Monday, May 18, 2009

Apologies for Evil

Jeffrey Goldberg has written one of the most obvious pieces of pure propaganda ever published in the New York Times. Purporting to report on the whys and wherefores of the state of Netanyahu's thinking, it is actually a devious advertisement directed at the American people to make Bibi's racist eliminationist violent supremacism seem as sympathetic as possible. A perfect analogy would be a 1938 op-ed explaining to the British people the reason for Hitler's thoughts. Goldberg can get away with this only because of the fact that 'dual loyalty' is still partly invisible to the American people - or so the proprietors of the New York Times would like to think - and thus he can still, barely, pass as an American writing for Americans.

It is hilarious that one of the reasons that Americans are supposed to understand Bibi is that he lost his brother fighting 'terrorism' in the Entebbe raid, an incident recently outed as yet another Israeli 'false flag' attack. One of the lessons Goldberg tells us that Bibi took from his brother's death - 'no one will defend the Jews except the Jews themselves.' Would that it were true. The world finds itself in the mess it is in to a large part because it continues to assist the Jews in their ongoing campaign of building Anti-Assimilation-Land, a doomed nightmare of racist supremacism which will probably destroy the Jews, and, unless we stop helping them, many, many others as well.

Of course, typical to Zionist supremacism, and invisible to Goldberg and the NYT publishers, the entire matter is cast as a great battle of Good (Jews) versus Evil (everybody else), with the entire world, needless to say, irrationally preoccupied with destroying Jews, a fact which grants Jews the license to do whatever the hell they want to save themselves (Lebanon, Gaza, nuke Iran, trick the Americans into the Wars For The Jews, etc, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam). Unfortunately for Goldberg and the violent supremacists he represents, we're not buying this nonsense any longer.
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