Friday, April 24, 2009

We get it

A comment by 'American' to Mondoweiss on Lobbygate (my emphasis in red; much of the same ground, but not the crazy red paragraphs, is covered by Justin Raimondo):
"Some of you STILL DON'T GET IT.

You need to go back to the original reporting on the FBI surveillance of AIPAC and Israeli spying operations to know how Franklin, Rosen and Harman, et all got caught.

From Richard reporter on whole affair:

"Gilon, chief of political affairs at the Israeli embassy, had been under surveillance at least since 2001, when the FBI discovered new, 'massive' Israeli spying operations on the East Coast, including New York and New Jersey.

"The FBI began intensive surveillance on certain Israeli diplomats and other suspects and was videotaping Naor Gilon, chief of political affairs at the Israeli embassy in Washington, who was having lunch at a Washington hotel with two lobbyists from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee lobby group. Federal law enforcement officials said they were floored when Franklin came up to their table and sat down."

As I said the FBI was after something much, much bigger than just regular AIPAC doings...there was a "massive" Israel spying operation going on in 2001 that the FBI was tracking..that is where all the Franklins, Rosens and Harmans got caught up.

What were the Israelis doing in NY and NJ in 2001 that the FBI was watching? Stay tuned. Everything comes out sooner or later.

Did it have anything to do with 911? I wouldn't put anything pass the zionist. From the days when they dressed up as Arabs to bomb the King David Hotel to today, deception and false flags have been their stock in trade."

Harman, the two AIPACers and Franklin were all caught because of a long-ongoing espionage investigation which involved Israeli spies in the United States. All these people found themselves in trouble by wandering into the frame of the FBI's pre-existing surveillance and implicating themselves. The big unanswered question: what was the reason for the initial FBI investigation of Israeli spies in the United States? Given the extreme delicacy of the politics, the Israelis must have been up to something really, really big.
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