Thursday, April 09, 2009

The most moral army in the world

Via the Angry Arab, a shopping guide for the IDF in the West Bank:
"Israeli soldiers stormed the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem in three vehicles on Sunday, firing gunshots and tear gas before they besieged a café and forced everybody inside to lie on the ground.

The soldiers' mission, according to witnesses, was to buy a hookah from the café.

Palestinian youth who were inside Za'im Café had assumed the mission was, as usual, aimed at detaining someone. However, they were surprised when the soldiers examined hookahs and one asked for the owner.

Still lying on the floor, owner Thaer Al-Jaroun, answered. The soldier asked him how much he should pay for the hookah, then he took the hookah he selected and paid 230 Israeli shekels as the owner of the café requested.

After the soldiers left, youth pelted them with stones and confrontations erupted between both sides near the Palestine Khudouri College. Several students suffered tear gas inhalation on their way to the campus."

I like the fact that they paid for the idem, for, after all, they are the most moral army in the world.
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