Saturday, May 09, 2009

Who will save the United States?

Kevin MacDonald's take on the Harman treason is marred by the fact that he sees the only salvation for the United States in Southern Whites, "the only significant group of American White people with any cultural confidence." These are the people who still (!) support the Wars For The Jews and world support a new one; these are the people who voted for Bush, twice, and would vote for him again; these are the Christian Zionists waiting for the Rapture and supporting the Judeo-Nazis as they think that kind of insanity will lead to a quicker Rapture. These people are the problem, not the cure, and MacDonald's White-Power racism blinds him to this obvious fact. No, the only possible salvation for the United States will have to be those much derided Ivy-League-educated Eastern Elites. Like the FBI agents who were investigating MEGA and stumbled on the AIPAC spy ring and Harman's treason. Unfortunately, as we have seen over and over, this group no longer has enough power to fight the Jews.
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