Sunday, May 03, 2009

Miracles can happen

How do we know Karst Tates targeted the Dutch Queen? No note, no strange behavior or remarks, no explanation at all. But between the time he lay unconscious in the car and the time he was brain dead in the hospital he woke up for one moment and told one policeman of his intentions. A miracle!

We're told he missed out on regicide because his steering was so damaged by breaking through the flimsy barricades and hitting those innocent bystanders that he lost control of the car. Of all the places he could have managed to wind up he ended up running head-first into a Masonic monument. Another miracle!

We seem to have entered a period of high weirdness. Unnecessary photo-op planes terrifying the people of New York, another flu pandemic causing mass panic - and mass sales of Tamiflu - that only kills poor Mexicans, and now an inexplicable assault on a crowd of innocent bystanders. They are turning up the panic level. Why?
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