Saturday, June 06, 2009

CSIS liars (and the uncomfortable big picture)

I love the CBC headline: "CSIS slow to reveal failed lie detector test in Harkat case". Slow? By 'slow' they mean that CSIS based the persecution of Mr. Harkat on the evidence of an informant who had failed a polygraph test and didn't bother to tell the judge about this pesky polygraph test until after he had found out by other means, despite the fact the judge had specifically asked the CSIS witness about the credibility of the informant. Remember that this kind of Bibi persecution where all the usual protections for the accused, especially the right to know and challenge the evidence against the accused (called in Canada the ability of the accused to 'make full answer and defence'), are wiped out in favor of building up Islamophobia so the Jews can live in Anti-Assimilation-Land.

From the Ottawa Citizen (owned by the same Jewish Billionaires who own the completely discredited National Post, so be a little careful):
"In exhibits filed by CSIS -- and in closed-door testimony -- Noël was left with the impression that the informant had passed a 2002 polygraph test administered because of the spy agency's concern that he was involved with other intelligence agencies and militant groups.

The judge was told the polygraph results showed the source was truthful in denying involvement with other agencies. What CSIS did not reveal -- until last week -- was that the source had been deemed untruthful when asked other "relevant questions" in the polygraph test.

It's not known how many questions were posed.

Evidence about the failed portion of the test was not conveyed to Noël even though he had questioned a CSIS witness specifically about the informant's reliability.

The judge has cited four other occasions in the past year when the information should have been disclosed to the court."

More from the CBC:
"In its letter, CSIS says the lapse was inexcusable and admits the mistake may raise questions about the other security certificate cases."

Questions? It completely undermines the concept when the security agency which is being trusted to be scrupulously fair is caught lying through its teeth. Since the secrecy, defended on the usual bullshit 'national security' grounds, precludes the victim from answering the case against him, a right which is enshrined in the Canadian Constitution (unless you are a Muslim required to play a role in Bibi's 'war on terror'), all the normal common law and constitutional protections are replaced by the say-so of some professional liars working for a spy agency. Since one breach of trust means they can never be trusted, all these 'star chamber' persecutions have to be thrown out.

You have to read between the lines as the journalists are being cagey, but it appears that somehow the pesky problem with the lying witness came to the attention of the politicians (in this case Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan and George Galloway's pal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney), who had their lawyer write an ass-covering letter to the judge (accompanied by an ass-covering letter from a lawyer for CSIS), all of which caused the judge to blow up.

Needless to say, this is the fruit of the failure of the commencement of sea bathing. If a Jewish-run Israel didn't exist, Bibi would be a municipal politician in the suburbs of Philadelphia, his 'war on terror' wouldn't have been cooked up to replace the fear of communism in the Middle East as the reason for American support for Israel, there would be no Islamophobia or 'terrorism', no need to demonize Muslims so the Jews can build Anti-Assimilation-Land across the Middle East, and no need for Canada to shred its constitution and about a thousand years of common law protections for the accused. Thanks again, Jews.
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