Thursday, April 30, 2009


From Against All Enemies: 'Who is Israeli spy MEGA?' There appears to be one guy, a big-wig policy guy in the American government - someone who could obtain hand's-on access to all files, including the most classified, without attracting suspicion - who was running Israeli spy operations against the American government in the period from the late 70s until at least the early 90s, and probably up until today (i.e. he's the guy the FBI was really after when they overheard the 'American' phoning Harman to have her suborn justice in the AIPAC case in return for a promotion obtained through financial contributions from a 'one issue guy'). Try as you might, you will have a terrible time finding one individual who has been in power all those years, with the right level of access, across both American political parties.

What if that is the wrong way of looking at it? What if there is such a guy, a big political player over the decades, who had bipartisan political access to different big-wig players who had the kind of hand's-on access the big guy needed. There is only one such guy: Henry the K.

Obviously, Kissinger could have done his own snooping when he was Secretary of State. After that, he could rely on a series of big American political operators, in both parties, with connections back to him. The list is long. Names like Brent Scowcroft, Lawrence Eagleburger (chairman of the International Commission on Holocaust-Era Insurance Claims), George Shultz, Anthony Lake (take a wild guess at which religion he was a late convert to) all connect to Kissinger, often through Kissinger Associates. Any number of traitor neocons would have been happy to help in recent years. Of course, Kissinger, Cheney and Wolfowitz were together during the Ford Administration. Kissinger has thirty years of colleagues and disciples to call on. He has to be the only guy with that kind of access, or access to that access, across party lines and over the decades in question.
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