Monday, May 25, 2009

Wars against the Blacks

Drug War Clock. I've been thinking of the 'wars' and American blacks. The 'lucky' ones join the army, fight Wars For The Jews, and come home in a box. At least under the current regime they come home as heroes, rather than some inconvenient trash that has to be disposed of under cover of darkness and secrecy.

The unlucky ones are swept up by the 'war on drugs', and end up with long jail sentences (white people caught doing the same thing get community service and 'rehabilitation'). In prison, some turn to Islam for solace. When they are eventually let out of prison, they run into an FBI informant in the mosque parking lot who tricks them with promises of money - this is a shockingly fair article, probably because it isn't a big city paper, on the mechanics of the entrapment, but even the worst of the mainstream papers are having difficulty avoiding the issue - into being swept up in Bibi's 'war on terror', in this case so they can be poster boys for increased government wasteful funding (or here) of more 'war on terror' nonsense (note the phenomenon of how the career and empire building interests of the Shabbos goyim interact with Bibi's interest in inventing the 'war on terror' back in the 80s in order to replace the fear of the Soviets as the rationale for the irrational American support of Israel). Back to prison they go. Prison in the 'war on drugs' for being black; prison in the 'war on terror' for being Muslim. Wars are hell.
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