Tuesday, June 30, 2009

FBI foreknowledge of September 11

Peter Lance writes about Patrick Fitzgerald's attempts to block the publication of the trade paperback of Lance's book Triple Cross. Lance believes that Fitzgerald's motive is to protect himself and the FBI from allegations that they bungled the investigation of terrorism in the 90s, thus permitting both the 1993 and 2001 attacks on the WTC.

In particular, Lance describes a remarkable FBI intelligence operation, where they used a jailed mobster named Gregory Scarpa Jr. Scarpa's cell was next to the cells of Ramzi Yousef - who Lance believes is one of the masterminds behind all recent terrorist plots - and Abdul Hakim Murad. The two terrorists used Scarpa as the go-between in passing their messages in jail, and Scarpa agreed to copy them for the FBI. Scarpa was even willing to set up an FBI agent as a phony mobster to meet with their associates outside the jail.

All this fell through when the FBI decided to really go after Scarpa as part of their bigger campaign against the Mob. In effect, they decided to pursue the Mob in New York at the expense of pursuing terrorists in New York, on the theory that they had completely ended the terrorist threat to New York with their wiping out the 1993 bombing cell. Lance thinks that Fitzgerald was afraid that if he relied on Scarpa's materials from the terrorists he would give too much credibility to Scarpa, thus damaging his mobster case against Scarpa. The FBI took the position that the Scarpa materials were fake, cooked up by Scarpa presumably to aid him in his own legal troubles. Thus, Fitzgerald and the FBI ignored the evidence that would have allowed them to stop the September 11 attacks.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Twitter blowback

After the CIA and Mossad perfected the art of destabilizing a country using Twitter to spread false rumors of election fraud, it shouldn't be much of a shock to see other groups using the same techniques during elections in Western countries. Imagine what Karl Rove could have done using Twitter in Florida. The Zionist asset Der Spiegel is already raising the alarm, starting the destabilization and delegitimization process even before the voting starts in Germany. Of course, this will lead to the banning of Twitter during elections, which will prevent legitimate communication of election fraud. Those who are blackmailing Merkel - presumably with Stasi and/or KGB files - wouldn't want to lose such a valuable asset.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Simple answer

We know why the United States, Israel and Britain want to destabilize Iran. The mystery is what is really motivating the 'reformers' within Iran (if you say 'reform', we'll just laugh). The answer may be very simple. Ahmadinejad promised in his first term to root out corruption, and didn't. In Iran, 'corruption' is code for the activities of the Rafsanjani family. Ahmadinejad, known as a straight-shooter, will almost certainly take steps to fulfil his repeated promise this term. The only way Rafsanjani can block this is to stage a coup to attempt to remove Ahmadinejad. Rafsanjani is so desperate he is even ready to risk Ledeen's two-stage plan:
  1. coup;
  2. in the confusion and violence, Americans install baby Shah as the 'compromise' (perhaps 'compromised' would be more accurate) 'reconciliation' leader.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Return of the Shah

William O. Beeman, writing during the late Bush Administration, I think July 2008 (more Beeman here; my emphasis in red):
"The United States is planning for “regime change” in Iran, and it may have already picked the new rulers of that country.
The form of government would be a constitutional monarchy, with the head of state being Reza Pahlavi, son of the former Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who was deposed in the 1978-79 Islamic revolution.
The Bush administration apparently has a handpicked American “plumber” ready to go in Iran, much like Ahmed Chalabi in Iraq. This is Sohrab “Rob” Sobhani, an Iranian-American associated with the neoconservatives in Washington. With Reza Pahlavi as Shah, the 40-ish Sobhani would presumably be prime minister or president.
His promoter is American Enterprise Institute Freedom Chair Holder Michael Ledeen, who has written and lectured obsessively about regime change in Iran. Ledeen was reported by the Washington Post to be one of four advisers in regular consultation with White House strategist, Karl Rove. Ledeen and Sobhani recently established the Coalition for Democracy in Iran (CDI) to promote this regime change.
Reza Pahlavi had been living quietly in Maryland until Sept. 11, when he began to address the Iranian community via the internet and satellite television. This prompted the Iranian community to dub him the “Internet Prince.”
Rob Sobhani, who has known Reza Pahlavi since childhood, was actually born in Kansas. His doctorate, completed in 1987, dealt with Iranian-Israeli relations from 1948-88. He became a specialist in energy policy. He has had his finger in many pies in Washington, including consultation on the construction of an oil and gas pipeline across Afghanistan. Well-connected politically, he ran twice for the US Senate from Maryland as a Republican. Although his heritage is Iranian, he is far from being an expert on Iranian society, politics or economics. His move to the Washington area put him in close contact with his old friend, Reza Pahlavi.
Sobhani’s interests in regime change are very clear and very consonant with American desires. They are largely commercial. Following his graduation from Georgetown, he became head of a Caspian Energy Consulting, a firm dealing with the transport and sale of Caspian oil. He has had his finger in many pies in Washington, including an active role on the construction of an oil and gas pipeline across Afghanistan. On March 5, 2001 in an article written with Pennsylvania State business professor, Fariborz Ghadar, he advocated a number of the policies that have since been carried out by the US, including containing the Taleban and Saddam Hussein. He also notes that supporting a secularization of Iran would lead to easier transport of Caspian oil through Iranian territory.
Of equal importance, Sobhani also sees secularization of Iran as beneficial for Israel. This is not surprising, since Israel and Iran had excellent ties before the 1978-9 Islamic Revolution. The Iranian Jewish community is the oldest continuous Jewish community in the world. The community is as prominent in diaspora as in Iran, with members in powerful positions in the Israeli government and in American life, particularly in California. Elimination of the clerical regime in Iran would eliminate support for Hizbullah. It might even lead to renewed trade between Tehran and Tel Aviv.
Ledeen, Sobhani and Morris Amitay, former director of the principal Israeli lobbying group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) joined forces at the American Enterprise Institute in a seminar entitled The Future of Iran, in which they called for regime change. AIPAC has indicated support for the restoration of Reza Pahlavi to the throne, although they wish to remain in the background, as reported by Mark Perelman on May 16 in the New York Jewish Daily Forward. Perelman quotes one AIPAC official as stating that “the Jewish groups are telling Reza that they will give him private support and help arrange meetings with US officials,” Since Sept. 11, 2001, Sobhani has appeared widely in the media, urging the US government to support an internal revolution in Iran. His appearances can be seen as growing endorsement of his possible role as a future leader in a post-coup Iran, as his image is honed by the media-savvy Bush administration."

"Sobhani and Ledeen clearly feel that the United States can produce an internal coup in Iran. Ledeen has said as much in The War Against the Terror Masters and many articles for the National Review Online, the Wall Street Journal and other media outlets.
Ledeen and Sobhani expect to have the coup first, then present Reza Pahlavi as the emergent ruler. Ledeen said as much in a rally in Los Angeles for Iranian monarchists, saying in effect: Let’s have the revolution first, then worry about who will rule Iran. He put a price tag on the operation saying, “I think you can buy yourself free Iran today for $20 million.” "

People of Iran, here's your new Shah. The Jews who run him should give him one of their Oscars for that crying performance (see also here). Needless to say, he knows all about 'tyrants and their thugs'. Note how he says the defeat of the protesters will lead to nuclear war (!), and "will encourage extremism from the shores of the Levant to the energy jugular of the world".

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pathetic colonialism

The United States has so weakened itself - mostly through the various costs associated in fighting Wars For The Jews - that it no longer has the ability to manage its empire. Americans, having derived so much of their own personal self-worth from being part of this empire, can't admit that the empire is finished (largely as a result of their own stupidity), and have now entered the pathetic colonialist stage of history, much like the British over the past decades. This psychological problem is why we're seeing both 'left' and right fall exactly in line in their approach to Iran, backing up the CIA/Mossad destabilization operations in Iran. Watch how the 'left' falls all over itself praising analysis of the vote from Chatham House, the apparatus of the British foreign policy establishment, an institution the 'left' would have disdained in the past as much as it would disdain the sister operation of Chatham House, the Council on Foreign Relations. It is telling how the 'left' accepts uncritically a report from an operation that is an integral part of the destabilization program. In the pathetic colonialist stage of history, the differences between left and right fall away. Everybody's a colonialist now.

You can see how the white man's burden actually requires the assistance of the American 'left' to assist Iran, a country with a universally recognized record of holding fair elections since the fall of the American-installed and -supported Shah, from a country which is universally acknowledged to have one of the most crooked electoral systems in the world. All these American election experts can suddenly see through ballot boxes, and with the aid of insufficient data and a lot of misapplied statistics, are positive that the American-Empire-favored candidate won.

The poor Iranians are so incompetent they can't even fix an election properly (that's where the Americans could help - just call Diebold!). The problem with Iran is that the real power rests in the hands of a few unelected religious guys, who vet all the candidates who are allowed to run. If they wanted one guy to win, why would they admit other plausible candidates who had a chance of beating their guy? It is a trick question. They didn't. They allowed a bunch of Rafsanjani's losers to run because they knew they would do badly. The fact that the losers did so badly became the main plank of the destabilization campaign. Everybody knew the losers were going to lose, and lose badly. The only point of running was to use the loss as part of the program to weaken the country.

I think the Iranian intelligence and counter-intelligence operations, much praised for their record of competence over the years (they were trained by the Israelis during the time of the Shah), have let the country down. Everybody relaxed when Obama replaced Bush. It was a mistake. Never turn your back on the Jews and their pathetic American servants. Without access to a War For The Jews, the Jews fell back on Plan B, a Destabilization For The Jews.

There is a lot of talk about how the Jews prefer Ahmadinejad as he allows them to work their propaganda campaign against the people of Iran, ideally, from the mainstream Jewish point of view, leading to an nuclear holocaust. Its amazing how if you mention these issues you are an anti-Semite, while everybody assumes the entire world turns on what's good for the Jews. We have to get out of this mindset. The plan has always been destabilization, and weakening, of Iran. Anything a guy like Pipes says in part of the wider program, leading eventually to the construction of Anti-Assimilation-Land across the Middle East. The current regime in Iran is supposedly in the way of this, so the Jews will do whatever it takes to weaken the country.

We've reached the late stages, where the Western interference has become a political issue in Iran. Suddenly, many of the American intelligence assets are calling for the West to back off, and let the Iranians decide their own fate. It is a shame they didn't think of that earlier, but of course the reason to call for this common sense is that the continued efforts of the destabilizers is starting to have a counterproductive effect, providing ammunition for the current Iranian regime. If there is anything we should have learned over the decades, it is that the interference of the American Empire is never helpful, and in fact usually leads to tragedy. Americans have such bad mojo that their slightest touch leads to death and misery.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The words of the profit

The words of the profit, from 2003:
"Today, July 9, is the day the Iranian student movement has designated for national demonstrations against the regime, and a general strike in favor of democracy. Shaken by weeks of recent protests, and worried about the mounting criticism from several Western countries, the regime has taken unprecedented steps to head off a potential showdown with its own people:

  • Thousands of political activists, students, and others, have been rounded up and packed into prisons, subjected to torture, and in some cases murdered.

  • Children of parliamentarians have been summarily arrested, as have parents of Iranian democracy advocates living abroad.

  • Great efforts have gone into ensuring that Iranians cannot communicate with one another, either by telephone (cells have been shut down) or radio or television (the U.S.-based independent radio and television stations have been reporting a new jamming campaign against their satellite broadcasts. As of late on the night of the 8th, it was impossible to isolate the source of the jamming). Satellite dishes have been torn down, and smashed in the streets.

  • Ditto for the press. Journalists have been arrested, newspapers have been closed. In short, everything the regime could do to isolate the Iranian people from the outside world has been done.

  • New security forces have been recruited. Lacking confidence in the willingness of Iranians to beat and kill their own, the regime has brought in Lebanese Hezbollahi, members of the Badr Brigades from Iraq (where they'd been dispatched as part of the 'insurgency' against American forces), the usual 'Afghan Arabs,' and, reportedly, Palestinian toughs. All reminiscent of the Chinese tactics in Tiananmen Square, where they imported soldiers from remote regions to suppress the pro-democracy uprising.

For those who believe that revolution is a test of will, and that a regime willing to use any amount of terror required to retain power will probably survive, these are at once ominous and encouraging signs. Ominous, because this regime does not appear ready to go quietly; encouraging, because the mullahs are not facing a handful of revolutionaries, but a mass movement. "

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stepping on Superman's cape causes Iranian inability to count

Last election, Ahmadinejad won with about 62% of the votes cast and nobody said anything; this election Ahmadinejad won with about 62% of the votes cast and apparently it is the most corrupt election in world history (at least according to American commentators, who should know a corrupt election when they see one). What happened? Did he start unprovoked wars? Did he steal the land of others? Did he lock people up in a cage and then slaughter them? Did he preside over great human suffering? Just what the hell did he do between the previous election and this one to make him, apparently, the most hated man on earth?

Ahmadinejad stepped on Superman's cape. He didn't deny the Holocaust, but he talked about it in an insufficiently deferential way, ignoring the iron-clad rule that Goyim aren't allowed to say anything about the Jewish holocaust except to exclaim how terrible it was, and how unique (I hope I stressed unique enough). He didn't call for the destruction of Israel, but stated the fact that justice would eventually require democracy in that part of the world. In other words, he questioned Jewish supremacism. That's it. That's what caused the Jews to used their media assets and their stranglehold over parts of certain American intelligence agencies and assets to make a big deal out of this one election.

The essential Jewishness of this attempted coup - and real destabilization - of Iran became clear to me on reading the 'I want to believe' posting by Weiss. Jews hate Ahmadinejad because he insults them by impliedly refusing to acknowledge their superiority. Even Blankfort outs himself with this phony left-right analysis, where he even questions the orchestrated 'Western' campaign, questioning which is increasingly bizarre. The so-called American 'left' is in fact quite divided, with Blankfort's half being not leftists but conspiracists, and most of the true left siding with the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal. We're somehow supposed to believe that this odd combination has to do with the right of Iranian women to flaunt the latest Paris fashions on the streets of Tehran.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Petras on the attempted coup in Iran

"What is astonishing about the West's universal condemnation of the electoral outcome as fraudulent is that not a single shred of evidence in either written or observational form has been presented either before or a week after the vote count. During the entire electoral campaign, no credible (or even dubious) charge of voter tampering was raised."

It is curious that Mousavi won't accept anything less than another destabilizing election, a good time for a real coup. More from Petras:
"Recent events suggest that political leaders in Europe, and even some in Washington, do not accept the Zionist-mass media line of ‘stolen elections’. The White House has not suspended its offer of negotiations with the newly re-elected government but has focused rather on the repression of the opposition protesters (and not the vote count). Likewise, the 27 nation European Union expressed ‘serious concern about violence’ and called for the “aspirations of the Iranian people to be achieved through peaceful means and that freedom of expression be respected” (Financial Times June 16, 2009 p.4). Except for Sarkozy of France, no EU leader has questioned the outcome of the voting.

The wild card in the aftermath of the elections is the Israeli response: Netanyahu has signaled to his American Zionist followers that they should use the hoax of ‘electoral fraud’ to exert maximum pressure on the Obama regime to end all plans to meet with the newly re-elected Ahmadinejad regime.

Paradoxically, US commentators (left, right and center) who bought into the electoral fraud hoax are inadvertently providing Netanyahu and his American followers with the arguments and fabrications: Where they see religious wars, we see class wars; where they see electoral fraud, we see imperial destabilization."

This conspiracy isn't going to destroy Iran, but it is going to weaken it. The only good that has come out of this is that we have lengthened the list of American commentators who are working for the bad guys, i. e., Zionists and those deadenders in the dying American Empire who work for Zionists. It is interesting that the first thing the elected President of Iran did after his overwhelming win was attend the conference in Russia which put the nails in the Jewish-built coffin of the American Empire. Sometimes revenge is a dish best served hot.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Iran links

I keep meaning to blog about something else - there are some conspiracies in Canada, of all places! - but the intelligence assets continue to lie, albeit with a touch less confidence, wondering how they will ever regain their credibility. The heartening thing is that people are so hip to conspiracies now that the liars have made themselves something of a joke. The links:
  1. I have been justifiably attacking Mondoweiss, but Weiss redeems himself a little bit - he's subsequently descended back into the Zionist ooze (and Tikun Olam sinks ever deeper) - by posting some truth. The internal conspiracy is all Rafsanjani, with the various opponents carefully crafted so that each would pare a little support from Ahmadinejad. The Iranian people saw through the trick.
  2. Twitter has proven itself as a wonderful intelligence agency tool - anonymous, immediate, with an air of veracity, and the ability to make what appear to be mutually confirming reports. All lies. It is Twitter that fed, and continues to feed, the raw material for the American intelligence assets. The Jerusalem Post has now been caught by Charting Stocks of trying to scrub the evidence of the Israeli origin of many of the tweets.
  3. From the Angry Arab News Service:
    "A colleague and friend sent me this (she/he does not want to be identified): 'Mousavi was (along with a couple of other major "reformists") were hotheaded rightwing Islamists back in the 1980s, and Mousavi in particular was responsible for purging universities of lefties, Jews, and Bahaiis. the other two people most associated with this same move from being university purgers to radical reformists are Abdulkarim Sorush and MohsenKadviar. The former is a philosopher and the latter a cleric, both of whom have very sophisticated arguments (the former based on Gadamer's hermeneutics; the latter based on his extensive training and certification as a faqih) about separating the mosque from the state. All three were involved with the early purges and now face the same fate...the other thing is that although Ahmadinejad has very populist rhetoric he is actually a neoliberal bastard economically, so....'"

    I have to note that it is odd that this 'neoliberal bastard' is roundly criticized by the right for causing inflation by handing out too much oil money to the poor.
  4. "The Iranian Election and a Hysterical Media" (found here). Of course, leftish writers work from a template which always ends with the conclusion that the only solution to this intractable problem is socialism.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More links on Iran

The dust is starting to settle. The CIA/Mossad coup failed, which isn't to say its planners will be disappointed, as they really only wanted to weaken Iran, and lessen any possibility of a rapprochement between Iran and the United States (and it appears that some of the 'rooms' in the mansion of the CIA - JJA reference - didn't go along with this plan). Just think what a better world it would be if the United States treated Iran as it now treats Israel, and treated Israel as it now treats Iran. Some links:
  1. The failure of the Rafsanjani/Mousavi scheming. Having Mousavi lead the 'reformers' would be like the American left staging a revolution to get universal healthcare - looks like a revolution is what it might take! - and picking as their leader . . . George Bush. Completely insane, and obvious to Iranians.
  2. How the Jews will spin it. Luckily for almost everybody, it is no longer fashionable to be a Jew in Washington (or anywhere else, for that matter).
  3. What do you do if you are a liberal living in a predominantly conservative country? No I'm not talking about a resident of New York City living in the United States in 2008. Iranian liberals have, to our way of looking at the world, some very legitimate grievances concerning who they can vote for, freedom of speech, religious freedom, freedom from being beat up by fanatical religious authorities, etc. How do you make progress in these matters when most of society seems perfectly happy with the status quo? Whatever the answer, what they are doing - hitching their wagon to crooks and Zionist intelligence assets - isn't the way to go. While I'm sure many of the protesters are quite sincere, I can't help but be reminded of the similar protesters against Hugo Chavez, marching against things like progressive taxation and the end of feudal land-holdings. The real reformer was Ahmadinejad, but in the upside-down world of American/Zionist analysis, bad guys are good, and good guys are bad.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Twitter conspiracy

Outstanding detective work by Charting Stocks on how the Jews are using Twitter to destabilize Iran. Couple that with agents provocateurs within Iran, intelligence assets in the United States playing up the story, and a candidate who ran not to win, but with the sole intention of breaking up the country after the election, and you have the Zionist recipe for destabilizaion, or worse.

When you think about it, the fascination of certain parties with Iranian election corruption is rather funny. The same people did nothing in the face of two recent cases of much worse election fraud in American presidential elections. Even if the Iranians were committing fraud like crazy, Ahmadinejad would have received something like 58% rather than 63%, still by any measure a landslide. On top of all that, the real power still rests in the clerics who determine who can run and make all the big decisions. There is no possible explanation for this sudden interest in Iranian elections other than conspiracy. Remember that Americans have never recovered from the embarrassment of the hostages and the Islamic Revolution in Iran. This is their revenge.

Overturning the Islamic Revolution

Iranians were killed when the mob attacked, and tried to burn down, the headquarters of the Basij volunteer militia, which works for the Revolutionary Guards. This was insane. It is also clear proof of the work of agents provocateurs within the protests, who are trying to cause 'regime change'. Any guess as to who might be employing these agents provocateurs?

Remember Wurmser's Zionist Plan for the Middle East? The War For The Jews against Iraq was supposed to introduce a moderate Shi'ite regime in Iraq, which would in turn moderate the regime in Iran. In fact, the business interests which have been so friendly to the Zionists (e. g., Ghorbanifar and the weapons dealers who aided in Iran-Contra), the group represented by Mousavi, is supposed to take over, and the 1979 revolution completely reversed. Since the regime in place in Iraq isn't moderate, and is too friendly with the 'radicals' in Iran, World Jewry and its American host appears to have cooked up a plan to attempt 'regime change' the old fashioned way, through a phony revolution created by anarchy caused by rabble rousing and agents provocateurs. Even if the attempt fails, the Jews will have weakened Iran. It is time for all Iranians to come together in the spirit of 1979. Don't let the Jews win!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Iran election wrap

It seems the neocons were too smart for their own good, pissed off the Obama administration with their scheming, and paid the price of losing Dennis Ross (Ross was probably headed out the door anyway, but the timing of his departure is telling). It was always completely preposterous that the Obama guy in charge of negotiating with Iran was the co-founder - along with Richard Holbrooke, whose job it is to wreck Pakistan - of an institute dedicated to nuking Iran.

From the most dependable newspaper in the world, the Telegraph (my emphasis in red):
"Mr Mousavi's cancellation of the protest came as sporadic disturbances continued around the Iranian capital, and reports circulated of leaked interior ministry statistics showing him as the clear victor in last Friday's polls.

The statistics, circulated on Iranian blogs and websites, claimed Mr Mousavi had won 19.1 million votes while Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had won only 5.7 million.

The two other candidates, reformist Mehdi Karoubi and hardliner Mohsen Rezai, won 13.4 million and 3.7 million respectively. The authenticity of the leaked figures could not be confirmed."

Try to remember that this is the Telegraph, not the Onion (a far more reliable news source).

Meanwhile, back in the real world, pollsters explain how the final results are quite credible. Mousavi, a politician who had been out of power for twenty years, entered the race at almost the last moment. The poll showed he didn't even come close to Ahmadinejad amongst his own ethnic group. Ahmadinejad is considered to be personally completely non-corrupt, while a major supporter of Mousavi, Hashemi Rafsanjani, is infamous in Iran for his corruption. Mousavi is also good pals with Manucher Ghorbanifar! Remember the meeting in Rome with Ledeen in which they cooked up the trickery which led to the disastrous American attack on Iraq? Remember the Niger documents? The connections to corruption and to the neocons make Mousavi's recent actions quite understandable. He never thought he was going to win. He was in the election from the get go as part of a neocon/Zionist plot to destabilize Iran and make the election 'illegitimate', thus making it easier for the Jews to claim that the United States 'had no negotiating partner'.

For more on the plausibility of the result, and why, see here and here and here (although Fisk reminds me more and more of Thomas Friedman, and that is not a good thing) and here (". . . Ahmadinejad’s 62.6 percent of the vote in this year’s election is essentially the same as the 61.69 percent he received in the final count of the 2005 presidential election....).

There was no mass murder by government forces, Mousavi wasn't killed or put under house arrest, the phones weren't shut down, the cell phones weren't shut down, Twitter wasn't shut down (although it is being heavily manipulated by the neocon forces; it's amusing how we heard about Twitter being shut down over . . . Twitter), the internet wasn't shut down (although all information systems were slowed by the massive propaganda battle being fought by the neocons), the protests, some very violent, are being allowed to continue. All the Zionist rumors were, as usual, bullshit. The police and military did brutalize peaceful protesters . . . oh, sorry that was at Netanyahu's speech.

The bullshit will continue, as World Jewry feels that destabilizing Iran is 'good for the Jews'. And so it goes.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Photos of 'oppression'

More fun, via Cryptome. Funny how these photos of 'oppression' reach us so quickly. Note the pre-printed signs in English (remember the 'Cedar revolution' in Lebanon, another American project?). As far as I can tell, the police are trying to protect public property, the 'reform' protesters are throwing rocks at them and setting fire to buses. Note the captions: it is 'Iran's moderate presidential candidate Mirhossein Mousavi' (as opposed to 'Hardline incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad'). I like the one where a 'policeman raises his arm to hit a supporter of Iran's moderate presidential candidate Mirhossein Mousavi'. Is that what he looks like he's doing? He won't land a blow in that position. Why doesn't he use his gun stock? And why are the attacker and the supposed attackee facing the same way?

I don't have any problem with protesting, but I also don't have any problem with the police stopping violence and damage to property. If the police are being unnecessarily violent, the photos don't show it I don't see any political oppression here, just parts of a propaganda campaign.

Nomenclature of a Destabilization Cabal

I've taken Juan Cole off the blogroll. I have very flexible standards, but what I won't tolerate are assets of the American Empire acting as disinformation agents in a way that is engineered to cause considerable human suffering (the whole Yale fandango did an excellent job at preparing his legend). I'm leaving Tilun Olam and Mondoweiss on, as they were always there solely to see the state of Zionist lite trickery. It is amazing how close to the surface the fangs are: both Weiss and Silverstein - particularly awful! - revealed themselves instantly when given the chance to cause harm in Iran. The big advantage of this campaign is that it identified the American Empire disinformation assets and outed the lites as covert hard-core Zionists. Some positive postings:
  1. b at Moon of Alabama (good comments too, pointing out how lousy the opposition candidate really was).
  2. Angry Arab, on the general western propaganda game about elections.

As b points out, this looks like a 'color revolution', one of these phony opposition movements paid for by the Americans who print posters and hand out flags to create spectacles for American television, giving the American public the notion that the party of the elite - in this case, the people who supported the Shah (I hasten to add in anticipation of criticism that some of the 'reformers', and most of their supporters, are well-meaning and completely legitimate) - actually has massive popular support. After the election, some agents provocateurs are paid to cause a commotion, and the American intelligence agents give us their instant expert opinion that the election is illegitimate based on anonymous internet postings, rumors, and addled misuse of statistics. You can tell bullshit by the following factors:
  1. certainty;
  2. delivered instantly;
  3. based on rumors and hot air;
  4. in opposition to common sense and what we know about the election, including the fact that the results were in accordance with polls, and were monitored by scrutineers; and
  5. in accordance with the goals of the American Empire destabilization campaign.

You can't forget the context. The American and Israeli governments have been sponsoring violent terrorist attacks against the people of Iran for years, using the MEK and others, attacks which continued right up into the election campaign. If the Iranian authorities are taking some steps to suppress violent insurrection by the American/Zionist agents, it is perfectly understandable. When the smoke clears, we will find that the most outrageous stories of political oppression were pure American/Zionist propaganda lies.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Delegitimization history

It is curious how the delegitimization campaign - and that's what it is, as nobody in Iran was shocked by the election result, while the American media carefully built another story - spearheaded by people like Cole and Sick and Sullivan, directly parallels CIA destabilization campaigns in places like Chile and Guatemala, all following the model set by - ahem - the 1953 coup in Iran (see Note 1), you know, the one Obama just owned up to in his Cairo speech. This will be lost on Americans, but won't be lost on Iranians. The idea is that the elected ruler the Americans don't like doesn't have popular support - as evidenced by the CIA-sponsored opposition violence - and thus it is legitimate when he is replaced with the aid of CIA violence. All the stories you are hearing are part of this process, and I imagine the CIA checks are in the mail. The point is almost certainly not 'regime change' per se, but destabilization and weakening, just as the attacks on Afghanistan and Pakistan are intended to weaken the power of Pakistan. This is the game they play, and the people commenting on the election are helping the American Empire play that game.

More sickness

Even Gary Sick, who I always thought was an honest broker, is working for the destabilization/delegitimization campaign. Note again the telltale massive charges with no evidence, and don't forget that the election result was no surprise. This is the kind of thing that precedes mass murder, the preparation serving to allow the attack. All the actions taken by the Iranian government were actions taken as a response to the ongoing Israeli-American campaign, a huge effort that continues, completely invisible to the Jew-controlled American mainstream media. I'm always shocked at how everybody in an Empire ends up being revealed as working for that Empire.

Adam Gadahn's limited hangout

I should have mentioned that the violent response to the Iranian election results is part of the American-Israeli destabilization campaign that has been going on in Iran for years.

Adam Gadahn's limited hangout.

What I love about Jewish Billionaires - and why they have been historically so beloved by the people - is how unostentatious they are.

By way of destabilization, thou shalt do war

It has become increasingly apparent that despite the never-ending flow of 'Iran talk', nobody - not the Israelis, not the Americans - is going to be nuking Iran. The Israelis need to keep talking about it as military dictatorships like Israel always need a plausible deadly enemy, and because the big, bad Iran and its support for Hezbollah, and mythical support for Hamas, explains embarrassing Israeli weaknesses.

In lieu of actual war, the Jews seem to have decided to wage war by attempting to destabilize Iran by questioning the legitimacy of its electoral process. This despite the fact that the results are in line with preelection polling results. This despite the fact that claims of an opposition win were pipe-dreams of the Jew-controlled media. This despite the fact that there is no credible evidence of vote fraud (the Iranians, unlike some places I won't name so as not to embarrass anybody, use hand-counted paper ballots with scrutineers, and the best the opposition seems to have come up with is that some of their scrutineers were banned from mobile polling booths).

The destabilizers, some perhaps surprisingly irresponsible, and some not so surprisingly irresponsible - Sullivan lied to promote a war on Iraq, apologized for it, and now is up to his old tricks again! - are working one of the oldest tricks in the book, stretching extremely limited information out as far as it will go, applying all the analysis they can (including bogus application of statistics to information that can't bear the strain), and then noting anomalies (for a response to the nonsense, see here). It is a fraud and a trick. Ahmadinejad won, in accordance with the polls and the general consensus in Iran about what was going to happen (and almost certainly because he spread the oil wealth around more equitably, and his honest speech to Durban II didn't hurt him either) . No doubt there were anomalies and illegalities, as there are in all elections, but there is not a shred of evidence of systematic fraud (if there was such fraud, the result would have been closer!). The opposition is upset, and is showing a little courage - unlike the inhabitants of a certain country I will not name, which went through two successive obviously fraudulent elections, with nary a peep of protest, and is now paying the price - but losers often are sore losers, and there appears to be a clear class conflict being displayed here (rich urbanites versus everybody else).

The Jews are trying to destabilize a country they can't nuke by spreading disinformation, and using their utter control of the American mainstream media to do so (notice how the American media universally reports shock and surprise at results which were neither shocking nor surprising). The servants of the American Empire, and thus servants to the Jews, are doing their part. Disgusting.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Parking tickets and spying for Israel

We were wondering why Larry Franklin never showed up in the records as being processed into the American corrections system. It is because they knew he was never going to go to prison. Just remember: spying for Israel is not really a crime in the United States. It is at most like a parking ticket, or failing to scoop after your dog. Will he ask for, and get, his old job back (he can work from home while he is under house arrest), with back pay for the time he has been persecuted by the anti-Semites?

Friday, June 12, 2009

I managed to fix Firefox by deleting some corrupted files.

Cryptome managed to save the old coot's original website. Looks like attempted 'suicide by cop' to me (he transferred his website to the new operator on June 1).

Lites still lite. Weiss visited Gaza and it seems to have made him lite-er, as if the quiet dignity of the suffering Palestinians encouraged his Jewishness.

Four times bigger? Does that make the new number 24 million?

Desertpeace finds some more funny Jews, this time older and possibly not drunk.

Now we know who killed at least one of the banksters of Europe. Speaking of which, the Safra money isn't going to waste (entertaining Wikipedia article).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Did I mention how much I despise Firefox?  Again, it installed some update to something which somehow corrupted the whole thing, including my bookmarks (Xmarks, which takes forever, is now trying to restore them, but the entire browser seems wrecked).  I'd scrap it in a heartbeat, except that some things, including Blogger, don't work well on Opera (although I'm finding that this posting is working on Opera).  Meanwhile, Opera keeps chugging along, completely dependable.  If I needed any more reason to think that geeks were stupid, their devotion to Firefox -  the steampunk browser - would be enough to conclude the matter.

Classic honeytrap.

Zionist censorship, as usual, from the Canadian Conservative Party (which is erupting in a series of non-stop scandals, and seems tired of ruling and ready to turn over power to Iggy, Mr. More-Of-The Same):

"The organization representing more than 65,000 academic and general staff at 121 universities and colleges across Canada is calling for the resignation of Minister of State for Science and Technology Gary Goodyear following his unprecedented efforts to interfere with funding for a major academic conference.

CAUT has learned that Goodyear telephoned the president of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to ask him to reconsider a peer-reviewed decision to fund an academic conference called 'Israel/Palestine: Mapping models of statehood and prospects for peace' being held at York University later this month.

"It's unprecedented for a minister - let alone a minister from the department that funds the granting councils - to intervene personally with a granting council president to suggest that he review funding for an academic conference,' said CAUT executive director James Turk. 'This kind of direct political interference in a funding decision made through an independent, peer-reviewed process is unacceptable and sets a very dangerous precedent.'"

You may remember Gary Goodyear, the clown Canadian science minister who doesn't believe in evolution.

The difference between Max Blumenthal's video of some American Jews in Israel and any given video of some drunk frat boys in Mississippi spouting racist epithets is that the drunk frat boys in Mississippi aren't reflecting the views of the government of the United States, but the American Jews in Israel are exactly reflecting the views of the Israeli government and world Jewish leadership.  It is striking how thoroughly American Jews have polluted the politics of Israel.   The reason the Huffington Post refused to post the video isn't because it wasn't newsworthy, but is solely because the Jewish Billionaires who fund the Huffington Post want to keep the little dirty secret of real Jewish and Israeli opinion away from the American people.

Saraha?  I looked at it, thought 'that doesn't look right' and then carried on.  I think I'm becoming dyslexic.  

From the temporary Middle-Easterners

Next thing they'll be claiming they invented hummus (my emphasis in red):
"Israeli TV newscasters Tuesday night interpreted a photo taken Monday in the Oval Office of President Obama talking on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as an "insult" to Israel.

They saw the incident as somewhat akin to an incident last year, when the Iraqi reporter threw a shoe at President Bush in Baghdad.

It is considered an insult in the Arab world to show the sole of your shoe to someone. It is not a Jewish custom necessarily, but Israel feels enough a part of the Middle East after 60 years to be insulted too."

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sahara psy ops from the you-know-whos

As part of Bibi's 'war on terror', the phony psy op program created to advertise Islamophobia to allow the Jews to kill Arabs and steal their lands, 'Western' intelligence agencies - one would guess the CIA - had their pals in the Algerian security services kidnap Western tourists to make it look like there was terrorism in the Sahara. The process is now being run buy a guy named Abdelhamid Abou Zeid, a sort of Ali Mohamed character who is either operating 'rogue', or pretending to be. The recent kidnapping of the Canadian diplomats in Mali, and the murder of a British hostage, can be blamed on this bigger program. Jeremy Keenan:
". . . trouble erupted again in February 2008 when two Austrians were taken hostage. The Austrians were captured in Tunisia and taken down to Mali, a move which would be impossible unless the Algerian security forces were complicit. I was involved in the negotiations to free them, dealing with the point man for Abdelhamid Abou Zeid, who was involved in the 2003 kidnappings. He is listed on UN documents as a known al-Qa'ida member but I have seen considerable evidence which suggests that he is an Algerian DRS agent. And surprise, surprise, his name comes up again in the case of Mr Dyer.

It seems the genie is starting to escape the bottle of its own accord. What the West set up in the glory days of the war on terror seems to have spiralled out of control. The culpability for Mr Dyer's murder rests as much with Western intelligence services as with al-Qa'ida."

The first comment to this article by Andrew Johnson on the points made by Jeremy Keenan is by Fin d'Empire, who connects the disinformation program to a Mossad psy ops outfit called 'Intel Center', staffed by Jews, which is also behind the phony Osama bin Laden releases (it gets really wild when you realize that al Qaeda's Chief Information Officer is a Jew). You can see how everything circles back to Bibi.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Insulting the Jews

More excellence from Gawker (I don't usually quote the whole thing, but you need to see all of it; the original has a good field guide to triangles):
"Everyone knows (many people don't know) that the Nazis also exterminated homosexuals, gypsies, and Jehovah's Witnesses, so there is no reason to include that information on a Brooklyn Holocaust Memorial. Assemblyman Dov Hikind is fighting to keep the memorial pure!

City officials approved the addition of markers honoring some of those non-Jewish victims of the Nazis. But if this Sheepshead Bay memorial mentions the millions of non-Jews killed in the Holocaust, everyone will forget about the Jews, and then there will probably be some pogroms, or something.

"To include these other groups diminishes their memory," said Hikind, as he stood next to his 89-year-old mother, Frieda.
"These people are not in the same category as Jewish people with regards to the Holocaust," Hikind said following a press conference at the memorial. "It is so vastly different. You cannot compare political prisoners with Jewish victims."

No, you certainly cannot, especially if you're a real dick."

Beginning of the end

The usual gloating

Surprisingly little info available on the elections in France and the anti-Zionist list. All I've been able to find is the usual gloating. Is France not ready for anti-Zionism or was the connection to the racist far-right a mistake?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

CSIS liars (and the uncomfortable big picture)

I love the CBC headline: "CSIS slow to reveal failed lie detector test in Harkat case". Slow? By 'slow' they mean that CSIS based the persecution of Mr. Harkat on the evidence of an informant who had failed a polygraph test and didn't bother to tell the judge about this pesky polygraph test until after he had found out by other means, despite the fact the judge had specifically asked the CSIS witness about the credibility of the informant. Remember that this kind of Bibi persecution where all the usual protections for the accused, especially the right to know and challenge the evidence against the accused (called in Canada the ability of the accused to 'make full answer and defence'), are wiped out in favor of building up Islamophobia so the Jews can live in Anti-Assimilation-Land.

From the Ottawa Citizen (owned by the same Jewish Billionaires who own the completely discredited National Post, so be a little careful):
"In exhibits filed by CSIS -- and in closed-door testimony -- Noël was left with the impression that the informant had passed a 2002 polygraph test administered because of the spy agency's concern that he was involved with other intelligence agencies and militant groups.

The judge was told the polygraph results showed the source was truthful in denying involvement with other agencies. What CSIS did not reveal -- until last week -- was that the source had been deemed untruthful when asked other "relevant questions" in the polygraph test.

It's not known how many questions were posed.

Evidence about the failed portion of the test was not conveyed to Noël even though he had questioned a CSIS witness specifically about the informant's reliability.

The judge has cited four other occasions in the past year when the information should have been disclosed to the court."

More from the CBC:
"In its letter, CSIS says the lapse was inexcusable and admits the mistake may raise questions about the other security certificate cases."

Questions? It completely undermines the concept when the security agency which is being trusted to be scrupulously fair is caught lying through its teeth. Since the secrecy, defended on the usual bullshit 'national security' grounds, precludes the victim from answering the case against him, a right which is enshrined in the Canadian Constitution (unless you are a Muslim required to play a role in Bibi's 'war on terror'), all the normal common law and constitutional protections are replaced by the say-so of some professional liars working for a spy agency. Since one breach of trust means they can never be trusted, all these 'star chamber' persecutions have to be thrown out.

You have to read between the lines as the journalists are being cagey, but it appears that somehow the pesky problem with the lying witness came to the attention of the politicians (in this case Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan and George Galloway's pal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney), who had their lawyer write an ass-covering letter to the judge (accompanied by an ass-covering letter from a lawyer for CSIS), all of which caused the judge to blow up.

Needless to say, this is the fruit of the failure of the commencement of sea bathing. If a Jewish-run Israel didn't exist, Bibi would be a municipal politician in the suburbs of Philadelphia, his 'war on terror' wouldn't have been cooked up to replace the fear of communism in the Middle East as the reason for American support for Israel, there would be no Islamophobia or 'terrorism', no need to demonize Muslims so the Jews can build Anti-Assimilation-Land across the Middle East, and no need for Canada to shred its constitution and about a thousand years of common law protections for the accused. Thanks again, Jews.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Ongoing Nakba

Yet more on the ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem:
"The most disturbing fact about the Israelis program is that when you look around East Jerusalem and the surrounding area there are considerable plots of land without homes. If they wanted to illegally build new settlements without kicking out Palestinians in the area they could. The targeting of Sheikh Jarrah and other areas is actually a process of racial purification, the transformation of East Jerusalem into a unified Jewish Jerusalem. As Maher asks, 'Why can't they build a settlement on any other bit of land?'"

This is part of a Jewish conspiracy to make the symbolic religious sharing of Jerusalem an impossibility. If the Vatican actually cared about Christian symbols, you'd think it would be moving heaven and earth to stop this, but apparently the Pope's been bought as well. The Jewish thieving scheme is also expressly against what Obama has been saying, outrageously against international law (but of course international law doesn't apply to Jews due to their holocaust exception), and in direct contradiction to the original colonial plans for the Middle East (as bad as those plans were, they payed lip service to common sense).

The Nakba isn't over, although if Israeli legislators get their way, it may be illegal to talk about it!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009:
  1. Outstanding reporting (or here) by Jonathan Cook on the missing 200,000 Jewish 'settlers' who have been carefully disappeared by the Jew-controlled mainstream media. The new post-Gaza-slaughter lite plan - the Jewish Billionaire supporters of this plan are giving Obama his new wings - is clearly to slyly annex all of East Jerusalem, all the land on the Israeli side of the Wall (remember when they built the Wall they said the Wall was solely for security, and they would never - never! - consider doing such a thing?), and the major settlement blocks, leaving the Palestinians to settle for an Obama-imposed bantustan. The strategy would then be to wait as the sure-to-fail state fails, and the Palestinians drift away, or take out their frustrations, at which point they'll be finished off with some more 'self defense' Gaza-slaughter treatment.
  2. Luckily, the plans of the lites will surely be foiled, as the settlers (or here) and their American friends are going apeshit, just what you'd expect from violent racist supremacist psychopaths. Since the settlers won't give up an inch, even strategically, Obama's plans will be impossible.
  3. Obama's speech was pretty lousy, but he did mention Hamas without calling them a bunch of terrorists (although with the usual silly conditions), something which must have sent a chill down the backs of the Jews.
  4. Via Professor Hex, the story of Michael O'Hare, a guy who isn't the Zodiac Killer (I didn't even bother to blog about the latest silly claims about the Zodiac from a woman who appears to be deranged).

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Christianity revised by the Jews

When I first saw this ADL attack on a Doonesbury cartoon I actually thought it was some kind of parody, like the recent wildly successful fake Ban Ki-Moon speech by Greg Felton. As ridiculous as it may seem, it is all too real. Note that the cartoon makes no mention of Shylock, Jews, or Jews being forced by Christians to engage in usary (wow! - talk about a slur on a religious group, this time Christians; I wonder if this will be Bernie Madoff's new defense) but the ADL is quick to take responsibility and take offense. When anti-Semitism is lacking, their job is to create it, and then start the ritual wailing (with their accomplices, the 'progressive' slurrers, chiming in).

I like this part:
"Christian teaching is clear: the God of the Old Testament is the same God as the God of the New Testament."

So Christ came down to earth and died for . . . nothing? That doesn't sound quite right. The old Testament God is without doubt some kind of psycho, and isn't the guy Jesus was talking about. I think Trudeau's grasp of Christianity is greater than that of those who reject Christ's teachings, who probably should show the decency of refraining from lecturing Christians on what Christ said (the equivalent of the Jewish Billionaires of the time set the system up to require money changing, so they could rake off money from the poor, and not a lot has changed). They should also stop taking responsibility for things they are not accused of, unless they want people to see them as Shylocks (I've been looking for a master list of all the crooks in the recent spate of Jewish mega-fraudsters - it would make a good topic for a blog).

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A day in the life of an Oswald impersonator

I've been thinking more about the mystery man in the Hughes film. He waited for his ride, the Rambler driven by a man meant to be observed as Cuban. At this point, the conspirators were still preparing the groundwork to blame the assassination on Castro, so the United States could invade, kill Castro, and rebuild all those nice Mafia casinos.

The balding man then headed to meet Tippet. That prearranged meeting was for one cynical purpose, for the balding man to shoot Tippet, and throw down the odd wallet to connect the killing to Oswald. This would label Oswald as a 'cop killer', and set Oswald up to be killed by the Dallas police.

The final step was to head to the Texas Theater and act peculiarly enough that he would be noticed so the police would be called. When the real Oswald showed up (and the timing was set by the police honking outside Oswald's room so he would leave in time to arrive after the balding man but before the police), he was the one who was arrested. The real Oswald probably was supposed to be shot at that time (the fact he wasn't shot ruined the plan and made it dangerous to blame the assassination on a wider political conspiracy, so the conspirators had to fall back on the 'lone nut' explanation). Witnesses reported a second Oswald being removed out the back of the theater, and this would have been the balding man.

On this scenario, the balding man was shooting from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, milling around in the crowd outside, making his departure in the Rambler, murdering Tippet, and preceding Oswald to the Texas Theater (and possibly even posing for the backyard photographs!). It makes sense to use one Oswald double for all these tasks. It is too bad he wasn't identified in the 60s, when there would have been a chance for somebody to recognize him.

Monday, June 01, 2009

The persecution starts to unravel

The official organized persecution of Muslims in Canada under the precepts of Bibi's 'war on terror' - part of the Islamophobia required to allow Jews to slaughter Muslims and steal their land - is performed according to an elaborate ceremony which would be unrecognizable to those who set up the criminal law system in order to attempt to ensure that innocents weren't railroaded by the state. Part of the new system involves denying the accused the right to see all the evidence against them, on the grounds of 'national security', which of course also precludes the normal cross-examination necessary for any kind of fair trial. In order to purport to protect the rights of the accused, advocates are allowed to see part of the evidence. Of course, in order for this kind of system to even pretend to function there has to be scrupulous honesty from both the prosecutors and the intelligence agency presenting the evidence, in this case CSIS.

In the case of the ritual persecution of Mohamed Harkat, the advocates somehow discovered that CSIS was lying, and told the judge. Needless to say, even one case of lying removes any and all pretense that these persecutions could possibly be considered to be fair trials. How can any judge continue to rely on the good faith of CSIS once it has been caught lying even one time? The normal cross-examination and discovery of sources, which is normally used to ensure fairness, is not allowed to these defendants. They are almost completely at the mercy of the honesty of CSIS, which has been shown to have lied, and could easily lie again. This case must be thrown out, and no other case can continue which relies on secret evidence from intelligence sources. The liars at CSIS must be tried and jailed for perjury.

Of course, Bibi and his ilk run Canada, so it is unlikely that any of these things will happen. Judges and prosecutors might want to consider their reputations. Sea bathing is coming soon, and with it the end of Jewish-run Israel, the end of Islamophobia, the end of Bibi's 'war on terror', and a real back-lash to what the Jews have been up to. All the people imprisoned and persecuted will have to be released and compensated, and we will need a 'truth and reconciliation' commission to put blame where blame is due. Do judges and prosecutors want to be involved, at this late date, with illegal persecutions which are going to look terrible in a few years to everybody, and which may put them in an embarrassing position when the 'truth and reconciliation' commission does its work?