Friday, May 15, 2009

The groundswell

Yet another Jewish whine of 'anti-Semitism' used to censor the awful truth - not very interesting. But look at the comments. I've been noticing that in those few places where the comments are unmoderated the anger and frustration from the legion of moral and decent people pours out. This long comment from zahraelnil is quite typical:
"It is time for Jewish parents to be quiet about the subjects and curricula in Canada. For too long we have been teaching what the Jews have told us to teach our children regarding their history and it has been a myth. Now it is time to stop and tell the truth and if I were in their shoes, I would be very quiet and hope that this does not go too far. The digging has begun and what is being found is not very pretty. It seems that the Ashkenazi who run the gulag that is called Israel have no DNA link to ancient Hebrews, however, Palestinians, Mizrachi and Sephardim, Falashim do. The numbers of dead from the Shoah continue to shrink -Aushwitz numbers down by two fhirds alone. People around the world blame Wall Street Jews for the economic troubles and American Jews for the wars in the Middle East, and in this country our own Government doesn't make a move without the permission of the JDL according to their leader Meir Weinstein who advises Jason Kenney on who to allow into Canada and Canadians are not happy about it or the fact that there is suddenly a huge Russian-Jewish community here and what is more after the agreement stockwell day made with the Israelis that they look after our communications and borders as they do in the USA, we have a huge influx of Israelis into Canada, especially Toronto. Why? We do not need help from Israel on border control or human trafficking (Israel has horrific records on both), and why would we want Mossad listening to all our telephone calls and reading all our communications as in USA. What is wrong with these people (Jews)? They are a tiny minority of mankind yet they are active in causing chaos in every region of this world - why is this being allowed. They wanted a country - they have one. Let them either live there with no military in peace or go to their other homeland - they have an autonomous homeland in Russia since 1923 where the official languages are Hebrew and Yiddish. Why do they need to be here constantly making demands on everyone and whining but never feeling anyone elses pain. Always gaining from their misfortune (alleged) but never paying restitution for their own wrongs. It has to stop. It is as though they are inviting the world to dislike them but do you know something I believe we have it wrong. WE ARE THE VICTIMS NOT THEM IT IS THE ISRAELI AND JEWISH COMMUNITY WHO ARE COMMITTING THE HATE CRIME OF ANTI GENTILISM AND HAVE BEEN DOING SO FOR MORE THAN A CENTURY AT LEAST BUT WE HAVE BEEN TO CAUGHT UP IN THEIR GAME OF MAKING US GUILTY WHEN WE HAVE NOTHING TO BE GUILTY OF. Just look at the history of the Jews prior to Communism and their part. Bolshevism, and the Ukraine. Poor Demanjiuk, you people should die of shame) How many millions of people the Jews killed between 1900 and 1937 then how many German Civilians and POW's after WW11 - how many? It is time for the truth. How many Palestinians have you killed. How many Iraqui civilians tortured and died because of your paranoia and now you want America to do the same to Iran. They are killing Afghans and Pakistanis for you every day now. You know Mossad and Israel are up to their eyes in things with the Government of Sri Lanka, just as they were behind the attack of Georgia on S. Ossettia and Russia. Do you really think anyone believes one word Israel says any more. If someone does not agree with you then you cannot be civil and speak you just kill them that is your way and it always has and now it is out in the open. This is not hate by the way, it is just simply the truth and the truth hurts, get used to it because I do not think any civilized person will forgive you for Gaza. I know I never will."

They will, of course, write all this anger off as 'anti-Semitism', and work to censor it. I imagine that the legion of moral and decent people has already started to boycott Jewish-owned businesses, and as the number of people identifying as moral and decent people grows, the economic effect on Jewish business owners will start to be noticed. This boycotting isn't reversible - once you start acting morally, you'll never do business with a Jew again. Jews ought to be asking themselves how much the impossible goal of Anti-Assimilation-Land is worth to them. Is it worth attracting all this justifiable hatred?
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