Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A day in the life of an Oswald impersonator

I've been thinking more about the mystery man in the Hughes film. He waited for his ride, the Rambler driven by a man meant to be observed as Cuban. At this point, the conspirators were still preparing the groundwork to blame the assassination on Castro, so the United States could invade, kill Castro, and rebuild all those nice Mafia casinos.

The balding man then headed to meet Tippet. That prearranged meeting was for one cynical purpose, for the balding man to shoot Tippet, and throw down the odd wallet to connect the killing to Oswald. This would label Oswald as a 'cop killer', and set Oswald up to be killed by the Dallas police.

The final step was to head to the Texas Theater and act peculiarly enough that he would be noticed so the police would be called. When the real Oswald showed up (and the timing was set by the police honking outside Oswald's room so he would leave in time to arrive after the balding man but before the police), he was the one who was arrested. The real Oswald probably was supposed to be shot at that time (the fact he wasn't shot ruined the plan and made it dangerous to blame the assassination on a wider political conspiracy, so the conspirators had to fall back on the 'lone nut' explanation). Witnesses reported a second Oswald being removed out the back of the theater, and this would have been the balding man.

On this scenario, the balding man was shooting from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, milling around in the crowd outside, making his departure in the Rambler, murdering Tippet, and preceding Oswald to the Texas Theater (and possibly even posing for the backyard photographs!). It makes sense to use one Oswald double for all these tasks. It is too bad he wasn't identified in the 60s, when there would have been a chance for somebody to recognize him.
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