Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Is sea bathing pie in the sky?

"AMY GOODMAN: We’re just wrapping up right now, but I want to ask if you support a one- or two-state solution there?

NOAM CHOMSKY: Nobody supports - I mean, you can talk about a one-state solution, if you want. I think a better solution is a no-state solution. But this is pie in the sky. If you’re really in favor of a one-state solution, which in fact I’ve been all my life - accept a bi-national state, not one state - you have to give a path to get from here to there. Otherwise, it’s just talk. Now, the only path anyone has ever proposed -

AMY GOODMAN: We have ten seconds.

NOAM CHOMSKY: - is through two states as the first stage."

Of course, the real pie in the sky is two states. Never going to happen as the psychos, the JIZ, have no intention of allowing it to happen. Chomsky knows this, so his solution is purest essence of JIZ.
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