Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday 2009

Good Friday 2009:
  1. After visiting Putin the Collaborator-in-Chief spent two days (!) in Daghestan. Daghestan? Is he looking for a new homeland for the Palestinian people?
  2. If you do a Google search on Norman Finkelstein you'll never find his website, while a Yahoo search lists it first. Google better be careful - political jobbing of search results is a quick road to obscurity. Some commentators suggest a technical explanation which begs the question why Yahoo isn't fooled. Time to switch search engines?
  3. Watch the Angry Arab eviscerate the poor schlub the Israelis sent to the debate, who is reduced at the end to Woody-Allen-style sputtering and whingeing.
  4. Following similar efforts in the UK, the American racist far right is joining with Zionists to build solidarity around the concept of Islamophobia.
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