Monday, May 11, 2009

Went The Day Well?

There is an excellent old British war-time movie called 'Went The Day Well?', based on a story by Graham Greene. A group of supposedly British military engineers move into a small English village. Actually, they are disguised German troops, preparing to disrupt British radio communications in preparation for a Nazi invasion. While they are good impersonators, they are not perfect, and gradually the villagers start to figure out what is going on. One of the village leaders - played by Leslie Banks - is actually a covert Nazi supporter, and when one of the villagers confides in the traitor the traitor shoots him before he can run to inform the authorities outside of the village. The traitor informs the Nazi commander that the villagers know, and the entire village population is locked up.

From Sibel Edmonds' latest interview (via Against All Enemies; the title of the movie is a line from a writer named Edmonds!):
". . . what really got me extremely upset was the fact that in 2005 and 2006, my organization took several whistleblowers from the NSA and the Justice Department to certain offices in Congress including Harman's office and Pelosi's office, and now we are sitting here, feeling like fools."

The whistleblowers ran to the offices of the covert agents for the Judeo-Nazis, who presumably immediately informed their Israeli handlers of what the whistleblowers said, and took appropriate actions to disarm the threat! You can't assume that anybody in the American political sphere or media isn't a traitor working for the Jews.
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