Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Christianity revised by the Jews

When I first saw this ADL attack on a Doonesbury cartoon I actually thought it was some kind of parody, like the recent wildly successful fake Ban Ki-Moon speech by Greg Felton. As ridiculous as it may seem, it is all too real. Note that the cartoon makes no mention of Shylock, Jews, or Jews being forced by Christians to engage in usary (wow! - talk about a slur on a religious group, this time Christians; I wonder if this will be Bernie Madoff's new defense) but the ADL is quick to take responsibility and take offense. When anti-Semitism is lacking, their job is to create it, and then start the ritual wailing (with their accomplices, the 'progressive' slurrers, chiming in).

I like this part:
"Christian teaching is clear: the God of the Old Testament is the same God as the God of the New Testament."

So Christ came down to earth and died for . . . nothing? That doesn't sound quite right. The old Testament God is without doubt some kind of psycho, and isn't the guy Jesus was talking about. I think Trudeau's grasp of Christianity is greater than that of those who reject Christ's teachings, who probably should show the decency of refraining from lecturing Christians on what Christ said (the equivalent of the Jewish Billionaires of the time set the system up to require money changing, so they could rake off money from the poor, and not a lot has changed). They should also stop taking responsibility for things they are not accused of, unless they want people to see them as Shylocks (I've been looking for a master list of all the crooks in the recent spate of Jewish mega-fraudsters - it would make a good topic for a blog).
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