Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bibi, hero of the Palestinian people

Bibi should be on the one dinar note of the currency of the new state of Palestine, after the Jews have had their sea bathing and have moved to Brooklyn (where, ironically, it will be more crowded than Gaza is now). He put on the most amazing show, embarrassing the President of what is said to be the most powerful nation on earth in front of the whole world. Bibi knows (thinks?) that Obama is a chattel slave to the Jews, and the Jews have Bibi's back, so Bibi can do whatever he wants. While Obama kept trying to steer the press conference towards discussion of a Palestinian state, Bibi went on and on as if he and Obama were two ships passing in the night.

Not only did Bibi embarrass Obama, he did all he could to rub it in (and, in case you missed the Jewish assertion of raw power, while Obama stressed the necessity of stopping the building of settlements Israelis were tendering contracts to build a new official Jewish settlement in the Jordan Valley, the first such settlement in 26 years, as part of the Jew plan to steal the Jordan Valley). His conditions to starting negotiations - the usual Israeli ploy - now amount to a joke. First, he repeated the nonsensical precondition, already rejected expressly by the United States (thus making Obama's embarrassment more acute) that the Palestinians have to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, a racist supremacist idea that would offend the rights of non-Jews living in Israel under international law if Jews were subject to international law (of course, due to the Holocaust Exception, Jews are not bound by the provisions of international law).

Then, he piled on. The second precondition to doing what the Americans wanted is that the Palestinians 'fight terror', so vague that the Palestinians will never be, as they have never been, able to meet it to Israeli standards. The third precondition, entirely new and equally vague, is that the Palestinians 'educate their children for peace and to a better future'. I guess when some thug Jew soldier at an illegal checkpoint knocks a Palestinian grandmother to the ground with a rifle butt, the class of children should get a seminar on how the Jews are really the only moral people on earth, but sometimes do things which seem immoral to the uneducated mind due to the lingering effects of the Holocaust, that completely unique horror for which the Palestinians are partly responsible.

The Lites are in a frenzy trying to press the two-state solution (which is why Obama, chattel slave to the Jews, has been given permission to raise the issue - Obama to Haim Saban: 'Please don't beat me, massa!'), reading the writing on the wall that the legion of moral and decent people took the Gaza slaughter as the last straw (isn't it amazing how many challenges are suddenly being raised to normal JIZ behavior?). I've been afraid that the Americans might impose some bantustan state on the Palestinians, and tell them to be happy with it. Fortunately guys like Bibi, hero to the Palestinian people, will ensure that the Lites never get their 'two-state solution', and sea bathing is still on the agenda, probably within ten to fifteen years.
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