Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Holocaust and Israeli occupation cannot be compared

"The Holocaust and Israeli occupation cannot be compared". Or can they? Levy, a 'liberal', just can't shake that racist supremacist idea that the Jewish holocaust can't be compared to anything else. It is this kind of fucked-up thinking that is behind my view that Jews will never solve this problem, no matter how well meaning they think they are.

Watch how all the delegates from the racist European nations walked out - en masse, so it must have been preplanned - when Ahmadinejad points to their racism (not just Israel's racism, but the racism of those who set up and support the racist illegitimate Israeli regime; the speech continues here, here, and here). They must be so proud as they discuss their actions tonight over $800 bottles of wine in Geneva's best restaurants. The rest of the world gets it, and applauded. While it may be lost on supremacists like Levy and lapdogs like the Eurotrash dips, Ahmadinejad makes some excellent philosophical points towards the deep politics of Israeli/Western racism as made tangible in the colonialist state of Israel. Israel looks like a theme park, the only present-day chance you have to witness the worst excesses of Western racism in action.
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