Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jews attack gays

This oughta be good:
"In Tuesday's edition of the Jewish Tribune, the political newspaper of B'nai Brith, pro-Israel lobbyists declared their intention to threaten government and corporate sponsorship of the annual Toronto Pride Festival unless the organisation banned pro-Palestinian marchers from the parade.

According to the article, an individual named Martin Gladstone has written and met with the Pride Committee several times to express his opposition to the presence of a contingent of "queers against Israeli apartheid" over the last few years. He claimed the environment they created with their presence "has very eerie parallels to Nazi Germany."

B'nai Brith issued a similar warning last year after a pro-Palestinian contingent marched in the annual Pride parade. This time, however, advocates are openly threatening to go after funding from the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, the City of Toronto, Heritage Canada, and corporate sponsorships."

"According to Gladstone, the City of Toronto and TD Canada Trust, a major sponsor of the event, have both contacted Pride Toronto to express their opposition to the inclusion of the anti-apartheid contingent.

This comes on the heels of a press release issued by B'nai Brith condemning a queer community forum called "Coming Out Against Apartheid", including prominent gay activists Tim McCaskell and El-Farouk Khaki.

McCaskell spoke of his involvement in the Simon Nkoli Anti-Apartheid Committee, a Toronto-based queer group that fought against South African apartheid. Khaki, who is also grand marshal of this year's Pride parade, spoke of how the language of queer rights is being used by the Israeli government to justify its occupation of Palestine and racial apartheid.

B'nai Brith accused the organisers of the forum of "hijacking" the gay agenda. McCaskell, well known in the queer community as a co-founder of AIDS Action Now and co-organiser of the 1981 protests against the bathhouse raids, responded with disappointment: "The B'nai Brith press release saddens me. One cannot be a credible voice for human rights while acting as an apologist for ethnic cleansing in Palestine.""

The crazed article from the Jewish Tribune (my emphasis in red):
"“Anti-Israel advocacy has no relevance to Pride’s LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Transgender] human rights mandate,” asserted Toronto lawyer and gay rights advocate Martin Gladstone.

The annual gay-pride parade, scheduled this year for June 28, has grown into the largest tourist event in Toronto, now attracting more than a million people a year. Stretching over 23 blocks, it receives $300,000 from the Ontario ministry of tourism, about $145,000 from the City of Toronto and $35,000 from Heritage Canada, as well as significant funding from corporate sponsorships.

Nevertheless, “in the last couple of years, I’m just horrified that in the middle of this party and celebration, there is this anti-Israel political advocacy going on,” Gladstone said, adding that this year some people have decided not to participate because they are nervous about their security.

“It’s supposed to be a celebration of diversity, inclusion and tolerance.” he said. “But it’s a microcosm of the antisemitism that’s happening globally.

“It’s a very uncomfortable environment because it vilifies Jews by extension. It has very eerie parallels to Nazi Germany. I don’t consider myself an activist, but I just can’t be silent anymore.”"

and the threat:
"In a letter to Toronto Pride’s executive committee this year on April 14, Gladstone stated:

“The law is clear that you cannot allow a not-for-profit corporation to facilitate political advocacy unrelated to its charter…. Support and sponsorship of Pride is not for anti-Israel political advocacy. I am concerned that the possible loss of your charter and other resources would be a huge loss for Pride and the advancement of gay and lesbian rights.”

According to Gladstone, the City of Toronto as well as TD Canada Trust, the main corporate sponsor, contacted the pride committee, urging them not to tolerate anti-Israel activity during the festivities."

I very much doubt that the executives of TD Canada Trust are stupid enough to put themselves in the sights of a combined gay-progressive-Arab boycott (not to mention the fury from the entire city and the businesses who would lose money from any diminution of the parade), the kind of thing that would cost executives, no matter how Jewish, their jobs. I don't think this threat has reached the wider gay consciousness yet, and have only found reference to the Nazi thing:
"The Jewish/Queer minority-on-minority 'hate'-fest continues, and launches to absurd new heights, with "Toronto lawyer and gay rights advocate Martin Gladstone" claiming that Toronto Pride has "very eerie parallels to Nazi Germany." Maybe Gladstone's impression of Nazi Germany was formed entirely by Tom of Finland drawings. Guys, can we not just team up against the obvious bigots in society, instead of tearing ourselves apart?"

Funny to pick Michael Coren (see 4 here) as an example of a bigot. No matter how all-powerful they are, the Jews probably don't want to mess with the gays.
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