Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chinese mop-up crew?

David Kellermann, acting chief financial officer of mortgage company Freddie Mac, apparently managed to kill himself by both a gun shot and hanging. It is unclear whether he got up on the chair, put the noose on, kicked away the chair and then shot himself, or whether he shot himself first, and then with all his dying energy climbed up on the chair, put the noose on, and then kicked away the chair. In any event, he is the undisputed winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize for Suicide (previous winners include Gary Webb, Steve Kangas, J. Clifford Baxter, Deborah Jeane Palfrey and Danny Casolaro). It is funny how, when officials lie, they can't even get the most rudimentary facts straight.

Freddie Mac was one of the two huge American financial operations that were bailed out by the American government in order to protect Chinese investments so the necessary life blood of the American empire, Chinese loans, would continue to flow. Those Wars For The Jews aren't cheap. You have to wonder what Kellermann knew, and what he might have been preparing to say. He "was working on the company's first-quarter financial report". There are often tell-tale hints: "Fearing that someone might attack his house, his wife or their 5-year-old daughter, he asked the company for a security detail."

The ex-CIA guy who allegedly set the targets on the Chinese embassy in Belgrade that was 'accidentally' bombed by the Americans also suffered a recent fatal mishap. Is a Chinese mop-up crew at work in the United States?
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