Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Why all the American traitors?

I've been thinking more about the peculiar relationship of the Jewish power structure that controls America and the various hangers-on like Cheney and Rumsfeld. What's the connection?

I think it is just power. Political types are always looking for the most powerful star to which to hitch their wagons. They have far better instincts that the average person when its comes to sniffing out power structures, and thus were able to see the rise of the New American Establishment before it was obvious to everybody (except those who still choose not to see). People who aren't Zionists who ride with the Jews do so because their perception is that riding with the most powerful group is the best way to increase personal power. In the short run, they are right. There is also a peculiar element of circularity to this thinking: the New American Establishment is powerful because other powerful people think it is powerful.

In the early days, I suspect the Jews used blackmail and bribery (that's where the ongoing connections of the Jewish establishment to Jewish organized crime would have been useful). I'm sure these tools are still employed where necessary (along with old-fashioned political contributions and total control of the media), but the main enticement now of the camp followers is to share in the power of the most powerful group.

Here's where being 'one-issue guys' comes in handy. The Jewish establishment has only one issue, building Anti-Assimilation-Land and using American power and money to do it. The deal is simple. The Jews demand absolute and unwaivering - to the point of looking ridiculous (e. g., the almost universal political blame cast on Hamas as Israel slaughtered the Palestinians) - fealty to Anti-Assimilation-Land. In return, because they are One-Issue Guys, they will use their power to help their gentile followers to achieve some of their other goals, whether they be political goals or just personal wealth and power. The fact the Jewish establishment has only one issue, or at least is willing to sacrifice other issues to the good of the One Issue, increases its effective power, as it is able to throw its considerable weight around wherever it benefits the One Issue, without regard to any inhibiting ideology.

There are a couple of things that flow from this. Politicians are beginning to be bizarrely out of sync with the wishes to the vast non-Jewish part of the electorate. People don't want Wars For The Jews, they don't want the end of international law (undesirable to the Jews as it stops - or, rather, inhibits - Israel from doing what it wants to do), they don't want the end of free speech (the Jews want to end freedom of speech in order to block criticism of Israel), they don't want the restriction on personal liberty and costs involved in Bibi's 'war on terror' (required to make Muslims everybody's enemy), and they certainly don't want to be plunged into permanent economic depression because of the costs of the One Issue (which includes the opportunity cost: while Bush was obsessing about weapons of mass destruction and Bibi's 'war on terror' he let the American economy slip into the permanent shitter). Even in a place like the United States, with the utter Jew-stranglehold on mainstream information sources, Americans are not in agreement with much of what their Jew-controlled politicians are up to (including the realization that the same Jewish 'experts' who stole the Russian economy and turned it over to a group of Jewish gangsters is now working their magic on the American economy) . The disconnect between popular will and the efforts of corrupted politicians is even more stark in Europe and Asia, who are actually doing most of the funding of the WFTJ.

We're also seeing a bifurcation in the gentile establishment, with figures like Cheney, those who sold out to the Jews for a share of power (and thirty pieces of silver), being increasing seen by the Old American Establishment as out-and-out traitors (which is no doubt an accurate description). The stark difference between the interests of 98% of the American people, and what their power-sniffing politicians are doing, is becoming impossible to hide, and people are finally starting to talk about it, slurs notwithstanding. Of course, knowing there is a problem does nothing to stop it.

I don't care what we call this odd form of governance - Zionists, and those hanging on the coattails of Zionists - as long as everybody recognizes one thing: the One Issue is the prevailing issue. Non-Zionist politicians may use some of their other power derived from the coattails for other purposes (domestic political goals, building wealth for rich people, whatever), but the hollowing out of the United States - and the world, for that matter - to build Anti-Assimilation-Land is the only goal for the only people who are calling the shots.

It has become quite bizarre. If Obama is to become a successful President, he literally has to work in secret, even from (especially from) his closest political allies (Emanuel, Clinton). I'm not sure that saving the United States is even possible. The traitors are so ingrained that the only thing that might save the United States, and the world, is some kind of American military coup.
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