Sunday, May 31, 2009

The return of Pride

It turns out that the National Post story on the banning of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid from marching in the Toronto Pride Parade was absolute, total, and unequivocal Zionist horseshit (is it any wonder that nobody buys thew World's Worst Newspaper, and it is helping to sink CanWest?), confirmed in fact by the Post itself, which even links back to its lies without referring to the fact that the new story directly contradicts the old story (Antonia Zerbisias at the Star got it right, and even points out the unsavory anti-human-rights connections of B'nai Brith). Note how even TD Bank Financial Group is falling all over itself distancing its position from that of the Jews (banks fear boycotts), who seem to have bit off more than they can chew despite the lyin' propaganda assistance from the Jewish Billionaires who own the National Post. The first comment to the revisionist Post story, by rebelgirl69:
"Two days after getting the story all wrong, the National Post finally corrects the facts but doesn't even apologize for tarnishing the reputation of Pride Toronto.

No wonder no one reads the Post for news anymore."
My apologies for calling the gays pansies (unless they want to be), although the organizers aren't blameless in this (Jewish money and power is so tempting), and a grim reminder of the folly of ever relying on the National Post. Lesson to be learned: the evil of the Jews can be defeated if moral and decent people stand up for what is right.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The ontology of Osama bin Laden

The traditional ontological question asked by schoolchildren around the world after tackling the tough issues of God and Santa Claus - Is there an Osama bin Laden? - is usually answered in two ways: yes, as he is still alive, or no, as he is dead. Conspiracy theorists favor the dead answer, as that makes him a boogeyman used by the Americans as the excuse to do all sorts of mischief in the areas where he is supposed to be hiding.

I've always thought it odd that if he was who he said he was, and he is really dead, the surviving members of his organization didn't make something out of his death, the cult of the martyr. He just faded out like the Cheshire Cat, with no use being made of his death. Odd.

Of course, there is a third possibility, that he is still very much alive, but retired from his lifetime job as an asset of the CIA. He's tanning on the same beach with Mohamed Atta!

If the rest of his organization belatedly discovered he had been working for the CIA, they wouldn't be keen to make a big deal out of him after he disappeared. He had lots of money, and the assistance of the Americans would ensure he received the best medical care. He made a famous escape from Tora Bora while the Americans watched. His connections to the CIA appear to go back to the 1980s. He displayed an amazing ability to predict American political decisions. He denied having had anything to do with September 11. The big beneficiaries of the actions and events blamed on him were the opposite of the people for whom he claimed to be working. He sure looks like a CIA asset. If a CIA asset retires we don't say he is 'dead'. He just retired.

Of course, 'al Qaeda' itself is just a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been under Western intelligence influence since it was founded (under the same colonialist idea that the best strategy is divide and conquer), and under specific CIA direction since it was used as a weapon against Nasser. It's main spokesman, Adam Gadahn, is a Jew whose grandfather had been member of the board of directors of the Anti-Defamation League. Al Qaeda's main purpose now seems to be to provide the excuse for Americans to continue to fight Wars For The Jews. That's an oddity that needs explaining.

The world's a convoluted place. The fact that al Qaeda is under CIA influence doesn't mean that it doesn't have its own goals, or that it is insincere in its statements. The fact that Osama was a CIA asset doesn't mean that he wasn't attempting to play the Americans to further his own goals while he continued to work for them. The CIA runs all kinds of people, and no doubt recognizes that this kind of ambiguity is part of the game. You still get the full pension, and the retirement on the beach, even if your motives are a little complicated.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009:
  1. AIPAC, all powerful. Timothy Geithner isn't actually Jewish. The rumor he is seems to have originated with American Jewish (!) gloating that they had even more power after his appointment by Obama, based on their mistaken assumption. The assumption may have come from his association with all the Jews at Kissinger Associates.
  2. Religious leaders aren't usually fonts of sanity, but Jewish religious leaders are particularly bad (can you imagine religious leaders from any other group talking like that?), and the Gaza slaughter conclusively proved that insane religious thinking is prevalent among the wider Jewish community.
  3. Right-wing talk-show host assclown faked being waterboarded, and even stated that it is indeed torture (in order to be able to pull off the deception), as he is too much of a coward to actually be waterboarded but didn't want to appear to be a wuss by backing out.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Follow up to last post - Jews win (again), gays act like, um, pansies. National Post gloats. It's extra good because they've put a ball-gag in the mouth of the grand marshal (Frank Dimant, executive vice-president of B’nai Brith Canada, called for disciplinary - b&d? - action against grand marshal El-Farouk Khaki for talking), and they are justifying the exclusion of a gay group from the parade on the grounds that it would offend their discrimination policy! I doubt that this is over.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jews attack gays

This oughta be good:
"In Tuesday's edition of the Jewish Tribune, the political newspaper of B'nai Brith, pro-Israel lobbyists declared their intention to threaten government and corporate sponsorship of the annual Toronto Pride Festival unless the organisation banned pro-Palestinian marchers from the parade.

According to the article, an individual named Martin Gladstone has written and met with the Pride Committee several times to express his opposition to the presence of a contingent of "queers against Israeli apartheid" over the last few years. He claimed the environment they created with their presence "has very eerie parallels to Nazi Germany."

B'nai Brith issued a similar warning last year after a pro-Palestinian contingent marched in the annual Pride parade. This time, however, advocates are openly threatening to go after funding from the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, the City of Toronto, Heritage Canada, and corporate sponsorships."

"According to Gladstone, the City of Toronto and TD Canada Trust, a major sponsor of the event, have both contacted Pride Toronto to express their opposition to the inclusion of the anti-apartheid contingent.

This comes on the heels of a press release issued by B'nai Brith condemning a queer community forum called "Coming Out Against Apartheid", including prominent gay activists Tim McCaskell and El-Farouk Khaki.

McCaskell spoke of his involvement in the Simon Nkoli Anti-Apartheid Committee, a Toronto-based queer group that fought against South African apartheid. Khaki, who is also grand marshal of this year's Pride parade, spoke of how the language of queer rights is being used by the Israeli government to justify its occupation of Palestine and racial apartheid.

B'nai Brith accused the organisers of the forum of "hijacking" the gay agenda. McCaskell, well known in the queer community as a co-founder of AIDS Action Now and co-organiser of the 1981 protests against the bathhouse raids, responded with disappointment: "The B'nai Brith press release saddens me. One cannot be a credible voice for human rights while acting as an apologist for ethnic cleansing in Palestine.""

The crazed article from the Jewish Tribune (my emphasis in red):
"“Anti-Israel advocacy has no relevance to Pride’s LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Transgender] human rights mandate,” asserted Toronto lawyer and gay rights advocate Martin Gladstone.

The annual gay-pride parade, scheduled this year for June 28, has grown into the largest tourist event in Toronto, now attracting more than a million people a year. Stretching over 23 blocks, it receives $300,000 from the Ontario ministry of tourism, about $145,000 from the City of Toronto and $35,000 from Heritage Canada, as well as significant funding from corporate sponsorships.

Nevertheless, “in the last couple of years, I’m just horrified that in the middle of this party and celebration, there is this anti-Israel political advocacy going on,” Gladstone said, adding that this year some people have decided not to participate because they are nervous about their security.

“It’s supposed to be a celebration of diversity, inclusion and tolerance.” he said. “But it’s a microcosm of the antisemitism that’s happening globally.

“It’s a very uncomfortable environment because it vilifies Jews by extension. It has very eerie parallels to Nazi Germany. I don’t consider myself an activist, but I just can’t be silent anymore.”"

and the threat:
"In a letter to Toronto Pride’s executive committee this year on April 14, Gladstone stated:

“The law is clear that you cannot allow a not-for-profit corporation to facilitate political advocacy unrelated to its charter…. Support and sponsorship of Pride is not for anti-Israel political advocacy. I am concerned that the possible loss of your charter and other resources would be a huge loss for Pride and the advancement of gay and lesbian rights.”

According to Gladstone, the City of Toronto as well as TD Canada Trust, the main corporate sponsor, contacted the pride committee, urging them not to tolerate anti-Israel activity during the festivities."

I very much doubt that the executives of TD Canada Trust are stupid enough to put themselves in the sights of a combined gay-progressive-Arab boycott (not to mention the fury from the entire city and the businesses who would lose money from any diminution of the parade), the kind of thing that would cost executives, no matter how Jewish, their jobs. I don't think this threat has reached the wider gay consciousness yet, and have only found reference to the Nazi thing:
"The Jewish/Queer minority-on-minority 'hate'-fest continues, and launches to absurd new heights, with "Toronto lawyer and gay rights advocate Martin Gladstone" claiming that Toronto Pride has "very eerie parallels to Nazi Germany." Maybe Gladstone's impression of Nazi Germany was formed entirely by Tom of Finland drawings. Guys, can we not just team up against the obvious bigots in society, instead of tearing ourselves apart?"

Funny to pick Michael Coren (see 4 here) as an example of a bigot. No matter how all-powerful they are, the Jews probably don't want to mess with the gays.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday, May 26. 2009

Tuesday, May 26. 2009:
  1. The mainstream media propagates rumors which suit its masters, in this case attempting to fool us into thinking that
    • Israel is very powerful with a long reach, and
    • Israeli's enemies, in this case Iran - note how Iran was added, starting, naturally, with the Jerusalem Post lying - are up to all sorts of tricks.
  2. The double dipping has begun.
  3. The ability of American soldiers in Afghanistan to eat now depends on South Korea! Thus we will see a more nuanced American approach to North Korea, atomic bomb testing notwithstanding. John Bolton, in some sort of ironic fit, wants to kick them out of the UN!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Wars against the Blacks

Drug War Clock. I've been thinking of the 'wars' and American blacks. The 'lucky' ones join the army, fight Wars For The Jews, and come home in a box. At least under the current regime they come home as heroes, rather than some inconvenient trash that has to be disposed of under cover of darkness and secrecy.

The unlucky ones are swept up by the 'war on drugs', and end up with long jail sentences (white people caught doing the same thing get community service and 'rehabilitation'). In prison, some turn to Islam for solace. When they are eventually let out of prison, they run into an FBI informant in the mosque parking lot who tricks them with promises of money - this is a shockingly fair article, probably because it isn't a big city paper, on the mechanics of the entrapment, but even the worst of the mainstream papers are having difficulty avoiding the issue - into being swept up in Bibi's 'war on terror', in this case so they can be poster boys for increased government wasteful funding (or here) of more 'war on terror' nonsense (note the phenomenon of how the career and empire building interests of the Shabbos goyim interact with Bibi's interest in inventing the 'war on terror' back in the 80s in order to replace the fear of the Soviets as the rationale for the irrational American support of Israel). Back to prison they go. Prison in the 'war on drugs' for being black; prison in the 'war on terror' for being Muslim. Wars are hell.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Who was that bald man?

Interesting thread at JFK Lancer about a man in the Hughes film with the build, approximate looks, and type of clothing of Lee Harvey Oswald. The film was taken after the assassination, and the man is just milling around in the crowd. The difference in appearance from Oswald is that he appears to have a prominent bald spot on the top of his head. Eyewitness Amos Euins testified that he saw a bald spot on the head of the man shooting from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. It may have been possible for the man with the bald spot to have been on the sixth floor, headed outside in time to appear in the Hughes film, and entered the Rambler in accordance with Roger Craig's statement that he saw Oswald leave in a green Rambler (Craig's credibility is often attacked because his story couldn't be true if Oswald was already on a bus, but Craig may have been fooled by the Oswald double). The man would have been chosen for his resemblance to the patsy Oswald.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hopelessly addled

Well meaning as hell but hopelessly addled. It's not that the 'Temple 4' are black, it's that they're Muslims! These patsy arrests are all part of Bibi's 'war on terror', which is an attempt to vilify Muslims to allow Bibi and his band of Jewish thugs to steal land from Muslims. This isn't complicated, but if you point it out American 'progressives' will call you an 'anti-Semite'. The slur, and the confusion behind it, is a big reason why the United States is fucked.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009:
  1. The first part of Obama's revenge for being so dissed by Bibi is to send Joe Biden to Lebanon, where his very presence will immeasurably help Hezbollah in the upcoming election.
  2. Why it is a mistake for Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala to associate himself with Le Pen? Dieudonne has two huge advantages: he's black, and he's a comedian. That gave him double immunity against the slur, and allowed him to say simple truths denied to everybody else. Once he associated himself with Le Pen he immediately lost these advantages, was swallowed whole by the Le Pen meme, and will be depicted as just another self-hating ethnic joining the white racists because he was an 'anti-Semite' all along. Associating with Le Pen immediately took him outside of the mainstream, and made him toxic to the legion of moral and decent people. It is just bad tactics, and the JIZ are so powerful we can't afford such slips.
  3. The 'Temple 4': the usual poor losers who are led by a police informant/agent who supplies the plan and the weapons, and sets the patsies up for when an arrest is politically useful. This is so obvious now that it is noticed by everybody. The FBI agents who try to stop Jewish crimes are stymied and threatened, and the FBI agents who manufacture phony crimes against Jewish targets become heroes.
  4. David Ignatius, who should have a gif of a fluttering Israeli flag beside his by-line (truth in advertising), continues the great American 'journalist' tradition of telling Americans what Bibi is thinking so Americans can behave accordingly:
    "The Israeli prime minister wants U.S. and Arab leaders to pledge that any future Palestinian state will be demilitarized - with no army and no control over its airspace - before he agrees to negotiate the details of statehood. Netanyahu probably isn't bluffing on this one: Unless a formula can be reached that protects Israeli security, he won't play."
    Meanwhile, back at the (Israeli) ranch, David Sanger continues his stellar work of conveying Israeli propaganda about a non-existent Syrian nuclear program by conveying Israeli propaganda about an non-existent Iranian nuclear program, using the purest Judy Miller style - note the use of the telltale 'outside experts' and 'administration officials', i. e., Dennis Ross - made so infamous by the New York Times to create the Jewish lies which tricked Americans into the disastrous War For The Jews known as the attack on Iraq.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009:
  1. Jewish - for that's who it is - organized crime and illegal naked short-selling on Wall Street.
  2. Orange juice conspiracy.
  3. Although some are excited by it, the creation of an expressly anti-Zionist political party in France by Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala has been badly mismanaged. It would be an excellent idea to have a mainstream political party with some of its platform as anti-Zionism, i. e., end complete control of the media by Jewish Billionaires, make Jewish 'dual-loyalty' columnists and talking heads identify themselves as such (yellow stars - or at least Israeli flags - on lapels and beside by-lines?), treat Israel as an international pariah, institute formal complete boycotts of Israeli goods, make the 'Kosher tax' illegal, end Bibi's 'war on terror', put an end to the Jewish attempts at censorship. However, the recent French effort is clearly just a rebranding of Le Pen's traditional anti-Semitism, and does not provide a proper party for the legion of decent and moral people to vote for. If you are going to do this right, you can't include as prominent members the old-guard fascist goons.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bibi, hero of the Palestinian people

Bibi should be on the one dinar note of the currency of the new state of Palestine, after the Jews have had their sea bathing and have moved to Brooklyn (where, ironically, it will be more crowded than Gaza is now). He put on the most amazing show, embarrassing the President of what is said to be the most powerful nation on earth in front of the whole world. Bibi knows (thinks?) that Obama is a chattel slave to the Jews, and the Jews have Bibi's back, so Bibi can do whatever he wants. While Obama kept trying to steer the press conference towards discussion of a Palestinian state, Bibi went on and on as if he and Obama were two ships passing in the night.

Not only did Bibi embarrass Obama, he did all he could to rub it in (and, in case you missed the Jewish assertion of raw power, while Obama stressed the necessity of stopping the building of settlements Israelis were tendering contracts to build a new official Jewish settlement in the Jordan Valley, the first such settlement in 26 years, as part of the Jew plan to steal the Jordan Valley). His conditions to starting negotiations - the usual Israeli ploy - now amount to a joke. First, he repeated the nonsensical precondition, already rejected expressly by the United States (thus making Obama's embarrassment more acute) that the Palestinians have to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, a racist supremacist idea that would offend the rights of non-Jews living in Israel under international law if Jews were subject to international law (of course, due to the Holocaust Exception, Jews are not bound by the provisions of international law).

Then, he piled on. The second precondition to doing what the Americans wanted is that the Palestinians 'fight terror', so vague that the Palestinians will never be, as they have never been, able to meet it to Israeli standards. The third precondition, entirely new and equally vague, is that the Palestinians 'educate their children for peace and to a better future'. I guess when some thug Jew soldier at an illegal checkpoint knocks a Palestinian grandmother to the ground with a rifle butt, the class of children should get a seminar on how the Jews are really the only moral people on earth, but sometimes do things which seem immoral to the uneducated mind due to the lingering effects of the Holocaust, that completely unique horror for which the Palestinians are partly responsible.

The Lites are in a frenzy trying to press the two-state solution (which is why Obama, chattel slave to the Jews, has been given permission to raise the issue - Obama to Haim Saban: 'Please don't beat me, massa!'), reading the writing on the wall that the legion of moral and decent people took the Gaza slaughter as the last straw (isn't it amazing how many challenges are suddenly being raised to normal JIZ behavior?). I've been afraid that the Americans might impose some bantustan state on the Palestinians, and tell them to be happy with it. Fortunately guys like Bibi, hero to the Palestinian people, will ensure that the Lites never get their 'two-state solution', and sea bathing is still on the agenda, probably within ten to fifteen years.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Apologies for Evil

Jeffrey Goldberg has written one of the most obvious pieces of pure propaganda ever published in the New York Times. Purporting to report on the whys and wherefores of the state of Netanyahu's thinking, it is actually a devious advertisement directed at the American people to make Bibi's racist eliminationist violent supremacism seem as sympathetic as possible. A perfect analogy would be a 1938 op-ed explaining to the British people the reason for Hitler's thoughts. Goldberg can get away with this only because of the fact that 'dual loyalty' is still partly invisible to the American people - or so the proprietors of the New York Times would like to think - and thus he can still, barely, pass as an American writing for Americans.

It is hilarious that one of the reasons that Americans are supposed to understand Bibi is that he lost his brother fighting 'terrorism' in the Entebbe raid, an incident recently outed as yet another Israeli 'false flag' attack. One of the lessons Goldberg tells us that Bibi took from his brother's death - 'no one will defend the Jews except the Jews themselves.' Would that it were true. The world finds itself in the mess it is in to a large part because it continues to assist the Jews in their ongoing campaign of building Anti-Assimilation-Land, a doomed nightmare of racist supremacism which will probably destroy the Jews, and, unless we stop helping them, many, many others as well.

Of course, typical to Zionist supremacism, and invisible to Goldberg and the NYT publishers, the entire matter is cast as a great battle of Good (Jews) versus Evil (everybody else), with the entire world, needless to say, irrationally preoccupied with destroying Jews, a fact which grants Jews the license to do whatever the hell they want to save themselves (Lebanon, Gaza, nuke Iran, trick the Americans into the Wars For The Jews, etc, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam). Unfortunately for Goldberg and the violent supremacists he represents, we're not buying this nonsense any longer.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Correctly Blaming the Jews

Correctly blaming the Jews:
  1. Analysis of the simultaneous corruption of the modern American medical system and the infiltration of Zionism into American and world politics. Jews: is there anything bad for which they are not responsible? Not coincidentally, it is a combination of said corruption - leading to immensely over-priced American medical care - and the costs of all the Wars For The Jews that will guarantee that Americans will never have a modern single-payer medical system with universal coverage.
  2. Speaking of blaming everything on the Jews, there is a new game concerning various atrocities and assassinations: Mossad or Not Mossad? See here and here. More on this general topic later, but I think we have a tendency to blame too much on the Israelis, who like the air of power and notoriety that this tendency creates.
  3. If you couple:
    1. the fact that much of the Bush torturing was used solely to provide evidence for the mythical connection between al Qaeda and Saddam - one of the original Zionist lies favored by the Jewish neocons to trick the United States into the War For The Jews known as the American attack on Iraq - and
    2. the fact that conciliatory approaches by Sunnis in Iraq that could have saved the Americans many American lives, much American reputation, and billions of dollars, were rebuffed by the neocons (Wolfowitz and Feith), with Wolfowitz, for those who refuse to see the express Jewy-ness of the rebuffing, calling the Sunnis 'Nazis' (!), and Feith, well this paragraph is hilarious, in a sick and twisted way (most hilarious parts in red):
      "Wischkaemper's first attempt to foster high-level U.S. contacts fell on barren ground. Unschooled in the neoconservative ideology that dominated the civilian side of the Pentagon, he approached the Jerusalem-based attorney Marc Zell and asked Zell to arrange a meeting with his former law partner, Douglas J. Feith, the Pentagon's undersecretary for policy. Feith, like his immediate boss, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, had no desire to reach out to the Sunnis. He blamed them for keeping Saddam in power, and considered one of the occupation's goals to be reducing their influence. (Feith says today that he cannot recollect an approach on behalf of Wischkaemper.) The neoconservatives, together with President Bush, were convinced that empowering the Shiites at the Sunnis' expense would help pacify not only Iraq but also the entire Arab world. "In their view," says James Clad, 'the Shia could lead the way toward an 'Islamic reformation' that would finally separate religion from politics.'"

    you can begin to see how much Americans can blame their current predicaments on Jews working for purely Jew-power motives.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The groundswell

Yet another Jewish whine of 'anti-Semitism' used to censor the awful truth - not very interesting. But look at the comments. I've been noticing that in those few places where the comments are unmoderated the anger and frustration from the legion of moral and decent people pours out. This long comment from zahraelnil is quite typical:
"It is time for Jewish parents to be quiet about the subjects and curricula in Canada. For too long we have been teaching what the Jews have told us to teach our children regarding their history and it has been a myth. Now it is time to stop and tell the truth and if I were in their shoes, I would be very quiet and hope that this does not go too far. The digging has begun and what is being found is not very pretty. It seems that the Ashkenazi who run the gulag that is called Israel have no DNA link to ancient Hebrews, however, Palestinians, Mizrachi and Sephardim, Falashim do. The numbers of dead from the Shoah continue to shrink -Aushwitz numbers down by two fhirds alone. People around the world blame Wall Street Jews for the economic troubles and American Jews for the wars in the Middle East, and in this country our own Government doesn't make a move without the permission of the JDL according to their leader Meir Weinstein who advises Jason Kenney on who to allow into Canada and Canadians are not happy about it or the fact that there is suddenly a huge Russian-Jewish community here and what is more after the agreement stockwell day made with the Israelis that they look after our communications and borders as they do in the USA, we have a huge influx of Israelis into Canada, especially Toronto. Why? We do not need help from Israel on border control or human trafficking (Israel has horrific records on both), and why would we want Mossad listening to all our telephone calls and reading all our communications as in USA. What is wrong with these people (Jews)? They are a tiny minority of mankind yet they are active in causing chaos in every region of this world - why is this being allowed. They wanted a country - they have one. Let them either live there with no military in peace or go to their other homeland - they have an autonomous homeland in Russia since 1923 where the official languages are Hebrew and Yiddish. Why do they need to be here constantly making demands on everyone and whining but never feeling anyone elses pain. Always gaining from their misfortune (alleged) but never paying restitution for their own wrongs. It has to stop. It is as though they are inviting the world to dislike them but do you know something I believe we have it wrong. WE ARE THE VICTIMS NOT THEM IT IS THE ISRAELI AND JEWISH COMMUNITY WHO ARE COMMITTING THE HATE CRIME OF ANTI GENTILISM AND HAVE BEEN DOING SO FOR MORE THAN A CENTURY AT LEAST BUT WE HAVE BEEN TO CAUGHT UP IN THEIR GAME OF MAKING US GUILTY WHEN WE HAVE NOTHING TO BE GUILTY OF. Just look at the history of the Jews prior to Communism and their part. Bolshevism, and the Ukraine. Poor Demanjiuk, you people should die of shame) How many millions of people the Jews killed between 1900 and 1937 then how many German Civilians and POW's after WW11 - how many? It is time for the truth. How many Palestinians have you killed. How many Iraqui civilians tortured and died because of your paranoia and now you want America to do the same to Iran. They are killing Afghans and Pakistanis for you every day now. You know Mossad and Israel are up to their eyes in things with the Government of Sri Lanka, just as they were behind the attack of Georgia on S. Ossettia and Russia. Do you really think anyone believes one word Israel says any more. If someone does not agree with you then you cannot be civil and speak you just kill them that is your way and it always has and now it is out in the open. This is not hate by the way, it is just simply the truth and the truth hurts, get used to it because I do not think any civilized person will forgive you for Gaza. I know I never will."

They will, of course, write all this anger off as 'anti-Semitism', and work to censor it. I imagine that the legion of moral and decent people has already started to boycott Jewish-owned businesses, and as the number of people identifying as moral and decent people grows, the economic effect on Jewish business owners will start to be noticed. This boycotting isn't reversible - once you start acting morally, you'll never do business with a Jew again. Jews ought to be asking themselves how much the impossible goal of Anti-Assimilation-Land is worth to them. Is it worth attracting all this justifiable hatred?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009:
  1. Another alleged American spy, James Wilbur Fondren Jr. You might think he'd need a good defense attorney, or a jury consultant, or expert witnesses, or a private investigator. Nope. The only person who can save him is a genealogist. He has to find a Jewish female somewhere in his direct ancestral line. The Holocaust Defense is the only possible defense against an American espionage charge, and is 100% effective, no matter what you've done.
  2. Speaking of which, the Jews seems to be getting lots of sops from the American government - the AIPACers let off by Obama (and is Larry Franklin ever wishing he was Jewish!), John Demjanjuk sent off for his show trial, 'Jewish American Heritage Month' - but are losing all the big blood-dripping-from-the-fangs issues - no attack on Iran, official American frowning on the usual brutality against the Palestinians, American chatter about two-states (which would require the fateful setting of Israeli borders and the end of Anti-Assimilation-Land), no access to F-35 computers (I guess the Americans don't want to see all their technology next month in Chinese planes!).
  3. The assassination of Eugene Mallove remains unsolved five years later.
  4. Why is it that whenever Americans get into a financial pickle they blame everything on the stupidest of conspiracy theories, 'fractional reserve banking' and the supposed evils of the Federal Reserve? See here, and here, here, here and here. After Bilderberger-phobia, there is no conspiracy theory I hate more.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MEMRI's disdain for American intelligence

Abu Foxman's comment refers us to this amazing video clip from Iranian TV on the swine flu 'crisis'. Amazing because it far too accurate to be seen on American TV. Even more amazing because it is a production of the selective translators at the Zionist lie factory called MEMRI. The Jews think that Americans are so stupid that they will see the contents of this clip as examples of anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism, rather than what it really is, plain truth (although we can't be sure that swine flu was an American experiment conducted on Mexicans - it is more likely the result of American agribusiness poisoning poor Mexicans with toxic factory farms). But are Americans that stupid? I imagine most Americans would find this Iranian report quite sensible. Jewish supremacist disdain for Americans may backfire.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009:
  1. "The Jewish Defence League said it plans to hold weekly demonstrations at York University to protest an upcoming two-day conference called Israel/Palestine: Mapping Models of Statehood and Paths to Peace." Jews defending themselves against their only real enemy, peace.
  2. "Balochistan is the ultimate prize" I hate to keep asking the same question that I asked about Iraq, but if the real reason for war is obtaining natural resources, why are the Americans doing exactly the opposite of what they should be doing to obtain those resources? Of course, the Americans are actually taking steps which will permanently deprive them of these resources, just as they will be almost entirely deprived of the right to develop oil resources in Iraq. The real reason for these wars isn't resources. They are Wars For The Jews. The attacks on Afghanistan and, increasingly, Pakistan itself, are attempts to destabilize Pakistan, because Pakistan is a potential enemy of the Zionist Project to build Anti-Assimilation-Land.
  3. When Obama reached out to Iran, the Iranian official response was diffident. The Iranians said you have to do more than talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. Now, with the release of Roxana Saberi, the Iranians are clearly walking the walk. They went far out of their way to be conciliatory. Will the JIZ be able to block the United States from an appropriate response?
  4. I smell a war on Canada, which will be a refreshing break from all the Wars For The Jews. Of course, a war won't be necessary, as Canada has always been willing to sell everything at very reasonable prices.
  5. "Obama and Israel's nukes" First shot over the bow by an American President against the JIZ since at least JFK. I don't think it's another Rahm-trick as the mere hint of Israeli nukes is taboo. Will Obama be able to weather the counter-attack? Watch for the Jew-controlled media to start to turn on him.
  6. Sri Lanka is the current lab for techniques of eliminationism, so the eliminationists are paying close attention (and helping).

Monday, May 11, 2009

Went The Day Well?

There is an excellent old British war-time movie called 'Went The Day Well?', based on a story by Graham Greene. A group of supposedly British military engineers move into a small English village. Actually, they are disguised German troops, preparing to disrupt British radio communications in preparation for a Nazi invasion. While they are good impersonators, they are not perfect, and gradually the villagers start to figure out what is going on. One of the village leaders - played by Leslie Banks - is actually a covert Nazi supporter, and when one of the villagers confides in the traitor the traitor shoots him before he can run to inform the authorities outside of the village. The traitor informs the Nazi commander that the villagers know, and the entire village population is locked up.

From Sibel Edmonds' latest interview (via Against All Enemies; the title of the movie is a line from a writer named Edmonds!):
". . . what really got me extremely upset was the fact that in 2005 and 2006, my organization took several whistleblowers from the NSA and the Justice Department to certain offices in Congress including Harman's office and Pelosi's office, and now we are sitting here, feeling like fools."

The whistleblowers ran to the offices of the covert agents for the Judeo-Nazis, who presumably immediately informed their Israeli handlers of what the whistleblowers said, and took appropriate actions to disarm the threat! You can't assume that anybody in the American political sphere or media isn't a traitor working for the Jews.

Pope-icide prep

The Israelis are prepping us for the assassination of the Pope, to be blamed on 'Jewish zealots'. It's a win-win situation: get rid of an 'anti-Semite' while re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re . . . re-reminding us of the Nazis.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Six Degrees of Kosher Bacon

Via Covert History, guilt-by-association attacks on Cynthia McKinney, one of the few American politicians who is also in the legion of moral and decent people. The attacks, from a blog which is part of the 'The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network' - naturally - uses the typical Six Degrees of Kosher Bacon slurring technique, i. e., if you appear on a talk show that once hosted an 'anti-Semite', that makes you an 'anti-Semite' (btw, the forum associated with said talk show has a lot of useful information, including a lot of useful information on both obvious and covert JIZ operations). Alternatively, if you refer to someone who knows someone who is an 'anti-Semite', you are also an 'anti-Semite'. Not surprisingly, this is similar to how Bibi's 'War on Terror' ruins the lives of so many innocent men like Maher Arar, whose crime was to be acquainted with somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody who . . . was on Bibi's list of 'terrorists' (i. e., people opposed to the covert JIZ plans).

One of Cynthia McKinney's acquaintances is David Pidcock, who Holland doesn't like:
"Pidcock also authored a bizarre pamphlet called "Islamic Prophecies" which claims that the Israelis intend to conquer and occupy most of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia as part of an ancient plot in which Freemasons and the Young Turks are somehow involved."

Dunno about the Freemasons, but that is exactly what the JIZ are trying to do.

Holland also doesn't like another McKinney acquaintance, Matthias Chang, an adviser to the admirable Dr. Mahathir. Chang posits that there is an international economic conspiracy of mostly Jewish banksters to impoverish the common people around the world. Of course, anybody looking at the current American economic situation can immediately see what nonsense that is!!!!!

I dare you to read this opinion piece by Cynthia McKinney and find one thing wrong or inaccurate in it. The JIZ are nervous as the same people who stayed and applauded what President Ahmadinejad had to say are starting to put the pieces together: the war against Zionism is part of the war against colonialism, and that colonialism includes the current machinations of the Jewish banksters.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Who will save the United States?

Kevin MacDonald's take on the Harman treason is marred by the fact that he sees the only salvation for the United States in Southern Whites, "the only significant group of American White people with any cultural confidence." These are the people who still (!) support the Wars For The Jews and world support a new one; these are the people who voted for Bush, twice, and would vote for him again; these are the Christian Zionists waiting for the Rapture and supporting the Judeo-Nazis as they think that kind of insanity will lead to a quicker Rapture. These people are the problem, not the cure, and MacDonald's White-Power racism blinds him to this obvious fact. No, the only possible salvation for the United States will have to be those much derided Ivy-League-educated Eastern Elites. Like the FBI agents who were investigating MEGA and stumbled on the AIPAC spy ring and Harman's treason. Unfortunately, as we have seen over and over, this group no longer has enough power to fight the Jews.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Getting away with espionage

Getting away with espionage:
  1. The 'Holocaust exception' - the doctrine in international law which states that international law applies to everybody in the world except Jews - has now been extended so that American laws against espionage and treason apply to everybody except Jews.
  2. What happens when the characters in the AIPAC spy case are replaced with Chinese? The judge, T.S. Ellis III, who must be a Christian Zionist hurrying up the Rapture, required that the case couldn't succeed unless:
    1. The prosecutors reveal the contents of classified information to the public; and
    2. The prosecutors prove the defendants intended to cause harm to the United States.
    Of course, the rulings sunk the case. It is impossible for Israeli agents to cause harm to the United States as apparently the interests of Israel and the United States are exactly the same. Since the United States only remains a first-world economy because of being propped up by the Chinese, you could make a strong argument that it is really American and Chinese interests that are the same. If defense lawyers for Chinese spies act aggressively, will the judge give up and distinguish the AIPAC case by saying that the AIPAC dudes got off solely because they were Jews?
  3. There is a remarkable move from some of the A-list blogs to sweep the connected Harman treason case under the rug by characterizing it as a turf war between Porter Goss and others (this despite the fact, as you can see at the 'Late Update 05/05/09, 10:30am' here, that the entire premise of the revisionism is untrue).
  4. The AIPAC case isn't very complicated. Larry Franklin had some information on the American position on Iran which Israel didn't have. In order to manage its American serfs, the Lobby requires up-to-the-minute information on secret American strategic thinking (the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran was such a disaster for the Jews because it blindsided them). The AIPACers offered to help Larry Franklin on his career path - and gain a well-placed AIPAC agent - in return for classified info. That was what the FBI stumbled upon. Any fool can see this is espionage. The Jew-controlled NYT notwithstanding, the case has absolutely fuck-all to do with press freedoms. The AIPAC dudes weren't journalists and had no journalistic intent, and any judge could see that.
  5. As James G. Abourezk notes, the entire prosecution of the case was weird. American prosecutors usually massively over-charge, so they can still obtain a conviction if they lose some of the charges, and have more negotiation room for a plea bargain. Prosecutors in this case bizarrely under-charged, passing over many more obvious choices to rely solely an obscure charge from the First World War. They set themselves up to fail. When Obama himself weighed in - to be sure that the end of the proceedings, just before the AIPAC conference, would be perceived as his personal gift to AIPAC - the game was over, and years of FBI work was flushed down the drain.
  6. The Jews are out for FBI heads. The reason for this isn't just the characteristic Jewish desire for revenge (how dare you attack your superiors!). They want to permanently stop the FBI's search for Mega.

And there are still those who will call you an anti-Semite for suggesting that the Lobby has any power!

White power

Funny that the only group of American 'white supremacists' with any real political power don't make the list. Of course it is real political power which keeps you off any such lists.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Miracles can happen

How do we know Karst Tates targeted the Dutch Queen? No note, no strange behavior or remarks, no explanation at all. But between the time he lay unconscious in the car and the time he was brain dead in the hospital he woke up for one moment and told one policeman of his intentions. A miracle!

We're told he missed out on regicide because his steering was so damaged by breaking through the flimsy barricades and hitting those innocent bystanders that he lost control of the car. Of all the places he could have managed to wind up he ended up running head-first into a Masonic monument. Another miracle!

We seem to have entered a period of high weirdness. Unnecessary photo-op planes terrifying the people of New York, another flu pandemic causing mass panic - and mass sales of Tamiflu - that only kills poor Mexicans, and now an inexplicable assault on a crowd of innocent bystanders. They are turning up the panic level. Why?

Zionism is insanity

Zionism is insanity:
"Zionism is a sickness, for it takes much more than just a twisted ideology to make people think like that. It requires a profound leap of immorality of a higher order to instill this mentality in your followers. Zionism is not merely a political movement, but in its essence represents a deeply disturbed view of the world, resulting from a terrible affliction of the mind."

"To blame God for the theft and occupation of someone else's land by claiming that it was He who had pledged this land exclusively to the Jews, and to seriously promote the myth of a land promised by the Almighty to His favourite children as an excuse for this crime, is insanity."

"To keep blackmailing the world with expensive museums and endless movies of the plight of the Jews under Hitler 70 years ago, while at the same time inflicting on the Palestinians today the fate of the Jews of the Warsaw ghetto, is acute schizophrenia."

"To believe that the entire world is out to get you, and to denounce any critic of the racist policies of the state of Israel as an anti-Semite, the latest victim being none other than peace-making Jimmy Carter, is hysterical mass paranoia."

"And today, to blockade the world's most densely populated strip of land for 18 months, suffocate its already displaced and miserable inhabitants by asking them to die a slow death, and then punish them for refusing to die silently by deliberately bombing their schools, mosques, hospitals and ambulances with internationally prohibited weapons and poisonous gasses in the ugliest televised massacre of children in modern history, all the while looking the world in the eyes and claiming that this is an act of self-defence, is a critical stage of dangerous psychosis, and is pure, unadulterated madness."

What do we do with the criminally, incurably, violently insane? We lock them up forever in mental institutions, where they can do no more harm. I suggest the United States, where they will fit right in.