Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spying on Iran

It seems to me that if you are a citizen of two countries, the first of which is a nuclear superpower whose foreign policy and media is run by racist psychopaths who constantly lie about the second country in order to trick the first country into participating in the nuclear destruction of the second country, and you move to the second country and immediately start snooping around and asking pointed questions, you have only yourself to blame when you are arrested and convicted by the second country for spying. Frankly, I'd be flabbergasted if she wasn't spying, at least in the semi-professional way where you have a nice meeting with the State Department before you leave with the suggestion that the American government would be grateful for any information you might convey. If you want to lay blame for this on anybody, don't blame the victim Iran, blame the real culprits, the JIZ.

Speaking of lying, the Jew-controlled media is having a field day over the noble speech of President Ahmadinejad, completely misconstruing the content of the speech - with which any moral and decent person has to be in full agreement - and lyingly calling him a denier of the Jewish holocaust and somebody who has called for the destruction of Israel, both patent and outrageous falsehoods intended to lead to genocide.

Speaking of denial and genocide, did you know that discussing the campaign of genocide against the Palestinians is 'Holocaust denial'? Does that mean that if there is really an ongoing campaign of genocide against the Palestinians the Jewish holocaust did not occur?
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