Sunday, May 17, 2009

Correctly Blaming the Jews

Correctly blaming the Jews:
  1. Analysis of the simultaneous corruption of the modern American medical system and the infiltration of Zionism into American and world politics. Jews: is there anything bad for which they are not responsible? Not coincidentally, it is a combination of said corruption - leading to immensely over-priced American medical care - and the costs of all the Wars For The Jews that will guarantee that Americans will never have a modern single-payer medical system with universal coverage.
  2. Speaking of blaming everything on the Jews, there is a new game concerning various atrocities and assassinations: Mossad or Not Mossad? See here and here. More on this general topic later, but I think we have a tendency to blame too much on the Israelis, who like the air of power and notoriety that this tendency creates.
  3. If you couple:
    1. the fact that much of the Bush torturing was used solely to provide evidence for the mythical connection between al Qaeda and Saddam - one of the original Zionist lies favored by the Jewish neocons to trick the United States into the War For The Jews known as the American attack on Iraq - and
    2. the fact that conciliatory approaches by Sunnis in Iraq that could have saved the Americans many American lives, much American reputation, and billions of dollars, were rebuffed by the neocons (Wolfowitz and Feith), with Wolfowitz, for those who refuse to see the express Jewy-ness of the rebuffing, calling the Sunnis 'Nazis' (!), and Feith, well this paragraph is hilarious, in a sick and twisted way (most hilarious parts in red):
      "Wischkaemper's first attempt to foster high-level U.S. contacts fell on barren ground. Unschooled in the neoconservative ideology that dominated the civilian side of the Pentagon, he approached the Jerusalem-based attorney Marc Zell and asked Zell to arrange a meeting with his former law partner, Douglas J. Feith, the Pentagon's undersecretary for policy. Feith, like his immediate boss, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, had no desire to reach out to the Sunnis. He blamed them for keeping Saddam in power, and considered one of the occupation's goals to be reducing their influence. (Feith says today that he cannot recollect an approach on behalf of Wischkaemper.) The neoconservatives, together with President Bush, were convinced that empowering the Shiites at the Sunnis' expense would help pacify not only Iraq but also the entire Arab world. "In their view," says James Clad, 'the Shia could lead the way toward an 'Islamic reformation' that would finally separate religion from politics.'"

    you can begin to see how much Americans can blame their current predicaments on Jews working for purely Jew-power motives.
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