Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pals' new pals

The Gaza slaughter changed perceptions so radically that the December efforts by some American 'elders' to encourage the U. S. to take steps towards a two state solution now seem quaint and naive, if not covertly Zionist. No, the only solution now is sea bathing, followed by a majority-ruled - i. e., Palestinian ruled, with perhaps some minority rights granted to the non-supremacist Jews who choose to remain - state over the whole area. It is not that two states are physically impossible, it is the stark realization that the utterly racist, violent, eliminationist and supremacist JIZ - I continue to refuse to play into their game and separate Jews, Israelis and Zionists, who are all equally insane - are incapable of even looking after their own best interests. They are all madmen who won't stop slaughtering, with the damage being blamed on Americans, until everybody is dead, including themselves.

A lot of hints have started to fall that the United States is finally fed up with it all, and will take steps to impose a two state solution:
  1. The U. S. is considering attending the anti-racism conference in Durban, with lapdog Europe surely to follow, leaving only Israel and Canada as the countries officially in favor of racism (the shitty little country and the shitty big country).
  2. Obama is apparently going to be washing his hair that week, and won't be able to meet Bibi when Bibi arrives for his triumphant appearance at the AIPAC conference, a snub which would be too destructive of Jewpower for Bibi to risk attending.
  3. In a phony 'leak' to the Israeli media, Rahm indicated that the U. S. is going to ensure that steps are taken in the next four years to lead to a two state solution.
  4. Mitchell emphasized the change of direction when he refused to let Bibi throw up yet another bullshit JIZ precondition to peace - I have to say that the JIZ have developed a well-deserved reputation as being completely untrustworthy scoundrels with all their tricks - this time that the Palestinians recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people before negotiations can begin.

The role of Rahm in this is an indication that this is some sort of trick, but I'm not sure which one. Rahm's JIZ plan may be for this to devolve into a linkage of solving the phony Iran problem with the Palestinian issue, in which case of course the Israelis will never have to get around to negotiating with the Palestinians as they will claim never to be satisfied with whatever the Americans manage to negotiate with the Iranians.

The alternative scheme may be based on lite Zionist fears that the slaughter in Gaza truly made the existence of a supremacist Israel impossible, with one state inevitable. The scheme would thus be to ensure the continued existence of a racist Jewish supremacist state by tricking the Americans into imposing a two state solution on both parties (the Collaborator-In-Chief is happy to take whatever crumbs he is thrown). This would be a terrible shame for the Palestinians, who have endured so much and almost won the whole falafel, only to have it snatched away by Rahm at the last minute (particularly as they will surely be left with an unviable Bantustan-style statelet). Fortunately, extremist JIZ - i. e., most of them - will never stand for a setting of Israel's borders and the de facto end of the dream of Anti-Assimilation-Land, and will do everything to scupper any imposed two state solution. The greatest allies of the Palestinians will be the craziest of the JIZ.
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