Saturday, April 18, 2009

Too much Bibi leads to murder

Good video of the murder of Ian Tomlinson, an innocent man walking home from work who was brutally assaulted by the police in London, an assault which led to an internal abdominal hemorrhage which killed him. One of the police dogs appears to have nosed Tomlinson in the leg, and when Tomlinson complained about it, the police thug officer hit him in the legs with his baton, causing Tomlinson to start to fall one way, then immediately pushed him from behind in the other way, causing the twisting which no doubt led to the ruptured artery which killed him. I wonder if they teach that move in thug police college?

The thugs police were somewhat unlucky, in that Tomlinson was in no way a protestor, and thus could not be labeled a 'terrorist', their lies that he died of a heart attack didn't pan out, their lies that the protestors stopped Tomlinson from receiving medical attention were easily disproved, and their lies about the absence of CCTV coverage (extremely unlikely in the Panopticon of London; isn't it odd that the entire city is under surveillance but whenever anything happens no camera seems to be on?) rendered irrelevant by the video taken by a bystander (how long before private ownership of video cameras is considered a 'terrorist' act?).

The police in London appear to have been rendered completely insane from the vile fumes of Bibi Netanyahu's 'war on terror' (for a more humorous but no less Orwellian story, read Julian Cope's adventure). Yet another reason why the sins of the JIZ are more important to every decent and moral person than the JIZ spokesmonsters would have us believe.
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