Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stop the collaborators

George Galloway's excellent letter to the Charity Commission is worth the read.

Note that the so-called Charity Commission is quite happy to see people starve to death if it advances the goals of their Jewish masters. The Charity Commission is a collection of bureaucrats who perceive their principle job as covering their asses. They see that the Jews are in charge, and act accordingly. We mustn't forget that Jewish power, while both unbelievably evil and unbelievably strong, is still wafer thin, and rests entirely on a perception of power (that's why the Jews really don't mind, despite all the whining, when people point out how powerful they are). Galloway is pointing out to these utterly amoral bureaucrats that there are other, more real, sources of power out there, particularly the legion of moral and decent people, and working for the Jews may not be covering their asses as well as they think.

Never forget the importance of the Shabbos goy in perverting the ostensible humanitarian goals of various bureaucracies in advancing the evil goals of the Jews. If we stop the collaborators, we stop the evil.
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