Atheists, an interview with David Plotz, author of the book "Good Book" (VL is the interviewer 'Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy', DP is Plotz, and OT is Old Testament; my emphasis in red):
"VL: One thing I really wasn't prepared for was how explicit the OT was about how the Israelites were to barge into other people's land, kill them, and take it over. It seems to fulfill the worst perceptions that anti-Zionists have, no?

DP: That's an unfair conflation, because it merges an ancient religious text with modern geopolitics. There are, of course, lots and lots of Jews who justify their claims to Israel and the West Bank by using the Bible. But most Israelis don't and the Israeli government doesn't. One of the oddest realizations I had while reading the Bible is that modern Israel occupies land that was not generally Biblical Israel. Modern Israel is where ancient Israel's enemies lived. The Biblical demands to kill and occupy are horrifying, and probably the most troubling part of the Bible. (Book of Joshua is hands down the most disturbing Bible book.) But it's succumbing to the literalist fallacy to extrapolate from that that Jews inherently are genocidal and seeking to expel and murder everyone on "their" land.

I guess your question is about whether it reinforces anti-Zionist views, and I suppose you are right that it could. My answer suggests that I think that would be unfair, but it may happen anyway."

Did anyone see this week's CSI:NY? The one with Ed Asner as a Nazi? With a 'Jewish' son? Human-skin lampshades? Connect-the-dots neo-Nazi tattoos? Black-and-white (recreated) Auschwitz footage? Jewish children shot in the back of the head? Secret Nazi memorabilia rooms (remember that episode of Father Ted?!). Wow! I don't think I've ever seen propaganda more blatant. Maudlin. Over-the-top. Just when you think it can't get any worse, it manages to rise to yet another level of bathos (I'm serious - this is multiple throw-up-in-your-mouth material). Gary Sinise, like Jon Voight, is one of those right-wing Hollywood types that gives me the creeps. The truth is rising fast and the Zionists are using all their propaganda machine in order to try to continue killing Palestinians and stealing their land. Pathetic (and I doubt that propaganda this obvious will fool even an American audience that is used to such drivel).


From Against All Enemies: 'Who is Israeli spy MEGA?' There appears to be one guy, a big-wig policy guy in the American government - someone who could obtain hand's-on access to all files, including the most classified, without attracting suspicion - who was running Israeli spy operations against the American government in the period from the late 70s until at least the early 90s, and probably up until today (i.e. he's the guy the FBI was really after when they overheard the 'American' phoning Harman to have her suborn justice in the AIPAC case in return for a promotion obtained through financial contributions from a 'one issue guy'). Try as you might, you will have a terrible time finding one individual who has been in power all those years, with the right level of access, across both American political parties.

What if that is the wrong way of looking at it? What if there is such a guy, a big political player over the decades, who had bipartisan political access to different big-wig players who had the kind of hand's-on access the big guy needed. There is only one such guy: Henry the K.

Obviously, Kissinger could have done his own snooping when he was Secretary of State. After that, he could rely on a series of big American political operators, in both parties, with connections back to him. The list is long. Names like Brent Scowcroft, Lawrence Eagleburger (chairman of the International Commission on Holocaust-Era Insurance Claims), George Shultz, Anthony Lake (take a wild guess at which religion he was a late convert to) all connect to Kissinger, often through Kissinger Associates. Any number of traitor neocons would have been happy to help in recent years. Of course, Kissinger, Cheney and Wolfowitz were together during the Ford Administration. Kissinger has thirty years of colleagues and disciples to call on. He has to be the only guy with that kind of access, or access to that access, across party lines and over the decades in question.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009:
  1. The cost of always arresting the wrong people on racist grounds inspired by Bibi's 'war on terror' - both Bibi and Rudy were on hand in London on 7/7 to see the conspiracy first-hand - is not only the costs of the legal proceedings and the cost to the innocents involved and the costs to many others who face the same Zionist racism, but the biggest cost of all: the real perpetrators go free, and are able to do the same thing again. One wonders how much of this bullshit the British people will put up with before they decide to do something about it.
  2. The chain of custody problem would be sufficient in itself to sink the latest 'truther' effort. I love this Danish moron, who seems to think that the problem of secretly moving 10 to 100 tons of explosives into buildings which were in full operation 24/7/365 without one person noticing anything isn't his problem.
  3. Part of the secret war against the Jews. Godspeed. As a mind experiment, contemplate how much better the world would be if the Jews didn't run the United States and much of Europe.
  4. CIA clown scared away from a speech by fear of embarrassment.
  5. The guy who phoned Harman probably knew he was being wiretapped (“We know that we are closely watched, that people might be listening to our phone calls. This is our working premise.”), which means he was setting her up to control her for even worse crimes, possibly when she became CIA director. The story is accomplishing the impossible by making Dennis Hastert look like some kind of hero, despite the fact that some people are never going to love him (the aides typing the letter themselves has an 'All the President's Men' feel to it!).
  6. A peak behind the curtain, no doubt intended to make it seem normal and un-frightening. I too "detest the accusation of dual loyalty and find it a despicable canard." The only loyalty of anyone who still self-identifies as Jewish is to Anti-Assimilation-Land. End of story. Start self-identifying as Palestinian and I'll start to give you some respect.
  7. More funny stuff:
    "Former FBI counterintelligence official David Szady, who led the investigation that targeted the AIPAC figures, told the New York Times in an interview last week that he was confident Harman had never sought to intervene in the case. "In all my dealings with her, she was always professional and never tried to intervene or get in the way of any investigation," Szady told the Times. The remark, while exonerating, is still perhaps puzzling. Why would an official who had been involved in a sensitive counterintelligence investigation yet to go to trial comment about the actions of someone who the government has not acknowledged was a subject of investigation in the case? How would he know who Harman had or had not lobbied on the matter? The Justice Department, for its part, denied comment. Szady could not be reached."

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Posting will be a little iffy as I've decided to reinstall everything on the computer I use for posting, and things are still a mess. I've noticed that the Disqus anti-spam filter is quite aggressive, so that's where any missing posts went (it seems to regard any posting from a big free email site as spam). I am in the process of reviewing and restoring the improperly canned posts.

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Photo op?

Photo op? Any of these Air Force photographers heard of Photoshop?

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From Gawker

I really like Gawker, a mainstream blog with a conspiracist's attitude.. Two from today:
  1. "Creepy People on The Internet: 'The Schnoz'", which leads you to a whole bunch of weird YouTube videos, and then it turns out he had a prior life, and then this.
  2. "Six Million Ways to Die", one of the favorites of the demolitionists. A commentator liked this ad.

Bizarro World - the perfect crime

Speaking of lukery, from his partial transcript of the Scott Horton (SH) interview of Philip Giraldi (PG) (on the big FBI investigation that discovers massive espionage and treason, but never gets anywhere because the corruption is just too massive; my emphasis throughout in red):
"SH: I want to get to the NSA thing because that connects to this story in a couple of important ways, and I guess the Ben-Ami Kadish theft of nuclear secrets cuts perhaps into the same thing. I'm having trouble figuring out exactly who is investigating what and under what authority but it seems like there has been one big FBI counter-intelligence operation against Israel spying inside the US since about 1998 or 1999, and that this one investigation seems to interact with all these different things - whether it is the leaking of secrets to Ahmed Chalabi who then passed them onto Iran, or whether it is the Sibel Edmonds story talking about the Turkish lobby, the neocons or Israeli spies in the Pentagon or paying off people in the Pentagon to steal secrets for them. It all sort of seems like - perhaps even this Jane Harman investigation - or would-have-been investigation-that-never-happened - is still kind of part of this one big counter-intelligence operation. Am I guessing anything close to right there? What do you think is going on?

PG: Well, I think that the key here is that this is all part of one huge, co-coordinated intelligence effort by the Israelis, and once you make that assumption, you realize that what the FBI is doing is they've been nibbling at the edges of this for a long time, and they've been discovering increasingly that a lot of the pieces come together. And we really shouldn’t be surprised at that. I would also throw in a lot of the phony intelligence leading up to the Iraq war, a lot of the phony intelligence that we've seen more recently trying to blacken the Iranians. This is all part of a scheme that is basically coordinated by Israeli intelligence, but has a lot of fellow travelers in the US, particularly the people we were seeing up until recently at the Pentagon, that basically are part of this scheme. And I think what the problem is for the investigators at the FBI is that they get a lot of names, they get a lot of information, but a lot of these people turn out to be Jane Harmans. They turn out to be people that basically are in very sensitive positions in the government and it becomes a political issue where to go with this kind of investigation, and the result is that most of these investigations are, as in the case of the Jane Harman investigation, they are squashed.

SH: It really goes to show, I guess, that you can even understand their point of view. That to really make the change and say for example really let the FBI off the leash and try to bring cases and let the Justice Department try to bring cases against as much Israeli spying and corruption and that kind of thing as they can, in this whole interconnected web of neocons and criminals... It would be 'horribly destabilising,' in their words, right. We'd be talking about taking two thirds of Washington DC and putting them in prison.

PG: Yeah, that's one way to look at it. The thing is that if the FBI and DoJ ever went after all the people who ever gave classified information to Israel or did things that amounted to malfeasance or criminal activity on behalf of Israel there would be a lot of people running through the system, and you'd have people like Abe Foxman screaming 'Anti-semitism!'

So yeah, there's a political dimension to everything but this is one kind of festering sore that has been there for a long time, and to lance it now would be an enormous political problem for any administration, Democratic or Republican."

and (on the weakness in the American political system that manifests itself in interesting ways in places like Turkey):
"SH: So that's where we really get into Bizarro World here... You have Larry Franklin, the case that started all of this thing, the top Iran analyst in the policy shop at the Pentagon, he wanted a promotion to the National Security Council, so apparently the way he judged his risk/benefit, the idea of going to Rumsfeld and asking for a recommendation was out of the picture. He decided instead the best route to the White House was through Israeli spies, and apparently this is the same way that Jane Harman assesses the balance sheet as well: If I want a promotion, I need to get the government of Israel to intervene on my behalf! That's really through the Looking Glass at this point isn’t it?

PG: Well, it's not through the Looking Glass, because obviously they felt that that was the way to go. And, you know, there are a lot of other people that see the US in the same way. For example, let's go back to our Turkish example. Why are the Turks so cozy with Israel? Do they have any real community of interest? You know, they have some common enemies in the area and so forth, but the big reason is that being chummy with the Israelis is a big plus for the Turks vis-a-vis the US. So a lot of people have seen our foreign policy as having this kind of key in the door which is the Israeli relationship, the Israeli connection, and clearly this was very plausible that the Israelis would be able to make these things happen. And even a canny operator in the political sphere like Jane Harman was convinced that it would work.

SH: I guess the message here is that the American people are just not responsible enough to maintain a world empire, because the incentive for the leaders of every other country to exert extraordinary influence in order to try to influence this empire apparently outmatches the American people every time.

PG: And our politicians are so corrupt and so motivated by their own interest that it makes it easy to manipulate them. I suspect that's a big part of it too. But you know this whole Israeli thing has been going on for so long, and they've been so successful at it, that they just kind of feel that at certain levels they are bullet-proof, and they can do what they want, they can manipulate the situation to satisfy their own needs."

Harman is ambitious and figures the best way to obtain her various political goals is to fulfil requests from Israeli agents for political and legal manipulations in the United States for the benefit of Israel (it doesn't hurt that she is also a so-called dual loyalist whose only true loyalty is to her fellow JIZ); Larry Franklin wants a promotion in the American bureaucracy and determines that the best way to obtain it is to turn classified info over to Israeli agents; Turkey would like its political dealings with the Americans to be smoother so is unnaturally friendly to Israel. This absurdity all plays out because the Israelis and their invariably Jewish apologists and agents are all one-issue-guys, with the one issue being the creation of Anti-Assimilation-Land across the Middle East, and because they are all, to a man or woman, psychopathic extremist violent racists who will do anything to achieve their one long-term goal. They have been manipulating American politics for so long that the fact of their manipulation and corrupting has become one of their major blackmail handles (another point that Giraldi makes is that once you have done one favor for them, they can use that to blackmail you into doing more - very le Carré).

It must be frustrating for the FBI to work on these files. Not only is it dangerous work - probably both physically and politically dangerous - but the immensity and bipartisan nature of the crimes they discover make it impossible to obtain convictions. The JIZ have so destabilized the American government through decades of systematic corrupting that even pointing to the tip of the iceberg would destroy the entire political system (that is the hint being dropped by the JIZ insisting that the AIPAC prosecution be scrapped). The perfect crime is one so immense that it destroys the legitimacy of the political system in which the crime is investigated.

Seeing double

Niqnaq (posted Friday, April 24th, 2009 at 7:43 pm, presumably London time):
"The 23 countries that walked out of the Geneva Conference during Ahmadinejad’s speech are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK. The 27 EU members are the above plus Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland, which had already decided not to send delegates at all. The other 5 countries which had already decided not to send delegates at all are Australia, Canada, Israel, New Zealand and the US. So the formula for the bloc claiming that Ahmadinejad is ‘racist’ is: EU, plus Israel, plus the surviving ‘Anglo-Saxon’ or ‘English-speaking’ — i.e., white colonial — states: Australia & New Zealand, the USA & Canada. It seems then that this bloc is no more nor less than the white, western colonialist and imperialist nations, with Israel acting as their convenor, and that to be opposed to white, western colonialism and imperialism is the real definition of ‘racism’ in their eyes."

From Mondoweiss (posted April 25, 2009 at 11:30 a.m., presumably New York time):
"Mohammad of Vancouver writes:
The 23 countries that walked out of the Geneva Conference during Ahmadinejad’s speech are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.
The 27 EU members are the above plus Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland, which had already decided not to send delegates at all. The other 5 countries which had already decided not to send delegates at all are Australia, Canada, Israel, New Zealand and the US.
So the formula for the bloc claiming that Ahmadinejad is ‘racist’ is: EU, plus Israel, plus the surviving ‘Anglo-Saxon’ or ‘English-speaking’ — i.e., white colonial — states: Australia & New Zealand, the USA & Canada. It seems then that this bloc is no more nor less than the white, western colonialist and imperialist nations, with Israel acting as their convenor, and that to be opposed to white, western colonialism and imperialism is the real definition of ‘racism’ in their eyes."

I agree with Niqnaq. Presumably a citation back to an inappropriate site like Niqnaq was not possible.

Where's Larry?

Sibel is talking again so lukery is back, and noted this odd thing which has come up before, that Larry Franklin is not in jail, despite his 151 month sentence. This reminds me of the case of Ali Mohamed, convicted but apparently never sentenced, and who may have been released by Alberto Gonzales, presumably in return for future espionage-related services.

Friday, April 24, 2009

We get it

A comment by 'American' to Mondoweiss on Lobbygate (my emphasis in red; much of the same ground, but not the crazy red paragraphs, is covered by Justin Raimondo):
"Some of you STILL DON'T GET IT.

You need to go back to the original reporting on the FBI surveillance of AIPAC and Israeli spying operations to know how Franklin, Rosen and Harman, et all got caught.

From Richard reporter on whole affair:

"Gilon, chief of political affairs at the Israeli embassy, had been under surveillance at least since 2001, when the FBI discovered new, 'massive' Israeli spying operations on the East Coast, including New York and New Jersey.

"The FBI began intensive surveillance on certain Israeli diplomats and other suspects and was videotaping Naor Gilon, chief of political affairs at the Israeli embassy in Washington, who was having lunch at a Washington hotel with two lobbyists from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee lobby group. Federal law enforcement officials said they were floored when Franklin came up to their table and sat down."

As I said the FBI was after something much, much bigger than just regular AIPAC doings...there was a "massive" Israel spying operation going on in 2001 that the FBI was tracking..that is where all the Franklins, Rosens and Harmans got caught up.

What were the Israelis doing in NY and NJ in 2001 that the FBI was watching? Stay tuned. Everything comes out sooner or later.

Did it have anything to do with 911? I wouldn't put anything pass the zionist. From the days when they dressed up as Arabs to bomb the King David Hotel to today, deception and false flags have been their stock in trade."

Harman, the two AIPACers and Franklin were all caught because of a long-ongoing espionage investigation which involved Israeli spies in the United States. All these people found themselves in trouble by wandering into the frame of the FBI's pre-existing surveillance and implicating themselves. The big unanswered question: what was the reason for the initial FBI investigation of Israeli spies in the United States? Given the extreme delicacy of the politics, the Israelis must have been up to something really, really big.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chinese mop-up crew?

David Kellermann, acting chief financial officer of mortgage company Freddie Mac, apparently managed to kill himself by both a gun shot and hanging. It is unclear whether he got up on the chair, put the noose on, kicked away the chair and then shot himself, or whether he shot himself first, and then with all his dying energy climbed up on the chair, put the noose on, and then kicked away the chair. In any event, he is the undisputed winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize for Suicide (previous winners include Gary Webb, Steve Kangas, J. Clifford Baxter, Deborah Jeane Palfrey and Danny Casolaro). It is funny how, when officials lie, they can't even get the most rudimentary facts straight.

Freddie Mac was one of the two huge American financial operations that were bailed out by the American government in order to protect Chinese investments so the necessary life blood of the American empire, Chinese loans, would continue to flow. Those Wars For The Jews aren't cheap. You have to wonder what Kellermann knew, and what he might have been preparing to say. He "was working on the company's first-quarter financial report". There are often tell-tale hints: "Fearing that someone might attack his house, his wife or their 5-year-old daughter, he asked the company for a security detail."

The ex-CIA guy who allegedly set the targets on the Chinese embassy in Belgrade that was 'accidentally' bombed by the Americans also suffered a recent fatal mishap. Is a Chinese mop-up crew at work in the United States?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Jews have lost it

How bad is it? It's so bad that President Ahmadinejad was criticized for things he didn't say. Gilad Atzmon:
"On a final note, if the British government insists upon sending delegates to such a conference, it better make sure that those assigned to the task are capable of presenting an eloquent argument that can withstand intellectual scrutiny. Peter Gooderham, the UK ambassador to the UN in Geneva, is clearly not suited to the job. The Ambassador went on record saying "Such outrageous anti-Semitic remarks should have no place in a UN anti-racism forum." Ambassador Gooderham better advise us where the ‘anti Semitism’ is exactly.

President Ahmadinejad did not refer to a Jewish race, he did not refer to Judaism either. He did not refer to the Jewish people, if anything, he was referring to their suffering.

Ambassador Gooderham, in case you have managed to miss it all, while acting like a sheep in a herd, President Ahmadinejad was telling the truth referring to some universally accepted facts.

It would save some embarrassment in the future if British diplomats would be properly trained to understand the complexity of current world affairs and the ideologies that are involved in shaping those affairs. It would save us from watching the odd buffoon diplomats throwing around meaningless sound bites, which they themselves fail to fully comprehend."

The unanimous official Western response is as accurate as if the Jews rolled out the president of the American Asparagus Growers Association to feign outrage at all the terrible things President Ahmadinejad said about asparagus! Not only was he criticized for things he didn't say, he was criticized for things that were in a draft of his speech which he intentionally changed to avoid offense! It is obvious that the Jews wrote up the various responses based on the speech they wished President Ahmadinejad would say, and then ordered all their reps and collaborators to read the prepared text (I hope the collaborators don't forget what happens to collaborators after the revolution when we throw off our shackles - we're keeping a list).

Note this particular fuckwit who calls the perfectly accurate and inspiring speech a "screed worse than anything found in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion". The Jews have lost it (and Dersh called Bishop Tutu, an 'Apartheid survivor' - to use the lingo - a 'racist and bigot'!). Of course, because the mainstream media is utterly Jew-controlled, the criticisms of a speech that Ahmadinejad didn't give will make it look like he said all the things the Jews and their craven collaborating employees claimed that he said.

Harman's hypocrisy

Note how Harman is getting in trouble, not for treason or breaking the law or consorting with foreign agents or confirming the complete truth of the Walt/Mearsheimer thesis (including the fact that she claimed her point of influence was in the White House - sorry, Noam), but for the utter hypocrisy of feigning outrage that it was her precious call that was being monitored, a legal wiretap involving an espionage investigation, while she was the primary Democrat who enabled the Bush Administration to engage in illegal spying on Americans. It is curious that the new revelations claim that Gonzales blackmailed her into taking this stance based on his knowledge of the wiretap, while she seemed all too eager to allow illegal surveillance without the prodding of any blackmail (when Gonzales blocked the investigation of Harman in 2006, it looks more like a bribe than blackmail). Even before the tapped call, she had already intervened with the NYT to stop their NSA story before the 2004 elections, when it might have had a political impact favorable to her own party. There is a hell of a lot going on here, all pointing to the enormous control of the Lobby (sorry again, Noam). Blackmail and bribery aren't the right terms - it is more like bipartisan political corruption all in service to the Lobby.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Holocaust and Israeli occupation cannot be compared

"The Holocaust and Israeli occupation cannot be compared". Or can they? Levy, a 'liberal', just can't shake that racist supremacist idea that the Jewish holocaust can't be compared to anything else. It is this kind of fucked-up thinking that is behind my view that Jews will never solve this problem, no matter how well meaning they think they are.

Watch how all the delegates from the racist European nations walked out - en masse, so it must have been preplanned - when Ahmadinejad points to their racism (not just Israel's racism, but the racism of those who set up and support the racist illegitimate Israeli regime; the speech continues here, here, and here). They must be so proud as they discuss their actions tonight over $800 bottles of wine in Geneva's best restaurants. The rest of the world gets it, and applauded. While it may be lost on supremacists like Levy and lapdogs like the Eurotrash dips, Ahmadinejad makes some excellent philosophical points towards the deep politics of Israeli/Western racism as made tangible in the colonialist state of Israel. Israel looks like a theme park, the only present-day chance you have to witness the worst excesses of Western racism in action.

Spying on Iran

It seems to me that if you are a citizen of two countries, the first of which is a nuclear superpower whose foreign policy and media is run by racist psychopaths who constantly lie about the second country in order to trick the first country into participating in the nuclear destruction of the second country, and you move to the second country and immediately start snooping around and asking pointed questions, you have only yourself to blame when you are arrested and convicted by the second country for spying. Frankly, I'd be flabbergasted if she wasn't spying, at least in the semi-professional way where you have a nice meeting with the State Department before you leave with the suggestion that the American government would be grateful for any information you might convey. If you want to lay blame for this on anybody, don't blame the victim Iran, blame the real culprits, the JIZ.

Speaking of lying, the Jew-controlled media is having a field day over the noble speech of President Ahmadinejad, completely misconstruing the content of the speech - with which any moral and decent person has to be in full agreement - and lyingly calling him a denier of the Jewish holocaust and somebody who has called for the destruction of Israel, both patent and outrageous falsehoods intended to lead to genocide.

Speaking of denial and genocide, did you know that discussing the campaign of genocide against the Palestinians is 'Holocaust denial'? Does that mean that if there is really an ongoing campaign of genocide against the Palestinians the Jewish holocaust did not occur?

Wider implications of the leak of the Harman treason

The content of the revelations that lead to the inescapable conclusion that Jane Harman should be tried, and hung, for treason are less interesting that the timing of the release of the information. Two timing issues:
  1. Steve Rosen started the attacks on Charles Freeman. The Harman treason revelations appear to be payback, as the political interference in the trial will make it difficult for prosecutors to drop the matter. Rosen may serve time for his victory over Freeman.
  2. Who was the Israeli spy who was instructing Harman? If it was indeed Naor Gilon, who slithered out of town back to Israel right after the arrest of the AIPACers, the same Gilon who has just been appointed the number two man of Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, it gives Obama some powerful ammunition in dealing with the Israelis.

The leakers are comedians, hanging Harman with info from the wiretap program that Harman was instrumental in covering up.

Monday, April 20, 2009


The United States announced that it just might attend Durban, so the organizers rushed around to remove the few - to hear the Jew-controlled media whine about it, you'd think Durban was AntiSemitapalooza - references to Israeli racism from the conference. Once the conference agenda was Judenrein, the Americans said 'Psych! We're not going anyway!' Nice work, Rahm!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pals' new pals

The Gaza slaughter changed perceptions so radically that the December efforts by some American 'elders' to encourage the U. S. to take steps towards a two state solution now seem quaint and naive, if not covertly Zionist. No, the only solution now is sea bathing, followed by a majority-ruled - i. e., Palestinian ruled, with perhaps some minority rights granted to the non-supremacist Jews who choose to remain - state over the whole area. It is not that two states are physically impossible, it is the stark realization that the utterly racist, violent, eliminationist and supremacist JIZ - I continue to refuse to play into their game and separate Jews, Israelis and Zionists, who are all equally insane - are incapable of even looking after their own best interests. They are all madmen who won't stop slaughtering, with the damage being blamed on Americans, until everybody is dead, including themselves.

A lot of hints have started to fall that the United States is finally fed up with it all, and will take steps to impose a two state solution:
  1. The U. S. is considering attending the anti-racism conference in Durban, with lapdog Europe surely to follow, leaving only Israel and Canada as the countries officially in favor of racism (the shitty little country and the shitty big country).
  2. Obama is apparently going to be washing his hair that week, and won't be able to meet Bibi when Bibi arrives for his triumphant appearance at the AIPAC conference, a snub which would be too destructive of Jewpower for Bibi to risk attending.
  3. In a phony 'leak' to the Israeli media, Rahm indicated that the U. S. is going to ensure that steps are taken in the next four years to lead to a two state solution.
  4. Mitchell emphasized the change of direction when he refused to let Bibi throw up yet another bullshit JIZ precondition to peace - I have to say that the JIZ have developed a well-deserved reputation as being completely untrustworthy scoundrels with all their tricks - this time that the Palestinians recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people before negotiations can begin.

The role of Rahm in this is an indication that this is some sort of trick, but I'm not sure which one. Rahm's JIZ plan may be for this to devolve into a linkage of solving the phony Iran problem with the Palestinian issue, in which case of course the Israelis will never have to get around to negotiating with the Palestinians as they will claim never to be satisfied with whatever the Americans manage to negotiate with the Iranians.

The alternative scheme may be based on lite Zionist fears that the slaughter in Gaza truly made the existence of a supremacist Israel impossible, with one state inevitable. The scheme would thus be to ensure the continued existence of a racist Jewish supremacist state by tricking the Americans into imposing a two state solution on both parties (the Collaborator-In-Chief is happy to take whatever crumbs he is thrown). This would be a terrible shame for the Palestinians, who have endured so much and almost won the whole falafel, only to have it snatched away by Rahm at the last minute (particularly as they will surely be left with an unviable Bantustan-style statelet). Fortunately, extremist JIZ - i. e., most of them - will never stand for a setting of Israel's borders and the de facto end of the dream of Anti-Assimilation-Land, and will do everything to scupper any imposed two state solution. The greatest allies of the Palestinians will be the craziest of the JIZ.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mary McCarthy Gomez Cueto

From the topical obituary of Mary McCarthy Gomez Cueto:
"Mary McCarthy Gomez Cueto, the Newfoundland-born widow of a wealthy Cuban businessman, had one fortune confiscated in the 1959 Cuban revolution and a second cache impounded by the 1962 U.S. trade ban on Cuba.

She forgave the former but never the latter, and her one-woman plight became an international campaign that finally, in 2007, caused the American stand to soften just enough for her to withdraw $96 (U.S.) every month from a First National Bank account in Boston. The money was released for medical reasons."

"In 1950, Mr. Gomez Cueto was diagnosed with leukemia and died. They had no children, and she inherited his fortune, about $4-million. Some was invested in Cuba and some banked in Boston. Mr. Gomez Cueto appeared to be a far-seeing businessman who wanted to maximize his wife's financial options. Her comfortable life continued in Havana; she gave no thought to returning to St. John's or remarrying.

On New Year's Day, 1959, president Fulgencio Batista was informed that Fidel Castro was in Havana, and fled. The Cuban revolution was at hand.

Ms. McCarthy's Cuban assets were seized, and she was allotted a monthly pension of 200 pesos - about $12.

It was a time of upheaval and flight, but Ms. McCarthy never considered leaving her adopted home. "I wasn't a bit frightened," she said. Castro had promised the Cuban people that they would not lose their homes, and she believed him. She remained in her mansion, which decayed around her.

She could see that the revolution had drained much of the fun, and certainly all the frivolity, from Havana. Yet she admired Mr. Castro and was resigned to her vanished riches. "He's a great friend of the poor, you know," she said. "Everything I lost was properly used. There was better education, more housing, and no more children in the street begging or anything like that."

(Mr. Castro himself used to greet her at the annual Canadian embassy party by saying: "I know your face, I know your face - but I don't remember who you are.")

The American freeze on her assets in Boston was another story as far as Ms. McCarthy was concerned. The U.S. government was wrong to take what was hers, she felt, because it did it only as part of an over-emotional response to Mr. Castro. To the end of her life, she hoped to see the embargo lifted. "That way we'd get on our feet.""

Note how the lyin' Telegraph manages the opposite spin!

Maxwell theory

Via Cryptome, a theory, probably in the ballpark, on the death of Robert Maxwell.

Too much Bibi leads to murder

Good video of the murder of Ian Tomlinson, an innocent man walking home from work who was brutally assaulted by the police in London, an assault which led to an internal abdominal hemorrhage which killed him. One of the police dogs appears to have nosed Tomlinson in the leg, and when Tomlinson complained about it, the police thug officer hit him in the legs with his baton, causing Tomlinson to start to fall one way, then immediately pushed him from behind in the other way, causing the twisting which no doubt led to the ruptured artery which killed him. I wonder if they teach that move in thug police college?

The thugs police were somewhat unlucky, in that Tomlinson was in no way a protestor, and thus could not be labeled a 'terrorist', their lies that he died of a heart attack didn't pan out, their lies that the protestors stopped Tomlinson from receiving medical attention were easily disproved, and their lies about the absence of CCTV coverage (extremely unlikely in the Panopticon of London; isn't it odd that the entire city is under surveillance but whenever anything happens no camera seems to be on?) rendered irrelevant by the video taken by a bystander (how long before private ownership of video cameras is considered a 'terrorist' act?).

The police in London appear to have been rendered completely insane from the vile fumes of Bibi Netanyahu's 'war on terror' (for a more humorous but no less Orwellian story, read Julian Cope's adventure). Yet another reason why the sins of the JIZ are more important to every decent and moral person than the JIZ spokesmonsters would have us believe.

Thieves of a feather flock together

For the first time (?), the Palestinians are complaining about an exhibition of Dead Sea scrolls stolen by Israel. This time it is a show at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. Of course, the point of these shows is to establish that the Israelis have a legitimate claim to the stolen loot.

This one's a no-brainer. Assuming they are lucky enough to avoid a JIZ judge, the Palestinians should have no problem obtaining an injunction from the Canadian courts to prevent the display of property illegally obtained. It is undeniable that the scrolls were illegally stolen under the provisions of international law binding in both Israel - to the extent that any international law is binding in Israel due to the 'Holocaust Exemption' which means that international law isn't binding on Jews! - and Canada.

The sheer embarrassment of becoming an international art theft pariah should be enough to force the Royal Ontario Museum to back down, particularly as it is chock full of priceless cultural treasures stolen from the Chinese (not yet a big political issue, but the ROM really doesn't want to raise these issues now). It would be funny if a JIZ judge refused to stop the show but the ensuing outrage and disgust from the legion of decent and moral people forced the ROM to disgorge all its stolen Chinese art! I wonder what the Chinese Canadian donors who have funded the exhibition of such art over the years would think about the executives of the Royal Ontario Museum putting all its Chinese art treasures at such a huge risk of loss all for the sake of scoring a few political points for the JIZ. Canada is attempting to repair its relations with China - China has been all but abandoned by the Harper government until recently - and it would be a good time for the Chinese government to raise the issue, particularly if the ROM is dumb enough to try to force the Dead Sea scroll show through.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Interesting but very shallow article on the people who distribute the dirty money which facilitates big oil contracts, centering around one Ely Calil, apparently known as 'Smelly' to his friends. The article mentions, but minimizes, some of Calil's less savory adventures (note how Silverstein describes a deal to install an environmentally dangerous refinery in Tripoli as some kind of victory), including his involvement in the failed Equatorial Guinea coup plot, the investigation of which may be about to become very interesting.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stop the collaborators

George Galloway's excellent letter to the Charity Commission is worth the read.

Note that the so-called Charity Commission is quite happy to see people starve to death if it advances the goals of their Jewish masters. The Charity Commission is a collection of bureaucrats who perceive their principle job as covering their asses. They see that the Jews are in charge, and act accordingly. We mustn't forget that Jewish power, while both unbelievably evil and unbelievably strong, is still wafer thin, and rests entirely on a perception of power (that's why the Jews really don't mind, despite all the whining, when people point out how powerful they are). Galloway is pointing out to these utterly amoral bureaucrats that there are other, more real, sources of power out there, particularly the legion of moral and decent people, and working for the Jews may not be covering their asses as well as they think.

Never forget the importance of the Shabbos goy in perverting the ostensible humanitarian goals of various bureaucracies in advancing the evil goals of the Jews. If we stop the collaborators, we stop the evil.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blair's hometown

Tony Blair, the Quartet's envoy for Middle East peace, and recipient of a cool million dollars from an Israeli foundation to make his impartiality all the easier, is a certifiable religious nut. As we've seen from American examples, Christian religious nuts don't make very good advocates for Middle East peace.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The only possible suspect

Another set of good doubts about the assassination of Dr David Kelly falls apart when it ventures into a consideration of possible suspects. There was a fairly massive cover-up which involved:
  1. British police
  2. British intelligence agencies;
  3. the entire British government, all the way to the top; and
  4. rather sloppily, the British judicial system.

It is impossible to believe that all these entities conspired in such an obvious cover-up in order to protect some sleaseball Iraqi dissident, particularly as the attack was already over, Saddam was out, and the sleaseballs were no longer of use to the British government. No, the only possible suspect is the only possible beneficiary of the cover-up, the British government itself.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday 2009

Good Friday 2009:
  1. After visiting Putin the Collaborator-in-Chief spent two days (!) in Daghestan. Daghestan? Is he looking for a new homeland for the Palestinian people?
  2. If you do a Google search on Norman Finkelstein you'll never find his website, while a Yahoo search lists it first. Google better be careful - political jobbing of search results is a quick road to obscurity. Some commentators suggest a technical explanation which begs the question why Yahoo isn't fooled. Time to switch search engines?
  3. Watch the Angry Arab eviscerate the poor schlub the Israelis sent to the debate, who is reduced at the end to Woody-Allen-style sputtering and whingeing.
  4. Following similar efforts in the UK, the American racist far right is joining with Zionists to build solidarity around the concept of Islamophobia.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Roger Cohen's revenge

Roger Cohen, under ceaseless assault by the Lobby for some unusually sensible reporting on the Middle East, gets his revenge by pointing out that the Israeli government has been whining about the imminent risk of Iranian nukes - with 'existential crisis' deadlines to the Jewish state passed over and over again - for almost twenty years. They started whining almost immediately after they stopped doing business with Iran in a little incident known as Iran-Contra (of course, they still do sub rosa business with Iran).

The most moral army in the world

Via the Angry Arab, a shopping guide for the IDF in the West Bank:
"Israeli soldiers stormed the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem in three vehicles on Sunday, firing gunshots and tear gas before they besieged a café and forced everybody inside to lie on the ground.

The soldiers' mission, according to witnesses, was to buy a hookah from the café.

Palestinian youth who were inside Za'im Café had assumed the mission was, as usual, aimed at detaining someone. However, they were surprised when the soldiers examined hookahs and one asked for the owner.

Still lying on the floor, owner Thaer Al-Jaroun, answered. The soldier asked him how much he should pay for the hookah, then he took the hookah he selected and paid 230 Israeli shekels as the owner of the café requested.

After the soldiers left, youth pelted them with stones and confrontations erupted between both sides near the Palestine Khudouri College. Several students suffered tear gas inhalation on their way to the campus."

I like the fact that they paid for the idem, for, after all, they are the most moral army in the world.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

College students selling magazines

Chinese revenge? This is being spun as the hoariest of urban legends, the gang initiation. The white van with Florida plates had been stopped and was determined by police to be 'college students selling magazines' (the new 'art students'?). Note the comments to this article (posted before they disappear):
""...that they are confident its occupants were college students selling magazines ..."

this is a favorite cover story used by the Zionists / Mossad, especially while in the usa.

for example, some of the Zionists / Mossad agents taken into custody after 9/11 for filming the jets flying into the WTC claimed that they were college students selling magazine subscriptions and were released and immediately flew back to Zionland.

and who buys magazine subscriptions from door to door salespeople these days ???

Posted by flo_mo_t (anonymous) on March 26, 2009 at 10:01 a.m."

"and why would you drive all the way from Florida to sell magazine subscriptions in Loudoun County Virginia ???

those van occupants all need to be apprehended and water boarded. they either are involved or witnessed what transpired.

Posted by flo_mo_t (anonymous) on March 26, 2009 at 10:04 a.m."

"What this article fails to mention (maybe the reporter didn't know?) is that the "college students" in the van with Florida tags had been in Shenstone and the surrounding areas on Saturday afternoon and evening, and although they were "selling magazines," they were lying about where they were from (stating that they were neighbors alternatively from Beacon Hill and the Hidden Gap areas depending upon which neighbor he spoke to), that they were selling magazines for the benefit of local charities, lying about having sold subscriptions to neighbors (but giving you enough personal information about your neighbor to make you believe it's true), asking questions about where and when you work, about the vehicles in your driveway, about the habits of your neighbors (particularly the ones on the street with long driveways that make seeing the house difficult from the road), and trying to make excuses to get inside your house. The kid that came to my house came with a skateboard and said that he had ridden it across Route 7. He wasn't wearing a coat (it was about 45 degrees) because he claimed he left it at home, but when I saw him leave in his van, he was wearing one. He even suggested that he come inside so that he could write on a table. He wasn't afraid of my two very loud barking dogs either. Oh, and when my neighbor called the sheriff's department to report the incident, the deputy advised her that these boys had been seen trying the doors and windows of houses in Shenstone when no one answered the door. So, they may have been "college students selling magazines," but I believe they were also scoping houses in presumably affluent neighborhoods to determine which ones would make the best targets for home invasions.

Oh, and the boy who came to my house was Caucasian, with chin length blond hair, and was about 6'1 and weighed about 155-160 pounds. He was tall and very slender. He was also a very smooth talker. Even if these college students are not involved in the Bennett case - and I'm not suggesting that they are - they are scammers who are obtaining money under false pretenses.

Be vigilant!!

Posted by urdileoj (anonymous) on March 26, 2009 at 5:06 p.m."

"He was officialy the one to be held responsible for the CIA suggested NATO "accidental" bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, Serbia back in 1999 that has taken the lives of 3 news reporters and left 27 people severely injured.

He was the one blamed for the "mistake" and fired from the CIA immediately afterwards. This was the one and only target suggested by the CIA to the NATO during the entire bombing campaign. An investigation regarding the Chinesse embassy bombing did not make any headway in the news.

You will not find any mention of this in any news report regarding the investigation into the death of William Bennett.

Posted by fredric.valve (anonymous) on April 7, 2009 at 12:35 p.m."

Israeli Iran talk

In case you're following the sabre rattling from Israel regarding an attack on Iran, Israel can't attack anybody - except, of course and as always, the Palestinians - until it reaches its phony installation date for its phony missile defense system, the summer of 2010.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Is sea bathing pie in the sky?

"AMY GOODMAN: We’re just wrapping up right now, but I want to ask if you support a one- or two-state solution there?

NOAM CHOMSKY: Nobody supports - I mean, you can talk about a one-state solution, if you want. I think a better solution is a no-state solution. But this is pie in the sky. If you’re really in favor of a one-state solution, which in fact I’ve been all my life - accept a bi-national state, not one state - you have to give a path to get from here to there. Otherwise, it’s just talk. Now, the only path anyone has ever proposed -

AMY GOODMAN: We have ten seconds.

NOAM CHOMSKY: - is through two states as the first stage."

Of course, the real pie in the sky is two states. Never going to happen as the psychos, the JIZ, have no intention of allowing it to happen. Chomsky knows this, so his solution is purest essence of JIZ.

Monday, April 06, 2009

The planned destruction of international law

George Bisharat on the ongoing Israeli plan to weaken international law in order to allow for the atrocities necessary to build Anti-Assimilation-Land:
"Since 2001, Israeli military lawyers have pushed to re-classify military operations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip from the law enforcement model mandated by the law of occupation to one of armed conflict. Under the former, soldiers of an occupying army must arrest, rather than kill, opponents, and generally must use the minimum force necessary to quell disturbances.

While in armed conflict, a military is still constrained by the laws of war - including the duty to distinguish between combatants and civilians, and the duty to avoid attacks causing disproportionate harm to civilian persons or objects - the standard permits far greater uses of force.

Israel pressed the shift to justify its assassinations of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, which clearly violated settled international law. Israel had practiced "targeted killings" since the 1970s - always denying that it did so - but had recently stepped up their frequency, by spectacular means (such as air strikes) that rendered denial futile.

President Bill Clinton charged the 2001 Mitchell Committee with investigating the causes of the second Palestinian uprising and recommending how to restore calm in the region. Israeli lawyers pleaded their case to the committee for armed conflict. The committee responded by criticizing the blanket application of the model to the uprising, but did not repudiate it altogether.

Today, most observers - including Amnesty International - tacitly accept Israel's framing of the conflict in Gaza as an armed conflict, as their criticism of Israel's actions in terms of the duties of distinction and the principle of proportionality betrays. This shift, if accepted, would encourage occupiers to follow Israel's lead, externalizing military control while shedding all responsibilities to occupied populations."

and (the money quote by Daniel Reisner; it will presumably be used at his war crimes trial in the post-sea-bathing period):
"Israel's campaign to rewrite international law to its advantage is deliberate and knowing. As the former head of Israel's 20-lawyer International Law Division in the Military Advocate General's office, Daniel Reisner, recently stated: "If you do something for long enough, the world will accept it. The whole of international law is now based on the notion that an act that is forbidden today becomes permissible if executed by enough countries ... International law progresses through violations. We invented the targeted assassination thesis and we had to push it. At first there were protrusions that made it hard to insert easily into the legal molds. Eight years later, it is in the center of the bounds of legitimacy."

In the Gaza fighting, Israel has again tried to transform international law through violations. For example, its military lawyers authorized the bombing of a police cadet graduation ceremony, killing at least 63 young Palestinian men. Under international law, such deliberate killings of civilian police are war crimes. Yet Israel treats all employees of the Hamas-led government in the Gaza Strip as terrorists, and thus combatants. Secretaries, court clerks, housing officials, judges - all were, in Israeli eyes, legitimate targets for liquidation.

Israeli jurists also instructed military commanders that any Palestinian who failed to evacuate a building or area after warnings of an impending bombardment was a "voluntary human shield" and thus a participant in combat, subject to lawful attack. One method of warning employed by Israeli gunners, dubbed "knocking on the roof," was to fire first at a building's corner, then, a few minutes later, to strike more structurally vulnerable points. To imagine that Gazan civilians - penned into the tiny Gaza Strip by Israeli troops, and surrounded by the chaos of battle - understood this signal is fanciful at best."

There are many, many reasons why we should single out Israel and its JIZ supporters for their crimes, but the intentional destruction of all the norms of international law - a destruction which will deny protection to civilians all over the world until the norms are reconstructed, a difficult process which will take decades and will be ongoing long after the last Israeli Jew is sea bathing - would by itself be sufficient to damn them all for eternity. The difference between Israel and its disgusting supporters and, say, some slaughterers in Central Africa is that the African slaughterers:
  1. do not have a master plan to to destroy international law in order to allow their slaughtering; and
  2. could not destroy international law if they wanted to.

The Human Rights Industrial Complex is completely Jew-dominated, a dominance that would not be a problem but for the fact that human rights protections are constantly perverted for the purposes of building Anti-Assimilation-Land. Note the dance known as the Human Rights Watch (or Amnesty International) shuffle, where an inconsequential Palestinian or Lebanese reaction to terrible provocation - as little as a Palestinian child throwing a stone in the general direction of a group of illegally-stationed Israeli soldiers brutally manning an illegal Israeli checkpoint - is regarded as the moral equivalent of a terrible Israeli counterattack, perhaps the bombing of an entire household. The shuffler then throws up his hands and says everybody committed atrocities, so who is to judge who is right and who is wrong. The new UN investigation will follow this route: it will not absolve Israel, but will hide Zionist atrocities under this fraudulent moral equivalence. Another in the long list of the sins of Zionism: destroying the credibility of all official advocates for human rights.

Sunday, April 05, 2009


As Abe Foxman, Alan Dershowitz and Daniel Pipes were busy, the U.N.'s Human Rights Council has found another group of worthies to investigate those wild anti-Semitic allegations of human rights abuses associated with the recent Israeli slaughter peace initiatives in Gaza:
  1. The head of the inquiry is Richard Goldstone (my emphasis in red):
    "A Jewish South African with close ties to Israel will head a U.N. inquiry into war crimes during Israel's recent war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

    Richard Goldstone, a trustee of Hebrew University, will head the commission appointed Friday by the U.N.'s Human Rights Council.

    Israel did not say whether it will cooperate; it has in the past ignored other UNHRC probes, noting the body's tendency to single out Israel for criticism while ignoring other major violators.

    Goldstone, who headed war crimes prosecutions in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia, said he would investigate alleged war crimes by both sides.

    "It's in the interest of the victims," Goldstone said in Geneva, where the UNHRC is headquartered. "It brings acknowledgment of what happened to them. It can assist the healing process."

    He said his Jewishness and ties to Israel were added values. "I've taken a deep interest in what happens in Israel," he said. "I'm associated with organizations that have worked in Israel. And I believe I can approach the daunting task that I have accepted in an evenhanded and impartial manner.""

    Goldstone is at least decent enough to pronounce himself shocked at the audacity of his own appointment.
  2. Another member is Christine Chinkin, of Matrix Chambers, a group which also includes Cherie Blair, whose husband's pockets still jingle with all those shekels from the Dan David Foundation.
  3. Another is Irish Army Col. Desmond Travers, associated with the Institute for International Criminal Investigations (note the Goldberg quote), part of the Human Rights Industrial Complex (HRIC) centered in The Hague, where the International Criminal Court recently outed itself as a covert JIZ operation with its indictment of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.
  4. And finally Pakistani lawyer Hina Jilani, who has been involved in the investigation of human rights abuses in Darfur as a member of the International Commission of Inquiry on Darfur (and is also connected to the Institute for International Criminal Investigations: it is quite a cozy group), needless to say part of the wider JIZ initiative to have Britain and the United States attack Sudan for the crime of being a Muslim country that doesn't like Israel.

To be fair, it is probably impossible to find anybody in the larger HRIC who hasn't in some way been corrupted by the JIZ. In fact, taking control of the entire HRIC is an integral part of the planned destruction of international law required for the building of Anti-Assimilation-Land. I look forward to the report, which will blame the whole thing on Hamas.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Why all the American traitors?

I've been thinking more about the peculiar relationship of the Jewish power structure that controls America and the various hangers-on like Cheney and Rumsfeld. What's the connection?

I think it is just power. Political types are always looking for the most powerful star to which to hitch their wagons. They have far better instincts that the average person when its comes to sniffing out power structures, and thus were able to see the rise of the New American Establishment before it was obvious to everybody (except those who still choose not to see). People who aren't Zionists who ride with the Jews do so because their perception is that riding with the most powerful group is the best way to increase personal power. In the short run, they are right. There is also a peculiar element of circularity to this thinking: the New American Establishment is powerful because other powerful people think it is powerful.

In the early days, I suspect the Jews used blackmail and bribery (that's where the ongoing connections of the Jewish establishment to Jewish organized crime would have been useful). I'm sure these tools are still employed where necessary (along with old-fashioned political contributions and total control of the media), but the main enticement now of the camp followers is to share in the power of the most powerful group.

Here's where being 'one-issue guys' comes in handy. The Jewish establishment has only one issue, building Anti-Assimilation-Land and using American power and money to do it. The deal is simple. The Jews demand absolute and unwaivering - to the point of looking ridiculous (e. g., the almost universal political blame cast on Hamas as Israel slaughtered the Palestinians) - fealty to Anti-Assimilation-Land. In return, because they are One-Issue Guys, they will use their power to help their gentile followers to achieve some of their other goals, whether they be political goals or just personal wealth and power. The fact the Jewish establishment has only one issue, or at least is willing to sacrifice other issues to the good of the One Issue, increases its effective power, as it is able to throw its considerable weight around wherever it benefits the One Issue, without regard to any inhibiting ideology.

There are a couple of things that flow from this. Politicians are beginning to be bizarrely out of sync with the wishes to the vast non-Jewish part of the electorate. People don't want Wars For The Jews, they don't want the end of international law (undesirable to the Jews as it stops - or, rather, inhibits - Israel from doing what it wants to do), they don't want the end of free speech (the Jews want to end freedom of speech in order to block criticism of Israel), they don't want the restriction on personal liberty and costs involved in Bibi's 'war on terror' (required to make Muslims everybody's enemy), and they certainly don't want to be plunged into permanent economic depression because of the costs of the One Issue (which includes the opportunity cost: while Bush was obsessing about weapons of mass destruction and Bibi's 'war on terror' he let the American economy slip into the permanent shitter). Even in a place like the United States, with the utter Jew-stranglehold on mainstream information sources, Americans are not in agreement with much of what their Jew-controlled politicians are up to (including the realization that the same Jewish 'experts' who stole the Russian economy and turned it over to a group of Jewish gangsters is now working their magic on the American economy) . The disconnect between popular will and the efforts of corrupted politicians is even more stark in Europe and Asia, who are actually doing most of the funding of the WFTJ.

We're also seeing a bifurcation in the gentile establishment, with figures like Cheney, those who sold out to the Jews for a share of power (and thirty pieces of silver), being increasing seen by the Old American Establishment as out-and-out traitors (which is no doubt an accurate description). The stark difference between the interests of 98% of the American people, and what their power-sniffing politicians are doing, is becoming impossible to hide, and people are finally starting to talk about it, slurs notwithstanding. Of course, knowing there is a problem does nothing to stop it.

I don't care what we call this odd form of governance - Zionists, and those hanging on the coattails of Zionists - as long as everybody recognizes one thing: the One Issue is the prevailing issue. Non-Zionist politicians may use some of their other power derived from the coattails for other purposes (domestic political goals, building wealth for rich people, whatever), but the hollowing out of the United States - and the world, for that matter - to build Anti-Assimilation-Land is the only goal for the only people who are calling the shots.

It has become quite bizarre. If Obama is to become a successful President, he literally has to work in secret, even from (especially from) his closest political allies (Emanuel, Clinton). I'm not sure that saving the United States is even possible. The traitors are so ingrained that the only thing that might save the United States, and the world, is some kind of American military coup.