Saturday, June 13, 2009

By way of destabilization, thou shalt do war

It has become increasingly apparent that despite the never-ending flow of 'Iran talk', nobody - not the Israelis, not the Americans - is going to be nuking Iran. The Israelis need to keep talking about it as military dictatorships like Israel always need a plausible deadly enemy, and because the big, bad Iran and its support for Hezbollah, and mythical support for Hamas, explains embarrassing Israeli weaknesses.

In lieu of actual war, the Jews seem to have decided to wage war by attempting to destabilize Iran by questioning the legitimacy of its electoral process. This despite the fact that the results are in line with preelection polling results. This despite the fact that claims of an opposition win were pipe-dreams of the Jew-controlled media. This despite the fact that there is no credible evidence of vote fraud (the Iranians, unlike some places I won't name so as not to embarrass anybody, use hand-counted paper ballots with scrutineers, and the best the opposition seems to have come up with is that some of their scrutineers were banned from mobile polling booths).

The destabilizers, some perhaps surprisingly irresponsible, and some not so surprisingly irresponsible - Sullivan lied to promote a war on Iraq, apologized for it, and now is up to his old tricks again! - are working one of the oldest tricks in the book, stretching extremely limited information out as far as it will go, applying all the analysis they can (including bogus application of statistics to information that can't bear the strain), and then noting anomalies (for a response to the nonsense, see here). It is a fraud and a trick. Ahmadinejad won, in accordance with the polls and the general consensus in Iran about what was going to happen (and almost certainly because he spread the oil wealth around more equitably, and his honest speech to Durban II didn't hurt him either) . No doubt there were anomalies and illegalities, as there are in all elections, but there is not a shred of evidence of systematic fraud (if there was such fraud, the result would have been closer!). The opposition is upset, and is showing a little courage - unlike the inhabitants of a certain country I will not name, which went through two successive obviously fraudulent elections, with nary a peep of protest, and is now paying the price - but losers often are sore losers, and there appears to be a clear class conflict being displayed here (rich urbanites versus everybody else).

The Jews are trying to destabilize a country they can't nuke by spreading disinformation, and using their utter control of the American mainstream media to do so (notice how the American media universally reports shock and surprise at results which were neither shocking nor surprising). The servants of the American Empire, and thus servants to the Jews, are doing their part. Disgusting.
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